2 little monkeys jumping on the bed.

We’ve been so stir crazy in this house lately. Between Thomas being sick and the weather hitting below freezing almost everyday. This winter has been brutal…and it’s only early December!


So what’s a monkey to do when she’s stir crazy! Jump on the bed of course!


Thom is a quick learner and was up and trying his very best to join in the jumping fun.  These bitter cold days have sort of been fun… we have been spending time snuggled up in bed or reading books in the afternoons and of course spending endless hours in our PJ’s.


I think we should all spend time jumping on beds don’t you! Every time we go on vacation and stay in a hotel room, the first thing we do is JUMP ON THE BED!!! all of us!


I love having Lily and Thom is matching clothes. With Lily being an 8-year-old, these matchy matchy days are numbered. I have to squeeze it all in!


We got our matching Pj’s at Polarn O. Pyret. The fabrics are so soft and the designs are super simple but classic.

I was invited to head over to their store in Tribeca last month for a media shop. Oh what fun! I picked out a pair of moccasins for Thomas, a couple pair of pants, tops, and striped PJ’s. While there are prints and sweaters and all sorts of options, I picked the classic P.O.P. stripes. Seeing these pics makes me want to be part of the matchy party! I shoulda picked up a pair for myself! 


You can also visit POLARN o PYRET online. They are always having fab deals!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Thanks for swinging by and supporting my sponsors*

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Little Luxuries

My sweet little Thomas is sick today. He’s a bit clammy and warm and his teeth are hurting him. After taking Lily to school this morning, I came home and snuggled up back in bed with him and he fell asleep right on my belly.

His little body is so uncomfortable that when I put him down in his bed he immediately wakes and cries. So I’ve decided to say – forget the day- and here i am  in bed with him for as long as it takes. It’s humbly to think that to my sweet little Thomas, I’m the only one who can calm his ailing body by letting him lay on my chest.


AS I was thumbing through my online bookmarks, I came across this beautiful and touching article about the over 22,000 homeless children in NYC. This number is staggering and it’s only KIDS… not the parents or the numerous others.

If you have a moment to read today, please read this article. INVISIBLE CHILD. it will move you to tears and make you really grateful for all your luxuries. There are so many children – like this article stated- who have no place to live and no oxygen to breathe. And that poor baby who is being kept warm by a hairdryer…It’s heartbreaking.

Makes me want to run out and help… but how! We help through our church but I feel like I need to find a more direct way to get involved.

My sweet Thom, sick on this bitterly cold day in New York… has all the warmth, comfort and care he could possibly need. I am so thankful to have this life of mine and feel blessed that my sweet children don’t have to worry about meals and warmth and basic comforts. and that i can be home and just lay here in bed with soothing my sick baby.

Count your blessings… I count mine everyday.

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Guess who turned one today!!! I’m trying to write a post but it’s so sappy and weepy and I just can’t edit!


One year ago… this sweet man was born into our lives. A year later I just can’t imagine our lives without him. I can’t imagine Lily not being a big sister. She is his protector and guardian and has already taken to teaching him all sorts of fun amazing things… like eating icing and jumping on the bed. Her kisses are magical and Thomas just lights up when he so much as hears her voice. His little body hops off the floor as he kicks his legs and wiggles in excitement at the mere sound of Lily’s voice. Almost every single day Lily comes home from school..singing. I can hear her outside the house and so can Thom. She tickles him to no end and when she stops he looks at her and in his own baby language… asks for more. The giggles are the sweetest sounds this earth could ever capture.


I can’t imagine Jonah not having someone to play with all day. Thomas crawls all over his giant furry body and gives him hugs or uses him as him own personal gym… and my sweet Jonah sits there and lets him do whatever he wants. Thomas shares his toys with Jonah… but Jonah… not so much.

baby first yearThese two were linked from the very beginning and their relationship continues to build every moment. A dog and his boy… there’s nothing better.


I love watching Matt with Thomas. I love watching Matt with Lily. But holding this baby and caring for him through all the midnight crying and diapers… Matt is a nurturer and Thom, Lily and I are most blessed to have him take care of us the way he does. Thom, like Lily, is a daddy’s boy. he recognizes the sound of Matt’s feet coming up the stairs and immediately goes into an excitement tizzy. When he sees Matt… he all but leaps out of my arms to give his daddy a huge hug. Lily does the same. Thom has Matt’s calm demeanor. My friend  said – I see you in his face but I see matt in his eyes and his thoughts. I think this is pretty accurate. Thomas, like Matt, is a thinker. He sits back and observes everything and then… just goes for it. No trial and error… just does it right the first try.20131204-175709.jpg

from his aunts and uncles, grandparents and great-grandmother who surround him and pray for him all the time… this little man is blessed.

In Lily’s words – ‘I’m glad YOU are the one who came out Thomas”.

Happy Birthday my sweet MOTO. This world is better with you in it!

