10 Things To Focus On In 2017!

The New York Mom

Happy Happy 2017 everyone.

2016 was a great year for us as a family. We were settling into our new neighborhood, new schools, new community. Matt’s job took him all over the world and country and his work is really making an impact on a global scale.

But me… I can think back to last year at this exact time and you know what. Nothing has changed. Not a single thing. I feel the exact same way. My life -personal and professional – has not budged an inch since January 2016. I have been here holding down the fort and going through the daily grid with these dragons of mine. And while it’s all just fine, I doesn’t feel all that great to be in the same exact space in mind, body and spirit.

It kinda makes me a little sad. I don’t know where the time went. We had a great year as a family. We went on many trips, vacationed in Florida for 2 lazy long weeks, Seattle, skiing, sailing, we sat with neighbors late into the night and chatted, had dinner parties, went to dance concerts, made new friends… I mean we did it all. But I am left feeling empty because my professional life didn’t move an inch and my personal state of mind and body hasn’t improved.  So this year I’m starting off with a few promises to myself before I make promises to others.

10 Things I’m Focusing On In 2017!

  1. Sleep. I am determined to get more sleep. Our days start at 6am. Lily has to be up for school at 6 and bus pick up at 6:45am. Not fun at all… but I’m up and dragging through the entire day.
  2. Time off smart devices. Raise your hand if you get ready for bed and lay awake by the light of your iphone… scrolling articles, pinterest or facebook. No more! I’m shutting down my smart devices an hour before bedtime.
  3. MOVE! I was in amazing shape before having Thomas. As a professional dancer… dance did my body and mind good. I’m ready to move again, while it probably won’t be on a stage… I think a regular yoga or dance class is in my near future!
  4. Hydrate! More water in this system.
  5. Being Mindful. I know people talk about being mindful a lot, but what does that mean to you? To me ‘mindfulness’ means being in the moment to enjoy your life, to give to community, family… give of your time, efforts, laughter. I want to be in the moments while they are happening and not have to worry about things I’m not accomplishing or the dinner that needs to be done or the email that needs to be sent.
  6. Say no! One great way to be present in your life… especially with kids… is to say no to things. I sign up for way too many projects or volunteer for too many things and this year I think I’ll just scale it back a bit.
  7. Kindness. I’m having a tough time coming to grips with the political climate right now. We have anger,sexism, racism and greed on full display, all around us. I’m fighting this with kindness. Reinforcing kind behavior in my children, and taking care of those around us who need help. And just NOT normalizing bad behavior.
  8. Forgiveness. I’m working on forgiving myself. Yes… did you know you should do that! We hold a lot of judgement toward ourselves. As a mother, I feel that I hold myself accountable for a lot more than I would others. I take on guilt, failures, disappointments and then internalize it. Working on forgiving yourself and releasing those expectations will certainly help me gain a new energy! Going to try!
  9. Releasing of things. – Decluttering my objects. I look around and see just a bunch of stuff collecting dust. Those trips to target where you come back with tons of useless things…but they are sooo cute… releasing them.
  10. Give. There are lots of amazing non profits that are at risk of losing their federal funding. We can help. Matt and I give to a couple organizations every year but this year I am going to get the kids actively involved. We can donate to causes that are at the risk of losing funding like arts, education, science, community… find something you are passionate about and tell more people about it and support that cause.


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in the details

Tonight I found out that one of my friends from my dancing days has stage 4 cancer and was expected to live for 6 months… 12 months ago.

Today is his birthday.

He’s alive and sick and very much dying. but very much living!

He writes a beautiful blog where he has been tracking his cancer treatments. I’m not going to “out” my friend nor am I going to share his blog with you. It’s his story and it’s beautiful and his photos are stunning and his blog a true gem much like him. His love for photography and brilliance of choreography and just love for the details of life is very alive in his writing and imagery.

I’ve spent the better part of 2 hours reading and going through his blog this evening.

God is in the details. Have you heard that phrase. Someone said that to me once and I just kinda smiled and nodded. Tonight this phrase is on the very forefront of my mind.

