Martha Stewart TECH show

So I made it to the tech show. So fun! My friends and I are sitting on the front row. CENTER bababy! look for me Oct2 nd. I have this crazy bright yellow jacket on. Marka, my friend is asking a questin on the show!!! such fun!

Update: technology reflection of nature! (Biz stone)

Update: full update with pics and my opinion of how it all went down coming up shortly. I just got home and must love on my baby.

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It’s a good thing

I’m off to the Marth Stewart Show today!  I will be in the Martha Stewart Show Audience.

The episode we are filming tomorrow is the Martha Stewart Tech Show.

I am so excited about the techy goodies. I am such a techy but don’t look like one. You would never know my tech savyness. So the possibilities of what could be the tech goody are making me soo excited. Is it a Flip, could it be the new Verizon notebook, what about a new iphone? i’ll fill you in. I’ll be blogging, tweeting and FBing live from the show! so keep it here!

Funny thing, I have NEVER seen her Daytime TV show. But i love the mags, Living, Food, and Body and Soul. I check her website every single day! no joke. I read her blog, and check the craft section and organizing tip of the day.

Since being a momsicle, I have this overwhelming need to domesticate myself and what better way than MARTHA. (I am saying this with an apron on and high heels with perfectly coiffed hair and smirk on my face)

I want to be her for a day…no no no, a week. I want to soak in some of that Marthaness.

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Unslumpify yo’self, girl.

Unslumpify yo'self, girl.

I had a bad day today. I woke up feeling crappy and my crappy-ness just flooded my whole day.

I skipped out on all the fun saturday Fall Festivals. I went to the craft store to maybe be inspired to ‘create’, but then I caught a glimpse of my slumpy self in the mirror and that made me feel worse.

I mean, here I am, in my early early 30’s, no wrinkles, body in decent shape and I walk around like a homeless person! I should be taking advantage of my youth ya know!

So I came straight home in hopes to unslumpify myself…but my crappy mood got the better of me and I slumped in front of the TV for a bit. Then I said, “AW hellz no” and went to the book store to read up on unslumpifying myself. Not one book was available. The self-help section did not help me at all.

So I figured, I’ll read about non-profit management, this only made me feel stresssed that I had much to do to manage my dance company and instead here I am reading about it.

So I came back home and got to work. I listened to music, I ate, I did some jumping jacks, nothing worked.

I washed my face and took a look at myself.

I looked so bad, so sad and so dumpy. I just wanted to shout out… Unslumpify  yo’self  girl!!!

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aw hell! I just need silence.












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I have gained a gross amount of weight lately. In the last month I have noticed a HUGE difference in my entire body mass. My clothes don’t fit, my thighs rub and my knees hurt.

So i decided to think about why.

here are the reasons:

I used to dance ( professional dancer…not the pole type, the concert dance type) 5 times a week for many hours. Last year my hub abd I adopted Lily, she is 4 and I dropped my full time dancing to …well no dancing.

I eat at home all the time. so I eat a lot more than I used to.

I stress and stay up all night.

I drink soda and red bull and coffee all day, to keep up with Lily’s energy!

I don’t exercise.

Now I don’t weigh myself and have never been on fad diets, but It is time y’all. I gotsa get my body back!

I started a “get back in bangin shape” plan last week. So far I have skipped 5 running days, but the eating part has been better.

Better Me Better Family. let’s get it!

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Sorry about the mess

Some of my friends came over today…

I feel like I should say…

Some of Lily the boss- of-me’s friends came over today…

but I felt like these mom types are MY friends just as much as their kiddies are Lily’s friends.

SO, again…some of my friends came over today and it was great. We played, the kids played and it was a great time for everyone! As each friend, with tiny people attached, came to the house, I greeted them with an exhuberant…”so sorry the house is a mess”.

The truth is, my house was NOT a mess…for my standards or for others standards. So why the need t apologize for your “lived in” look.

I live here people, i pick up at the end of the day, start the day clean and fresh and by 2pm…it’s been lived in.

My friends and their little people did not mind the occasional sword in the path way or baby doll slepping in a corner.

