Happy Birthday Jonah

“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.”

Dean Koontz

My sweet Jonah turned 8 this week. The kids and I haven’t had a party for him yet… although everyday in this house seems to be a party…. that I’m always crashing! We are planning a weekend party with homemade doggies treats and kiddie treats.

Jonah is my sweet baby boy. He’s my constant. Dogs are pretty amazing people and I am pretty sure we have the best one of all.

Our daily routine is pretty much the same , the days I’m home.

//We are all up so very early in the morning and Jonah is right there in the midst of it all, having his breakfast, giving out morning kisses, chasing out whatever animal has been resting overnight in the yard and sending everyone off for the day. When things settle down – Lily is off at 6:45am – he immediately hops on her bed for his morning nap. //Next it’s Thomas turn to get out the door – 9am drop off. Thomas has second breakfast… and so does Jonah. Thomas usually drops a few bits of food here and there and Jonah is ready and willing to clean it up. After Thomas is dropped off… he hops on Thomas bed for his second nap of the morning. I settle into work or head off to the local coffee shop to get things done. When I return… he’s on my bed part two of his second nap. //We usually snuggle in the mid morning, he lies on my legs or leans his head on my shoulder while I work. There is some chasing of birds and squirrels, staring down the mailman who tosses him a treat. The UPS guy walks to the front door and Jonah gets his belly rubs and treats from him too. So much for a killer St. Bernard. //Lily comes home from school at 2:30pm… and Jonah is right at the door waiting for her. Tail a wagging round and round in circles, he greets her with kisses and sometimes knocks her to the floor for more. Oh! that was a lot… nap time again. //Next, I pick up Thomas from school and we get back around 3:15pm – more kisses. Everyone – kids and beast all have snacks… and head out to play. //This nap eating schedule basically goes on until bedtime when he sits in each child’s room for bedtime stories, tucks them in and meets me to watch some TV.

He spends his days sitting outside staring at everyone who walks past. Sometimes he barks at his favorite doggie friends but most of time he sits still… just observing. What a noble beast!

Jonah is an important part of this family. His sweet heart knows no offense and forgives like none other. His soft eyes, deep and soulful are ready to take on the weight you carry, his body ready for providing comfort and warmth and his sweet selfless demeanor melts this cold heart of mine.

Happy Birthday Sweet Jonah. I can’t imagine our lives without this big beast of ours.

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New York is a Winter Wonderland…

The New York MomWe had the most magical snowstorm over the weekend. Winter storm Jonah stopped by to drop off mounds and mounds of white powder and we loved every moment of it!

The New York MomWhile New York City is nothing but slush puddles and gross snow mountains… here in the burbs…the ground is still covered in a blanket of glistening snow while shiny icicles hang from the edges of the house.

It’s amazing how a bit of snow makes us come to a complete halt. It literally takes a force of nature for us humans to slow down and enjoy our lives.

The trains weren’t running, power was out, schools have been cancelled and it snowed for over 24 hours straight. The kids spent most of their time outside in this wintry wonderland. Jonah, our snow mountain dog, of course was in his element. Finally after a winter that has been in the 50’s and 60’s we have snow!

The New York Mom

Lily has had enough of my – I’m never in any pictures –  complaints and got behind the camera to snap a few pictures dancing in the snow.

Yes I’m in shorts…in the snow… i know! But honestly when it snows.. the temps are not that bad… it’s only in the mid 30’s ya know. and I had some intense snow boots and had a super thin insulated winter zip up hoodie on… so I was good. my shorts were totally fine! I can’t stand wearing all the winter clothing… ugh! Just thinking about all those layers makes me feel claustrophobic!

The kids however were totally bundled up… head to toe. Do as I say not as I do. The New York MomDSC_0198
I hope you ran out and played in the snow!! I can’t wait for more snow days!

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A Dog and His Boy #beastandmoto

I keep getting asked to post more photos of Jonah and Thomas and I am so flattered! They seem to have their own fan base from far and wide! I want to keep to my organic photo philosophy and try to never ‘stage’ photos. I just capture these moments as they happen. All with my iPhone right in the moment. So the photos are grainy and there is clutter in the background and the lighting is off… but it’s real! A dog and his boy!

Follow me on Instagram to get all the pics!  #beastandmoto

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Lazy Rainy Afternoon

We’ve had a few rainy dreary afternoons this week and while I am stir crazy being home with nothing to do, Thomas and Jonah don’t seem to mind one bit. This is pretty much what they do all day. Snuggle, watch the cars out the front door and play choo choo.

The New York Mom

The New York Mom

The New York Mom

The new York MomThomas turned 23 months yesterday. and it makes me sad that the time has flown by so fast. I really do love being home with these two. I love seeing their bond strengthen every day. Jonah fell in love with Thomas the moment he met him. He’s been Thomas’s guardian and partner in crime since day one!.

As Thomas grows, there is more mischief to be had… and most of it includes food. one drags something down from the counter or drops it off his plate and the other is only too happy to gobble it up. Hide the evidence of food shenanigans.

Happy Wednesday all! Maybe we should just all snuggle up with our hairy beasts for the day!




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Photo Series ~ Making Friends at The Zoo

New York Mom
Family Travel Bronx Zoo
Don’t grow up!

This past weekend we went to the Bronx Zoo, like we do most weeks, and Thomas fed the animals like he always does… but this time… he actually got into it, and instead of throwing the food at the goats he held his hand out and let the goats slurp the food up from his tiny chubby hand.

Here’s a quick photo series to capture this FIRST! #22months






Feeding Goats
I’m surprised he didn’t have his little chubby hand chomped off!

 * This post is not sponsored. Images have no filter or edits on them and were taken with my iphone5s * 





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We Don’t Take Naps!

