Halloween DIY craft – Día de Muertos themed painted skulls

It’s halloween and while we have painted and glittered our share of pumpkins, Lily and I decided to do a little something different this season.


We picked up cardboard skulls from Michaels Arts and Crafts and glittered a few but also gave some the Día de Muertos treatment. Día de Muertos. or Day of the Dead is a mexican holiday which is observered on Nov 1st and is a celebration of family and freinds who have died.

This is also celebrated in other cultures but I love the colors and design and kitchy factor that comes with Día de Muertos.

This is a super simple Halloween craft for kids and adults, while also being educational. So let’s get to it.

You will need:

  • Cardboard Skulls
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint brushes especailly tiny detailed bristles brushes
  • Glitter paint
  • Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding in gold




  1. Give your cardboard skull a full coat of paint. You can give it a double coat if you need.
  2. Start your detailed painting. I looked at images related to Día de Muertos and took inspiration and went for it.
  3. Martha Stewarts Liquid Gilding in Gold is one of my most fave paints ever! It gives a really shiny gold-like color and blings up your skull.
  4. After you have finished painting your skull, let it dry and then add a coat of the glitter paint on top of everything. The new York Mom.JPG


The New York Mom.JPGSince this is acrylic paint, everything dries really quickly. like in minutes.

Done! That’s it!

These are super easy to make and the end result is really impressive don’t ya think!


Enjoy! and be sure to share your painted skulls with me.


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D.I.Y. Upcycled Winter Snowflakes

​​Just because the Christmas season is over doesn’t mean that winter is over. Here in New York… winter is JUST beginning! We had a light dusting of snow today but most of the ponds have a decent layer of ice, the kids and I have been getting out ice skating, sledding, snowball fight gear ready. We made some super cute D.I.Y. Upcycled Winter Snowflakes! 

Believe it or not we craft in this house all day and erryday! This week we worked on one of my most favorite crafts ever! Paper Snowflake garlands. This is the best little winter snow day crafting activity and honestly. you don’t even have to do it with kids!!! I did some of this last night while watching “The Crown” on Netflix.

( The Crown) which BTW I highly recommend. yes, it’s a bit slow… for our fast food media brains. But it’s really great acting and script and all those people are still alive!

Anyway… I digress. back to my Upcycled Snowflake Craft.

OK So first … do you get TONS of junk mail in your real life street address mailbox? yes, you do. Look at those envelopes… on the inside of those envelopes live gorgeous patterns to hide your secret info. Don’t throw those away because those gorgeous prints make the perfect craft!!!

Lily and I discovered this ages ago and used to love to open junk mail just to discover the patterns. The BLUE ones are kinda rare but the RED patterns are super rare!!!

Thomas and I created a few snowflakes this week and I took the project over and made it a full decor thing.

Happy winter everyone… here is to 2 possible 3 freezing months!!! and hoping for lots and lots of snow days!!!

The details:

Your Supplies:

  • junk mail envelopes
  • thread
  • glue
  • a snowflake craft punch ( i should have already had an amazon affiliate account so I can make some money while you all go out and buy this! – but I encourage you to donate a portion of your AMAZON purchase to a worthy cause – the arts, health, science, environment, education.)

I made this funky video about the craft that will certainly help visual learners like myself. Excuse the reflective image of me in the backgroundI’m i’m getting there!

Steps… so easy!

  • Collect your junk mail envelopes
  • open them up to reveal the gorgeous patterns
  • use your snowflake craft punch to punk out the snowflake
  • glue two sides together around the thread
  • and keep going
  • done and done

So easy… so simple and it’s a great way to welcome the winter season.

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Kid Made Modern – Craft Kits For All Ages

We’ve had a few snowy days up here in the suburbs of NYC and I for one love it. Snow days force us to slow down and take in the season. The kids are home from school and we spend our snowy days baking and crafting. ( in between the yelling and fit throwing) keepin it real yall!

We’ve been working with Kid Made Modern and testing out a few of their crafty kits and I have to report… we love them.What makes Kid Made Modern stand out from other craft kits is their attention to detail, their modern designs and the sense of unique whimsy.

This Winter WonderLand Kit was my favorite to work on. After the kids were in bed after a long day in the snow and friends coming over, I settled by the fire-place and caught up on my latest Netflix binge while painting away. I stayed fairly true to the shapes and tried my best to paint them in as they look, but Thomas, upon seeing them the next day, wanted to douse all the pieces in glitter! A kid after my own glitter lovin heart. Maybe they need an makeover!

