We Don’t Take Naps!

Mama’s I need your afternoon napping tips!

Thomas has been sleeping like a champ at night. it’s pretty impressive how he just tucks in right at 8pm every night.. and it only took  22 days of sleep training.

We totally won in the overnight sleep department!


Afternoon Naps… no so much.

Also, Thomas likes to snuggle with Jonah and just roll around or talk to him and poor Jonah Bear… just wants to sleep. What’s a dog to do! Our afternoon naps have been hit or miss. Unless I chase Thomas around the house all morning… he’s not going to take a nap and then in the evening.. it’s a fight to keep him up until 8pm so he doesn’t sleep early and wake up at 4am!

He does wake up at 5am which Jonah does not approve of. Thomas wants to play on the bed or roll on top of Jonah and Jonah just wants to catch some zzz’s but doesn’t want to miss the action so he stays with us and endures the no sleep nonsense!


Do yo have any tips you can share? How did you get your babe to take their afternoon nap? Because I neeed this MOTO to sleep in the afternoon so I can have just a couple hours to clean, laundry, dishes, eat… you know! 20140221-000942.jpg

*Thomas is wearing –> 1. H&M kids, 2.Childrens Place top + Carters Kids Bottoms 3. Gap baby Pants  + PACT onesie.* Jonah goes nude 😉 *

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On Mother’s Day

Lily sings this song to me-

on mother’s day
on mother’s day
oh how i love you mommy
you bring me joy and happiness
i give you love, a hug, a kiss
on mother’s day on mother’s day
oh how i love you mommy.

>>// followed by a big huge kiss.\<<


Here are a few pictures of my mom and grandma. My mom pulled double duty and raised me and my siblings alone. She sacrificed a lot and loved us a lot. My mom and grandmother live in florida and I wish they were closer.  I always look at these pictures from my wedding when we were all in saris and it makes me feel close to them.20130512-200200.jpg

I’m not sure when we will all be in sari’s again. My mom doesn’t wear hers anymore… except for weddings. My grandmother wears a sari to church sometimes and I love it.


When I had the MOTO, my mom and grandmother came to NY for 10 days and swooped in and did everything for us! I was SOOOOO sick for 4 days and could hardly get out of bed…my mom stayed in bed with me and the babe while Lily was in school and watched shows with me and chatted with me and made me soup… like back in the day.

As old as I am these days… I still need my mommy. 20130512-200215.jpg

Mothers… they are special people.

Happy Mothers Day to all you mama’s. Your babies need you forever – the work is never done!

* I totally took pictures of these pictures because i can’t find my digital wedding pic file. ugh! *

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Off to work

I’m back at work part time. But leaving the little man with a sitter just pulls at my heart.
Thom is 19 weeks and he can’t really even hold his head up all the way and he eats and sleeps and smiles and poops all the time! And his sweet face just melts my heart.
It very healthy for me to be out of the house twice a week. My mind is refreshed and I’m around intelligent people who inspire me and make me laugh and think. All great things for my overall wellness.
But a piece of my heart is always left back home with my little man Thom.


Every morning when Lily heads off to school I hold my breath until she comes home. My mind is with her all day wondering what kind of day she’s having. Are kids being nice to her. Is her teacher kind. Did she eat her lunch.

It never stops.
Like my grandmother says – leave it in gods hands.
I will.


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Lil Helper – REVIEW

Sometimes I wish I had a clone… often times I find myself feeding Thom with one hand, snuggling Lily with the other and petting Jonah with my feet while folding laundry with my teeth… Ok the laundry part is not real because I don’t do laundry!

But really, parents… it’s a juggling act right.

So we need a little help every now and then.


Have you every propped up your babies bottle while he’s feeding? I sometimes prop it with a blanket or a small stuffed animal just to have a free hand.

Lil Helper to the rescue!

Lil Helper is a BPA free baby bottle holder. Created by a multi-tasking Dad, Li’l helper was designed to complement a baby’s natural gripping instinct making it simple for them to grab on to.


Thoms has really enjoyed using the Lil Helper. He loves the little rattle at the end and since he has JUST started grabbing onto things, he’s kinda loving holding onto his bottle. Almost proud!


I don’t let him have it all the time because he is really young and I like to hold him while he feeds but when I’m cooking or playing with Lily and I have Thom nearby, I set his bottle on the Lil Helper and he is perfectly happy being with us and I have both hands free to play with Lily… or fold laundry..or eat.. or just be!


