simple request

Lily got in trouble today and looked at me and said…”oh mommy, please don’t let this be a day without icecream.”

Oh how i long for days when a day without  ice cream was my worry!

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Ugh! i go to the pool everyday and have such a fun time with my kiddie, but once I get home and realize that I have sooo much to do or more importantly, so much I WANT to do and spent yet another day at the pool…I just feel UGH!

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Kids clothing deal

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drinking mom

There was this huge accident on the Taconic last week that had my feelings/emotions working overtime.

A mother drove the wrong way on the Taconic Parkway and ran smack into a car that killed the three innocent people who were on their way to a Sunday family dinner. The mom, had 4 kids in her car only one survived the crash. So the mom + 3 kids + 3 innocent died.

The story is pretty sad and astounding. When the news first broke, I felt an obvious sadness for the mom, the kids and especially the innicont trio. The news hinted at an unknown illness, maybe a sudden heart attack or anuerism. I was very sad and very scary. It could happen to me. I could be the mom, I could have a sudden heart attack, a secret illness…it could be me being hit as an innocent. It could be my kid.

Then news came that she was intoxicated AND high. She had 10 vodka drinks, and had smoked pot. She also was double the legal inotxication limit with some of the alcohol still undigested upon death. So…she was DRINKING while in the car with her kids!

Her 8 year old daughter apparently called the mom’s brother to say , “mom is driving crazy come get us”. She drove for 2 miles, speeding, going the wrong way, DRINKING, with kids in the car before slamming into an innocent trio, killing them.

How could this be? She was DRINKING while in the car with her kids???

I know this and worse happens all over the world everday. I know. This happened 10 mins from where i live. So it  hit home i guess.

I read this article about the crash. ( please read the article, it’s a quick read.),8599,1915467,00.html?cnn=yes

There is a HUGE problem here that is going undetected.

I sometime partake in the 4pm cocktail Mom-hour!

As I shared this info with a friend on the playground today, I was surprised to hear that she too was a 4pm cocktail mom-hour member. there are lots of us. My cocktail hour is  wine with my neighbour. My friend says she takes two shots of tequila, while another said she “starts the drinking for the night” at 4pm.

She mentally checks out with the first drink and the countdown for bedtime  starts.

This is a problem that no one is addressing…or maybe it’s being addressed lightly.

Among all the play groups, all the playdates, all the mommy groups. not ONE mentions this trend. Yet when I brought it up, I received a lot of feedback about drinking.  A lot of, ” I do that too”.

There are multiple blogs and websites about this. Some are anonymous, most with authors who give their stories about becoming alcoholics. If this is such a “trend”? How do we stop it? Should there be a  cocktail mom-hour AA?

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It’s free

I found about these free things today. check em out.

  • Allure is giving aways stuff everyday this month! www.allure.comI’m gonna try to win something!
  • Victoria’s Secret is giving away a 1 OZ PINK body Lotion FREE. you don’t have to buy a thing. Just print this out and take it to your local Vici secret.
  • Oprah: Not a fan..but she’s giving stuff away this month too just go to her site. But you have to watch the show UGH! and get the word of the day and that’s your code to enter the contest..whatevr! she’s oprah she can do whatever madenning contest she wants to.
  • Bare Escentuals: I am really excited about this one. I have some of the bare escentuals stuff, like the eye kit and moxie kit. So looking forward to getting this. Bare Escentuals is giving away a 10 day trial of the new Matte foundation.Just go to a Bare Escentuals store, or counter and get yor free trial today. Check this out for more deets.
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Strange Fruit

I love fruit! I love all kinds of fruit. My childhood in India exposed my palete to many an exotic fruit, so I have the best time introducing my husband and 4 year old daughter to strange fruits. Today, for an early evening tea snack, we had watermelon, papaya, pineapple, apples, lychee, cherries, guava,rasberries, blueberries and jackfuit. Yep Jackfuit!  Bonus points if you know what Jackfruit is!