I complain about my daily life a lot… like a whole lot. While I love this life of mine, I sometimes get sucked into some sort of all day everyday pity party that i just can’t to seem to leave. It’s easy to throw pity parties when one is home with a young baby all day…most days.

But I feel changed since reading my friends blog. He has that sort of effect on people. When we danced together, I had a similar awakening in my art because of concepts and ideas he introduced.  And today… years later…I am once again touched and moved by his story and his words. So no complaints. I am going to celebrate the everyday… the details.


God my friends… is in the details. Not in the big flashy moments… but in the quiet simple moments. The everyday moments, the daily grind moments and most certainly in unexpected moments.

Fare thee well my dear dear friend. Hope you live out your days just exactly the way you want to… riding your bike very fast!

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Week in pics as seen through my Iphone 5s

Ok this Elf on the Shelf business is intense! I’m not sure we are going to do this with the MOTO. What do you think? Are you Team Elf?20131215-232144.jpg

Thomas has been sick all week. He woke up crying at 1:30AM on Wednesday with a fever of 103. YIKES! buuut this apparently is not a biggie and the Dr. did not seem to be worried. He still has a nasty cold and we just need to get the humidifiers up and poppin! 20131215-232211.jpg

Finally asleep. This has also been a week of NO SLEEP! I wake up exhausted everyday!20131215-232238.jpg

We had our first giant snow storm of the winter. I looove snow storms! Thomas… sick and all… went out in the snow to experience his first! and he loved it. Also this Stanley flask is no joke… it’s the size of my sweet moto!! 20131215-232256.jpg

We had a big ole grown up meeting with the principal and both of Lily’s teachers. It’s a tough thing when your kid is getting bullied in school. I’m going to write about this. It’s (bullying) a really important subject that needs a whole lot more attention than it’s getting. 20131215-232317.jpg

uh huh- we TRIED to make a gingerbread house…but Lily ate most of it before we could assemble it. so…..

We love the Trader Joes gingerbread house. It’s a Hansel and Gretel Gingerbread House. With a witch, Hansel and Gretel and everything! 20131215-232341.jpg

NYC in the snow storm as seen through the windows of the LIRR. Gorgeous. 20131215-232357.jpg

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Lancôme Dream Tone – Bare Selfie

I took a dare… a dare to go bare with Lancome Dream Tone.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Thanks for swinging by and visiting with me and supporting my sponsors!*

That right folks in this era of selfies and photobombs and ever moment being documented… us blogger type try to stay on point because ya nevah know when the photobug snaps a pic.

So going sans makeup… dare to be bare… psha!

But i took the challenge… and here we are… no makeup!

Ok so all jest aside, I dont wear a ton of makeup but I always wear makeup. Concealer is my best friend.

I was sent Lancome Dream Tone to test out for 4 weeks and then share my skin with you. 1.3 OZ retails for $98.

Here’s what:

There are a TON of potions and lotions out here in the beauty world which promise to make you look younger and get rid of wrinkles and fade away dark spots and make you 6 feet tall… you get my drift.

Introducing New DreamTone, 3 barely-tinted serums to visibly correct dark spots, color imperfections and uneven skin tone. This is what it does—>
DreamTone is the next generation of dark spot correction. So powerful, 72% of women dare to bare their skin.
IMMEDIATELY: 74% saw glowing skin*
7 DAYS: 70% noticed a more even skin tone*
4 WEEKS: 69% saw the appearance of dark spots reduced*
8 WEEKS: 78% saw color imperfections reduced* 
Color Correction specific to your skin tone: Imperfections like redness, sallowness and acne marks are visibly reduced.
*All results based on global self-assessments of women of multiple ethnicities in an 8-week study.  72% reflects 8 weeks of use. Customized for all skin tones: fair, medium & dark 

Here’s my review of Lancome Dream Tone.


I picked the MEDIUM dreamtone. It matched my skin color best.