While you are busy running around purchasing your Christmas gifts, I would like to suggest a crafty kit from Kid Made Modern. You can find a great selection at Target. We especially love the massive Arts and Crafts Library that comes with everything your little crafty heart desires! There are also gem shaped crayons, or the Ukulele Kit

Long after the holiday season is over… we still have a few months of winter! Making something fun and creating art is our go to boredom buster! You can swing by KID MADE MODERN to pick up a few sets of your own or swing by your local Target to grab them asap!

Happy Holidays everyone!!

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HGTV Blogger Block Party! YOU are invited!


I’m thrilled to partner up with HGTV Magazine to invite YOU to the HGTV Blogger Block Party! I’m SUCH a fan of everything HGTV – all their home reno’s, DIY tips and tricks and house hunting shows. You know we just moved to our new house in the NYC suburbs and HGTV Magazine has been our go to resources for everything house!

So all you Makers, Design Lovers, DIYers… get ready! On August 22nd HGTV Magazine is having their 3rd annual Blogger Block Party and they want YOU to attend and be part of the fun. This all- day event is for you Makers and DIYers to meet your favorite HGTV celebs. There are tons of live demonstrations during the day and interactive participation opps!

The lineup is pretty exciting with appearances  by HGTV Magazine editor in chief Sara Peterson, Emily Henderson, John & Sherry Petersik of Young House Love, Genevieve Gorder, and Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte!   Event Address: 404 10th Avenue, New York City Event Date & Time: August 22, 2016 at 12:00 pm – 8 pm Make sure to RSVP!!!

Here is YOUR personal invite… from me to you! Hope to can make it on August 22!!


Thank you to HGTV Magazine for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own. #ad

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Christmas DIY: Chalkboard Wrapping Paper


I love wrapping gifts. A beautifully wrapped gift makes the gift inside that much more special. It’s all in the presentation you know. I’ve been picking out a few things for my sister, sister-in-laws and gal pals and it’s such fun. Basically i’m picking out things I like and hope they give it back to me if they don’t like it.

No… who would do such a thing!

This year I’ve been pretty obsessed with chalkboard paint and chalkboard everything and when it came time to wrap gifts… a simple chalkboard wrapping paper was the perfect fit. I found this roll at Target for $3 in their dollar spot. All other things like string and pine tree embellishment was found around the home.

Gifting is so much grander when the gift is thoughtfully wrapped … don’t ya think!



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Make Something Monday – Valentine’s Day Glitter Hearts



It’s the season of all things hearts and love and glitter. I have a super fun and easy craft which you can do with kids. It’s an upcycled craft which are the best ones because you can se things from around the home. Lily helped me with this craft so we have a pretty easy version but you can add all sorts of embellishments to this easy to do craft with kids.

You will need:

  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Thread
  • Pencil
  • Brush
  • Cardboard – cereal box works.
  1. Draw out your hearts. make sure they are big because you have to hole punch it in a second.
  2. Cover the entire surface with glue. Any glue with do, you don’t have to use ModPodge.
  3. Next cover the entire area with glitter. Make sure you have a piece of paper under the glitter to catch the falling glittery wonderness.
  4. Hole punch right in the center of the heart.
  5. Thread the string through. I like to do this loop threading so the heart stays facing front when you wear it.


Now gift your glitter heart to your loves!





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Make Something Monday – Seashell Art

We just got back from a week on Shelter Island and that means one thing… a whole lotta sea shells!

I decided to make a sweet monogram piece of art for our back stairwell with all the gorgeous shells I found. This is a great way to create a tangible memory of your beautiful beachy vacation. It’s also a wonderful way to get the kids involved in a family project. I did this alone… because mama needed some ‘me’ time! 

This easy craft can take on any form you want. You can spell words out, make a design, color the shells and then glue them onto the canvas… whatever your creative mind chooses.

Seashell DIYMake Something Monday

Alright let’s get started.

You need:

  • A canvas – we always buy ours at Michaels Arts and Crafts when they are on super sale, so there is never a shortage of canvas in this house.
  • Shells you collected at your beach,
  • Modpodge – or any sort of super glue.
  • *** i decided to add color at the last-minute*** pick any acrylic paint you like.
  • Foam brush. Foam brushes are cheap and again stock up on them at Michaels when they have the 25 for $1 sale.

SeaShell DIY

Step 1: Figure out your design. and “map’ it out on the canvas just to give you an idea of how many shells you need and to balance it all out.

Step 2: Paint your canvas. Feel free to add a second coat to get a richer color.

Step 3: After the paint is dry, just lay your design on the canvas and move the shells around to where you want on the canvas, Using modpodge or any glue, glue your shells onto the canvas.

Done! A gorgeous work of art which will also help you remember your fab beach vacation!

I hope you take time this week to MAKE SOMETHING!!! Art is good for the soul mamas!

