10 Must Haves to Prepare for Guests

10 Must Have's to #AvoidtheOops
Life doesn’t stop for anything and whether you are expecting house guests or just the  hectic nature of daily life, things slip through the cracks sometimes and you are left searching high and low for toilet paper. No toilet paper, no toothpaste, no paper towels, no batteries. oops! Its rough times. Let me help you #AvoidTheOops
Avoid the Oops
I’ve teamed up with Proctor and Gamble and Walmart to give you some tips to #AvoidTheOops!
We have family coming in town for the 4th of July weekend and I am on hyper drive to get this house clean and stocked.
Here are my 10 must-have items to help you Avoid The Oops.
  1. Mr.Clean – This stuff cleans everything and handles the toughest floors and walls. We dilute it down according to directions to clean hardwood floors.
  2. Febreeze – I have a massive giant smelly dog. Febrile helps get rid of dog smell, kid smell and helps freshen up the home.
  3. Crest Toothpaste – Always have extras especially when you are expecting guests.
  4. Charmin– We run out of toilet paper all the time. I usually have a secret emergency stash at the very top of my linen closet just so we don;t have to freak out when we have guests. A dinner guest once asked – what can I bring- and I responded.. toilet paper! after realizing we were totally out and had a group of 8 people coming over. Lesson learned. hide a secret stash of TP always.
  5. Bounty Papertowels – Honestly, this is my life line. I have a roll of Bounty Papertowels in the cars, in the bathrooms, in my pool bag… everywhere!
  6.  Magic Eraser – It’s magic. Every single stain on walls, floors anything… this eraser gets rid of it all. With 2 kids and a drooly dog… I use a Magic Eraser everyday.
  7. Cascade– For shiny, no streak dishes, Cascade is my go to. I have been using this since the beginning of time and my dishes turn out shiny and clean overtime.
  8. Tide Laundry Detergent – With two kids in sports and running to the pool and beach everyday, we get dirty. Tide Laundry Detergent gets the job done.
  9. Duracell – Extra batteries are always a must. Whether it’s a sudden power outage or a favorite toy that didn’t come with batteries… a pack of Duracell’s are a must.
  10. Swiffer – dusting is not my favorite but swimmer makes it easier and gets to all the hard to reach places.

You are now ready to host your friends family and whoever comes over for a visit. You can totally #AvoidtheOops with this list of must-haves.

You can make your life easy by ordering from Walmart. All these P&G products are just a click away and happily arrive at your door to help you #AvoidtheOops. 

 *This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Walmart.*
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30 Day Clutter Free Challenge

Goodness.. this house needs a good ole fashioned decluttering! We have too much stuff, from the kids toys, and clothes, mail, school paperwork, my stationary obsession, paints and random things and T O Y S… we are drowning in clutter!

I’ve started a 30 day clutter free challenge.. again.

Ok so before you dismiss this. let me tell you, THIS is the REAL DEAL this time. Why?

Because I’ve tried a handful of 30 day clutter free challenges and while they work sorta… they never really give me the results I’m looking for. Too many rules, too many opts out…etc.

I’m not an expert at this but I’d like to think that I’ve done enough 30 day clutter free challenges to get a good 30 day program going to help us all declutter and do some spring cleansing.

You can download the PDF right below.

30 Day Clutter Free Challenge

30 Day Clutter Free Challenge

I’m going through rooms of the home – the Kitchen is first and then because the kitchen is such a beast to tackle, we go to the bathroom…which should be pretty uncluttered…right? then we tackle the linen closet, bedroom…etc. If you miss a day, don’t stress it… just keep on your 30 day schedule and come back to the day you missed another time. Also, this can be repeated a few months until you achieve the whole decluttered goal you are going for.

The basic idea for this 30 day clutter free challenge is to go at your pace. I’m a busy mom, i work and i chase after my kids all day so spending hours at a time decluttering doesn’t quite fit my lifestyle. I don’t have the luxury to spend time cleaning. This chart is merely there for daily prompts to get going on declutturing. If you need a few days for one particular project… like home office shelves – then do as much as you can in one day and come back another day for more. No rules. Just do what you can.

Also, i have decided to create a FB page to do this challenge as a group…because I think when you have others going through the same misery of decluttering their messy piles of mail.. then it makes it easier. right?

So what do you think… you in! Swing by NEW YORK MOM FaceBook page to request to join the secret group!

Let’s do it everyone… cleanse, declutter, breathe… it’s springtime!



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A New York Sunset to Welcome us Home

Every year we head down to Florida to spend time with our parents. It’s 2 weeks of love and food, cousins and did I say food! This year our trip was layered with lots of friends and life and seeing people decades later.

more on all this later. I have to process it all.

it was great!

New York Mom

As we drove into NY this gorgeous summer evening… we were welcomed with the most fiery sunset. Now… I just love the bayous and beaches of Florida… but nothing compares to these New York Summer Sunsets!

I’m glad to be back. The kids are glad to be back. Lily settled right into her routine, Thomas re-discovered all his toys and was really happy to see his Choo Choo’s . and my sweet Jonah Bear has been a big hairy lovebug this evening.