After immediate use… I saw nothing. So it took about 3 days before i noticed that maybe my dark spots were starting to fade a bit. A week of using this morning and night… i totally noticed that my skin was starting to even out. I have patching skin, my cheeks are white while my forehead is pretty dark. This started to look even. This maintained for a few weeks… then all of a sudden this week… VOILA… skin looked great and healthy and shiny in a good way and was pretty even toned.

Now… factors that might have contributed… matt and I started juicing. so we were drinking 3 – 4 16 oz juices a day for about 4 days. I started drinking water a lot more than I had been… like 2 glasses a day… instead of no glasses a day.

Does Lancome Dream Tone work… I think it might. I wonder if the results are different for women with fair skin. us brown-skinned girls sometimes have skin things that don’t even out so easily.

I always used moisturizer on top of my Lancome Dream Tone.

Lancome Dream Tone.jpgSo there ya have it mamas. It’s tough as you age. Your skin changes and suddenly every product that promises youth in some sort of way starts to resonate.

I hope my review helps you in your quest for fresh skin!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Thanks for swinging by and visiting with me and supporting my sponsors! * no filters on the images above.*

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Being sick, feeling better and non stop talking

We got back from vacation last friday and were all sick! All last week we had what has been described as the ” summer cold”. Not fun. With sneeze fits that had me falling off couches and freaking out Jonah I was really looking forward to getting over this whole sick business.


Here we go… a week later… feeling much better. We still have sniffles and a few coughs… but much better.

So what to do this week?

Lily has gotten into a phase of talking non-stop for hours! Like HOURS. She has not stopped talking since friday! And she wants you to pay attention to her when she talks because she gives you pop quizzes and will  get really upset if you can’t answer her questions correctly.

This is just exhausting! At home she follows me around telling me all kinds of things and asking lots of hypothetical, ” what If” questions.

” what if they didn’t send a monkey up to space first. Who would they send? a man or woman? but what if the woman had babies? would they come back? what if you go to a restaurant and they did not serve food but it was only a cheese restaurant? ( actually sounds like a dream) What if you sell your shoes for $5 but you paid only $3 for them? “

For any parent who has a child going through this phase… which by the way lasts a few years – remember last summer when she talked the entire 5 hour roadtrip!… here’s to you! Because it’s only a matter of time before these kiddies will do the exact opposite and NOT talk to you at all. I hope that we skip that stage!

Happy Summer all… after taking a blog hiatus for a few weeks – vacation, being sick, enjoying summer… I’m back to our regularly scheduled story telling!

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Post Pregnancy Fashion

It’s been 6 months since the little babe came out of the bellie.

and nothing fits me.

My top half is about 10 times larger than anything else. So dresses are a joke and tops fit really strange. If I wear something fitted I look like a lollipop… big and round up top and skinny legs 🙁

To avoid roaming the land in my maternity clothes and feeling dumpy and frumpy I went out shopping. Because someone once said.. shopping fixes all that ails you. Not sure about this. Maybe a large glass of pinot or some gelato or maybe a stationary store… yep a stationary store with all that glorious paper and calendars and stamp kits. i could go on… but I digress.

So , i went shopping. I bought a few pieces that mix and match and are on trend and fit me! woop! I want to share this with you in case you are in my spot… staring at a darling baby child but not feeling yourself for many reasons… and then when you have to go mingle with the humans… nothing fits!

I say keep it simple and go for a few basics and a dress… always the dress. It’s a one stop outfit!

This is what I bought!

Check out the slideshow!

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Friday Recap – 5 Things

1. It’s time to PRANCERCISE!!! This video has been making the rounds on the internets over here. It reminds of one of my favorite dance professors in college…she made us pranced across the floor in Modern Dance Class all the time. Ah good times! Watch this video you guys… it’s awesome. My professional tip for you – I don’t like using ankle weights when you walk or run… it screws with your alignment and it’s no bueno for the all around structure of your body. Use ankle weights to do some leg lifts to strengthen that REALLY important muscle right above your knee. Ok Enough Talking and let’s start walking!”