The Lil Helper is also great while I stroll around the mall during this bitter bitter BITTAH cold few months in New York.

The silicone handles make gripping easy for Thoms little tiny hands and little rattles on the edges keep him entertained. You can toss this in your bag and use it at restaurants, parks, anywhere really. Just keep an eye on the kiddo at all times. We have a whole plethera of baby bottles all different sizes and they all fit in this contraption!

One big thing to note – Thom still spazzes out from time to time, his 4 month self doesn’t have full control over his limbs yet. The Lil helper is very light and we sometimes give it to him without the bottle just for him to grip and shake.. occasionally it bonks his head but no harm done. it’s so light that it doesn’t hurt him.

This is a parent MUST HAVE you guys. It really helps me multi task and it’s one of those… ‘why didn’t I think of that’ items. So glad this came by my desk to review!

* I was not paid for this post but was sent product for purposes of this review*

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Is he a baby or my retirement plan?

I was standing in line at Michaels Arts and Crafts earlier this week and something very bizarre happend. So i’m going to take to the blogosphere to see if this is how things really are in the great big world.

Thom and I were out and about running errands and found ourselves at the craft store to pick up some canvas… for a fun project I’m working on… deets coming soon.

The New York Mom

As we stood in line, there were a couple of women in their 70’s standing behind us. I’m guessing 70’s purely on visual intake. So they could be really partied out 28-year-old’s for all I know.

One lady ( lady #1)  says: ” oh what a sweet baby. He’s a boy right?”
Me: Yes, he’s a boy. He’s 12 weeks.
Lady #1: What a sweet face.
(Thom, who can now see people, smiles one of his magical smiles.)
Lady #1: and new Lady #2: Aww, what a smile.
Lady#1: He’s gonna take good care of his mama.
Lady#2: Oh yes he is.. he’s gonna be mama’s caretaker
Lady#1: He will make sure his mama doesn’t grow old alone and will take good care of her.Oh yes you wil. 
Lady #2: Oh yes he will, he’s gonna be with his mama all his life. 
Lady#2: Gesturing toward Lady #1 – Her son takes really good care of her. Buys her really nice things and does everything for her. Takes her trips. 
Me( in my head): WHAT THE HELL -O !

This went on for a while. With Lady#1 and Lady#2 going on and on about how this TWELVE WEEK OLD BABE is going to make sure I am OK in life and is going to be my prince and my savior

my savior from what?

and Matt’s my prince…

and why the drama pressure ladies?

The New York Mom

So it made me think… do boys grow up with this unmentioned pressure to not only care for their future traditional families – wife, dog, kids – AND now to support their moms’ and not let them “grow old alone”.

I have a brother. he absolutely dotes over my mom. I often times think about his relationship with my mom and wonder if mine will be similar with Thom. Does my brother feel pressure to take care of my mom?

My siblings and I all have a close relationship with my mom and grandmother. It’s all we have really. And we are all close. I’ve never defined this in boy/girl terms and there was never a pressure that I felt growing to do or be anything.

So is this a generational statement and mentality? Does the older generation expect this from their kids/grandkids?

The New York Mom

Meanwhile… i don’t have any expectations of Thom. He just needs to be who he wants to be.. no pressure.

He’s my baby… not my retirement plan.

Matt on the other hand… he’s my prince!

What do you think?

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Happy Birthday Lily!!!

Lily turned E I G H T last week!

8 years.

You’re eight years young!


Lily my sweetpea, you are the light of my life. You are caring and adventurous and sensitive and fearless. Absolutely fearless. The entire world is yours… all yours for the taking and you my Lilypie are going to take it. and change it. and make it better.

I just know you are destined for amazing things. this mind of yours cannot be stopped and your curiosity for  everything unconventional is going to take you places. You are a leader… a changer… you do not follow. You don’t read the directions before jumping into a project , yet somehow find a way for it to work. I love that!


One of our bathrooms is constantly cluttered with your science projects and often times we find you in there… “sciencing”. There are volcanoes being erupted, magic wands being made, crystals growing, dinosaurs hatching, and strange orb balls floating around in jars.


Your room is the perfect mix of you trying to grow up but yet still a child. From the dolls, to the stuffed animals who all have a name and story to the fancy chandelier that hangs from the middle of your ceiling… your personality just jumps out when we walk in.