* apologies for the typos and spelling errors. this is the umteenth draft and it’s the least sappy and weepy.* 

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Giving Tuesday with Mommy Nearest App

Did you know that Tuesday, December 3rd is GIVING TUESDAY.

With all the focus on getting steals and deals on clothes and tech and toys…Giving Tuesday encourages us to GIVE to families in need.

Giving Tuesday

In the spirit of the holidays, Mommy Nearest, a local resource guide mobile app for parents on the go, is teaming up with 92Y & Giggle on #GivingTuesday, December 3rd, to host a clothing and toy drive for people in need. Families with their children can donate goods at any of Giggle’s 3 locations, Soho, UES and UWS, or at the 92Y. After donating, families are asked to stop by the headquarters at the 92Y to take a holiday photo in a branded MotorBooth truck.

All participants who upload a photo tagged #MommyNearest will be entered to win an annual subscription to SPARKBOX Toys ($249 value).


Mommy Nearest is a fab new app that helps parents get the inside scoop on all the kid friendly hot spots in the neighborhood. Which restaurants has the cleanest bathrooms WITH diaper changing stations, kid friendly restos..etc. You can download the app for ANDROID and APPLE products.

Make sure to follow #givingTuesday tomorrow see all the goodness going on in our online communities.

To find out more information about this fab event tomorrow click here —>  MOMMY NEAREST 

* This post is sponsored by Mommy Nearest APP. All opinions are my own. Thanks for stopping by and supporting my sponsors* 

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MUST HAVE trends for fall from BODEN

Every once in a while I get pitched by a company that I’m unfamiliar with and then through the course our collaboration… I end falling in love with their styles !

One such company… BODEN.


Boden makes really great quality clothing for the whole family. I love their dresses and coats and pants… i could go one.  But you should go take a look and find out for yourself.

It’s classic british fashions with a “new” vibe.


I’ve practically been living in these green khaki pants  ( pictured). The waist is not super low and just high enough to hold in some of my post baby belly nice and snug.

There’s a light stretch to them and this makes it great for a full day of work or play in NYC.



The pants – the color, the fit- the skinny- are the perfect pants for fall. It’s a MUST HAVE fall fashion find!  It goes with everything and can be dressed up or down with a simple switcharoo of a jacket. I wore this to a thing at Lily’s school with a tweed blazer and then switched out a leather jacket for dinner with my gal pals. Perfect! Throw on some ankle boots or pumps to go from casual to cocktail!

There is a special winter coat I have my eye on that just calls to me every time I browse their site!

BODEN has some fab deals going on right now… so get your goods now!

This ends TODAY click here —> 22% off + free shipping: Sunday, 10th November to Thursday, 14th November Keycode DABG

Starting TOMORROW click here—> 15% off + free shipping: Friday, 15th November to Sunday, 17th November Keycode N006

* This is a Sponsored post by Boden. I was given a stipend to go shopping! As always – opinions are my own and thanks a ton for stopping by and reading along and supporting my sponsors! *
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It’s My Birthday

It’s my birthday today!

It’s the first year that I’m mamabear to 2 of the most darling kiddies.


Lily made me the sweetest gift package this morning – a collection of handmade bunting, rainbowloom bracelets and extra rubber bands, and two cards that said “you are the nicest mommy”.

the best!20131113-113936.jpg

I’m nicely nestled into my 30’s now… but my spirit and body feel like I’m still 25!

Hope this stays throughout my days.

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Potty Training for the new techy generation

Not that my sweet little poo-poo baby Thom is anywhere near potty training…but look what I found!

You know I review baby gear every single day… here on my blog and also at timetoplaymag.com

In my many baby gear adventures… this little something caught my eye!

I have no words.

N o

w o r d s

it’s kinda brilliant and wrong… all at the same time.


The ipotty – $34.99 available at most baby stores and online.

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Txt mama txt baby

For you and your texting baby… look no further. Txt mama Txt baby. A short little board book that has mama and baby oogling over each other… via txt.

Oh how ” of the times’ !

Check out timetoplaymag.com for more info about this book!





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Holiday Gift- B Toys Walkness Monster – Review

For that sweet little babe in your life who’s ready to step out into the big brave world…the Walkness Monster from BToys is a really great little helper. The Walkness Monster is a toy walker for babies. Thom loves this. It comes with a handful of dual colored balls which you drop down the shoot and watch them come rolling out at the bottom. The wheels are smooth and the whole toy is really fab. From rounded corners, to the colors and the whole ball rolling down the shoot thing. It’s a pretty awesome walker and I HIGHLY recommend it.


I am a fan of the B Toys brand. When I was contacted to review some of their products for the holidays, I was just all too happy to oblige. It was a great fit since we already have a handful of their toys in the house!

You’ve seen B Toys… it’s in the “specialty” isle of the toy department at Target. The wooden toys, the funky brands… the cool colors… the cool kids of toys hang out in this isle and B Toys is representing!

image Proceeds from sales of all B TOYS goods support the efforts of FREE THE CHILDREN. A worthy cause. Also, all their packaging is eco-friendly and made from recycled gear.