2. *LISTEN UP* It’s the last few weeks of crawfish season so get em while they are plump. We headed over to one of our favorite cajun restaurants today to get 3 LBS of cajun crawfish… Matt made some corn and biscuits and organic Trader Joe’s lemonade…and that was that! It was our family HELLO to summer!  happy summer all! * my tip* eat crawfish, crabs, peel shrimp..etc on newspaper. clean up is a breeze. 


3. I’ve been seeing some seriously stunning pics in my social outlets… all coming from the MOMA Rain Room. So get thee to the MOMA stat! I have to say I love this ‘trend’ of interactive audience participation art installations that are going around in NYC these days. It’s nothing new. Downtown artists have been doing this for YEARS… but since these massive installations are being housed in major art institutions like the MOMA and the Armory…and the value of blasting a ‘really cool’ pic on your social media outlets builds your klout… everyday peeps who would otherwise NEVER EVER go see an art installation are now lining up around the block. It’s great… but I would love to chat with anyone who wants to engage in a discussion about the attraction for  mass appeal of art installations and if this affects the artists creative process before and after and what and the pros and cons of it. My opinion! ( got a little art heavy there for a hot second… i could go on for days!)

4. Farmers Markets are in FULL swing! So go support your local farmer and eat fresh farm produce. The spring- early summer season is one of my favorite food seasons… so go get inspired at the farmers market.

5. It’s been a rough few weeks for me. Being home all the time, no one to talk to, baby not sleeping, I’m not sleeping, bad hair days because of rain, rain for days… have all contributed to my diminishing chirpy mood lately. So my advice to you this week… go check in on a friend who has had a baby recently. They are MUCH lonelier than you would ever imagine. I am so thankful to have friends who call to check in on me. and If you want to see said people.. how about showing up at their home for some social time instead of asking them to pack a stroller, the baby, the other kid, the diapers, the kitchen sink to meet you and your no kid having self at a convenient location for you.  Just my PSA to support the ladies with babies out there!


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Summer Travel Beauty Must Haves with Elizabeth Arden

You know the beauty brand – Elizabeth Arden.. the red doors… the spa… the mini capsules that hold the fountain of youth… maybe your mom used it? Mine did.

Elizabeth Arden Logo

I was invited to a pretty fab event earlier this month – BLOG MEETS BRAND- more on this later. At this event I was asked to get a makeover and test out a handful of Elizabeth Arden goodies.


Listen I am a glutton for beauty products and they DID say makeover.. so it was a win! These days between poopy blowout diapers that creep up through the NECK… I mean the NECK people. how does poop travel up the back and out the neck in a 5 month old?

I digress.

What I’m trying to say is… Mama needed a makeover and some beauty treats.

Alright, so I started with a beauty makeover at the Elizabeth Arden counter and the make up artist was the deal. I’m a snob when it comes to makeup artists – in my experience of being on broadway, off-broadway, commercials, music videos, stage and film, I have met their share of all kinds of make up artists.

I know my skin, I know my shade… I know what my makeup is supposed to do for me.

The makeup artist was fab. She matched my skin color SPOT ON! I have olive AND warm tones …this is NOT easy to match and often times I have to mix some potion to create my shade… but Elizabeth Arden did it… matched my shade, found a blush that matched, flawless finish and beautiful color…GASP! Good stuff.

Next – skincare.

I was given a generous supply of the Ceremide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum.

20130529-230349.jpgAlright so when I got home I tried this… it’s packed to the brim with hydration stuff. Ceramides comprise 50% of the essential lipids found in the skin and are essential in maintaining defense against sign of aging. You just pop the capsule and a super generous amount of serum comes out. I use is on my face and neck and decolletage! * first time I have EVER used that word* say wha!

I have been using it as a primer and this summer when we head off on our many travels… I think it would be a great addition to my beauty stash. It makes your skin look so great without makeup… might be my airplane look. Watch out!

I was also given a generous supply of Eight Hour Skin Protectant

20130529-230422.jpgThis stuff is pretty great. It was created by Elizabeth Arden herself back in 1930 and the formula has NEVER changed. So you know it’s a good potion. You can use this on your chapped hands, lips, elbows… all of it. It’s a thick vaseline type consistency and so far… i dig it. Easy to toss in your travel bag and head out to the beach!

