Do You Have FORO – Fear Of Running Out?


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After living in New York for over a decade, I’ll always be a Florida gal at heart. Growing up in on the Gulf Coast of Florida our summers were full of long days at the beach, band camp, and evenings with friends. Oh yea… and prepping for hurricane season. We’ve been through some pretty intense hurricanes and anyone from Florida will tell you…  you gotta just batten down the hatches and ride out the storm. Besides the essentials – gas, food, safety… one thing you must have is water. We would fill up the bath tubs, large pot and whatever else we could with water. We would also stock up on bottled water and keep it stored away.

There is a Fear Of Running Out (FORO)

Since moving to New York, we have had a couple hurricane scares and water was the first thing we stocked up on. There is a Fear of Running Out (FORO) of water in emergency situations and we usually have a stash of water bottles or gallon jugs stored away ‘just in case’. During the summer months, I spoil the kids a bit and we often times indulge in some flavored  sodas or those amazing limeade drinks. Lily has been freezing them and mixing up various flavors for yummy semi- homemade popsicles. During the school year I have a pretty strict sugar rule around here. We try to keep it down to the very minimum so juices and extra sugars a no go!  Did you know that replacing a single 12-ounce, 140 calorie sugar sweetened beverage with water each day for a year can cut more than 50,000 calories from one’s diet. 

The New York Mom

Summers around here are busy. Our door is always open and our home is filled with friends and neighbors. The bottled waters and sparkling waters just fly out the door and I am constantly having to restock! So i have partnered with ReadyRefresh℠ by Nestlé® to share with you their new offerings to help families never have FORO!  #nomoreFORO

ReadyRefresh℠ by Nestlé® believes that your hydration should never hinge on the inconvenience of restocking your bottled water supply. Having your favorite bottled water on hand, without hassle, keeps you in control of what you drink, and when. Because when you’re thirsty, you should get to drink your beverage of choice—not fall victim to Fear of Running Out. With ReadyRefresh never suffer from the Fear of Running Out again. The ReadyRefresh mission is simple: make it easy for you and your family to live a healthier life. With just a few clicks, or a few taps on your mobile device, through ReadyRefresh,com, you’ll quickly customize your order for thirst-quenching beverages delivered right to your door.

Check out this super cute video featuring one of my friends and her sweet sweet family!


FORO ( fear of running out) is a real thing. Do you know how many times I have panicked when i’ve run out of toilet paper or paper towels or milk… or water!

A few facts:

  • More than half of all surveyed (52%) experience FORO at least once a week.
  • 69% of those surveyed experience feelings such as stress, anxiety and worry when household items start to run low.
  • 69% of survey respondents run low on everyday household items at least once a week.
  • According to survey respondents, bottled water is the beverage of choice in homes (36%), workplaces (46%), and at school (36%).
  • Nearly half of all full-time working parents (46%) surveyed say they ration or replace everyday household items with a less desirable alternative at least once per week, in order to avoid running out completely.
  • According to the survey, when running low on household items, food (67%), toilet paper (51%) and bottled water (43%) are the most likely to be restocked first – ahead of items like milk (20%) and diapers (7%).
  • Of those surveyed, three out of four (75%) working parents would buy more household items in bulk if it was more convenient.
  • According to the survey, more than half of full-time working parents (55%) say that daily errands keep them from spending quality time with friends and family.

What about you? Do you have FORO? I would love to hear your stories.


Be sure to connect with ReadyRefresh℠ by Nestlé® on Twitter and Facebook.


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1 fish, 2 fish, 3 fish … More

While we were in Florida last month, Lily and Matt found a tide pool on the beaches. We have been going these very beaches for YEARS and grew up less than 6 miles from this very spot and never never NEVER in our lives had we ever seen anything like this tide pool.20130720-020809.jpg

Thousands of tiny black fish everywhere!!! I mean… i was kinda sorta creeped out by this… very nightmare-ish… but not Lily. This was just the kinda thing she lives for. 20130720-020821.jpg

Thomas didn’t know what to think. One day he’s going to look back at all these pictures we have of him and his early months… and think 1. ” my parents were the coolest” or 2. ” I could have been fish bait!”20130720-020839.jpg

The Sea Gulls were having a FEAST eating these tiny black fish. 20130720-020854.jpg


So surreal right! Lily hasn’t stopped talking about it. It WAS a once in a lifetime kind of thing. In my years of exploring I have come across many a tide pool… none with ONLY one species.. and NONE with this many fish. 20130720-020926.jpg

Some of the fish were stuck in the sand and Lily took it upon herself to pick them up and throw them back in the water.20130720-020939.jpg

The beaches of Okaloosa County and Walton County on the Gulf Coast of Florida are just stunning. The water is crystal clear, the sand is pure white. Nothing compares! 20130720-020959.jpg


ON this particular evening, the water was pretty still and the tide hadn’t come in yet. I took Thom out into the water with me and right as we were having the best time swimming and walking around the sand bar way out in the water…. a family of dolphins came swimming by!

