Lost tooth

Lily lost her 3rd tooth last night. And AGAIN, I was not around to witness it. The tooth fairy did stop by overnight and dropped off 2 gold coins under her pillow. That tooth fairy, what a sweetie.! Gotta love her! We have been making Lily say things like SSSSSnakes, and THe TooTH Fairy, and […]

2nd Tooth Lost

Lily’s 2nd tooth fell out while driving through the Arizona – California Desert. Lily was concerned that the tooth fairy would not be able to find her in our California hotel. So we called the front desk and told them that if they see the tooth fairy to please let her in. ¬†Tooth Fairy made […]

FIRST lost tooth

Lily lost her tooth tonight and I missed it. It was her first tooth and she was really excited when I spoke to her on the phone. Matt sent me this picture! My sweet baby is growing up and  lost her FIRST tooth and I missed it! Breaks my heart!

FIRST Loose Tooth

Another HUGE milestone in Lily’s world. A loose tooth. Makes my heart ache… each one of these growing steps are truly pains in my heart. My Lily is growing up in so many ways. Her attitude is changing as she is trying to define her being and find her own self, her language is changing […]