Your fashion sense is enviable… the mix of colors and patterns and accessories can make for one fab style blog. Which quite possibly will be in your future.


You are a giver. You give of your heart (which will break many times through your life and i will always be here to hold you through those times). You give of your money – earlier this year you collected all your money and it added up to $40… this was more money than you had ever collected and saved… and one sunday you stuffed all of your $40, mostly coins, every single hard-earned penny… and put it in the church offering plate. You wanted to give it to the church because they were helping the homeless by having them stay at the church on cold winter nights.


You give of your time – with everything going on in your little world, you always make time to sit on the floor with Jonah and give him sweet kisses, or hold your baby brothers hand and give HIM sweet kisses or snuggle with daddy at any given moment.


Speaking of daddy… you leave him love notes all the time. Any surface you can write on… there usually is a love note to daddy attached.


You watch football with him and have picked up many of his mannerisms.. including saying  “dag-gum” when things don’t go your way. You share his taste in music… most times picking a classical, acapella or jazz piece over something more main stream.


You think Justin Beiber looks like a girl and One Direction is lame… YES!

Your food palate is growing… we added oysters, clams and benigets to your list of faves. You STILL put truffle oil on everything and love bacon.

While you have lost many of your “baby’ isms.. you still say Hippo-pomanus and I make you say this all the time… example:

me: If you have 1 Hippopotamus in one pond and 3 Hippopotamus in another pond, how many do you have total?

you: 4 hippo-pomanus-es-es

Soo cute!!!

Today you had a magical day. We woke up and had your favorite breakfast – waffles, eggs and bacon.


I made cupcakes for you and your classmates and they were a hit… your friends were impressed… and you felt proud of the old mamabean over here.

You came back from school to find the house decorated with streamers and a stack of presents on your bed. You looved your gifts… you REEEAAALLLY loved your gifts and that made me so happy. like i did something right and it worked and you approved.. because lots of times parents need their kids approval and no one tells you things like that but we do.


We went to the shake shack- your favorite- for your birthday dinner. when we came home I made you a great big bubble bath with candles and music. So grown up. I used some really good bubble bath and the bathroom smelled … grown up… not like your strawberry scented bubble bath. You are growing up.


b u t …. whenever i think of how “big girl” ish you behave sometimes… you do this….


and I remember that I still have the kid in you for a few more years… and then all is well.

My sweet Lily… I love you more everyday. And I love this adventure you are taking us on!

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Everyday is your day off

A year ago someone said to me – “well everyday is your day off”

This was because I was a “WORK FROM HOME” parent. Cuz we have the sweet life ya know.

I work part-time.. sometimes full-time… depends on my clients and most of my work happens when Lily is in school or when she’s asleep.

Now with the baby, I have taken some time off and good thing because… this kid has me awake all the time and I can’t put him down and it feels like I’m trapped by his cuteness all day.

*WARNING* – This is a – I’m throwing myself a pity party – kinda post. Feel free to join.

Unless you physically spend countless hours with a newborn or young child at home with no one to talk to for hours on end… you have no idea of the overwhelming loneliness that settles in.

As wonderful and magical as the little MOTO is, days and days of being home alone with him can start to eat away at your mood. It’s bitter cold in New York, we moved to a new town this summer and I don’t know anyone, I can only wander around the mall so many times before it too becomes weighted with a cloud of loneliness.

I haven’t been able to shake off the statement – “everyday is your day off” It keeps me up at night. Especially because I do work so hard while juggling work and  being at home as much as I can and I practically lost my dance career when we had lily and have created a new career for myself and even that is at risk for extinction because I’m home with a baby.  I can’t help but wonder… is this what  people with no kids think of us Stay/Work at home parents.

Maybe you think that we stay / work from home parents spend our days :

In our PJ’s until 1pmYes we might do that. But you know what… it’s because we can’t even go potty without a kiddo needing something or crying for hours and not able to put them down. And after we have taken care of everyone else with care and thought.. there just is no time left for us. I have to take a shower just to have a moment to myself… and even that gets interrupted by Lily wanting to jump in or complain about something. 

