It’s free

I found about these free things today. check em out.

  • Allure is giving aways stuff everyday this month! www.allure.comI’m gonna try to win something!
  • Victoria’s Secret is giving away a 1 OZ PINK body Lotion FREE. you don’t have to buy a thing. Just print this out and take it to your local Vici secret.
  • Oprah: Not a fan..but she’s giving stuff away this month too just go to her site. But you have to watch the show UGH! and get the word of the day and that’s your code to enter the contest..whatevr! she’s oprah she can do whatever madenning contest she wants to.
  • Bare Escentuals: I am really excited about this one. I have some of the bare escentuals stuff, like the eye kit and moxie kit. So looking forward to getting this. Bare Escentuals is giving away a 10 day trial of the new Matte foundation.Just go to a Bare Escentuals store, or counter and get yor free trial today. Check this out for more deets.
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Strange Fruit

I love fruit! I love all kinds of fruit. My childhood in India exposed my palete to many an exotic fruit, so I have the best time introducing my husband and 4 year old daughter to strange fruits. Today, for an early evening tea snack, we had watermelon, papaya, pineapple, apples, lychee, cherries, guava,rasberries, blueberries and jackfuit. Yep Jackfuit!  Bonus points if you know what Jackfruit is!

Yes, I know not all are exotic, but there has to be some familiar stuff ya know.

I displayed all the fruit on a white platter and it was a colorful delight! (Sorry no pics, bad blogger…no pics!)

Lily loved it! It was like a candy shop for her. She ate a bit of all the fruit. Lily enjoyed playing with the many tiny black ‘jelly”seeds from the papaya.

So eat fruit. Natures candy…nuttin better than that!

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Ok so who knew back in the day when tha kid was waxing his way through karate that ‘waxing” would become part of my monthly ritual as well.

No I am not traing for any karate championship, the only thing I am trying to champion these days seems to be my sanity!

I am speaking of that monthly visit to your friendly neighbourhood esthetician. I should probably get my moustache waxed more often…but time and energy always gets the better of me.

I have been going to a little nail salon in the neighbourhood. The waxing is quick and unrestful and sometimes uncomfortable but the price is great and they do a great job, it’s convinient, non threatning, non commital..etc.

Well along comes Facelogic. This is a chain of ‘essential skincare spas”. I called them up made my apt for an eyebrow and lip wax. They booked me the same day. I went in at 5:15pm and was out by 5:30pm. The experience was…delicious! The lobby was beautiful, scented with spa oils and Yanni-esque music was playing. ( Yanni does not sound so bad at a spa!). The esthetician, Michelle, took me to a room, dark, behind a curtain, quiet. I sat in a plush leather chair that then tilted back. She gave me a quick face massage, approx 2 mins. and got started. The waxing was divine! I would have fallen asleep if it wasn’t for the occassional gentle rip of the wax strips. The price was $3 more than my quickie nail salon.

I felt a tinge of gulit that here I was indulging in a hygenic visit instead of nurturing my 4 year old. But it did not last long…after all it was a just a tinge of guilt 😉

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Buying time

Lily’s little  4 year mind is always creating. I try never to stop this creative genius but sometimes…i need a break! Just 20 mins of nothing or 20 minutes of returning emails or working on a quick proposal, read a NY Times article or just stare at the Martha Stewart website and wonder how others have time to do anything.

Yesterday was a day where I desperately needed time to work on research for a grant. So i gave Lily a small bottle of lotion, the ones from a hotel, and asked her to massage my feet. What started out as something to keep my 4 yr old distracted ended up being quite nice and relaxing. Lily massaged my feet, legs, shoulders, arms, back. It was superb! Her little nugget fingers digging into my muscles. My 20 mins was great! I got some much needed research done and squeezed in a massage all while keeping my toddler busy.

Another fab idea for when I am in the kitchen. My friend C suggested this. Drop some cotton balls on the kitchen floor and give your toddler a pair of tongs and have them pick up the cotton balls. This too will buy you a good 20 – 30 mins.

Do you have any other suggestions?

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Oh Martha!

So it really is no secret that I obsess over Martha Stewart and the Barefoot Contessa.

Rachel Ray…eh! not my kinda thang!

I try their recipies, and crafts and read their blogs. I love Martha Stewarts blogs because I live in the same community and love discovering new places that she uncovers!

Today i tried the Skin Brightening Mask

Ok so I did it all. I had papaya from my recent visit to Jackson Heights. (scroll down to previous blog…”roots”)

I’ll make this brief. It was gross, time consuming and only something Martha and her many assistants could concoct.

So no thanks, I’ll stick to my philosophy products for now! (see blog below…”so fresh and so clean clean”)

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Leave it in.

Fer Pete’s sake leave in your conditioner!!!  

I have mad curly hair and have been long  aware of the benefits of “leave in” conditioners. So finally I gave in. 

I bought some Garnier Fructis Leave In conditioner. It’s been a week since I have used this product and I like it…kinda.

I  need all the “chill out” hair help that i can get. I have tried sooooooo many products’ I can’t name them all. I even tried Olive Oil to tame my mane…but nada.

This product certainly made my hair manageable and easy to starighten…with a straightening iron.

So try it, and give me your opinion. I’m not sold!

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I headed out to Jackson Heights, Queens this past weekend in search of great fresh produce and heritage.