Yes, I know not all are exotic, but there has to be some familiar stuff ya know.

I displayed all the fruit on a white platter and it was a colorful delight! (Sorry no pics, bad blogger…no pics!)

Lily loved it! It was like a candy shop for her. She ate a bit of all the fruit. Lily enjoyed playing with the many tiny black ‘jelly”seeds from the papaya.

So eat fruit. Natures candy…nuttin better than that!

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Ok so who knew back in the day when tha kid was waxing his way through karate that ‘waxing” would become part of my monthly ritual as well.

No I am not traing for any karate championship, the only thing I am trying to champion these days seems to be my sanity!

I am speaking of that monthly visit to your friendly neighbourhood esthetician. I should probably get my moustache waxed more often…but time and energy always gets the better of me.

I have been going to a little nail salon in the neighbourhood. The waxing is quick and unrestful and sometimes uncomfortable but the price is great and they do a great job, it’s convinient, non threatning, non commital..etc.

Well along comes Facelogic. This is a chain of ‘essential skincare spas”. I called them up made my apt for an eyebrow and lip wax. They booked me the same day. I went in at 5:15pm and was out by 5:30pm. The experience was…delicious! The lobby was beautiful, scented with spa oils and Yanni-esque music was playing. ( Yanni does not sound so bad at a spa!). The esthetician, Michelle, took me to a room, dark, behind a curtain, quiet. I sat in a plush leather chair that then tilted back. She gave me a quick face massage, approx 2 mins. and got started. The waxing was divine! I would have fallen asleep if it wasn’t for the occassional gentle rip of the wax strips. The price was $3 more than my quickie nail salon.

I felt a tinge of gulit that here I was indulging in a hygenic visit instead of nurturing my 4 year old. But it did not last long…after all it was a just a tinge of guilt 😉

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Buying time

Lily’s little  4 year mind is always creating. I try never to stop this creative genius but sometimes…i need a break! Just 20 mins of nothing or 20 minutes of returning emails or working on a quick proposal, read a NY Times article or just stare at the Martha Stewart website and wonder how others have time to do anything.

Yesterday was a day where I desperately needed time to work on research for a grant. So i gave Lily a small bottle of lotion, the ones from a hotel, and asked her to massage my feet. What started out as something to keep my 4 yr old distracted ended up being quite nice and relaxing. Lily massaged my feet, legs, shoulders, arms, back. It was superb! Her little nugget fingers digging into my muscles. My 20 mins was great! I got some much needed research done and squeezed in a massage all while keeping my toddler busy.

Another fab idea for when I am in the kitchen. My friend C suggested this. Drop some cotton balls on the kitchen floor and give your toddler a pair of tongs and have them pick up the cotton balls. This too will buy you a good 20 – 30 mins.

Do you have any other suggestions?

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Oh Martha!

So it really is no secret that I obsess over Martha Stewart and the Barefoot Contessa.

Rachel Ray…eh! not my kinda thang!

I try their recipies, and crafts and read their blogs. I love Martha Stewarts blogs because I live in the same community and love discovering new places that she uncovers!

Today i tried the Skin Brightening Mask

Ok so I did it all. I had papaya from my recent visit to Jackson Heights. (scroll down to previous blog…”roots”)

I’ll make this brief. It was gross, time consuming and only something Martha and her many assistants could concoct.

So no thanks, I’ll stick to my philosophy products for now! (see blog below…”so fresh and so clean clean”)

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Leave it in.

Fer Pete’s sake leave in your conditioner!!!  

I have mad curly hair and have been long  aware of the benefits of “leave in” conditioners. So finally I gave in. 

I bought some Garnier Fructis Leave In conditioner. It’s been a week since I have used this product and I like it…kinda.

I  need all the “chill out” hair help that i can get. I have tried sooooooo many products’ I can’t name them all. I even tried Olive Oil to tame my mane…but nada.

This product certainly made my hair manageable and easy to starighten…with a straightening iron.

So try it, and give me your opinion. I’m not sold!

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