Ed Begley Jr shares 5 Money saving Green Living tips!

The Forward With Ford media conference was a VAULT of information.

Actor and green living expert, Ed Begley Jr, was on hand to tell us about green technology and practices that the FORD MOTOR COMPANY is applying in their vehicles.

I asked him to share a few everyday  easy-peasy tips for my readers. These tips are so easy to apply and will definitely save you the other kind of green… MONEY!


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Ford Trends

I’m at a fab conference for FORD MOTORS this week. The Forward with Ford conference has invited approx 175 bloggers and media from all interests to spend 3 days learning all about the new trends in technology and design from FORD.

I have met tech bloggers, and pet bloggers and Doctors and magazines and design studios and bears oh my!

My day today was filled with truly informative sessions about Car Safety, Emerging Technologies and Green technology in ford cars. I won’t tell you that I know about cars or pretend to know about cars. I don’t know much about cars except about the one I drive and that it needs to be cleaned more often than I care to do it!

Over the next few days I’m going to posting about all the valuable info I have learned here at FORD. So keep it where ya got it!

* FORD has covered all my expenses for this trip. opinions expressed are all my own*

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