It was PERFECT. I didn’t have my camera with me…but gosh… it’s one of those moments where i just WISH i could capture these dolphins who were swimming within 25 feet of us. Lily was BEYOND excited. 20130720-021102.jpg

Lily is amazing. Instead of running the opposite direction and being afraid of these gorgeous dolphins swimming so very close to us… she embraced it was headed off to swim with them. Same with this tide pool of fish… she could have been easily grossed out or scared..but instead she jumped in and totally threw herself into the experience.

She’s an explorer of the world!

Hope your summaahh is going … swimmingly. We have been loving this season and have had so many adventures already… and still have a whole month to go!

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Lil Helper – REVIEW

Sometimes I wish I had a clone… often times I find myself feeding Thom with one hand, snuggling Lily with the other and petting Jonah with my feet while folding laundry with my teeth… Ok the laundry part is not real because I don’t do laundry!

But really, parents… it’s a juggling act right.

So we need a little help every now and then.


Have you every propped up your babies bottle while he’s feeding? I sometimes prop it with a blanket or a small stuffed animal just to have a free hand.

Lil Helper to the rescue!

Lil Helper is a BPA free baby bottle holder. Created by a multi-tasking Dad, Li’l helper was designed to complement a baby’s natural gripping instinct making it simple for them to grab on to.


Thoms has really enjoyed using the Lil Helper. He loves the little rattle at the end and since he has JUST started grabbing onto things, he’s kinda loving holding onto his bottle. Almost proud!


I don’t let him have it all the time because he is really young and I like to hold him while he feeds but when I’m cooking or playing with Lily and I have Thom nearby, I set his bottle on the Lil Helper and he is perfectly happy being with us and I have both hands free to play with Lily… or fold laundry..or eat.. or just be!


The Lil Helper is also great while I stroll around the mall during this bitter bitter BITTAH cold few months in New York.

The silicone handles make gripping easy for Thoms little tiny hands and little rattles on the edges keep him entertained. You can toss this in your bag and use it at restaurants, parks, anywhere really. Just keep an eye on the kiddo at all times. We have a whole plethera of baby bottles all different sizes and they all fit in this contraption!

One big thing to note – Thom still spazzes out from time to time, his 4 month self doesn’t have full control over his limbs yet. The Lil helper is very light and we sometimes give it to him without the bottle just for him to grip and shake.. occasionally it bonks his head but no harm done. it’s so light that it doesn’t hurt him.

This is a parent MUST HAVE you guys. It really helps me multi task and it’s one of those… ‘why didn’t I think of that’ items. So glad this came by my desk to review!

* I was not paid for this post but was sent product for purposes of this review*

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By The Seashore

Lily, Thom and I threw caution to the wind and headed to the beach yesterday.


It WAS 50 degrees but the wind was blowing and we were on the water and it was slightly chilly.. like “maybe we shouldn’t have taken the baby out there” chilly. But we did anyway and it was…



I’m a beach baby. I love the water. It calms me. and these days’ Matt’s been super busy and Lily has been home for Spring Break and the baby hasn’t been sleeping… it’s been a lot.


Those waves and the smell of the ocean really calmed me yesterday.

The big trucks were out trying to clean up the damage from Hurricane Sandy and get the beach ready for the summer.


Hurricane Sandy wiped out the boardwalk at Long Beach, NY. There is a HUGE effort underway to get the boardwalk up and running before summer. I hope they succeed. The short time we have lived here, I have really enjoyed the boardwalk and cant wait to stroll about with the little man when it gets warmer.


Lily finds herself at home at the beach as well.


It was too cold to jump into the waves… as tempting as it was. So she happily spent her time carefully selecting and collecting seashells.



She sings while she does this and every once in a while the chill ocean breeze would blow in just the right direction as if to deliver her songs right to me.


She’s a magical being… my Lily. Her sense of wonder and adventure rivals that of the best poets and storytellers.


My Dear Lily ~ Never lose your magic and may you always find your way collecting seashells.


