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New York Mom Motherhood
photo credit: gil vaknin photography

When I showed Lily these pictures she loved them. “Mom, this is you dancing. These are so cool. can I show my friends? You should dance again”.

When I showed Thomas these pictures he said: “THIS is you? YOU can do THAT? This is my MOM?”

He couldn’t believe it was his mom jumping in the air in double attitude, 9 months pregnant… 38 weeks pregnant to be exact.

New York Mom Pregnancy

Lily remembers me as a dancer. She used to come on tour with me, she would come on set when we did shows, she would hang out at rehearsals and backstage and watch from the wings.

Thomas doesn’t know me as a dancer. He knows that I used to dance and I have led a few toddler dance classes for him and his friends but he hasn’t seen the full dancer mom that I used to be.

New York Mom motherhood
photo credit: gil vaknin photography
New York Mom motherhood
photo credit: gil vaknin photography

I took these photos for me. Not for anyone else but for me. For me to remember what a bad ass I used to be and STILL am! Something happened when I became a parent with Lily all those years ago and it just kept getting worse when we had Thomas. Don’t get me wrong, I love these little dragons more than anything and my life is immensely richer because of them but I also lost who I was in the process.

New York Mom motherhood
photo credit: gil vaknin photography

I lost my entire dance career is one big blow and I grieved this for years. I think just last year maybe… just maybe I finally was able to actually talk about it and say … I used to be a professional dancer and choreographer. It just hurt too much to identify as Just A Mom. I know, I said the taboo… Just. A. Mom. because as mom’s we are SOOOOO much more than that. Thus these photos!! We ARE much more than just mom’s… but do we remember that? I didn’t. For years I had lost touch with that part of who I am. The artist, the creative force, the person who I identify with. The MOM would take over and consume every single part of my being. From the moment I woke until the moment my tired exhausted body would give in and fold into the bed late into the night, I was a MOM. I just didn’t know my identity. Yes, I was functioning and working on creative projects but it was always under the MOM umbrella. I was always the MOM first and then the creative force second. And these two identities fought constantly.

New York Mom motherhood
photo credit: gil vaknin photography

We are about to have a baby any day. I am 39 weeks official today. And I know I am going to slip back into the fog of motherhood for some time. But right now, right now, I have clarity and I just want to remind myself that I am strong and I have this whole other person inside who is just waiting to bloom and adds richness and color to this sweet life we have created. And I want to remind any of you who need it too… you are still in there and the feeling of drowning and feeling lost in motherhood is seasonal and the fog will lift and you too will find your identity once again.

There is no shortage of articles being published every day about the strength of mothers and the sacrifices. But I rarely see this play itself out in real life. I don’t get daily assurances from my kids, I don’t have a sign every day that says… you are a supermom and awesome. It’s lonely and dark sometimes and the daily routine can eat your brain and your creative energy. I have to do this for myself. I never took any dance pictures when I was pregnant with Thomas so I figured why not now. Let me just go for it and have these images as a strong reminder that THIS IS ME. I’m not Just. A. Mom.

New York Mom Pregnancy
photo credit: Gil Vankin http://www.gilvaknin.com/

These photos are untouched and celebrate how my body has moved and changed through the years. I celebrate me today. And I hope you can celebrate you as well. I know I’m going to slip back into the doldrums of motherhood and the loss of identity is going to hit me hard… but right now and today… I feel good about who is still in here. I am happy to know that she comes out sometimes to make some great dance and art and bring creativity to this thing called motherhood.

New York Mom Pregnancy
photo credit: Gil Vankin http://www.gilvaknin.com/

My dear friend Gil Vankin took these photos. His work is beautiful and he is a very calm, collaborative, and creative to work with. I was very nervous taking these pics and he was able to capture moments I would never have discovered were within. thanks, Gil! Please swing by GIL VANKIN PHOTOGRAPHY to check out his work. 






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Pregnancy: 38 Weeks

So here we are… the home stretch! 38 weeks you guys!!! I feel great, and still, have a lot of energy. This baby girl is not coming out anytime soon! Here we are Pregnancy: 38 Weeks!!

Thomas has been sick all week. Thankfully it’s just him and the rest of us have steered clear of whatever yucky he has going on. I haven’t left the house since Sunday… except to head to the grocery store for a really quick stop and the Doctor. So I too am totally stir crazy!

I’ve really been meaning to update the blog lately, but this life doesn’t stop. I don’t know how people juggle so much. I am, more often than not, left with a feeling of not accomplishing enough in my day. The dishes are always dirty, the laundry has always piled up, the dog hair is everywhere, and the toys are multiplying every second!