We spend our time watching TV all day while sipping on a glass of white wine. – I have watched more television in these past 8 weeks that I ever have in my life and I am OVER IT. I’ve seen every episode of Law and Order and morning news television shows are making me dumber by the second, I’ve read about a dozen books… but there is not much else you can do when you are feeding all the time or rocking a crying babe to sleep. And those parents who are drinking wine in the morning… they need help and it IS because “everyday is their day off

We spend luxurious days at the poolyes, chasing down kids who have to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes or need food or need you to jump in cold pool water just to jump back out, your hair takes a beating from the daily chlorine and your skin color changes 10 shades darker and you can’t keep up with anything and have no time for anything you want to do…like swim a lap! because it IS a pool.

We go to lunch with friends and laugh and tell jokes with cool outfits on and perfect hairyea right…I used to meet Lily’s friends and their moms at a local mall that had a kids play area. A ses pool of germs and who can have a normal conversation with kids around? between the “you better eat all your chicken nuggets’ and ” no you can’t have ice cream and coca cola” or “why didn’t you tell me you had to go potty” there is no time for a normal conversation.

We get to sleep inHA! that’s just insulting.

Even a vacation …is NOT a day off. Who is waking up at the crack of dawn to feed, clean and entertain a little, who can never let their guard down for even a second to relax because god forbid the little gets stolen or falls or gets picked up by a hawk or eats poison or runs across the street without looking both ways or steps on a crack and breaks their mothers back.

I am in SUCH need for conversational stimulation, today – I didn’t speak to anyone from 8:30am – 3:15 PM. Not a soul. And this is not uncommon. It’s incredibly lonely, boring, repetitive and just overall overwhelming being home with a child.

I’m a competitive person. I love to work. I love having a project to complete and i love research and being with people and being stimulated and starting something and finishing it and being creative. I thrive on work and deadlines. And while being home and caring for kids IS work.. it’s the toughest work… i don’t have deadlines… no one will care if the laundry is not done, no one will care if the food did not turn out exactly like the picture on the recipe book. No One is holding me to any standards… except me i guess.

After our busy weekends and having everyone home…Monday’s are the worst. Matt has to work, Lily goes to school and I am staring at a string of days being home with the baby.

Our families are amazing but even they call to just talk to the littles… so that little moment of conversation that I so badly need is lost even with the people closest to me.

So the next time you see a stay at home/ work at home parent please do NOT think that every day is their day off… in reality they never get a day off.

The end… pity party over. Thanks for letting me get that out.

Tomorrow I have a blog event that I’m attending and sooo look forward to just TALKING to people!

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My Favorite Coffee Date

With so much focus on the baby lately, I wanted to create a few things just for Lily and me. So we can have our own time together and start little traditions and rituals.

Our little town has the cutest coffee shop and the owner of this coffee shop has started an initiative to get more business to our town and create a community vibe and all those fab community building concepts. And i totally support that.

So Lily and I have been heading over to the coffee shop after school on occasion to have a late afternoon coffee, tea or orange juice and a pastry as we settle in to do our homework. She does her math and english as I check in on emails.

We chat and catch up on the day. She checks out all the college kids and some high school kids doing their homework and comments on the scene. We talk about  at school and what goes on in the playground. – Which BTW if I ever run into this Winston kid he better watch out! 


These moments are precious and I hold them so very dear to my heart. Lily is turning 8 in a few weeks and sometimes I do get the eye roll and a “oh mom -sigh, eye roll, talk to the hand, OMG you are embarrassing me” look. So the moments when she talks to me as if I am one of her friends is like GOLD…pure Dubai style GOLD I tell ya!

In the coming weeks we have a movie night, baking night, night at the museum and are planning a great big hike in the spring to one of our most favorite spots in the Hudson Valley. I can’t wait!

Do you have specials things you do with your kids? How has this changed or stayed the same as they grow up?

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Sick Day

I often times have these periods in my world when I feel real ” powerhousey”. Meeting clients, making things happen, working, filming and so much more. But on days like today when a whole day of important meetings and work and filming gets cancelled because your child is sick…. it helps put things into perspective.

In the end and in the beginning and in everything in between… my mommy duties come first.

But do my clients know that? and how many more times can I say, ” my kid is sick I have to reschedule” before I get the boot?

For now…I’m home all day with Lily. Rubbing her belly, making her tea, kissing her sicky away… that kinda thing and it’s OK with me!

But I am sneaking in work into the nooks and crannies of time throughout the day.

How do you other mama’s juggle working and being a “stay at home – but not really because you work from your computer” mom.

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