We Don’t Take Naps!

Mama’s I need your afternoon napping tips!

Thomas has been sleeping like a champ at night. it’s pretty impressive how he just tucks in right at 8pm every night.. and it only took  22 days of sleep training.

We totally won in the overnight sleep department!


Afternoon Naps… no so much.

Also, Thomas likes to snuggle with Jonah and just roll around or talk to him and poor Jonah Bear… just wants to sleep. What’s a dog to do! Our afternoon naps have been hit or miss. Unless I chase Thomas around the house all morning… he’s not going to take a nap and then in the evening.. it’s a fight to keep him up until 8pm so he doesn’t sleep early and wake up at 4am!

He does wake up at 5am which Jonah does not approve of. Thomas wants to play on the bed or roll on top of Jonah and Jonah just wants to catch some zzz’s but doesn’t want to miss the action so he stays with us and endures the no sleep nonsense!


Do yo have any tips you can share? How did you get your babe to take their afternoon nap? Because I neeed this MOTO to sleep in the afternoon so I can have just a couple hours to clean, laundry, dishes, eat… you know! 20140221-000942.jpg

*Thomas is wearing –> 1. H&M kids, 2.Childrens Place top + Carters Kids Bottoms 3. Gap baby Pants  + PACT onesie.* Jonah goes nude 😉 *

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Baby’s First Birthday

So we made it through the first 12 months of this sweet man’s life… and he’s still alive and kickin!




To celebrate, we invited a few of our sweet friends and their littles to come eat some yummy cake and have some drinks and spend an afternoon with us.

Thomas’s birthday party was DIY all the way. Lily and I made many of the decorative elements, like the cupcakes and sprinkles with gold glitter on top. Our DIY glitter fringe photo booth was a huge hit! and overall it was home-made… just like I like it.



Lily and i are going to do a few DIY posts in the coming days to share how we made everything. I could craft all day! Maybe one day when I’m old and grey…i’ll bring out my glitter collection and glitter up my walking stick!

Our party was themed as a – Gentleman’s Bowtie Party- It was really cute to see all these little kiddies in their bowties! 

On Thomas’s actual birthday we kept it just between us. Lily picked out the menu for the evening. Gingerbread-man pasta with red sauce and a salad. It was a sweet evening, We reminissed about the night he was born and how we were all nervous and how much fun she had staying with my brother and running around the hospital with Aunt Becky and Dita.


Lily was thrilled when Thom ” came out”, she took on her most important role… a big sister. Our sweet family of four is so perfect and cute that at times I just can’t believe it’s all real. Keeping up with Lily and Thomas and Jonah is such fun… exhausting and we are always late to everything…but fun.


Happy Birthday my sweet little man -man Thomas you little gundu baby! Here’s to a whole lifetime of cupcakes with gold sprinkles and lots of adventures with your sweet sister!

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Guess who turned one today!!! I’m trying to write a post but it’s so sappy and weepy and I just can’t edit!


One year ago… this sweet man was born into our lives. A year later I just can’t imagine our lives without him. I can’t imagine Lily not being a big sister. She is his protector and guardian and has already taken to teaching him all sorts of fun amazing things… like eating icing and jumping on the bed. Her kisses are magical and Thomas just lights up when he so much as hears her voice. His little body hops off the floor as he kicks his legs and wiggles in excitement at the mere sound of Lily’s voice. Almost every single day Lily comes home from school..singing. I can hear her outside the house and so can Thom. She tickles him to no end and when she stops he looks at her and in his own baby language… asks for more. The giggles are the sweetest sounds this earth could ever capture.


I can’t imagine Jonah not having someone to play with all day. Thomas crawls all over his giant furry body and gives him hugs or uses him as him own personal gym… and my sweet Jonah sits there and lets him do whatever he wants. Thomas shares his toys with Jonah… but Jonah… not so much.

baby first yearThese two were linked from the very beginning and their relationship continues to build every moment. A dog and his boy… there’s nothing better.


I love watching Matt with Thomas. I love watching Matt with Lily. But holding this baby and caring for him through all the midnight crying and diapers… Matt is a nurturer and Thom, Lily and I are most blessed to have him take care of us the way he does. Thom, like Lily, is a daddy’s boy. he recognizes the sound of Matt’s feet coming up the stairs and immediately goes into an excitement tizzy. When he sees Matt… he all but leaps out of my arms to give his daddy a huge hug. Lily does the same. Thom has Matt’s calm demeanor. My friend  said – I see you in his face but I see matt in his eyes and his thoughts. I think this is pretty accurate. Thomas, like Matt, is a thinker. He sits back and observes everything and then… just goes for it. No trial and error… just does it right the first try.20131204-175709.jpg

from his aunts and uncles, grandparents and great-grandmother who surround him and pray for him all the time… this little man is blessed.

