Summer Travel Beauty Must Haves with Elizabeth Arden

You know the beauty brand – Elizabeth Arden.. the red doors… the spa… the mini capsules that hold the fountain of youth… maybe your mom used it? Mine did.

Elizabeth Arden Logo

I was invited to a pretty fab event earlier this month – BLOG MEETS BRAND- more on this later. At this event I was asked to get a makeover and test out a handful of Elizabeth Arden goodies.


Listen I am a glutton for beauty products and they DID say makeover.. so it was a win! These days between poopy blowout diapers that creep up through the NECK… I mean the NECK people. how does poop travel up the back and out the neck in a 5 month old?

I digress.

What I’m trying to say is… Mama needed a makeover and some beauty treats.

Alright, so I started with a beauty makeover at the Elizabeth Arden counter and the make up artist was the deal. I’m a snob when it comes to makeup artists – in my experience of being on broadway, off-broadway, commercials, music videos, stage and film, I have met their share of all kinds of make up artists.

I know my skin, I know my shade… I know what my makeup is supposed to do for me.

The makeup artist was fab. She matched my skin color SPOT ON! I have olive AND warm tones …this is NOT easy to match and often times I have to mix some potion to create my shade… but Elizabeth Arden did it… matched my shade, found a blush that matched, flawless finish and beautiful color…GASP! Good stuff.

Next – skincare.

I was given a generous supply of the Ceremide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum.

20130529-230349.jpgAlright so when I got home I tried this… it’s packed to the brim with hydration stuff. Ceramides comprise 50% of the essential lipids found in the skin and are essential in maintaining defense against sign of aging. You just pop the capsule and a super generous amount of serum comes out. I use is on my face and neck and decolletage! * first time I have EVER used that word* say wha!

I have been using it as a primer and this summer when we head off on our many travels… I think it would be a great addition to my beauty stash. It makes your skin look so great without makeup… might be my airplane look. Watch out!

I was also given a generous supply of Eight Hour Skin Protectant

20130529-230422.jpgThis stuff is pretty great. It was created by Elizabeth Arden herself back in 1930 and the formula has NEVER changed. So you know it’s a good potion. You can use this on your chapped hands, lips, elbows… all of it. It’s a thick vaseline type consistency and so far… i dig it. Easy to toss in your travel bag and head out to the beach!

I was also given a handful of colors in the Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss 20130529-230401.jpg

All I have to say is My lip gloss is cool… my lip gloss be poppin. Yes. Great consistency, and stays for a bit also offers high-shine, increased moisture with Mango and Shea Butters with a light vanilla scent. I have been wearing these alone AND with a lip liner and blending it in. There is a mirror on the side of the lipgloss case and this makes it easy for those sailing trips or park trips or beach trips when you have to look all editorial for a hot second! But really… chasing around kidlets in this luxurious lip gloss works too.

So there ya have it. Elizabeth Arden products have found their way into my travel beauty stash this season. I would never..ever… have tried this brand if it wasn’t for this sponsored post.

But honestly –

  • The makeup stayed for about 6 hours and held up to drinks, lights and NY crazy weather.
  • The potions and lotions feel very hydrating… which is key in these coming summer months.

Give it a try!

This summer, while you are packing your travel bags don’t forget to toss in a few   Summer Beauty Products From ElizabethArden.


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*This post was sponsored by Elizabeth Arden, while i was paid for this post, all opinions are my own*

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Orogold 24 Karat Gold Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer – Beauty REVIEW

There is nothing that can make a gal feel absolutely exquisite than slapping on some 24 Karat gold on her face.

That’s right girls… I’ve been using this amazing OROGOLD – 24 Karat Multi-Vitamin day Moisturizer for the past month and I gotta say… it’s luxurious.

Not a stitch of makeup and my skin looks fresh. (no filter added to this pic)


Now I do have my mom to thank for my skin but as I age I also need to do my part in maintaining what my mama gave me.

The OROGOLD – 24 Karat Multi-Vitamin day Moisturizer is an extravagant purchase and if your pockets can handle the $178 for 1.7 OZ then I say GO FOR IT!


I have been using this moisturizer in the mornings and have been slathering it on my face and neck and have noticed a difference in my skin… softer, brighter and smoother.

Beauty is only skin deep and my skin is feeling mighty beautiful these days!

What ever am I to do when I run out of my stash!

