2 little monkeys jumping on the bed.

We’ve been so stir crazy in this house lately. Between Thomas being sick and the weather hitting below freezing almost everyday. This winter has been brutal…and it’s only early December!


So what’s a monkey to do when she’s stir crazy! Jump on the bed of course!


Thom is a quick learner and was up and trying his very best to join in the jumping fun.  These bitter cold days have sort of been fun… we have been spending time snuggled up in bed or reading books in the afternoons and of course spending endless hours in our PJ’s.


I think we should all spend time jumping on beds don’t you! Every time we go on vacation and stay in a hotel room, the first thing we do is JUMP ON THE BED!!! all of us!


I love having Lily and Thom is matching clothes. With Lily being an 8-year-old, these matchy matchy days are numbered. I have to squeeze it all in!


We got our matching Pj’s at Polarn O. Pyret. The fabrics are so soft and the designs are super simple but classic.

I was invited to head over to their store in Tribeca last month for a media shop. Oh what fun! I picked out a pair of moccasins for Thomas, a couple pair of pants, tops, and striped PJ’s. While there are prints and sweaters and all sorts of options, I picked the classic P.O.P. stripes. Seeing these pics makes me want to be part of the matchy party! I shoulda picked up a pair for myself! 


You can also visit POLARN o PYRET online. They are always having fab deals!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Thanks for swinging by and supporting my sponsors*

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MUST HAVE trends for fall from BODEN

Every once in a while I get pitched by a company that I’m unfamiliar with and then through the course our collaboration… I end falling in love with their styles !

One such company… BODEN.


Boden makes really great quality clothing for the whole family. I love their dresses and coats and pants… i could go one.  But you should go take a look and find out for yourself.

It’s classic british fashions with a “new” vibe.


I’ve practically been living in these green khaki pants  ( pictured). The waist is not super low and just high enough to hold in some of my post baby belly nice and snug.

There’s a light stretch to them and this makes it great for a full day of work or play in NYC.



The pants – the color, the fit- the skinny- are the perfect pants for fall. It’s a MUST HAVE fall fashion find!  It goes with everything and can be dressed up or down with a simple switcharoo of a jacket. I wore this to a thing at Lily’s school with a tweed blazer and then switched out a leather jacket for dinner with my gal pals. Perfect! Throw on some ankle boots or pumps to go from casual to cocktail!

There is a special winter coat I have my eye on that just calls to me every time I browse their site!

BODEN has some fab deals going on right now… so get your goods now!

This ends TODAY click here —> 22% off + free shipping: Sunday, 10th November to Thursday, 14th November Keycode DABG

Starting TOMORROW click here—> 15% off + free shipping: Friday, 15th November to Sunday, 17th November Keycode N006

* This is a Sponsored post by Boden. I was given a stipend to go shopping! As always – opinions are my own and thanks a ton for stopping by and reading along and supporting my sponsors! *
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Baby Style File- Mama and Papas Babywear

I’ve known about the Mamas and Papas brand because when we were looking for strollers we had looked at their brand. Little did I know that they also make babywear. and cute stuff to boot!

With the crisp fall season upon us, I’ve been on the lookout for some jackets for my little man Thomas.

I mean… just the other day this little guy could hardly open his eyes and here we are 10 months into his life and he’s wearing fall jackets. The time… how it flies by!


When Mama’s & Papas reached out to me to try out their babywear line, I was only too happy to say yes!

I was aware of their quality baby gear and now so very excited to share with you their clothes!

Look at this sweet jacket on Thom! I mean… he’s ready for a fall adventure don’t ya think.

I also like the jeans he has on. It has an elastic waist with those ” grow with you” buttons on the inside and trendy distressed details on the side.

Baby Boy clothes are a tricky thing don’t you think. Thom is not even a year old and already we are aging out the teddy bears and dinosaur onesies – although they are kinda cute! I’ve been having a tough time finding cute ( non train, bear, ducky) clothes for him.

The  Mama’s and Papa’s babywear line for boys has such cute stuff , great design, mix and match options and good stitching on the seams… you know this is important since these little kiddies are always on the go!

Check out more from Mama’s and Papa’s babywear line by visiting their site!

* This is a sponsored post by Mamas & Papas. As always all opinions are my own. Thanks for stopping by my little ole blog and supporting my sponsors*

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JCrew Baby!

As if I need another reason to shop at J.Crew.

They now have a baby line. I mean… it’s perfection!

Lily has a nice collection of Crew Cuts pieces – the J.Crew kids line. We always find her pieces on sale. I refuse to pay those crazy full prices. But the sales are pretty hefty and I snatch up shorts, skirts, glitter long sleeve shirts, necklaces… for a fraction of the price.