Some symptoms of 38 weeks: I’ve been having serious heartburn. Heartburn that has been keeping me up all night and just making the daily grind uncomfortable. After talking to my facebook nation of mamas and taking their advice, I’ve been feeling much better. So how to help ease pregnancy heartburn? Tums, water, bland food and more water. Stay away from seltzer water ( which is all i’ve been drinking) and no spicy foods… also what I have been craving.  Did you have heartburn during pregnancy?

The kids have been really great lately. Everyone has been pitching in to get the house ready for our new addition. Lily has been especially helpful with helping me sort through hand me down baby clothes and helping sort through all the baby gear we have been getting for reviews from my fave brands.

On that note: look for lots of video reviews on some of my fave products! I have soooo much to share about baby gear since I’ve been an expert in the baby gear industry for about 5 YRS now. side side note: I should make this baby gear expert thing… a thing. Like really do more with getting my info out to the masses. OK, Gameplan! You have to hold me accountable!

My body feels good in this 38 week of pregnancy. I wake up with tons of energy… if I’ve slept. But around 3 pm… forget it. I’m down for the count. 3 pm is also when the kids come home from school so the timing isn’t always ideal. I usually give the kids a snack and then pop in a movie so we can all just rest for an hour. This usually does the trick. Thomas has nicknamed the baby gurlgurl... and it’s sticking!

I’m not eating much these days either. There just doesn’t seem to be any room in the belly. I’ve been noshing on small tiny snacky meals. Fruit, plantain chips, broccoli cravings, and yogurt… all day!

My BabyCenter email for 38 weeks came out this week and they suggested I get massages, take care of myself, have some me time. This is great and all but who is doing this exactly. I have no time to even process and filter my own thoughts most days. It’s a nice idea I guess. Did you make time for pampering during pregnancy? I didn’t really do anything pamperingish with Thomas either. hmmm… missing out.

So baby watch 2018 is officially underway. We’re just sitting around and waiting for this little gurlgurl to come out and say hi!


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10 Awesome Winter Activities For Kids

10 Awesome Winter Activities For Kids

10 Awesome Winter Activities For Kids

This winter is seeming a little bit neverending and we STILL have February to go. It’s so easy to just cuddle up under a blanket, stay in PJ’s all day and watch movies or read books or work on crafting things. Lily is our resident baker and has the house smelling with yummy oveny smells all winter. I’m sharing 10 Awesome Winter Activities For Kids to get you out of the house and exploring!

10 Awesome Winter Activities For Kids

Thomas is into everything – HotWheels, Coloring, Osmo, Science, Building blocks, stickers, glitter. And Jonah loves just being around us. Needless to say… this family of mine loves being home and finding little projects to keep busy!

10 Awesome Winter Activities For Kids

Fortunately, I am not a homebody and need to get out and get things going. So we always have a plan for shaking things up and getting out of the house. Living in the New York City Suburbs, there is no shortage of activities every day and we definitely take full advantage of all the cultural offerings. I mean even the malls around here have arcades, ropes course inside the mall, ice skating…etc.

10 Awesome Winter Activities For Kids

Here is a list of our favorite activities to do when the winter blues get ya good!

  1. How about a winter hike? This is one of our favorite things to do. The lakes and streams are usually frozen and the kids love being able to walk on the ice or look for fish under the water. We also have gorgeous bald eagles on the Hudson River who sit on the icebergs and go fishing. It’s a pretty amazing sight. We hike year round and hiking in the winter is so very drastic that’s it’s exciting to see the changes in nature.
  2. Go to a museum. No matter where you live, I’m sure there is a museum nearby. A train museum, a doll museum or modern art museum. Take the kids. Don’t worry about the “kid friendly” part…art is great for all.
  3. Visit your local library. Libraries are full of programming for all ages and most libraries have vibrant kids corners with tons of activities like crafts, train sets, building blocks and more.
  4. Go rock climbing. The kids love our local indoor rock climbing space. There are endless options and levels for bouldering and climbing. It’s a great workout for the whole family and the perfect way to spend a cold day.
  5. How about an afternoon at the movies? Go for the popcorn and drinks and candy and make it a full afternoon of family bonding fun at your local movie theatre.
  6. Aquariums are also the perfect cold weather activity. Our aquarium has a shark and stingray touch tank which the kids love. There are usually craft activities for kids every day and a cafeteria inside the museum so you never have to leave!
  7. Bundle up the kids and head over to the local park for sledding. This is the perfect way to see neighbors and spend some active time outdoors. Our local park has a shed with a fireplace and we usually bring hot chocolate in a thermos to share.
  8. Host a dinner party! This is our favorite go-to activity in the cold winter months. We invite our friends over for dinner and just settle in for the cold evening and into the night. Fire in the fireplace, kids busy playing, laughter, stories, food, and drink. Perfect.
  9. Outdoor bonfire. Invite your neighbors over and bring out the smores supplies for a creative spur of the moment and a totally unexpected way to spend the cold snowy months. We’ve done this with the kids many times and they absolutely think it’s magical! We don’t stay out too long but just long enough to eat a few smores and enjoy the fire.
  10. Make cookies for your neighborhood. Lily did this a few weeks ago. She made tons of cookies for our neighbors and walked around and dropped them off. Well, actually we ate most of them before they were dropped off so only about two neighbors received the baked goods. Still, though, it’s such a great idea and it gets the kids baking and going outside for a short walk around the block.
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New York In the Snow

