MUST HAVE trends for fall from BODEN

Every once in a while I get pitched by a company that I’m unfamiliar with and then through the course our collaboration… I end falling in love with their styles !

One such company… BODEN.


Boden makes really great quality clothing for the whole family. I love their dresses and coats and pants… i could go one.  But you should go take a look and find out for yourself.

It’s classic british fashions with a “new” vibe.


I’ve practically been living in these green khaki pants  ( pictured). The waist is not super low and just high enough to hold in some of my post baby belly nice and snug.

There’s a light stretch to them and this makes it great for a full day of work or play in NYC.



The pants – the color, the fit- the skinny- are the perfect pants for fall. It’s a MUST HAVE fall fashion find!  It goes with everything and can be dressed up or down with a simple switcharoo of a jacket. I wore this to a thing at Lily’s school with a tweed blazer and then switched out a leather jacket for dinner with my gal pals. Perfect! Throw on some ankle boots or pumps to go from casual to cocktail!

There is a special winter coat I have my eye on that just calls to me every time I browse their site!

BODEN has some fab deals going on right now… so get your goods now!

This ends TODAY click here —> 22% off + free shipping: Sunday, 10th November to Thursday, 14th November Keycode DABG

Starting TOMORROW click here—> 15% off + free shipping: Friday, 15th November to Sunday, 17th November Keycode N006

* This is a Sponsored post by Boden. I was given a stipend to go shopping! As always – opinions are my own and thanks a ton for stopping by and reading along and supporting my sponsors! *
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Holiday Gift- B Toys Walkness Monster – Review

For that sweet little babe in your life who’s ready to step out into the big brave world…the Walkness Monster from BToys is a really great little helper. The Walkness Monster is a toy walker for babies. Thom loves this. It comes with a handful of dual colored balls which you drop down the shoot and watch them come rolling out at the bottom. The wheels are smooth and the whole toy is really fab. From rounded corners, to the colors and the whole ball rolling down the shoot thing. It’s a pretty awesome walker and I HIGHLY recommend it.


I am a fan of the B Toys brand. When I was contacted to review some of their products for the holidays, I was just all too happy to oblige. It was a great fit since we already have a handful of their toys in the house!

You’ve seen B Toys… it’s in the “specialty” isle of the toy department at Target. The wooden toys, the funky brands… the cool colors… the cool kids of toys hang out in this isle and B Toys is representing!

image Proceeds from sales of all B TOYS goods support the efforts of FREE THE CHILDREN. A worthy cause. Also, all their packaging is eco-friendly and made from recycled gear.




One of the first things that attracted me to this company is the design and color. You are not getting the primary colors that most kid toys are sporting. These are subtle color combinations which give a gentle nod to the little child in your world who is slowly taking over your fine decor with his baby gear! – but iI digress. ( it’s the small things like these that are soooo vital when you  have a small child and seem to be drowning in primary colors! )

Thomas likes to collect things from his playroom and put them in the large basket of the Walkness Monster. It’s really cute as he waddles around the room with his collections.

A holiday Gift list MUST!

* This is a sponsored post. Thanks so much for swinging this here site and supporting my mighty fine sponsors!*

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PACT- Organic Clothes for Baby

Fashion with a higher purpose… why yes… Meet PACT BABY.

It’s a movement disguised as a clothing company! 

PACT’s colorful prints and organic clothing also help support small business.

With the Fall season upon us… I have some fantastic finds for baby!


With every purchase, you help PACT make a positive change in our world. Each season, PACT designs a new collection of clothing inspired by someone doing something good: whether it’s about clean water, sustainable food, or affordable housing—They stick to the basics. They invest in projects that create independence. They are solution-oriented. Optimistic. Community-based. And they make great underwear along the way.  No matter what PACT does, they always stay true to our basic principles. Good design. Good fabric. Good cause.20130909-174602.jpg

* side note* look at the rollie-pollie-bellie you guys! What a round little man! 

Introducing the new line for BABY. This organic fabric has the softest feel. The big idea: Clothes that make the world a better place. From socks to beanies to body suits, PACT BABY has some really funky patterns and right on trend designs for that little babe in your life.

I love the feel of this fabric… SUPER soft and the bodysuit has just the right amount of stretch… to accommodate those round -round baby bellies and chubby thighs! 