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Lifefactory – Glass bottles for babes

Last year we replaced all the plastics in our kitchen with glass. All those plastic storage pieces were tossed and replaced with glass storage containers.

While plastics have come a LOOONG way from even one year ago, I still prefer glass …when given the choice.

Along comes Lifefactory – BPA free, glass and silicone sleeved bottles for babies.


The super strong thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass can go from freezer to piping hot water without shattering. I like the silicone sleeves because they make holding the bottle easier… when Thom gets older and can hold his own bottle this will be great for him.


The nipple that comes with the bottle is nice except I wanted the milk flow to be slower so I switched it out with a “slow flow” nipple and it’s works great. You can also purchase an interchangeable ‘sippy cup’ attachment for future use and  a simple lid so you can use the bottle as a snack jar for on the go…after your kid has outgrown the bottle stage.

Washing is easy and every time I’m out in public I always get compliments and questions about the bottle. I also love the modern and clean design of the  whole line of Lifefactory products.

These bottles run about $14.99 a piece and up. Replacement glass bottles are $4. Totally worth it!

Visit LIFEFACTORY for additional deets.

*I was not paid for this post but was sent a bottle  for purposes of this review*

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Tips for bath time with baby

It’s a bit hard to bathe a newborn. They’re so little and squirmy and what if they slip out of your hands.. oh my!

Lily has been helping me bathe the baby, she is such a great helper and even let him use her special star hooded towel last week because she felt it was warmer than Thom’s baby towel. What a sweet pea.

New York has been bitter cold these past few days and Thom and Lily both have had some dry skin issues.

Here are a few tips about keeping your baby’s skin hydrated throughout the harsh winter months from dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe.

1. baths lukewarm. Test the water before easing your baby into the water.

2.       Limit baths to every other day if your child has very dry skin.  If bath time is part of your evening ritual (which helps everyone get necessary sleep!), just alternate a plain water bath with the use of a gentle cleanser.  I like AVEENO Baby  Wash & Shampoo because it doesn’t irritate even the most sensitive skin.

3.       Moisturize more during the winter.  The best time to moisturize your baby’s skin is within 5 minutes of taking a bath, while the skin is still somewhat damp.  Be sure to reapply a moisturizer throughout the day if your baby’s skin feels rough. AVEENO® Baby® Daily Moisture Lotion is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, so it’s safe to use even in babies who have very sensitive skin or eczema.

4.       Buy a cool mist humidifier for your baby’s room.  Keep it on while your baby sleeps.  Dry heat coming from the radiator or other central heating system can do damage to your baby’s skin.  Cool mist humidifiers add moisture to the air, and they are safe in case baby knocks it over.

Done. Done. and DONE! Thanks Doc!

*I was not paid for this post. I find this information helpful and was sent AVEENO products for purposes of this post* 

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Watershed Moment

I am so nervous about what’s about to go down.

My doctor had his game face on this past Wednesday as he prepped me for … what’s to come.

I have had 3 friends tell me that they NEVER had contractions and their water just broke and that was that.

So when I saw my Dr. our conversation went like this:

Dr.MG: We’re getting ready for the delivery… (goes through a check list.)

Me: This is my last week of commuting to work in NYC and I am just concerned that if my water breaks it might be an embarrassing situation on the train or subway because my friend told me her water broke at 6am and that was that. no contractions nothing.  Should I wear an adult diaper or a maxi pad? Also my other friend told me to put plastic sheets on my bed to protect the bed from when my water breaks  but what about my couch.. I really like my couch, it’s a really nice couch. What if my water breaks when I’m watching TV?

Dr.MG : Actually only about 7-10% of women’s water breaks before labor. Usually the doctor does that in the hospital. You don’t need adult diapers or maxi pads. Don’t worry about it. ( internal monologue: if my couch is destroyed I’ll be so mad at you!)

Me: So what am I looking for then?

Dr.MG: Contractions – 5 – 8 mins apart for about 30 mins.

Me: I have not had any contractions yet. So we can go from 0 – 60 any day.

Dr. MG: yep any day.

Me: ( deep breath. about to cry) Ok. What if this happens when I am in NYC alone without Matt… should I just get on the train to my hospital or wait for Matt to come pick me up?

Dr. MG: Just jump on the train. (BTW: 20 mins to grand central. train leaves about once an hour except during rush hour and then it’s a one hour train ride to the hospital)

Me: Ok what else?

Dr. MG: relax, stay calm. I’m glad this is your last week of commuting to NYC. It’s now just a waiting game.