Mama’s I need your afternoon napping tips!

Thomas has been sleeping like a champ at night. it’s pretty impressive how he just tucks in right at 8pm every night.. and it only took  22 days of sleep training.

We totally won in the overnight sleep department!


Afternoon Naps… no so much.

Also, Thomas likes to snuggle with Jonah and just roll around or talk to him and poor Jonah Bear… just wants to sleep. What’s a dog to do! Our afternoon naps have been hit or miss. Unless I chase Thomas around the house all morning… he’s not going to take a nap and then in the evening.. it’s a fight to keep him up until 8pm so he doesn’t sleep early and wake up at 4am!

He does wake up at 5am which Jonah does not approve of. Thomas wants to play on the bed or roll on top of Jonah and Jonah just wants to catch some zzz’s but doesn’t want to miss the action so he stays with us and endures the no sleep nonsense!


Do yo have any tips you can share? How did you get your babe to take their afternoon nap? Because I neeed this MOTO to sleep in the afternoon so I can have just a couple hours to clean, laundry, dishes, eat… you know! 20140221-000942.jpg

*Thomas is wearing –> 1. H&M kids, 2.Childrens Place top + Carters Kids Bottoms 3. Gap baby Pants  + PACT onesie.* Jonah goes nude 😉 *

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Puppy bowl with Mohawk Carpet

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser.

You know how the big game happened… the big bowl game… the PUPPY BOWL GAME! What game did you think I talking about?

Superbowl Schumperbowl.. the really game that’s got those tails a wagging is the Puppy Bowl X.


This year marked the 10th anniversary of the cutest Bowl Game to hit Times Square.

I was invited , by Mohawk Flooring, to swing by the Puppy Bowl X and checkout  the action for myself. What can I say… Puppies on a mini football field! It was too cute.


What I loved about the Puppy Bowl X was that… here we were… in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Times Square …which had been turned into Superbowl Blvd… and there were a ton of people quietly watching the Puppy Bowl with soft oohs and ahhhs as to not disrupt or alarm the puppies.

Super sweet.

So… what does a flooring company have to do with the Puppy Bowl X ? Everything!  Mohawk Carpet is the official sponsor of the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl X… the carpet/field the puppies were playing on was the new SmartStrand Carpet from Mohawk flooring.

I met canine correspondent and Mohawk Carpet Spokesdog – Mo and was able to #ShowMoLove and Mo gave me the inside scoop on the SmartStrand Carpet.


The SmartStrand carpet actually has stain fighting molecules built right into the fiber and because of this there is no additional topical stain guard and the absence of this allows the carpet to stay soft for the little kiddies like Thomas who is crawling and rolling around the carpet all the time.


Our big carpet stain problems are Jonah’s big dirty paws dragging mud and whatever else from the back yard. Especially this snowy season, he has thick wet snow mud imbedded in his paws that just transfers right into the carpet.

*We were given a carpet sample to try out at home but it was so small that Jonah’s one toe would hardly fit on it. I wanted to sample the carpet square but to get the right amount of Jonah pressure it was just too small. We were unable to test our sample carpet square.*

For more info about Mohawk Carpet pay them a visit at MOHAWK CARPET. They are always having a fab canine photo contest… and right now if  you share a picture of your canine using the hashtag  #ShareMoLove every ‘like’ you get earns $2 toward puppy rescue. You can also share your pic on Instagram using the same hashtag and be in the running for $100 gift card and a bone shaped rug!

And of course how could I ever end this post without a photo of my sweet rescued beast! My Jonah Bear!


I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser.
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Sleep Success!

So 22 days after we started our hybrid Sleep Training with Thomas… success!


Last night I rocked him and sang to him – like I did everynight- and then put him down FULLY AWAKE in his crib. but he stayed down and let me pat him for a few seconds and I left the room with him awake and looking at me…but no crying! a couple minutes later… asleep!


By george…I think we did it!


Deets coming up soon about how we managed our hybrid sleep training! Jonah is happy to just be able to sleep without the stress of a baby crying. He would pace in the hallway or sleep right outside the nursery door… poor Jonah!


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A week in pics as seen through my Samsung Galaxy Note3

This week my pics are sponsored by Verizon and the Samsung Galaxy Note3. All pics are taken by the Samsung Galaxy Note3 and are unfiltered.

Thomas has a new hobby… he stands at the front door and heckles all the squirrels eating our pumpkins. He also loves to talk and talk and talk and when someone walks past him on the sidewalk he gets so excited that he wiggles around and almost falls over. image

Lily wanted to do a lil something for Halloween this year. So this is what she got. dead dancing glow in the dark skeleton! Boo! image

The bond between Jonah and Thomas is pretty sweet. Here we have Thomas with one of Lily’s markers and paper as he explains something to Jonah. Jonah – my sweet bear- just sat there and listened to every word. And he doesn’t even speak baby language! image


It’s FALL in New York and let me tell you … it’s GORGEOUS! image

We were hunting wabbits.


Best part about living so close to the beach… we go all the time… even when it’s cold!


We bought a new couch for the family room and Jonah immediately made himself at home. He hogs the couch! image

I finally got around to decorating our front door and the squirrels have eaten through my pumpkins and my yellow mums are dead. So much for ” hardy mums” !


The air is crisp these days, our heater has been turned on, the leaves are falling… and we are all snuggling up and settling into the cold evenings. My favorite time of year!

* Thanks to Verizon and the Samsung Galaxy Note3 for sponsoring this post*

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Wordless Wednesday

a dog and his boy.

lily is in school all day these days and it’s just me and my boys all day err-day. 

( except the days i have to work outside the home).

jonah and thom are such buds. my sweet jonah… he even shares his toys with the little man.


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