It’s not that I don’t appreciate a good white out kinda snow day… it’s just that we have had so many of them that the magic of it all is wearing off. Or is it? I don’t know… maybe I get lost in the technicalities of snow days – the cleaning, the cooking, the constant in and out, kids crying because snow has snuck into their boots or gloves or snow fights. Maybe I can just sit back and really enjoy the beauty and short season of snow days. Here are a few pictures of New York In The Snow. 

The New York Mom Snow Days

The New York Mom Snow Days

The kids have been loving all this snow and Jonah finds himself in his alpine element. The last big snow storm, Jonah was completely buried under the snow and Thomas got such a kick out of watching him shake the snow off of him to reveal himself. “LIKE A BIG SNOW MONSTER”.

The New York Mom Snow Days


The New York Mom Snow DaysThe New York Mom Snow DaysThe New York Mom Snow DaysThe New York Mom Snow DaysThe New York Mom Snow DaysThe New York Mom Snow DaysThe great thing about snow days is that it makes you stop everything and just be in the moment. This can, of course, come back to bite you the next day when work has piled up, the snow suits have melted and now you have to clean water and salt off the wood floors, or the cookie making, cupcake decorating, craft projects and whatever else you pulled out during the snow storm… have to all be cleaned up and put away.

But it’s worth it when you reflect on it. The kids love the snow days and I love that I have the flexibility and luxury to be home with them on these cozy days. Best part of snow days is being able to settle into movie nights with a fire and lots of popcorn and warm stew.

We still have the toughest month of the year ahead of us… February. So more and more and many more snow days ahead!

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Pregnancy – Tips for Surviving Your Second Trimester

Pregnancy - Surviving Your Second Trimester

So here we are the second trimester! The Second Trimester of Pregnancy is defined as week 14 – week 27. Like I mentioned in my previous post – Pregnancy – Surviving the First Trimester, Your body is like the North …. it remembers. ( always geeking out on Game of Thrones ) You might have already popped out more than you did with your first pregnancy. And these symptoms you are having are different the second and third time around. I’m sharing some of my tips for Pregnancy – Tips for Surviving Your Second Trimester

Pregnancy - Surviving Your Second Trimester

I’ve been extremely exhausted and have to take an afternoon nap or my bedtime gets pushed to 8:30 pm which basically is the kid’s bedtime and I get no time to myself or any work done. My legs have been cramping throughout my pregnancy and have only been getting worse as the weeks roll on. I’ve also been pretty emotional and if you are feeling this way, speak to your doctor or lean on your friends if you are not getting your emotional needs met by your family.

Pregnancy - Surviving Your Second Trimester

Here are a few tips to help you Survive your Second Trimester of Pregnancy.

