The New York Mom Holiday Gift Guides 2014 ~ coming soon



Tis the season for gift giving and I am super excited to announce the FIRST ever official real- deal Holiday Gift Guide from The New York Mom.

How exciting you guys!

I have tons of tips and suggestions and ideas and all sorts of fun goodies coming up for the next few weeks. Gifts for kids, for moms, for dads, techy gifts, foodie gifts, gifts for young, gifts for old… i got you covered!

Soooo keep it where ya got it!

Happy gifting y’all!!

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Summer Surprise Fund

You know I have this crazy obsession with things with horns… Yep I do.
So how in the world could I pass up this funky Unicorn piggy bank when I saw it at Target – during my daily meditation.
And it was only $7.48 . So I brought him home with me to serve a very special purpose.

New York Mom

This summer we are going to collect all our loose change in our Unicorn Piggy Bank and at the very end of summer, we’ll count out our collection and find something fun to do with it. Maybe an overnight stay at a fun hotel, an ice cream treat, new pair of shoes for mommy ( i can wish).

Last time we did this, Lily dropped half of what we collected in the church offering one Sunday. I was a proud mama. She’s a giver. And i love it!

Lily has already started dreaming up some end of summer surprises… a safari, a trip to india… we’re not dropping gold nuggets in this piggy bank now… so maybe her end of summer plans need to get a reality check.

I think having a Summer Surprise Fund is a great thing to snap you out of the “it’s the end of summer” doldrums. Summer time is a fun time in this house. We have friends to see and family to celebrate with, we have food to eat and road trips to go adventuring on. This summer will be our first by the gorgeous beaches of Long Island… so get ready for some surfing and sand castling stories coming your way!

DO you have a Summer Surprise Fund? Maybe you should start one! Even if it’s enough collected for a lazy summer ice cream night… it’s such fun!

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On the Cheap

Summer is right around the corner although in New York… there is no summer anywhere in sight! Winter is here forever!

Noooo not forever.. sunny days are head girls. Do not fret!

So to get us ready to show off our toesies… I found the cutest gladiator inspired sandals.

One that can break the budget and the other that will thank your wallet.

This fab Miu Miu Studded Sandal is calling my name. But my wallet wont have any of the $495 price tag.

Neiman MarcusSo look what I found! A similar pair for a FRACTION of the cost. RAMPAGE Padine Flat Thong Sandals clock in at a cool 39 buckaroos!

RampageNow let’s all do a ‘Summer Dance’ to bring some warmth to this crazy cold in New York.

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I found a diaper bag!!!

Picking out a diaper bag is fairly similar to buying a car… it’s defining.  What kind of bag did you buy, what color, is it bulky, is it practical, is it fashionable, is it budget friendly.. what does your diaper bag say about you?

So on my budget friendly quest for finding the perfect diaper bag… I have been dragging Matt and Lily all over the mall. I wanted to stay under $100. I even considered buying a regular bag and turning it into a diaper bag. This lasted about a day. The milk from the bottle leaked, the lack of compartments made the bag a black hole of diapers and wipes and burp cloths. It just didn’t work.

So late at night when Thoms was sleeping on my chest, I would look through all my online go to’s for a diaper bag that fit my under $100 budget.

Gilt has a fab sale right now by the way… you should check out their amazing bags. Most under $120.

Finally one night, on I found the PERFECT BAG!! For $170 The Timi and Leslie Hayley Diaper Bag. 

I couldn’t bring myself to spend $170 on a diaper bag! Just couldn’t do it. I mean… I’m lugging around DIAPERS and smelly clothes for crying out loud.

After looking around the internet I found the EXACT SAME BAG for $99 at Buy Buy Baby. The EXACT bag y’all!! Regular price..not on sale.

SO off I went this morning, with my 20% off coupon.

BAM! Got the bag. 20% off… with Tax.. I bought it for a cool $86! WOOHOO! And I have drinking money to spare.

Timi and leslie Hayley

I love this bag.  It’s fashionable, doesn’t look like a diaper bag and has compartments and comes with an insulated bottle bag, a wet bag for smelly clothes after poop blowouts and a small purse for your wallet and phone and keys! I also love that you can wear this as a tote or use the longer straps for a crossbody. LOVE!

timi and leslie hayley diaper bag

The bag comes in Black and Brown. I picked the brown. It will age nicer I think.

Ok everyone… happy diaper bag shopping!

Here is the official company image for the bag. Much nicer than my random shots!

timiandlesliehayleybag* I was not paid for this post. I just know how tough it can be to balance style and function and dirty diapers. Here is my solution! under budget!! *

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Girls Girls!!! Go get your FREE TARGET BEAUTY BAG right NAO!

Follow this link to the Facebook Page – FREE TARGET BEAUTY BAG 

The page might take a bit to load because every savvy gal out there is trying to score one… but it’s so worth it. I just signed up and am getting mine in 6 weeks!