The first thing that came to my mind after this conversation was…. I have to clean the house for the dog sitter in case this happens NOW! 
I am so unprepared, and I say this not because I am looking for a pity party, but because this is sincere and it’s exactly how I feel right now.
Today was a roller coaster of emotions, I was in NYC all day for multiple things and I was fine except once in a while when I would get these mini panic attacks and of course no one offered me a seat on the train so I had to stand for my commute and this smelly large man in a cowboy hat ran me over to grab the last seat on the train. 
This evening as I write this, I feel like a full-blown anxiety attack can come on at any given moment. I tried to speak to my mom this evening and tell her what was going on and hoping to get some sort of sympathy or nurturing from her …but she was pretty distracted with something on TV and passed me along to my grandmother who went on to talk to me about what she was going to cook when she comes up here in December. 
It was too late to call my friends… they have kids and it was bedtime and well the evening just slips away. 
So here I am writing this down in the hopes that these words melt away my anxious nerves. 
Although we have everything ready to go… we kinda don’t. Lily doesn’t have her bag packed and she really is my main concern in this whole thing. How can this whole experience be smooth for Lily?
The house is kinda messy. Not dirty just needs to be picked up. The nursery is nowhere near ready and I don’t want to work on it while Lily is around because I want to cherish these last few days of being just with her so every moment I get with Lily, I do things for her. And when she’s in school… I’m at work! 
 As much as I have read and received advice from friends.. I still feel REALLY unprepared for what happens at the hospital. It’s all really overwhelming and what happens when the baby comes home? 
I mean I’m about to birth a babe that is MOVING in my belly right now! This is seriously surreal! 
Jonah has been acting strange today too. He sat on me for a whole hour this evening as we both stared at the television. I don’t even know what I was watching… I just sat on my nice couch hoping my water does not break with Jonah sitting on me and thinking… thinking about how all this is about to change… for the better… but change. 
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Avent Baby Bottles – Review

As Matt and I jump into all things baby… bottles are a HUGE must have item. The type of bottle, the form, the suction… I could go on!

We have settled on 2 brands of bottles. The first – AVENT.

Reasons I like AVENT baby bottles:

  1. Easy Natural Latch on nipple is an organic way for baby to go back and forth between bottle and breast-feeding.
  2. The nipple itself has comfort “petals” on the inside which are soft and flexible for comfort when baby is feeding.
  3. Wide bottles neck makes it really easy for cleaning and filling.
  4. The curvy shape of the bottles is easy for mom and baby to hold.
  5. It has an advanced Anti-Colic system with this cool twin valve design.
  6. Bottles grow with your baby…just switch out the tops.
  7. Of course it’s BPA free and all that goodness.

You can buy these bottles at most stores that sell baby products.

So there ya have it.

So much baby gear coming to this house these days… I hope to share my choices with you in the coming weeks.

* I was not paid for this post. The bottles were a gift from my Sis-In-Law*

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FIRST Swim Meet

Lily had her FIRST Swim Meet this evening. It was the cutest thing ever.

Lily when you get older and read this — You were such a Champ. You had such heart and your entire team was rooting for you. Your coaches love you and your crazy lizard eye goggles have become your brand!

Today you won 2nd PLACE in the backstroke. This was quite the event, when you see the video of your back stroke race you will see that you started later than anyone else +  did not realize it was the back stroke +  didn’t know how to push off the platform + you just kicked your little legs as fast as you could +  all your coaches cheered you on +  you won 2nd place! out of 6. 

In the Freestyle Race you won 5th out of 6th… again legs were kicking and you were awesome! You did not care, you had a blast!

I love you Lily, I love your tenacity and your fearlessness. I love you and I love that you just enjoy your life!

And congrats on the big win!

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World Water Day- 5 Tips To Conserve Water

Today is World Water Day.

While so many in the world have absolutely no clean water to drink we should take today to reflect and be thankful for all the water we have for all our many daily needs and luxuries.

I am trying to instill being a better human and leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the Earth in Lily. We do lots of things daily that make a huge difference on our planet.

Here are 5 tips to get your little ones saving water today and always:

  1. When it’s yellow…let it mellow! When It’s brown, flush it down. (get it !)
  2. Turn the water off when brushing your teeth + take shorter showers.
  3. Rinse your fruits and veggies in a bowl of water instead of running the tap
  4. Take the above mentioned bowl of water and use it to water your indoor plants
  5. Use one glass a day for all your drinking needs this cuts down on dishes to wash.

These are super quick tips for the little ones and they can remember these for a lifetime.

Feel free to share your tips with me.

* This is not a paid post. I just wanted to share some tips *


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