In addition to J.Crew patterns and prints, there are also a handful of my favorite brands that are carried in the baby line. From outerwear, to toys and gift to cashmere for that little baby of  yours… this line is luxury and trend and all that you expect from the jCrew baby!

Now it needs to go on sale so I can buy it all!!

Head over to you local neighborhood J.Crew to find this uber cute line!

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PACT- Organic Clothes for Baby

Fashion with a higher purpose… why yes… Meet PACT BABY.

It’s a movement disguised as a clothing company! 

PACT’s colorful prints and organic clothing also help support small business.

With the Fall season upon us… I have some fantastic finds for baby!


With every purchase, you help PACT make a positive change in our world. Each season, PACT designs a new collection of clothing inspired by someone doing something good: whether it’s about clean water, sustainable food, or affordable housing—They stick to the basics. They invest in projects that create independence. They are solution-oriented. Optimistic. Community-based. And they make great underwear along the way.  No matter what PACT does, they always stay true to our basic principles. Good design. Good fabric. Good cause.20130909-174602.jpg

* side note* look at the rollie-pollie-bellie you guys! What a round little man! 

Introducing the new line for BABY. This organic fabric has the softest feel. The big idea: Clothes that make the world a better place. From socks to beanies to body suits, PACT BABY has some really funky patterns and right on trend designs for that little babe in your life.

I love the feel of this fabric… SUPER soft and the bodysuit has just the right amount of stretch… to accommodate those round -round baby bellies and chubby thighs! 


PACT uses no pesticides, no fertilizers no bleaches, no sweatshops or nasty stuff at all. Even their factories are wind powered!  They PROMISE only the best soft organic cotton and sustainable fabrics for your little one. So your baby not only feels good in PACT but you will feel good about where PACT comes from.20130909-174622.jpg

Little Man Thom is pictured in all PACT BABY clothing – Polka Dot socks ( my fave), Solid Blue Body Suit and Stripped Beanie.

PACT is available at specialty stores and Whole Foods.

Need more info?  get it here —> PACT BABY 

* I was sent PACT BABY products for purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.*

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Tween style file – RUUM kids – back to school

* Sponsored post* 

It’s back to school time! In case you haven’t felt the flurry of excitement from eager parents and kids with lists in hand every time you step into a mall or target… I’m here to tell you that your blissful summaahh is over and it’s time to get these kids schooled!


While higher education is the whole goal here… a little fashion helps too.


Lily is 8… she’s going into the 3rd grade… how did that happen… and this little fashion girl of mine has her own idea of what to wear.


From casual, to dressy, to  boho chic… to what’s now in LES fashion… Lily has her own sense of style and I for one… will only encourage this creative identity of hers.20130819-235309.jpg

We were recently invited to a fab shopping spree at RUUM KIDS. We are fans of RUUM. They have clothes for babies all the way up to the tweens. What’s great about RUUM is that their clothes are fashionable with everyday staples as well as on trend dresses, shoes and accessories.20130819-235316.jpg


Dare i say….I feel as if RUUM kids is the affordable version of crewcuts… the JCrew kids line that I obsess over!

We picked up tons of clothes for the fall season… lots of layers… a few church clothes and shoes. 20130819-235331.jpg


Lily loved her clothes and while we didn’t pick a single graphic tee.. i mean we are sorta graphic teed out in this house… she did pick a few pieces with the next best thing… glitter. I mean really… no 8-YO gals closet in complete without a few key glitter pieces… who am I kidding… MY closet isn’t complete without a few key glitter pieces. 20130819-235347.jpg



To take us from late summer- to fall- to winter- to bitter winter- to spring… we picked pieces that can be layered. We are out and about a ton during all seasons and going from indoors to outdoors and lunch rooms and art class and subways and trains… layers are our go-to dressing must-do. 20130819-235412.jpg


As a parent I love the clothes at RUUM… they have just the right bit of everything for the tween set. (Newborn thorough Tween). The prices fit my budget really well and I’m not just saying that. The back part of the store had a whole clearance section that was 60% the sale price… so we picked up shorts and tanks for next summer and some pieces were $5… no joke! RUUM kids is a welcomed kids clothing retailer at the mall.. where most of the kids clothing stores are either overpriced or super cheap and the fabric quality is wonky. 20130819-235434.jpg

A big THANKS to those fine ladies at KIDZVUZ for including us in this campaign. Lily is itching to share her clothes and tips for back to school with her friends. And I’m going to try to get her to share some tips with you… dear reader… as well. ( she’s got some doozies.. and some practical info … like ” don’t show off your belly in school”… words to live by girls.. word. to. live. by.! )

*all clothes featured in this article are RUUM* ( except the shoes)

* I was compensated for this post* 

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Disney Holiday Preview 2013


Disney had their preview for the 2013 Holiday Season in NYC recently. This year I found lots of products that covered a wide age range.