PACT uses no pesticides, no fertilizers no bleaches, no sweatshops or nasty stuff at all. Even their factories are wind powered!  They PROMISE only the best soft organic cotton and sustainable fabrics for your little one. So your baby not only feels good in PACT but you will feel good about where PACT comes from.20130909-174622.jpg

Little Man Thom is pictured in all PACT BABY clothing – Polka Dot socks ( my fave), Solid Blue Body Suit and Stripped Beanie.

PACT is available at specialty stores and Whole Foods.

Need more info?  get it here —> PACT BABY 

* I was sent PACT BABY products for purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.*

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Summer Travel Beauty Must Haves with Elizabeth Arden

You know the beauty brand – Elizabeth Arden.. the red doors… the spa… the mini capsules that hold the fountain of youth… maybe your mom used it? Mine did.

Elizabeth Arden Logo

I was invited to a pretty fab event earlier this month – BLOG MEETS BRAND- more on this later. At this event I was asked to get a makeover and test out a handful of Elizabeth Arden goodies.


Listen I am a glutton for beauty products and they DID say makeover.. so it was a win! These days between poopy blowout diapers that creep up through the NECK… I mean the NECK people. how does poop travel up the back and out the neck in a 5 month old?

I digress.

What I’m trying to say is… Mama needed a makeover and some beauty treats.

Alright, so I started with a beauty makeover at the Elizabeth Arden counter and the make up artist was the deal. I’m a snob when it comes to makeup artists – in my experience of being on broadway, off-broadway, commercials, music videos, stage and film, I have met their share of all kinds of make up artists.

I know my skin, I know my shade… I know what my makeup is supposed to do for me.

The makeup artist was fab. She matched my skin color SPOT ON! I have olive AND warm tones …this is NOT easy to match and often times I have to mix some potion to create my shade… but Elizabeth Arden did it… matched my shade, found a blush that matched, flawless finish and beautiful color…GASP! Good stuff.

Next – skincare.

I was given a generous supply of the Ceremide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum.

20130529-230349.jpgAlright so when I got home I tried this… it’s packed to the brim with hydration stuff. Ceramides comprise 50% of the essential lipids found in the skin and are essential in maintaining defense against sign of aging. You just pop the capsule and a super generous amount of serum comes out. I use is on my face and neck and decolletage! * first time I have EVER used that word* say wha!

I have been using it as a primer and this summer when we head off on our many travels… I think it would be a great addition to my beauty stash. It makes your skin look so great without makeup… might be my airplane look. Watch out!

I was also given a generous supply of Eight Hour Skin Protectant

20130529-230422.jpgThis stuff is pretty great. It was created by Elizabeth Arden herself back in 1930 and the formula has NEVER changed. So you know it’s a good potion. You can use this on your chapped hands, lips, elbows… all of it. It’s a thick vaseline type consistency and so far… i dig it. Easy to toss in your travel bag and head out to the beach!

I was also given a handful of colors in the Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss 20130529-230401.jpg

All I have to say is My lip gloss is cool… my lip gloss be poppin. Yes. Great consistency, and stays for a bit also offers high-shine, increased moisture with Mango and Shea Butters with a light vanilla scent. I have been wearing these alone AND with a lip liner and blending it in. There is a mirror on the side of the lipgloss case and this makes it easy for those sailing trips or park trips or beach trips when you have to look all editorial for a hot second! But really… chasing around kidlets in this luxurious lip gloss works too.

So there ya have it. Elizabeth Arden products have found their way into my travel beauty stash this season. I would never..ever… have tried this brand if it wasn’t for this sponsored post.

But honestly –

  • The makeup stayed for about 6 hours and held up to drinks, lights and NY crazy weather.
  • The potions and lotions feel very hydrating… which is key in these coming summer months.

Give it a try!

This summer, while you are packing your travel bags don’t forget to toss in a few   Summer Beauty Products From ElizabethArden.


Connect with Elizabeth Arden via Twitter , Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram

*This post was sponsored by Elizabeth Arden, while i was paid for this post, all opinions are my own*

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Shiny sinks and my state of mind

This week I cleaned the kitchen sink and it shined…like gleaming!

and it was such an accomplishment.

No I did not clean the entire kitchen… just the counter tops and the sink.

While I stared at my shiny sink with pride, little tiny tears started to welt up in my eyes.

new york mom

You see… much like today… I had not changed out of my pj’s, had not slept more than 4 hours in over 3 days and I had nothing ‘pending”. Nowhere to be but home… rocking my babe, changing poopy diapers and cleaning my sink.