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Make Something Monday – Pipe Cleaner Crowns

You guys!!! Make something Monday is back. This time I mean it.

I have been trying to stay consistent with this series of being creative and making stuff on the weekends and sharing our quick DIY’s but life seems to get in the way. This time it’s fa realz! So here we go!

The New York Mom

Pipe Cleaner Crowns! 

The most important accessory a little prince or princess should have is a crown. With this quick pipe cleaner crown tutorial, your little royal will never be without their statement headpiece. This is a great craft to make for birthday parties, family reunions or just on rainy days. Throw in some gold glittery pipe cleaners and you’ll have a totally blinged out crown fit for a prince or princess. I like the neon trend these days so I went for a very modern bright crown.

This is a simple craft which only needs one ingredient. You heard that right… ONE item only!

You will need:

Pipe Cleaners.

Step 1: Make a circle using two pipe cleaners by winding the ends together. This is your base.

Step 2: Pick a few colors and weave them into the circle by making two peaks or an M. the middle of the M will loop around the circle base you created.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 about 5 times. Feel free to keep this one color or multiple colors.

This is a great craft for toddlers and tweens. As kids get older you can embellish these crowns and add all sorts of stuff like sequins and maybe funky crown designs!

This is so easy right!!! Hope you love these as much as Thomas, Jonah and I have!



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Make Something Monday – Initialed charm necklaces for Mothers Day

Hi. So I decided to make my mom a gift for mother’s day. And I liked it so much that I made one for myself and for a few of my gal pals with babes.

These metal stamped necklaces are really easy to make and i mean EAASY. The materials can cost a bit more than you would want to spend on a one time craft but I’m sure you will be making these metal stamped goodies for years to come.

SO if you have ever wanted to know How To Make Metal Stamped Jewelry … here we go!

Here is what you need:

  • chain
  • pendant / charm – the flat ones which are made specifically for metal stamping.
  • metal stamping set
  • hammer
  • pliers – not pictured. ( oops)
  • Metal base square
  • round links – to connect the pendant to the chain.


Next you pick your pendant of choice. Decide what you want to stamp on it. Place the pendant on the metal block. Make sure your metal block is on a hard surface. I used my dining table and it was fine. Don’t do this on a carpet floor while watching TV. I tell you that from experience!


Hold  your metal stamp initial in place and with 2-3 short & strong strikes of the hammer. Give it a whack. Make sure you don’t move the metal stamp when you strike.

Add the links and attach to the chain. Now I don’t have the width and sizes of my chains and links, but I like to get a chain with a small link and then i get my round attachment links to go around the entire chain instead of attaching it to the links on the chain. – bonus points if you understood any of that!


I tried to spell out a word and just couldn’t get the words lined up. Have to work on it for the next tutorial. They are kinda cute though. Visual imagery of the words ‘mamabear’ all crooked and unkept but pretty sweet.


This little necklace is going to my friend Laura who just had a baby and will be celebrating her very first Mother’s Day!  Don’t tell her I’m sending her one. And Laura if you read this.. pretend you never saw it! IMG_0505

I love handmade gifts and I really hope my mom loves this as much as I like it!

What did you make this weekend? Do share!


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Kids Craft – Spike Jewelry from Alex Toys – Review

The DIY movement is taking over the tween set so Lily and I have been working on a few crafting kits which have been a ton of fun. The Alex Toys spike jewelry kit includes all the good you need to make braided bracelets and necklaces with spike charms in them. We had a hard time making the spike bracelets which was totally fine because the kit also offers a simple threaded bracelet DIY option. Lily enjoyed this BUUUT we did make a woven spike bracelet which took forever and kinda fell apart. That was our experience. I made the bracelet on my own and added the spikes and it was great! ( a little bit of patience works everytime) It worked perfectly. and your new-found weaving talent will allow you to also add beads and all sorts of things to your bracelet.


Alex_Toys_Spike_Jewelry     Alex_Toys_Spike_Jewelry

The final Verdict – this is a great kit for beginner and advanced DIYers. The kit comes with a suction hook, 34 plastic stud beads, 30 plastic spike beads, 8 satin cords, elastic string, beading needle and easy instructions. The suction hook is the best because you can use it with other bracelet making materials outside of this kit.


I love crafting with Lily. We chat and catch up on the day when we make things. This tangible hands on way of play is so great for the tween set. It keeps kids engaged, there is a finished product in the end, they are learning a craft, they are using their cognitive skills, it’s not a screen or ipad or Television… it’s an awesome way to get the brain cooking!

Alex Toys

The Spike Jewelry kit is made by Alex Toys and is approximately $15.

* I was sent product for purposes of this review. All opinions are my own* 

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