The new “hospitality”.

During Christmas, we have a “decorating party”. Our friends come over, we make a great meal and drink and then get the ladders out and get the lights up and all that.

Making people feel like they are part of the family IS the new hospitality!

So …sorry about the mess on this blog, i’m working on it.

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procrastination station

I had this great idea about what to write about today, but i put it off for so long that now it has escaped me.


anyway, i’ll get to it later i guess.

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Better Me, Better Year, Better Family

Better Me!!!!

Ok, so if anyone has ever rebelled against the whole wife, mother,stay at home thing…it”s me.

So of course guess what…I am all of the above! (there is one more title that fits me that I can’t out myself about) (so if you know, keep it under wraps ya heard.)

Anyway, I am getting used to this new life. Although at times I fail miserably, I find myself somewhat relaxing into these roles and understanding and appreciating these roles.

Being a mother, wife and stay-at-home parent(sort of) is the most important role ever, people. I feel that I am constantly setting the tone for our lives…really.  All you MOM types know this already. But my recent personal discovery of this fact has brought a new light to my life. I feel that I have this “thing” handed down to me that enables me to BETTER my family.

Think about it.

I can say…we need to excersise more…and poof… we’re all biking and hiking and running…it happens.

I said, we need to go to farmers markets and support local…poof happened.

I said, recycle, let’s find lots of fun ways to recycle, reduce and reuse…what do you know..happens.

These things are happening in my family becouse of my commitment to BETTER us and Matt and Lily follow. Granted most of this was sort of happening anyway, but now it’s a way of life.

SO this week I am going to be prepared. Lily starts school tomorrow. Preschool.

But i am going to be prepared for every day the night before.

Again…I know you have already been doing this for years. But it’s a new thing for me. I prepare for big things like, trips, shows in downtown manhattan, tours, dinner parties. I have not got the hang of preparing for daily things.

Us mom types set the tone for our families. Think back, who was the boss of you when you were growing up…MOM.

So now here I am. I am the MOM. wow!!!

So I am committing to a better me. for a better us.

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…and we’re off

School starts for Lily next Monday and I am hoping to start the year with a smooth takeoff. I want to set the clothes for the school out the night before, plan my meals weekly, lunch ready the night before, laundry where it needs to be, fridge stocked..etc

Lily is in her last year of preschool she will be attending 5 days a week. This will give me some much much needed time to get my blog on…among other things.

To start the year off right, I turned to my trusty planner, my big red book full of dates and things and papers sticking out. Well sadly I was totally uninspired, so I decided to make my own daily notepad, calendar. Check it out.

Daily calendarClose upclose-up


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poolGoing to the local town pool everyday can become somewhat of a boring chore!

Something happened on Wednesday that has me chuckling …today!

Lily and I met a 2 yr old named Chloe and her dad. Well Chloe and her dad were swimming in the “big pool” as were Lily and I. Chloe’s dad was very impressed with Lily’s swimming and splashing and especially dunking ability. (Lily is 4 yrs old.)

He asked me when I thought Chloe would start dunking? Chloe had dunked only once all summer. I responded with a very educated, ” well kids learn from seeing other kids, don’t pressure her, all in due time, each child has their own timing for these things..etc”.

I get excited when I get to be the one giving advice…because I can barely figure out what I am doing on a day to day basis.

Well my little Lily, enjoying being the center of attention, started to show off. Jumping in the water, dunking and swimming to the point of spurting…etc!

Chloe gets excited and does this too…her dad is thrilled!

“Oh goodness, you were right! She IS learning from Lily. Do it again Chloe.”

Along comes the mom, tiny baby in her arms. She says,  ” HONEY, what are you doing?”

Chloe’s dad responds, ” Look at Lily she can swim it’s so amazing, she’s only 4 and now Chloe has been dunking because of watching Lily”.

The mom looks and me and smiles, and then says, “That’s great dear, but do you remember we were at the doctor’s two days ago and Chloe has TUBES IN HER EARS, she should not be dunking!”

Chloe’s dad turned red and got out of the pool immediately.

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