  1. Drink lots of water. Yes, I said this for the first trimester but you have to keep it going for the second and third. The water really helps with muscle cramps and comfort.  I have had a hard time drinking regular water so I’ve been making lime water – cut up a lime and squeeze into a water glass.
  2. Purchase a belly band to support your growing belly. Some days I feel like my belly is going to fall out from under me and a belly band really comes in handy.
  3. Up your calcium intake. I can’t stand the taste or smell of milk but I love yogurt. I’ve been having Trader Joes Vanilla Greek Yogurt with a Gluten-free Vanilla, Blueberry, and almond granola. It’s my go to all the time.
  4. Eat small meals throughout the day. I feel like there is just no space in my belly for food, but I’m hungry all the time. My go-to meal has been – Tomatoes, red onions, and anchovies with a little bit of oil and salt. I don’t get any fresh breath awards but all my cravings and hunger needs have been met.
  5. Get a massage.  I have YET to do this. A prenatal massage or even reflexology can make a huge difference in the way you feel, your mood, and your overall comfort level.
  6. Start creating your maternity wardrobe. I’ve been having a hard time finding maternity clothes that fit my style and fit my frame, so with the exception of a couple maternity pieces, i’ve been costing on regular clothing and it’s saved me some money for sure!  LEggings and sweaters and long sweaters have been my go to this season. Don’t go overboard with spending too much on a full wardrobe, just grab a couple key pieces and take it easy!
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Merry Christmas!

The New York MomMerry Christmas friends! I hope you are all recovering from the whirlwind of the holiday season. We have Matt’s parents in town for a few days and the kids haven’t stopped talking and playing and loving on Grandma and Grandpa. I am pretty exhausted and checking into my 32 weeks of pregnancy and just don’t feel like moving some days. We have to switch gears over here and start getting ready for Baby number 3! So exciting.

The Christmas season always makes us all sit down, slow down, and reflect on the year that passed. We’ve had a busy year in our personal and professional lives. I have been able to bring some parts of dance and movement and choreography back into my weekly schedule – so happy for that. We had a fantastic summer with our family in Florida, Matt and I had a –no kids– vacation to Tulum, Mexico which was so heavenly. I highly recommend going places without the kids! We’ve been in our town for two years and while not one home improvement project has been started, we have made some great friends and have really enjoyed getting to know our neighbors.

The New York Mom

As with every year, we had great intentions of sending out Christmas cards this year… but again…probably not going to happen. We couldn’t even schedule a time to book a photographer to take our photos because we are all so busy. So on the way home from church this past Sunday, we made a quick stop at our local farm and propped up my iPhone on some rocks, timer set to 10 seconds… 5 photos later. DONE!

The New York Mom
Merry Christmas

Sometimes the least planned things are the best.

Living a perfectly imperfect life over here and loving every moment of it.

Best of everything to you and your loved ones this season.


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Best Gifts for Tweens

Best Gifts for Tweens

Tweens are one of the toughest age groups to shop for. But not to worry, I have my own resident tween who is not afraid to tell us what she wants. And this year, I think we have hit the jackpot with these gifts. I secretly want these for myself! Don’t tell her because then it won’t be cool. Lily helped me with this list and she hand-picked all of these gifts. I think these are definitely the Best Gifts for Tweens this year.

// this post contains Amazon affiliate links //

Best Holiday Gifts for Tweens

 Unicorn Onesie What tween does not like this right now? This unicorn obsession has gone from stationary to clothing and there is no shortage of super cute Unicorn Onesies for kids. ( and adults – I may or may not have bought myself a pair)

Tassles on your iPhone! This too is a super cute trend that I am secretly – not so secretly– coveting. You can find tons of variations on this fun accessory with variations on colors and hanging goodies.

Cat Ear Headphone I mean! Who doesn’t need gold cat headphones! Suuuper fun accessory for the tween who is always listening to the hottest tunes.

iPhone PopSocket Another great accessory for your phone. The Pop Socket allows you to hold onto the phone without the chance of dropping and is pretty great for getting that ‘just right’ selfie angle.

Bath Bomb Gift Sets We love bath bombs around this house. Lily has been making them and it’s such a little luxury in the bath. Total MUST and again… I’m getting some for me too.

Nailmatic  Nail Polish & Rollette Lip Gloss SetI love Nailmatic products. This French brand has custom colors and is water-based. The kids nail polish can easily be washed off with soap and water but if you want something that stays on longer, Nailmatic makes an adult line of polishes that stay on longer.

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm
Remember a couple years ago when Baby Lips launched and it was sold out everywhere! While the craze is not THAT crazy, it is still a pretty popular option for a lip balm with the tween set. Maybe it’s the kitschy packaging or the soft scents or that it actually works, either way, it’s wallet-friendly and a cute something to add to stockings this year.

Fuji Instax Mini Camera
This is a classic gift for tweens and teens. The Fuji Instax takes photos and has a built-in selfie mirror. I recommend the bundle that is offered that includes a case, extra film with filters and more.

Minnetonka Junior Trapper Faux Fur Lined Moccasin
Super comfortable and can be worn indoors and out, The Minnetonka Moccasins are a great gift for the cold weather. These mocs come in various colors allowing you to choose from the classic browns or new pastels.The faux fur lined mocs are super cozy for the toes!