In Lily’s words – ‘I’m glad YOU are the one who came out Thomas”.

Happy Birthday my sweet MOTO. This world is better with you in it!

* apologies for the typos and spelling errors. this is the umteenth draft and it’s the least sappy and weepy.* 

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A week in pics as seen through my Samsung Galaxy Note3

This week my pics are sponsored by Verizon and the Samsung Galaxy Note3. All pics are taken by the Samsung Galaxy Note3 and are unfiltered.

Thomas has a new hobby… he stands at the front door and heckles all the squirrels eating our pumpkins. He also loves to talk and talk and talk and when someone walks past him on the sidewalk he gets so excited that he wiggles around and almost falls over. image

Lily wanted to do a lil something for Halloween this year. So this is what she got. dead dancing glow in the dark skeleton! Boo! image

The bond between Jonah and Thomas is pretty sweet. Here we have Thomas with one of Lily’s markers and paper as he explains something to Jonah. Jonah – my sweet bear- just sat there and listened to every word. And he doesn’t even speak baby language! image


It’s FALL in New York and let me tell you … it’s GORGEOUS! image

We were hunting wabbits.


Best part about living so close to the beach… we go all the time… even when it’s cold!


We bought a new couch for the family room and Jonah immediately made himself at home. He hogs the couch! image

I finally got around to decorating our front door and the squirrels have eaten through my pumpkins and my yellow mums are dead. So much for ” hardy mums” !


The air is crisp these days, our heater has been turned on, the leaves are falling… and we are all snuggling up and settling into the cold evenings. My favorite time of year!

* Thanks to Verizon and the Samsung Galaxy Note3 for sponsoring this post*

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Smiling It Forward with Tylenol

My sweet baby child Thom was sick for a whole week recently. Between his molars coming in and a cold and the change of weather here in NY…his little body needed some R&R for a few days.

There were lots of restless nights and my patience was tested. But this sweet little man of mine would always have a little smile for his big sister …Lily. Everyday she would come home from school and his face would just light up! What a bond!

I haven’t been giving him any teething soothers. His first 7… yes SEVEN…teeth came in when we weren’t even looking. Little ninja teeth just showed up one morning… or feeding! Ouch! There was hardly any teething pain or sleepless nights. But these molars coming is are a whole new game.

New York Mom

Although this is a sponsored post – I take my recommendations very seriously and especially when it comes to baby products. That said… our doctors recommended Infants’ Tylenol at night to help sooth the teething. So when this campaign came along I just HAD to join.

As a parent, it’s really overwhelming to find products to use and which ones work, what’s best for my kid…etc. So I hope this little post of mine helps you.

These days my sweet MOTO is feeling like himself and while his molars are STILL coming in, this can take up to a month, he’s been all smiles and giggles.

Gosh those baby giggles are the purest aren’t they? His laughs are so crisp and honest, I just want to bottle up this innocence and joy and keep it with me always.

New York Mom

It’s great to see Thom back to his crawling, climbing on Jonah, chasing his balloon self again.

And Lily… thank goodness for older sisters who make us smile!

You can share a photo that makes you smile at SmilingItForward.com, and TYLENOL® will make a $1 donation to Children’s Health Fund, up to $100,000, helping to ensure a doctor’s visit is always within reach for children in need.

*I have received information and products from McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc., the makers of TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks. As always thanks for stopping by my lil ole blog and supporting my sponsors*

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IAMS SO GOOD – Food for your doggie

My Tuesday morning included Puppies and coffee… i mean how perfect!

So you know I talk about my sweet BEAST Jonah all the time. He is my baby. Jonah means the world to me and is absolutely a very VERY important part of our family.

IAMS so good

We feed him IAMS dog food.

About a year ago – a fab gal named BEV, the community manager for IAMS- came across my little blog and some pictures of Jonah. She immediately reached out and said things like’ oh my goodness that dog is gorgeous, he is so beautiful, he’s the king of the world”...  you get the idea.

Bev and I have been pals ever since. When the little MOTO was born… IAMS send me the sweetest care package… with dog food and dog toys… all for JONAH. This is one brand who really loves their four-legged people.


SO when they invited me to their launch event in NYC for IAMS SO GOOD… of course I had to go.

IAMS SO GOOD is a new product by IAMS for dogs of all sizes. PAWL GRIFFIN the official IAMS boss dog was on hand to give out sweet doggie kisses and get our Tuesday morning started!


Celebrity chef Art Smith- of Top Chef Masters fame, Chef to OPRAH and Lady Gaga – who by the way has WAAAAAAY too much in common with me- was also part of the launch. He talked about his doggies and cats and how he feeds them IAMS as well. Chef Art Smith and I chatted about the Florida Panhandle… where he has a home.. and also talked about my grandmothers Biryani… was such a delight to meet.