*I was not paid for this post. I was provided with a sample of the 1.7oz moisturizer for purposes of this review. All opinions are my own and honest*

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Spring Cleaning for Makeup Brushes

It’s the official third day of SPRING… and now that you’ve spent the past few days cleaning out your closets, let’s work on those makeup brushes shall we.

Years ago, a make up artist who did my daily makeup for a show I was in shared these tips with me. He has since passed on to the heavens but his sound advice lives on! One of the best things he always said was… “oh honey throw some lipstick on and everyone will be fooled”  This was his advice for when you were having a crappy day or your boyfriend dumped you or you were hung over or if you were a boy trying to dress like a girl or your costume ripped right down the middle when you were on stage. He was pretty inspiring.

He also was diligent about cleaning his makeup brushes so as not to get “whatever kinda germs all you have on your face’

So this spring I share with you his tips on cleaning make up brushes!

  1.  ALWAYS tip your brushes downward when washing. You NEVER want to get the stem, or the ‘heart’ of the brushes soaked.
  2.  Run luke warm water from your tap and hold the brushes under the running water… tipping down remember. With your fingers gently massage the bristles.
  3. In a bowl use a pea sized amount of gentle soap. I use Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash and dilute it with water. You don’t want too much soap residue. Again, tipping the brushes forward so not the damped the HEART of the brushes.
  4. Use your fingers to massage the bristles in the soap water.
  5. Rinse in luke warm water and dab dry on  paper towel or soft cotton towel.
  6. Lay brushes flat on their sides or hang upside down to dry. NEVER right side up…remember the whole not getting the heart wet part.

It takes a while for the brushes to dry, I suggest doing this overnight. Your brushes will have a longer life and your skin will thank you!

Do you have any makeup brush tips? do share.

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What’s the buzz about BB’s?

This is a repost from my new obsession – MOMGONESTYLE – check out my new venture…all things beauty and fashion for the mama’s! 

The latest trend in beauty these days is a BB – Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. Originated in Asia, this little makeup world secret has been pretty underground for years but is making it’s mainstream debut on the everyday beauty counter in 2012!

SO what is this wonder product?

A Beauty Blam/ Blemish Balm is an all-in-one product containing tinted foundation, moisturizer and SPF. It hydrates, and moisturizers and protects from the sun AND gives your skin an even skintone! The product is a thick cream that goes on your face and neck. A little of this goes a long long way. So be sure to use in dabs and do not lather it on. Unless you feel you need a heavy coverage.

BB’s are used to cover-up imperfections and give your face and neck an even tone. They are really great for oily skin types.

I have been using BB’s for some time now…especially if I have a long day and need to reapply my make-up a few times during a 10 hour marathon. My makeup latches on to the cream and stays on longer.

The only downside for this product is that the shades of skin color they come in are often times limited. So just poke around until you find a fit.

Two Beauty Blams that I have tried and like are:

SMASH BOX Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 $39
Garnier BB Cream $11.99

Have you tried BB creams? What do you think?

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5 Beauty MUST -Do’s this week

I freelance as a beauty, fashion and trend writer and most times I don’t get to choose what I want to write about. So I decided to start a site where I will do just that… write about the beauty, fashion, trend things that I want to write about. my observations and thoughts and tips and new goods on all things beauty! {most times I know what i’m talking about} So come by and visit me at

Alright, this one is for all the Mama’s out there.

We spend all our time getting the littles out the door to school, to the playground, folding the dreaded laundry, tackling the cobwebs, gluing the dollies heads back together and overall keeping the ship steady through everything!…but what about you! You need a little TLC on the daily so here are my 5 things you should do everday this week. 

  1.  Drink 3 glasses of clear water – no lime or lemon or paprika or chilli power infused water…just plain ole H20.
  2. SPF – never underestimate the power of the sun.. hon! Those damaging rays will do a number on your delicate face. So lather up. Find a moisturizer with SPF, a tinted SPF moisturizer gets you bonus points!
  3. Dap on some concealer under your tired eyes and creases of your nose to give your face a quick pick me up.
  4. Get your lipgloss a poppin mama. Grab a tinted lip gloss and dab some of it on your lips AND on the apples of your cheeks.
  5. Mascara – Open up those eyes with a little tap of the magic mascara wand. (use an eyelash curler to really open up those beauts)

That’s it. This can happen in under 3 mins. Yes it can. Let me know if you followed these. More tips coming next week Ok!

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