Google Home Mini – Chalk : Target
The Google Home Mini is a great gift for kids. There is SOOO much you can do with this gadget and it’s a great price point. Kids can have these in their rooms and parents can control the privacy setting of what they listen to or ask google.


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Parenting: The Fog Years

Parenting: The Fog Years

Life somedays is hard. Actually, life for the past few years has been hard. An older friend, who I absolutely love and has been my parenting mentor for years, referred to these years as the ‘fog years’. These are the years when the kids are young and need you for everything. For parents who have chosen to stay home with the kids or work from home or work part-time like I do… these years are brutal.

I’m not making comparisons between working and stay-at-home parents but I must say this. I do get jealous when Matt gets dressed up and heads out the door for a full 8-10 hour work day. I am jealous that he is being creative, using his mind for things that don’t involve negotiating with a 4YO or practicing mindful patience at every moment with a tween, math homework or making sure the kids don’t get hit by a car, eat poison, fall down the stairs or stick their head in an oven to see if they fit.

I’ve been a bit sick the last few days and the option of stopping has not been there. So through the migraines and nausea and the utter exhaustion, and growing a baby, I have to navigate a loud house, feeding dragons, driving to cross country meets, math homework, and bedtime horror!

Am I enjoying my kids? Sure I am. I love them with every fiber of my being… but there are days… many days where I would trade them for a massage, hot bath or moment of silence. I know there will come a day when I will miss these crazy years but I really need to complain right now. I really need to wallow in my first world problems.

This stage I’m in – 2 kids – a preschooler and a tween – is a mentally, emotionally, physically and wild stage of life. There is never a moment that is dull, true. But there is never a moment where anything stops either.

Last night after a long exciting, fulfilling weekend the kids were finally in bed around 9 pm. I then had to tidy up the house – for no other reason but to get myself ready for the week ahead. If I woke up to an overly messy home It really messes with my already unorganized mind. So after straightening up the kitchen, dining room, playroom, living room, hallway, bathroom, and actually folding and putting away my clothes on my bed. I settled into about 2 hours of work. Bed by 1 am… good times.

But I can’t sleep because guilt takes over my thoughts. Was I mean to the kids today? Did I yell too much? Did I let them watch too much TV just so I could escape to the bathroom and hold my exhausted body and mind and cry for 20 minutes? Was I fair? The house is a mess. How is this messy home affecting my child’s focus every day? What’s for breakfast the next morning, That teacher email was kinda judgy… what did that mean? Did I spend enough one on one time with both kids? Thomas is easy to spend one on one time with because he cuddles up and kisses all day. Lily is a tween… I’ll leave it there. I have to constantly make an effort to spend meaningful time with her that goes beyond the mother/daughter parenting dynamic. The guilt of everyday things creeps up too. Should I go back to work fulltime? Am I working too much? Am I not doing enough to plan holiday events or summer family plans. The laundry has piled up again, the bedroom is messy again. Who’s paying attention to the dog? Am I reaching out to friends and family often enough?

My body isn’t my own these days either. Heck, my life isn’t my own. Who am I? My daily life most days solely consists of feeding the kids, making sure they are dressed, homework, dodging meltdowns, track, soccer, gymnastics, playdates, feeding, feeding, feeding, and bedtime madness. There is an overload of demands. My kids want something every single second of the day. I’m in negotiating mode from before sunrise to after sunset! They are always talking to me, touching me, needing something!

I have stopped volunteering for things. I am not the class parent, I’m not hosting book club next month, not having a holiday party, not helping at church, I am shutting it down for a bit so I can regroup and catch my breath and not feel so crazed.

Every night when it’s time for bed, it’s like a new concept for the kids. As if we haven’t done this bed thing every single day for their entire lives. Bedtime?! What?! NOOOOO?!

It’s the fog years, right? I am feeling really anxious about our third child. I’m stressing out about the toll this is going to take on me and how much I will change. I used to be this fun person with so much life to offer and these days I feel as if I am just trying to stay afloat in a rapid river that’s constantly trying to take me down. I have lost interest in small things like crafting, shopping or discovering new music. My sole goal these days seems to be entertaining and enriching the lives of these dragons. Even if I like something in a store, my immediate thought is… who is going to clean this?