Go hug your families… i wish I lived closer to mine!



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Happy Everything!

Happy Happy Everything you guys! I have been absolutely blissfully missing these past few days. It’s truly refreshing to just check out of all online shenanigans for a few days. We’ve been enjoying Christmas with our family in Florida. Eating mama’s biryani, pork curry and lot of tasty South Indian food. Matt and I have also stopped over at our local Oyster pub for our $6.95 per dozen oysters fix. These Appalachicola bay Oysters are somethign else!

Lily and Thomas have been showered with what seems to be never ending gifts and the love that surrounds them is truly such a blessing. We’re busy spending long lazy days with our families, eating, laughing and just being… offline.

2013 started out with  new life in our home. Thom was such a peanut and Lily was only 7! These days, our one year old Thom is walking all around the house and Lilypie is 8…going on “i know it all”. Our lives have just zipped by so very fast this past year but all along the way we made sure to stop, enjoy a nice glass of wine, collect some seashells, eat lots of oysters and have big belly laughs! I am blessed to have this sweet family of mine. And all the people who surround us everyday!

I do hope that you, dear reader, are able to take some time to go hug on your sweet ones who surround you everyday!

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Baby’s First Birthday

So we made it through the first 12 months of this sweet man’s life… and he’s still alive and kickin!




To celebrate, we invited a few of our sweet friends and their littles to come eat some yummy cake and have some drinks and spend an afternoon with us.

Thomas’s birthday party was DIY all the way. Lily and I made many of the decorative elements, like the cupcakes and sprinkles with gold glitter on top. Our DIY glitter fringe photo booth was a huge hit! and overall it was home-made… just like I like it.



Lily and i are going to do a few DIY posts in the coming days to share how we made everything. I could craft all day! Maybe one day when I’m old and grey…i’ll bring out my glitter collection and glitter up my walking stick!

Our party was themed as a – Gentleman’s Bowtie Party- It was really cute to see all these little kiddies in their bowties! 

On Thomas’s actual birthday we kept it just between us. Lily picked out the menu for the evening. Gingerbread-man pasta with red sauce and a salad. It was a sweet evening, We reminissed about the night he was born and how we were all nervous and how much fun she had staying with my brother and running around the hospital with Aunt Becky and Dita.


Lily was thrilled when Thom ” came out”, she took on her most important role… a big sister. Our sweet family of four is so perfect and cute that at times I just can’t believe it’s all real. Keeping up with Lily and Thomas and Jonah is such fun… exhausting and we are always late to everything…but fun.


Happy Birthday my sweet little man -man Thomas you little gundu baby! Here’s to a whole lifetime of cupcakes with gold sprinkles and lots of adventures with your sweet sister!

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Little Luxuries

My sweet little Thomas is sick today. He’s a bit clammy and warm and his teeth are hurting him. After taking Lily to school this morning, I came home and snuggled up back in bed with him and he fell asleep right on my belly.

His little body is so uncomfortable that when I put him down in his bed he immediately wakes and cries. So I’ve decided to say – forget the day- and here i am  in bed with him for as long as it takes. It’s humbly to think that to my sweet little Thomas, I’m the only one who can calm his ailing body by letting him lay on my chest.


AS I was thumbing through my online bookmarks, I came across this beautiful and touching article about the over 22,000 homeless children in NYC. This number is staggering and it’s only KIDS… not the parents or the numerous others.

If you have a moment to read today, please read this article. INVISIBLE CHILD. it will move you to tears and make you really grateful for all your luxuries. There are so many children – like this article stated- who have no place to live and no oxygen to breathe. And that poor baby who is being kept warm by a hairdryer…It’s heartbreaking.

Makes me want to run out and help… but how! We help through our church but I feel like I need to find a more direct way to get involved.

My sweet Thom, sick on this bitterly cold day in New York… has all the warmth, comfort and care he could possibly need. I am so thankful to have this life of mine and feel blessed that my sweet children don’t have to worry about meals and warmth and basic comforts. and that i can be home and just lay here in bed with soothing my sick baby.

Count your blessings… I count mine everyday.

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Giving Tuesday with Mommy Nearest App

Did you know that Tuesday, December 3rd is GIVING TUESDAY.

With all the focus on getting steals and deals on clothes and tech and toys…Giving Tuesday encourages us to GIVE to families in need.

Giving Tuesday

In the spirit of the holidays, Mommy Nearest, a local resource guide mobile app for parents on the go, is teaming up with 92Y & Giggle on #GivingTuesday, December 3rd, to host a clothing and toy drive for people in need. Families with their children can donate goods at any of Giggle’s 3 locations, Soho, UES and UWS, or at the 92Y. After donating, families are asked to stop by the headquarters at the 92Y to take a holiday photo in a branded MotorBooth truck.

All participants who upload a photo tagged #MommyNearest will be entered to win an annual subscription to SPARKBOX Toys ($249 value).


Mommy Nearest is a fab new app that helps parents get the inside scoop on all the kid friendly hot spots in the neighborhood. Which restaurants has the cleanest bathrooms WITH diaper changing stations, kid friendly restos..etc. You can download the app for ANDROID and APPLE products.