One of the first things that attracted me to this company is the design and color. You are not getting the primary colors that most kid toys are sporting. These are subtle color combinations which give a gentle nod to the little child in your world who is slowly taking over your fine decor with his baby gear! – but iI digress. ( it’s the small things like these that are soooo vital when you  have a small child and seem to be drowning in primary colors! )

Thomas likes to collect things from his playroom and put them in the large basket of the Walkness Monster. It’s really cute as he waddles around the room with his collections.

A holiday Gift list MUST!

* This is a sponsored post. Thanks so much for swinging this here site and supporting my mighty fine sponsors!*

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Holiday Ready Home with LOWES

I’m so excited to announce my new partnership with LOWES for the holidays! I’m giddy over this partnership. Mainly because it means that my holiday decor goes up next week! Jingle Jingle Yall!!!


I know what you are thinking..

you: LOWES! Isn’t that a home improvement store… what are you doing building a house?

me: No I’m not building a house… I’m building a H O M E.

awwww…. see what I did there!

While Lowes does have all the nuts and bolts and MDF and cement bricks to build a house… LOWES also has lots of christmas decor to make your house a H O M E this season. So let’s get this house ready for the holidays. I have a few tips and tricks from some snazzy designers to help you get your DIY!


Lowes had the best holiday party last month in NYC. They worked with some faboosh designers to create the HOLIDAY READY HOME. Each of the rooms was created with DIY and off the shelf items you could find at LOWES. * not all items in these images are found at lowes*

First up – the entrance to the H O M E. created by Design Mom. Look at those boots! And those white wreaths!

Lowe's Deck the Halls and Walls and All

To add a pop of color, paint your front door in a holiday red. We used the color Art District from Valspar Signature’s paint and primer in one. Paint is a simple, economical update that really makes a statement about your entire house. Add bright white lights nestled in bright white garlands to create an instant snowy holiday feel inexpensively. Customizing holiday decor to fit your family’s style can be easy. Start by taking a simple item, like a store-bought pine wreath and tuck metallic paper leaves into the branches for texture. If you don’t have a fireplace, show off your holiday stockings by hanging them along stair railings, or attach them with ribbon to a pretty branch, and hang the branch on a wall over a sofa.

The foyer was done by Little Green Notebook.



Gold and silver hues are so pretty around the holidays. Buy a small tree and do something fun, such as creating an ombre pattern on your tree with glass ornaments painted in matte finish to create a gradient. Other people love looking at your Christmas cards, so decorate tables in your center hall with platters and antiques to display cards you’ve received. You can also string cards with clothespins.

Kitchen by Brit + Co. Check out that CHEERS sign… I’m going to try making one for our home this season!




Infuse a dose of holiday into the kitchen, with pops of red accent pieces or stripe the legs of a red kitchen stool with white painter’s tape for a candy cane theme. Install a new backsplash with glass mosaic, subway or even ceiling tiles or wallpaper to give the kitchen a personalized look. One of our favorite projects is creating a “DIY Light Marquee.” Take cardboard letters, spray paint them gold and poke small holes in for the lights, then weave a strand of bulbs behind the sign to connect all the letters. Display on your countertop or above your cabinets.

A delicious dining room by Curbly.



Set the mood for your holiday feast with a neutral color palate and invite the warmth of fall into the space by painting accent pieces with fall colors such as Valspar’s Desert Travels and Bear Claw hues. A stylish rug, curtain panels, pillows and items from nature can make a room feel cozy and comfortable for holiday gatherings. Create fun, stackable DIY plywood boxes by building wood boxes in a variety of sizes and painting the exterior white and the interior in fall or winter tones for a pop of color.

One of my favorite DIY bloggers P.S. I Made This  designed the ultra cool living room.




Introduce a new warm and inviting paint color on your walls like Valspar’s Perfect Storm to add lasting décor and style long into the New Year. For a fashionable look, add decorative accessories spray painted in metallic colors such as gold and silver. Use wallpaper in different ways to make a statement. Instead of wrapping an entire room, try creating frames made of wallpaper and molding. Don’t be afraid to take risks and do things you don’t normally do. Create a story with the items in your space and personalize for family and friends.

Guest rooms by another one of my faves. Oh Happy Day.





In your guest bedroom, add touches of greenery and lighting fixtures to the wall for reading, simple DIY artwork to help ensure guests feel right at home. Show your creative side with chalkboard-painted walls to greet overnight guests with a personal “Happy Holidays!” message. For an extra dose of cheer, drape decorative red-beaded strands around a mirror or lighting fixtures for a touch of holiday. New light fixtures can give an ordinary bathroom an instant update. For graphic visual interest, install white tile with dark grout.

Oh and then I ate a CRONUT!!!


And I met those handsome lads – the Kitchen Cousins! image

There is a lot going on at LOWES this season and I can’t wait to share some of our holiday decor with you! Jingle Jingle y’all!!

*This is a sponsored post. Thanks for stopping by and supporting my sponsors.*

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