I desperately just need one day of pampering. Just one day. Make me some food that I want to eat, a hot bath in a super clean shiny bathroom, I want to light a candle that smells like Anthropologie… I actually just want to move into Anthropologie. Have you ever seen a kid in there? No…never…it’s bliss.

I am thankful for my friends who are going through this with me. Because my misery loves company and that’s the truth! I’m not alone. This is not my sole plight. This is the plight of all parents who are the primary stay-at-homers. This is the daily struggle. The endless giving without getting anything back in return.

Matt makes dinner in the slow cooker a lot. He also does the laundry a lot. He also works a lot and travels. I’m not without a partner in parenting who is very involved. This is the life we choose and we love it and most days it’s pretty awesome.

But when it’s bad… it feels really bad. We are not alone parents… these fog years… they are just that!


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Pregnancy – Surviving Your First Trimester

Tips to survive your first trimester of pregnancyPregnancy – Surviving Your First Trimester. It’s not always a smooth ride during pregnancy and surviving the first trimester. My first pregnancy was pretty easy. I was so lucky. I was still dancing for various projects all over New York City and was always moving. This really helped my body stay in shape and strong and my core was supported by these dance muscles which in turn made me have a lot more energy and feel great.This time around, it’s quite different. I haven’t moved with that professional dancer intensity, since having Thomas and my body has …softened a bit.

The second pregnancy, your body remembers… like the “north” … the body remembers. and even before we realized we were pregnant.. this amazing body of mine was already settling into the 9 months of growth. My belly popped around 18ish weeks and there were a lot more symptoms that tagged along this time around.

My first trimester was a bit rough. Not Princess Kate rough… but pretty rough. I couldn’t sleep, I started having pregnancy migraines, restless legs, and nausea. This summer while in Florida with our family, there were many nights that I just couldn’t sleep. Tossing and turning all night from discomfort.

While most of these symptoms cannot be avoided, you can do small things to help ease the discomfort.

Tips to survive your first trimester of pregnancy

To survive the first trimester of pregnancy you can try to:

  1. Drink tons of water. I would cut up limes and lemons and add to my water. It’s easier to drink with a little flavor but the sour flavors of the limes and lemons really helped soothe my nausea.
  2. Get a maternity pillow or any pillow and place it between your legs. This is crucial. I sleep with a million pillows all around.
  3. Try sleeping at an angle. Laying flat was a bit of a challenge for me just because of nausea and discomfort so again, I piled up pillows all around me to stay slightly at an angle when sleeping.
  4. Ginger biscuits! I could not stand the smell fo ginger tea but ginger biscuits were my saving grace! The crunchy kids because I also didn’t want to eat too much. So small bites of these biscuits always helped.
  5. Find your support system. I am so fortunate to have an amazing husband who is always making sure I’m comfortable and fed and feeling ok. The kids have been brushing my hair or putting lotion on my belly or legs which is also so soothing. My friends have been really wonderful by checking in, offering advice and lending an ear. You need a support system throughout your pregnancy. You need people around you who will just listen to your woes about your body aches and be sympathetic. This is so important. It’s always nice to have people who are willing to listen to what you are going through but so much more while pregnant. Those emotional pregnancy hormones don’t mess around!

The New York Mom

That’s all I have! Yaa! for this sweet preggy babe! Please share your preggy tips with me!

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Gender Reveal – and the baby is a…

It’s time to reveal the gender of this new bundle of baby! We’ve been trying to find the perfect way to share the news and didn’t quite seem to vibe with any of the ideas that we found. But when we figured it out… it was perfect! Here is our super creative – spur of the moment – gender reveal!

Lily wanted us to make a big deal out of the gender reveal. When she found out that Thomas was a boy, the nurse who was administrating the sonogram just told us in a casual way. She was not impressed. A gender reveal needs to be a big thing, she said.

We didn’t want to do the traditional pink and blue – gender specific thing.  Thomas’ favorite color is pink while Lily’s is blue. The princess/pirate reveal couldn’t work because Thomas loves dressing up like a princess all the time and we didn’t want to define those gender lines. After searching through Pinterest and asking our friends for suggestions… we had nothing.

Matt and I had known the gender for a good 48 hours and hadn’t figure out how to tell the kids… with the pressure of an exciting reveal as requested by the tween… we were all out of ideas! On a whim while running errands at Target… we had an ah-ha moment! We decided to rearrange the letters in their craft section to reveal the big news.

This was the best idea ever!!

Lily was impressed. It was exactly the big Gender Reveal moment she was looking for.

Pure surprise!

The baby is…. a GIRL!!!

The future is Female y’all!

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