Make sure to follow #givingTuesday tomorrow see all the goodness going on in our online communities.

To find out more information about this fab event tomorrow click here —>  MOMMY NEAREST 

* This post is sponsored by Mommy Nearest APP. All opinions are my own. Thanks for stopping by and supporting my sponsors* 

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Finding the Mother Funny in the daily with Nickmom

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and its client.

Nick Moms

I was asked to write about the whacked out things that happen to us parents sometimes.This is a project for Nickelodeon and Nick Mom. Have you visited their site… it’s mother funny!

Things you never thought you find yourself doing or saying sometimes becomes a very normal part of your daily routine. Things like … washing your poop covered hands after wiping your wriggly child’s bum, wiping the poop off the wall after changing the diaper of said wriggly child, wiping the poop off the dog… yes the innocent bystander dog… after said diaper change of said baby. this happens often.

Or how about when you have dressed up and brushed your hair and even put on some uncomfortable shoes so you can look snazzy for a fun evening dinner with friends  and there while chatting with friends over cocktails while holding your babe… you smell something rancid and feel something… smushy… only to find out that a massive. epic. poop explosion just happened while no one was looking and has now stained and stunk up your entire get up.

Why did you even try?

The things that come out of my mouth these days are things that never in a million years I thought I  would ever say…

but now that I’m a parent… it’s totally normal!

Also… apparently my whole life revolves around poop.

1. Do you go big poop or small poop?

2.Was it a billy goat poop or big chunk?

3. Please keep your clothes on in the car because people who drive SUV’s can see everything back there.

4. Don’t lick the floor, don’t lick the floor… DONT LICK THE FLOOR!!

5. Can I just have one moment of peace… in the bathroom… so I can wipe!

6. Let’s not lock the baby in the closet.

7. wipe. flush. wash your hands. x 100 ( even add a chant and dance to it!)

8. Don’t pick your nose and bum with the same finger.

9.  ( we pull over on the side of the road to pee)

Me: This is camping.

Lily: but I’m going potty on the side of the road.

Me: yea… it’s called camping. Make sure you tell Grammy that.

10. If you suck a stranger’s blood you will definitely get germs for the rest of your life.

11.—> you can’t do stranger danger to mommy just because you don’t want to go to bed!


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Halloween DIY at the last minute

Guess which class parent forgot all about the Halloween Party tomorrow and had to come up with little somethings for the class at the last-minute! *procrastinator ME*

Also…Matt went to EMORY university for undergrad and their college mascot was DOOLEY the skeleton.. so here is my ode to Dooley… for 3rd grade!


Lily said, ” mommy, tomorrow is the Halloween party. I want to give my class something”.


So we went digging through our crafting supplies and came up with this cute little card.

I like it. I think it’s sweet for Halloween. Lily said, ” i bet no one has ever seen Halloween cards like these”.

Well… she’s right!

Here’s how you make these:


you need –

A bone Knife
Craft punch of your ghoulish liking
Skeleton Stamp


  1. Cut your paper in little squares
  2. We used the corner punch to make little ghosts on all four corners.
  3. Using our skeleton stamp that we got at Michael’s for $1 last year. we stamped a skeleton – AKA DOOLEY- onto the front of the card.
  4. Lily will sign each card tomorrow.

Emory DOOLEY.jpgHappy Halloween everyone! 




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Oh Martha Stewart!

Alright… enough with the Martha Hates Bloggers thing.

Well first of all… this should not be news… am i right. ( you knew this already)

I watched the interview… she TOTALLY has a point.

I’m Team Martha on this one.

watch the video here…before reading any further , she talks about blogger at the 1:44 mark —> http://www.bloomberg.com/video/martha-stewart-speaks-out-bloggers-are-not-experts-ERw6xWfeSCKd~bRGzSsHxQ.html

I NEVER ever ever try out any of those yummy shiny Pinterest food recipes because i DO NOT KNOW THE SOURCE! and that’s exactly what she is saying – she could have maybe said it in a gentler way..but whatever she’s Martha Stewart she did time in the clink ya know… she’s gangsta now!

Some bloggers don’t test the recipes at all and if they do they fudge the results for the better and all Martha Stewart is saying is that in an editorial mag or online mag or trusted blogger.. .you know what to expect because their team has tested the recipe. Also blogging can very easily be a popularity contest and if you play at it… then you win. and when you win, your opinion is gold for your followers… i get it Martha!

So please stop with the shock and gasp and all that.

I don’t read most of the blogging nonsense out there because all of a sudden everyone is an expert on everything. I mean you eat one tuna tartare and all of a sudden you have deemed yourself a foodie. You PIN a few home decor pins and have titled yourself a ” home decor expert”. I get it Martha!

and… if you watched more of the interview… Martha Stewart absolutely started the whole ” lifestyle” category!

I respect bloggers, I love the blogging community but like any job, career, community, idea, DIY.. whatever – you have to filter through and find the legit ones. That’s it.

I mean I was introduced to the Today Show’s Ann Curry as ” the mom expert” just a few months ago. What!

Team Martha!

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