Jackson Heights is a neighbourhood in Queens, NY that is predominately OSuth Asian. Which what i check off in scantron tests. I am from India so I refer to the neighbourhood as “India-town”. 

India-Town is one of my fav places to go. Lily loves the color and food of the neighbourhood. I am fortunate to have a kiddie who loves spicy food. 

Jackson Heights, Queens, NY Jackson Heights has it all for you South Asian, the food, the jewlery, the saris, the Political adgenda, the toys. 

I remember taking my Grandma there approx 6 yrs ago and she said, ” this is just like India”. So that was it! Seal of approval. I occasionaly get a call from my mom and Grandma, who live is Florida, who ask for a certain spice or vegetable that’s ONLY found in “India_Town” I have to admit, I love going there. It’s the Land of Plenty!

Produce: Fresh

Jewelry: 28K

Food: Fa realz

Authenticity: 100%








We ate at Jackson diner. Definetly one of the BEST place in the neighbourhood. there are some small establishments that claim to be the BEST but all the times that  i have been there and eaten at many a place, I always and I mean ALWAYS take my mom and grandma to Jackson Diner. So I gots ta give it some props!

Masala Dosa, Idli and Samosa’s were our little snack for the day. ( We had other dinner plans).Sauces @ Jackson Diner

Of course a little Jilebi at a local sweet shop was essential.


Who can guess what this is!!!!

Who can Guess???

Overall, we had a great time in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY. You should go. Find a piece of India!

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Closet cleansing

Cleansing starts from the inside out. Whether you are cleansing your soul or your house, it’s always best to start from within.

Clean Closet

I figured, what better place for me to start than my linen closet.  Sooooo i buckled down today and did it. It took me all day, well in between playtime and meals and a haircut and playdate, …but it’s finally done and it makes me feel great! 

I threw a few things out… not much. I’ve been married for 7 yrs so although we have a lot of “stuff” linens, aren’t one of them. I found an old suitcase and stored extra sheet sets and comforters, table cloths, shower curtains in there. During holidays when family is in town, I’ll  just drag it down from the attic. Just happy that it’s not cluttering up my daily space. The shelves are neatly labeled and cedar squares are places in between the stacks to keep the fabric fresh and bug free.

I even created a space for guest toiletries like extra soap and toothbrushes. 





Cleaning a closet is like wearing nice underwear. No one can really see it, but you know it’s there and it makes you feel great! 

I hope to tackle one project each day …so by the end of August, I should be nice and cleansed.

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Mother’s helper

Every Mother need help…especially this one!

So, today I got a “mother’s helper”. What is mother’s helper? Well, the “helper’ is  like a babysitter but you can’t leave them home alone with your kid because the “helper” is a kid themself. The “helper” would be between the age of 8-11. Too young to be left solo, but too old to need a sitter themselves.

My mother’s helper is Petunia(made up name) and she is 10 yrs. young. As i sit here I can hear Lily and Petunia squeal with excitement as they play on the slip’n’ slide outside. Faces stained with popsicles they just enjoyed sitting under the big tree. It’s quite ideal. 

Because of Petunia, I have been able to put away laundry, finshing unpacking from our recent vacation, clean the whole downstairs, organize my desk, make phone calls and send emails and breathe!

Petunia stays for about 2 hrs. although she ends up having such a fun time she always sticks around longer. the pay is $2 – $5 per hour. I usually book her for 2 hours. 

The thing to remember is that the ‘mother’s helper’ is a kid herself and so I always have activities planned that are then run by and enjoyed by her.

Great summer job for kids, and great summer break for me!

I myself highly recommend Petunia. So if you live in Northern Westchester, get in touch with me and I’ll send you the deets.

Has anyone else tried a mother’s helper? Any stories to share?

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So fresh and so clean clean.

I have these memories of when I was young, growing up in India, and my mom would boil pure cow’s milk and then scoop the top layer of cream and slather it on my face. The smell was repulsive, and it felt bad going on, but she would massage it on and tell us of it’s goodness and long term effects. Today, I thank her. My mom is of a certain age and she look 20 years younger than that certain age. Her skin is gorgeous!

I feel like this past year I have been especially concerned with my aging skin. I am right at the cusp when you start to notice strange things going on with your skin. Spots, a wrinkle or two, drying…etc

I have been a true Oil of Olay user for many many years now. all their products, eye stuff, wash cloths…you name it, i got it and have used it. I use it because my mom uses Oil of Olay and speaks of its benefits and long term goodness.

A few months back i decided to branch out and use other products. I have been hearing the buzz about Philosophy and have tried their hair care in the past. I used to work as a concierge at this fab boutique hotel in soho and we used all philosophy bath products, so I was hooked.

I tried one of the Philosophy starter kits. It comes with Purity (cleanser), Hope in a jar (moisturizer and eye and lip cream), and my fav Hope and  a prayer (a topical vitamin c powder that you mix with your moisturizer). I have notice a difference in my skin, I have had many a day sans makeup. I have some unevenness in the tone of my skin and I have noticed a big ole difference , for the better, since using Philosophy.

Now I do think I was blessed with great skin, and the cow milk cream helped but Philosophy might be a keeper.

Clean face

The only con to this product…it’s a big con, is it’s price. It’s is PRICEY! A single product can cost you up to $50. I bought my kit at Target for $35. Four products in a kit for $35. It’s great! Keep it coming Target.

What is your skin care routine?

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