I was also given a handful of colors in the Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss 20130529-230401.jpg

All I have to say is My lip gloss is cool… my lip gloss be poppin. Yes. Great consistency, and stays for a bit also offers high-shine, increased moisture with Mango and Shea Butters with a light vanilla scent. I have been wearing these alone AND with a lip liner and blending it in. There is a mirror on the side of the lipgloss case and this makes it easy for those sailing trips or park trips or beach trips when you have to look all editorial for a hot second! But really… chasing around kidlets in this luxurious lip gloss works too.

So there ya have it. Elizabeth Arden products have found their way into my travel beauty stash this season. I would never..ever… have tried this brand if it wasn’t for this sponsored post.

But honestly –

  • The makeup stayed for about 6 hours and held up to drinks, lights and NY crazy weather.
  • The potions and lotions feel very hydrating… which is key in these coming summer months.

Give it a try!

This summer, while you are packing your travel bags don’t forget to toss in a few   Summer Beauty Products From ElizabethArden.


Connect with Elizabeth Arden via Twitter , Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram

*This post was sponsored by Elizabeth Arden, while i was paid for this post, all opinions are my own*

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5 Months

This little man-man is 5 MONTHS. already! I know!


A solid 17 pounds!

Gosh my heart just aches when I think about how fast he’s growing up. and Lily too.

the new york mom

Matt and I met Lily for the first time when she was 5 months old. She was {and is} such a special baby. We had an INSTANT connection. I remember meeting her and there was this moment when I knew… I just knew she was meant to be in our family. At 5 Months she would look at me with these telling eyes and just smile and squeeze my cheeks and give me wet drooly kisses. It was meant to be. It was as if Matt and I were waiting for Lily all along and never even knew it. because when she made us a family… we all fit. perfectly. And it could not have been any other way.


Thom at 5 months is also giving sloppy drooly kisses.. or trying to eat me… i can’t quite tell.

Although 5 months is a relatively short period, having him does feel like forever ago because of all the activity around these parts and I just could not imagine our lives without him.


Since we skipped all these precious months and years – until age 3- with Lily… all this is a whole new experience for both Matt and myself. Babies are cool folks! I mean just watching them change every single day is such a gift in itself.


Thom pretty much, eats, smiles, poops, and sleeps. He started saying ‘ MAMMA” 2 days ago and says it on a constant loop. Now yes, i know that he’s just saying this sound not knowing what it means… but man does it ever melt my cold cold heart!


He’s always happy and smiling and sometimes just stares at me with these gorgeous eyes in serious thought … I think he’s just plotting a takeover.

5 Months is fassssst. Word on the street is that  it only gets faster from here… they do so much more so quickly. It breaks my heart you know… I wish they would stay little just a bit longer.

the new york mom

Even my Lilypie, I notice fun changes in her every week… attitude, personality. She’s such an individual and is already teaching Thom some of her fun tips on life. I can’t wait! I can’t wait to see the two of them in action, Lily teaching Thom how to dig for worms, or how to swim or how to climb trees or where to hide the candy stash all over the house and both cars!

the new york momEvery night she reads books to him, her favorite books and he stops what he’s doing and listens to every word she says. When she’s done with the reading he gives her the gummiest-no-teeth smile you have ever seen and looks at her as if she’s the most beautiful girl in the world.

She is.


So here we are 5 months… can we freeze frame this please.

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Dreaming about dance!

I love this image.

time to dance

Thom and I were stretching this afternoon and I put my dance pants on and sat in front of our large mirror and stretched. He loved it… he just nuzzled up in the folds of my knees and made himself comfortable.

It was such an amazing feeling.

the new york mom

I mean, doesn’t this look like a dance waiting to happen! Every part of this image says… GO MAKE DANCES!!

I’m hoping to get back to making dances… harder said than done with kiddlets running around.

For now… I’ll dance in front of my large mirror in the afternoons with my little man man!

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