We feed Jonah IAMS Large Breed dog food and and fed our newfoundland Eukanuba Large Breed… which is also an IAMS product. It’s great to have IAMS SO GOOD – at a lower price point – available for the pups!


I met this sweet doggie… and when I showed Lily this pic she said, ” MOM you should have brought him home” Even though we have this giant beast of a doggie at home… Lily is itching to have a tiny little pup. Probably not going to happen. We are SUCH giant dog people.


Our four-legged family members are the best people aren’t they!

Check out IAMS for more info about their dog food.

* This is a sponsored post by She Speaks and IAMS. I was paid for this article. All opinions are my own and we were feeding our doggies IAMS products long before this partnership!*

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Being sick, feeling better and non stop talking

We got back from vacation last friday and were all sick! All last week we had what has been described as the ” summer cold”. Not fun. With sneeze fits that had me falling off couches and freaking out Jonah I was really looking forward to getting over this whole sick business.


Here we go… a week later… feeling much better. We still have sniffles and a few coughs… but much better.

So what to do this week?

Lily has gotten into a phase of talking non-stop for hours! Like HOURS. She has not stopped talking since friday! And she wants you to pay attention to her when she talks because she gives you pop quizzes and will  get really upset if you can’t answer her questions correctly.

This is just exhausting! At home she follows me around telling me all kinds of things and asking lots of hypothetical, ” what If” questions.

” what if they didn’t send a monkey up to space first. Who would they send? a man or woman? but what if the woman had babies? would they come back? what if you go to a restaurant and they did not serve food but it was only a cheese restaurant? ( actually sounds like a dream) What if you sell your shoes for $5 but you paid only $3 for them? “

For any parent who has a child going through this phase… which by the way lasts a few years – remember last summer when she talked the entire 5 hour roadtrip!… here’s to you! Because it’s only a matter of time before these kiddies will do the exact opposite and NOT talk to you at all. I hope that we skip that stage!

Happy Summer all… after taking a blog hiatus for a few weeks – vacation, being sick, enjoying summer… I’m back to our regularly scheduled story telling!

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Back from Florida

We’re back from our annual trek down south to Florida. Every Summer we take a vacation to visit our families and spend lots of time eating home cooked meals, swimming in bayous, riding in boats, late night fishing and lots of time laughing with our parents.


This was Thom’s first Florida visit. It was also his baptism. My sweet man.

This summer all our siblings and spouses and kids from both sides of the family were able to make it to Florida for the baptism. Such a special day for all of us.


Lily – my beach baby. Loved every second of the vacation. She never had a bedtime and woke up whenever her body … or cousins woke her up. I tried really REEAAALLLYYY hard not to be such a “helicopter parent” this summer. I think I did OK. There were a few moments when I had to give myself a pep talk and say… ” let her deal with this on her own” or ” she’s not going to drown or get eaten by an Alligator out in the middle of the bayou as she falls off her skis”… I just took a deep breath and looked away.

Thankfully no gators in the bayou ate Lily or Thom for that matter!


Thom took to the beach like… sand to the … well beach.

His little toes wriggled in the sand trying to process this funky feeling. The beach was pretty calm one evening so I took him into the water … in the waves and he loved it! A few feet from us, we saw a family of Dolphins swimming around. The tourists thought they were sharks… but my local sense knew… dolphins. Also, they probably thought I was crazy hanging out in the water with a 7month old… so close to sharks – which were actually Dolphins. 20130715-151424.jpg

Lily has a knack for finding her jungle creatures everywhere she goes. And this little fella – Spotty- was a sweet friend who she met one afternoon. She petted Spotty, sang him a sweet song as she does and fed him some grass.


As we have come to expect… Summers in Florida have their own share of thunderstorms, tornadoes, waterspouts and wacky rainy weather. This summer was no exception. We have quite a few days where we stayed in and watched the rain… only running out on the boat to go skiing or tubing for the 30 mins or so that the rain let up. 20130715-151606.jpg

Thom had to wear his life jacket on the boat. He was not a fan. He kinda sat like this the whole time and stared at me… like… what. do. you. have. me. in. this. time. woman.! 20130715-151623.jpg

There is no shortage of shopping malls in florida… and with shopping malls come… splash playgrounds! 20130715-151702.jpg

This never gets old does it. Lily loves a good splash ground! 20130715-151733.jpg

My sis-in-law has two gorgeous GIANT Great Danes… they make our Jonah beast look like a little medium-sized dog! 20130715-151827.jpg

SInce both of our families live in the same town… we are constantly bouncing from house to house. When we stopped over to visit my mom and g-ma… Thom got his first dose of “life with girls”. DRESS UP! 20130715-151912.jpg

These two. Lily kept an eye on Thom the entire vacation. Even though she was out skiing or tubing or catching fish at the beach… she always came back to give Thom sweet kisses. Such a great bond… I hope it continues when the teen years hit! 20130715-151952.jpgThis is just round 1 of my summer vaca coverage… more coming up about food in the Florida Panhandle!