There I stood… staring at my shiny sink and realizing that no matter what I do, I just can’t get this house together.  Things are always a mess, and cluttered and I just can’t keep up. I even apologize to the babysitter about our messy home and how I feel bad that she has to spend her day with the babe in the clutter.

Staring at my shiny sink, I felt that this massive full-time job of motherhood had defeated me and no matter what I did or how hard I tried, I just couldn’t find my rhythm, my choreography, my 5,6,7,8.

I just knew that the moment we woke up in the morning, my proud shiny sink would be returned back to its cluttered piled up mess.

We have  amazing moments in our life. We really do…but once in a while a little negative self-doubt-pity-party-throwing voice creeps into my brain and whispers things like, “your peers are moving forward in their career and you are home cleaning a sink” or “career? what career?” or  “summer is coming and nothing in my closet fits me” or  just “aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh”. And don’t forget the whole  “everyday is your day off” Bull Schmack.

It’s Ok. It really is.

You see all this is coming from a huge career altering job offer I received a few weeks ago. An amazing company… like who would NOT want to work for this giant in online search and social… approached lil ole me and offered me a job that was schweeeet!They had heard about me through the social media grapevine and were interested. After much going back and forth, I had to say no.

When we had Lily, I watched my dance career come to a SCREECHING halt. I lost friends, I lost my community and I lost my dance.  I grieved over this for years… and some days in the wee hours of the night I still grieve over the sudden unexpected loss of my dance career.

Now… I have created and worked REALLY hard toward a career in Social Marketing. Speaking on panels, holding seminars, having awesome clients… I work hard… and a classic, ideal job falls into my lap… i wasn’t even looking… and I had to say no.

I did the right thing. I know it.

But i can’t help but feel (insert word of despair here).

If I had forged forward with my dance company touring and dancing full-time… Lily’s well-being would have been compromised and THAT is something that I could not have lived with.

As much as I love my little monchichi’s sometimes it’s nice to have a deadline and have your creative mind sparked and just talk to people who inspire and feed your brain.

Last week Matt was super busy with meetings every single night. I had no one to talk to all week. It’s rough when I’m home with a  baby and an 8-year-old and have not a soul to talk to, and we moved to a new town a few months ago and I don’t know anyone here and it’s very VERY lonely most days!

I really can’t be wallowing in my boo-hoo ness for much longer.

I always look at Lily and Thom…and even Jonah Bear… and think… to them I am the WORLD… so their WORLD needs to step it up and stay strong.

For now… it’s about small victories…and mine is my shiny sink!

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CHaLK NYC – Kid fashion

Earlier this week I was invited to the preview of CHaLK NYC a new – wicked cool- line for kids.

The NYC based – husband/wife design duo of FDS Design Studio have created one hell of a clothing line for the kidlets. Inspired by their 2.5 Year Old babe Alba, this über edgy line has all the makings of a ” I WANT THESE CLOTHES IN MY SIZE’ line.


From luxurious furs to silk slouchy tees, leather and the finest pima cotton… this line is built to last..through the years and through the style files. *don’t worry the fur and lamb leather jackets use only overstock by-product animal skins and pelts *



CHaLK is a premium apparel kidswear brand born and bred in NYC for trailblazing kids around the world, which radiates edgy effortless style with chic details, fusing a downtown vibe with luxury clothing.

Check out what Designer/Creator Colleen Crivello had to say about the line!



Every single piece in the line is so luxurious! This is for the kids 2 years – 10 who like their pants in leather with a whole lotta rock n roll.


I love the leather pants, the fur vest, the star screen printed super soft tees… and i mean I LOVE THEM.. for me. I want them in ME size. {Colleen do you hear me}


But alas! It’s for the littles.

CHalkNYC is available at BARNEYS starting in JUNE but can be purchased online right NAO… $40-$700.


Visit CHaLKNYC for all the deets!

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It’s EASY with Staples – REVIEW

ZOMG!!! Tax Day is FASSSSSST approaching y’all.

If you are like me.. and I know most of you are…. you have waited until the very last-minute to get your taxes done!

Don’t fret… you’ve got Staples in your corner. No they won’t do your taxes for you…but they will help you get organized for this year and the next.


Staples, the world’s largest office products company and second largest internet retailer, makes it easy to get organized with all kinds of organizational materials for any of your office needs. I especially love their collabos with fun designers like Martha Stewart that make office gear cute to look at.