From baby products like vintage toys to tween home decor and even the Ariel makeup line- available only at Sephora – for me… Disney is hitting the ground running for the holiday gifting season.

My favorite was the “it’s a small world” line of dolls. There are dolls represented from many parts of the country … including the motherland… INDIA! I love the details on the dolls and the size is perfect for little kids as well as older kids like Lily to play with.

Here are some of my picks. 

* I was not paid for this post. But was gifted with a swag bag with products from the Holiday line*


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Baby Style File – Oscar De La Renta

Oscar De la Renta… yes the brand with the gorgeous gowns and all .. also has a children’s line!

Did ya know!

Since everyone has been so excited about the royal baby across the pond, I figured I would share some of my favorite Oscar De La Renta pieces for my prince over here!

Rompers… I love rompers. Really I do. There’s so classic and northwesty! I’m mad about this madras plaid!

Madres Romper and Little Boys Shirts -- $105
Madres Romper and Little Boys Shirts — $105

And this sailor romper. All I need is a matching dress for Lily and a something for Jonah Beast and we would have the cutest New Englandy summer portrait!

   Boys Sailor Romper -- $117
Boys Sailor Romper — $117

Now picture these outfits with a little white sock and a pair of baby shoes… so cute!

Find out more about the kids line at OSCAR DE LA RENTA 

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New York Palace – a suite fit for a queen!

New york IS for New Yorkers.

I love that we can live here in the New York Metro and have the best of the suburbs and the best of the city.

Recently I worked with Beth Feldman/ RoleMommy to host an event at the New York Palace in Manhattan. This luxurious hotel spared no luxury and with all the royal buzz these days… I have to say I felt a bit royal myself for a hot minute!20130720-021730.jpg

High above Manhattan sits The Royal Suite at the New York Palace which boasts French period décor, from the King Louis XV to the Napoleon eras, a master bedroom with 2 guest chambers, marble floors, gorgeous silks, and high-tech details throughout. This 3600 square foot suite  drips with opulence and state of the art amenities.


A stunning marble foyer welcomes you to the suite. Notice the gold details… I mean come on… FAAAANCy!


Down the hallway the Master Suite calls to you with it’s tempting luxurious silks that are draped all over the windows and beds.


This Master suite is something else you guys!

I’m thinking this is a stay-ca-tion for an anniversary celebration or maybe a bridal suite… or maybe a – Mama needs a weekend off… sorta trip!

Trying to justify staying at the PALACE over here!


One half of the master Suite is this luxurious bed while the other half of the suite is a seating area with a work desk and all the comforts of home. (if your home is dripping in gold!)


There are 2 guest chambers in the suite, one with two beds and the other with one king bed. 20130720-021921.jpg

I have a thing about bathrooms and kitchens. Details in these two places sort of define a home I think. The bathrooms at the Palace were nothing short of stunning.

Let’s see how many ladies we can fit in a tub! 20130720-021937.jpg

The evening was such a success with some of our favorite New York bloggers,  media stars, editors and celebrities.

Here is the fab Beth Feldman of ROLEMOMMY and lil ole me… looking all rough.. because we were fighting a severe ‘summer cold’ back home and i drugged up to hang these fab gals! ( aaa ccc hhh ooo)


The evening was full of yummy food, fashion and lots of chattering gals. 20130720-021813.jpg

The Suites at the New York Place are newly renovated with the absolute best of luxury and some of the most stunning views in all of Manhattan.

Whether it’s a getaway with your honey, or a family reunion stay, or a girls night in, or a wedding shower… i highly recommend checking out the New York Palace for some fancy memory making events.

It’s fit for a queen… like you!

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Back to school fashion with Paul Frank

Julius the monkey and the whole gang over at Paul Frank are ready to send you back to school in total style y’all!

20130627-235842.jpgFrom t-shirts to lunch boxes and shoes… The Paul Frank line is available at select department stores.

Paul Frank20130628-000102.jpg

20130628-000244.jpgThis collection is whimsical and colorful with some cute glittery details to boot!



There’s even a whole baby line that is irresistible! I need to get my hands on that!

photo (5)

photo (4)20130628-000624.jpg

My favorite piece from the collection is this old school track jacket. and it’s YELLOW!!!! 20130628-000723.jpgCheck for the PAUL FRANK line at select department stores this summer. WE are fans of that monkey and his band of hooligans!

Happy Summer everyone!

*I was sent review samples for purposes of this post* 



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