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Over the long weekend

Oh you guys… the long glorious weekend is over.

20130528-012145.jpgWe had such a relaxing few days. Even though it rained for most of the weekend… that did not damper our spirits. 20130528-011826.jpg

On saturday we met up with my siblings for a decadent dinner in Tribeca. Lots of wine and martinis and super yummy decadent food later… we headed to my sis’ apartment and ate macaroons and played video games.. yes video games… like we were 13… because we love our video games and anything where a car goes fast in a circle always seems to make its way into our hangouts. 20130528-011834.jpg

Lily spent the night at my brother’s house. This is SUCH a highlight for her and to me… it’s such a blessing that we all live so close by when lily is at this age of truly enjoying time spent with her aunts and uncles. In the past we have had a couple rocky over nighters.. there was the time she cried all night, then the time my brother and sis in law had to put her in a car at 3am and drive around to get her to fall asleep, there was that other time when Lily wasn’t sleeping and my brother turned on a discovery channel show called – CATS” it started out with cute cuddly cats and he fell asleep while she watched a lion attack another animal… etc. But this time.. lily was a few months older and fell asleep snuggled up just fine. Didn’t even call us to say good night *salty tear*


The lilacs are in full bloom.

20130528-012004.jpgAnd when you open the windows the sweet fragrance just floods your senses and all the corners of the house!


A cookout with our family was the perfect thing for a lazy Sunday. 20130528-011937.jpg

Monday morning we woke up and headed over to our town Memorial Day Parade.


I love a parade… especially a small town one.

20130528-011956.jpgI know people put lots of ‘oohs and aahs’ toward the big NYC parades… but really there is nothing like a small town parade with people you know marching in it.


And i am SUCH a sucka for marching bands… like back in the day.


You know Matt and I met in High School Marching band right. yep we did. I was in the colorguard and he played trumpet. What a sweet young romance we had! and still do!


I loved Marching Band… have the best memories of my high school days! I was in the colorguard… and winterguard.. and we were good.. like – medaled at WGI-good.  I spun flags, rifles and my forte… sabre. Go SABRES!!

We walked back home from the parade and I made Lily’s favorite brunch.

20130528-012208.jpg Pancakes and eggs and bacon.. she can eat some bacon now! and Jonah loves bacon too… I always make a little extra for him. {don’t tell matt}.20130528-011922.jpg

Summer is in FULL swing here in New York… remember that Paul Simon song – Kodachrome..give the greens of summer… makes you think all the worlds a sunny day..oh yea. 20130528-011947.jpg

You HAVE to go to the beach on memorial day… i mean it’s the beginning of summer you know… unofficially. 20130528-012030.jpg

Lily is a beach baby just like me. She just comes to life when she’s at the beach and ran circles around us for a good 20 minutes. 20130528-012038.jpg

It was FREEEEZING at the beach yesterday. Freezing like the inside of my ear was hurting from the cold. But we stuck it out for a little bit. 20130528-012047.jpg

Lily , of course, wanted to jump into the water and head out for a swim… I was the mamabear voice of reason. She only has 5 more weeks of school and I just don’t want her getting sick so late in the year 20130528-012056.jpg

The beaches out here in New York are gorgeous… the waves alone are impressive.  We saw a few fishermen fishing off the beach… last time they caught a baby shark and Lily was soo impressed. I haven’t told her that sharks sometimes are in 3Feet of beach water. Yikes! we’ll just keep that to ourselves umkay. 20130528-012108.jpg

If only all our days were this carefree right. Water for days and nothing but sand in your toes and salty beach air running though your hair. 20130528-012116.jpg


Ah summer… you are finally here! It’s time for watermelon and mint julips and lazy summer nights! Woop!20130528-012134.jpgHappy Summer everyone. Hope you find a few moments where the scent of lilacs fills your senses and you catch a few sunsets and love on a sweet someone!

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Mondays in this house…

What did you do on Monday?

We did a whole lotta ‘making faces in the mirror’ business.

Jonah sometimes feels bad that the MOTO has taken over his spot on my lap. So after I put everyone to bed and plop down on the couch to watch TV at night.. Jonah finds me and reclaims his place on my lap… or on my head… as long as he can be near me. What a sweet beast!

Most days I sit in front of this mirror and stretch and chat with Thom. He loves seeing his reflection. I can’t believe how fast the time is flying by. make it stop!


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