From folders to pens to stickers to stationary and let’s not forget all the goodness of printing.

Last month I printed out business cards that I sent online and picked them up the VERY  SAME DAY!

We also buy Lily’s back to school supplies at Staples… it’s a win!

Some of our faves :

  • Staples New BETTER® Binder with removable FileRings™ – the first of its kind binder features file rings that detach from the shell for easy filing in any standard filing cabinet. Now available in black, white, red, green and blue covers exclusively (Staples 1-inch BETTER Binder: $12.99 and removable FileRings: $4.99).
  • Staples One-Touch™ Aero Stapler – Perfect for the consumer who has an eye for design and likes to personalize their desk supplies. The 20-sheet capacity Aero offers contemporary designs with a raised handle that makes stapling effortless. Available in black, silver or blue. ($14.99)
  •  M by Staples™ Arc Customizable Notebook System –Available in durable poly or leather covers with premium, heavyweight paper, this customizable notebook has repositionable sheets that can moved from one section to another making organization a breeze. (Starting at $7.99)
  • Relay Flash Drives – The easy and smart way to transfer files from one computer to another. (64GB-$69.99; 32GB-$49.99; 16GB-$27.99; 8GB-$17.99

So get thee to STAPLES.

See that was EASY! 

* I was not paid for this post, but was sent a staples organizational goods for purposes of this review*

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LEGOLAND Discovery Center WESTCHESTER is looking for Junior Builders!

Hey all you parental units with little mini LEGO fans…this one’s for you… and your littles.


You can submit your entry until Monday, January 28, 2013

LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Here are the deets:

With LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Westchester set to open on March 27, 2013 at Ridge Hill in Yonkers, the attraction is looking to build the final piece of its creative team — the Junior Construction Panel – with an online search to find the tri-state area’s most creative and brightest youngsters to join the panel.

The Junior Construction Panel will consist of 12 imaginative and energetic children between the ages of 6 and 12 to serve as ambassadors for LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester throughout the year.  If selected to the panel, winners will receive a special “box of imagination,” an annual pass to the attraction and work alongside LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester Master Model Builder Mike Tocidlowski, to help finish plans for new LEGO models, provide input on what features could be added and best of all, give their official approval when the attraction opens this spring.

How to apply for a spot on the Junior Construction Panel:

 ·         With the help of a parent, guardian or teacher, MINI model builders will create a brief news report video, no longer than 90 seconds, about why they are the area’s biggest LEGO fan or about a LEGO model they’ve built.

·         All videos should start with the line, “My name is (INSERT NAME) and I am a LEGOLAND Discovery Center MINI model builder and I want to be on the Junior Construction Panel because…”

·         The video should be uploaded to YouTube and the MINI model builder’s information, including the name, city and state of the MINI model builder’s school; the parent, guardian or teacher’s email address; and the YouTube URL of the video, should be filled out on the form at on LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester’s Facebook page.

·         Applicants can also send their entry by email to and LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester will upload the video to YouTube.

Entrants will be judged on creativity, enthusiasm for LEGO and their LEGO models.  The competition closes on Monday, January 28, 2013 and the Junior Construction Panel will be chosen and announced by LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester’s panel of LEGOexperts by Monday, February 11, 2013. For full details, visit the attraction’s Facebook page at or Panel search Facebook page at


And tell me if you get selected!!

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Wordless Wednesday

Just sayin…

St. Bernard

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Meet Me In Westchester

I am SOOOOOOO excited to be HOSTING a really amazing Blogger-Media Campaign with Westchester County Tourism and Film Department.

Tomorrow I kick off the first of – I hope many– such media events in my most beloved Westchester County.

I have hand picked a few bloggers to come join me on a 2 day getaway in gorgeous Hudson Valley. The culinary tour alone is making my mouth water as I type. Westchester has some of the best restaurants in the country and we are dining and lunching at these places!

I really am so very honored to be asked to head this project up. Being the host for the dept of tourism for the county where I lived for 10 years is such an honor. I know this County inside and out and love all the amazing things it has to offer… food, adventure, art, music, history, family events, film, so much more!

Ok Ok i know enough with the love affair.

So keep it where ya got it for a play by play over the next few days!

To follow along find me here:

* I am working with the Westchester County Tourism and Film Dept to launch this fab campaign and am over the moon! *

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