Summer Travel Beauty Must Haves with Elizabeth Arden

You know the beauty brand – Elizabeth Arden.. the red doors… the spa… the mini capsules that hold the fountain of youth… maybe your mom used it? Mine did.

Elizabeth Arden Logo

I was invited to a pretty fab event earlier this month – BLOG MEETS BRAND- more on this later. At this event I was asked to get a makeover and test out a handful of Elizabeth Arden goodies.


Listen I am a glutton for beauty products and they DID say makeover.. so it was a win! These days between poopy blowout diapers that creep up through the NECK… I mean the NECK people. how does poop travel up the back and out the neck in a 5 month old?

I digress.

What I’m trying to say is… Mama needed a makeover and some beauty treats.

Alright, so I started with a beauty makeover at the Elizabeth Arden counter and the make up artist was the deal. I’m a snob when it comes to makeup artists – in my experience of being on broadway, off-broadway, commercials, music videos, stage and film, I have met their share of all kinds of make up artists.

I know my skin, I know my shade… I know what my makeup is supposed to do for me.

The makeup artist was fab. She matched my skin color SPOT ON! I have olive AND warm tones …this is NOT easy to match and often times I have to mix some potion to create my shade… but Elizabeth Arden did it… matched my shade, found a blush that matched, flawless finish and beautiful color…GASP! Good stuff.

Next – skincare.

I was given a generous supply of the Ceremide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum.

20130529-230349.jpgAlright so when I got home I tried this… it’s packed to the brim with hydration stuff. Ceramides comprise 50% of the essential lipids found in the skin and are essential in maintaining defense against sign of aging. You just pop the capsule and a super generous amount of serum comes out. I use is on my face and neck and decolletage! * first time I have EVER used that word* say wha!

I have been using it as a primer and this summer when we head off on our many travels… I think it would be a great addition to my beauty stash. It makes your skin look so great without makeup… might be my airplane look. Watch out!

I was also given a generous supply of Eight Hour Skin Protectant

20130529-230422.jpgThis stuff is pretty great. It was created by Elizabeth Arden herself back in 1930 and the formula has NEVER changed. So you know it’s a good potion. You can use this on your chapped hands, lips, elbows… all of it. It’s a thick vaseline type consistency and so far… i dig it. Easy to toss in your travel bag and head out to the beach!

I was also given a handful of colors in the Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss 20130529-230401.jpg

All I have to say is My lip gloss is cool… my lip gloss be poppin. Yes. Great consistency, and stays for a bit also offers high-shine, increased moisture with Mango and Shea Butters with a light vanilla scent. I have been wearing these alone AND with a lip liner and blending it in. There is a mirror on the side of the lipgloss case and this makes it easy for those sailing trips or park trips or beach trips when you have to look all editorial for a hot second! But really… chasing around kidlets in this luxurious lip gloss works too.

So there ya have it. Elizabeth Arden products have found their way into my travel beauty stash this season. I would never..ever… have tried this brand if it wasn’t for this sponsored post.

But honestly –

  • The makeup stayed for about 6 hours and held up to drinks, lights and NY crazy weather.
  • The potions and lotions feel very hydrating… which is key in these coming summer months.

Give it a try!

This summer, while you are packing your travel bags don’t forget to toss in a few   Summer Beauty Products From ElizabethArden.


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*This post was sponsored by Elizabeth Arden, while i was paid for this post, all opinions are my own*

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Blogher 12- Day 1

Today was day 1 of Blogher12. The conference hasn’t even officially started but yet there was a flurry of activity all over midtown Manhattan!

My day went like this.

I woke up and got my hair done at a local hair salon… this is an important detail… iI have not had one single good hair day all summer!

My first event of the day was the fab Trumpeting Media event at the über fab Four Seasons in NYC.


I spent the afternoon, getting my nails done, massage, and catching up with some of fave online peeps. ( most who I totally dig in real life as well)




I got the deets on sandals resort… did you know BEACHES RESORT is family friendly? It is and I really hope I win a vaca there sometime soon cuz Mama needs an all inclusive trip ya know!


I heard about a new facial product line – Evologie . All clean and pure goodness into getting you that perfect blemish free skin. Looking forward to try it out.


A fitness gadget called Fitbit that tracks all your activity even when you sleep and then you can log online and check your stats – like how much you wake up through the night, how many calories you burnt that day and all other great info.


Great way to start off the day and the conference!

Next I headed to the Hilton to check in and get my badge and see what was up.


A HUGE thanks to my dear friend KIM – @flutieMCD for giving me her ticket!

After checking in, I ran into a few online friends and we camped out at the Hilton for a few hours and chatted and gabbed.. it was great!

Next… president Obama was the opening speaker for Blogher12! Like wha? yes. That’s what I said, The POTUS himself spoke to us via Skype LIVE . I mean i don’t know of any other social media conference on the planet that has the POTUS speaking! The blogger community has arrived!


Then I headed over to Style Suite with Nicole of @momtrends and Andrea of @savvysassymom



I got a quick arm and leg rub down by Mama Mio, had a special amazing lip color picked out by the makeup artist for Makeup Forever, ate mini hamburgers, got some cute clothes from Cabi Style, Coveted a stroller by Stokke, and met some very fashionable ladies…oh yea and took lots of mustache pics!


Next I headed over to Times Square for the Sweet Suite event with Corine of @complicatedmama and Nancy and Becca from @kidsvuz. Such game stuff goodness! I was in toy heaven.


I was home by 11pm. Gave Lily only 2 of the many many many goodies I came home with, sang her a song and chatted with her about the Cinderella Play she went to see today…and now I’m catching up with work.

WHEW and that was only the first ” not official day ” day.

The energy of Blogher12 has been great, I have been really fortunate to hang with some great gals… it really helps to have a friend during this huge conference.

More deets tomorrow! Goodnight NYC! Goodnight Blogher! see ya in the am!


*apologies for the typos… its so late but I wanted to get this up and documented* 

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