I have heard about this Target Beauty Bag madness and have always wanted to score one but am usually the last to find out. Not this year! So I’m sharing the wealth.

Go get you some free beauty gals!


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Belly Cream – My Pick

I have been a little concerned about my body stretching out in every direction and the stretch marks that come with it. Vain.. I know.

I found a GREAT belly cream to prevent stretch marks that really works girls so I just want to share the goods.

In the early part of my pregnancy I used Vaseline cocoa butter or Palmers stretch mark cream and I’m sure it worked or didn’t I had no way of knowing. But since I have brown skin, my stretch marks show up really… like REALLY intense. So i was concerned.

A few weeks ago I ran into ALI – the owner of the fab kid store GIGGLE – and we immediately bonded on art and adoption and dance and fashion and everything in between. So I asked her for some stretch cream suggestions… “MUSTELA” she said. ( Read about GIGGLE here)

It’s a European brand and the active ingredient is apparently used by surgeons for their patients to help reduce scars marks.

So BAM! I tried it and so far, it’s doing me good. My belly is stretched to the MAX y’all. Belly button has almost popped and when I eat and drink or breathe I have no idea where it goes because my belly feels so full All. The. Time. ! But since using Mustela I haven’t really seen many stretch marks. I use it all over my belly, waist, thighs, arms, chest and so far… we’re good. This stuff works gals! No belly marks at all! No thigh marks, no arms marks and no chest marks… and while my thighs and arms haven’t changed much in size, my chest and belly are HUGE!

I bought the Stretch Marks Double Action Cream – 5 oz for $41 but me and my thrifty self found it on sale at Motherhood Maternity for $28! SCORE!

So there ya go. My belly cream pick.

What have you been using? Does it work? Is there any hope for preventing Stretch Marks?

*This is not a paid post. I just wanted to share my find with you*

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Spring is in the air folks and while you are busy cleaning out your closets and refreshing your linens don’t forget your makeup. Freshen up for spring with Macy’s and DIOR!

From March 21 – 31 head on over… no no no… run on over to your nearest participating MACYS to get a complimentary consultation and discover your DIOR NEW LOOKMake your appointment HERE to meet with a beauty consultant at a MACYS Dior counter and stock up on your springtime beauty essentials. Also check out the fab new trends and beauty how- to’s at BAZAAR CONNECT.

What:    Complimentary beauty consultations
Where:  The Dior counter at participating Macy’s
When:   March 21-31
How:     Visit and sign up for an appointment….it’s that easy!

* I was compensated for this post* 

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Dumpster diving with Nate Berkus

Yes you heard that right! Designer and talk show host Nate Berkus and real estate guru Barbara Corcoran are going dumpster diving and they are taking YOU along for the ride. With some of New Jersey’s finest sanitation crew they scored some great curbside finds which they then fixed up and bedazzled to make them look totally designer!

Check it out!

This episode airs THURSDAY, February 2nd on the NATE BERKUS SHOW. Check you local telly listings for details.

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Nordstrom Rack HAUL

I’m all about finding the deal. One of my favorite facial cleansers and moisturizers are made by PHILOSOPHY. This can get pricey real fast!

Recently I was at Nordstrom Rack and what did I see… the TRIFECTA!!! I bought PURITY 8OZ ( $20) + MICRODELIVERY – exfoliating wash 4OZ ($25) +  HOPE IN A JAR ($38) for a mere … $29.97! What a find! Guess who is heading back to Nordstrom Rack for Holiday gifts!

Have you found any good deals this season? Share your hauls!


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How to Roast Chestnuts

One of my favorite treats during this season is roasted chestnuts.

Last weekend we strolled along 5th avenue in New York City to take in CHRISTMAS IN NEW YORK. It was magical. One of my ‘must do” things is to munch on roasted chestnuts while elbowing people to see the sights at Rock Center. 

I cheerfully waltzed up to the nearest street cart, the smell of honey roasted peanuts that usually gross me out didn’t even phase me. I was in the christmas spirit! As the street vendor handed me my roasted chestnuts he said, “That’s $5 maam”. I looked at my little bag of chestnuts and said… $5 for…? He gestured at the bag as if to say… those are your chestnuts lady!!

8 Roasted Chestnuts for $5 – that’s holiday spirit robbery!

I did buy my chestnuts and shared them with our group which left me with 3 roasted chestnuts… 3 delicious – christmas – filled – roasted – chestnuts.

The next day, I decided to make my own at home. I paid $6.99 for a pound of chestnuts  – approximately 30ish- and got to work.

Here’s how you can make your own yummy roasted chestnuts … christmas spirit is optional.

  1. Set the oven to 425 degrees
  2. Grab a paring knife and cut an X on the flat side of the chestnuts making sure to pierce the skin.
  3. Place on a baking pan.
  4. Stick them in the oven for about 35 – 40 minutes. make sure to shake them once half way through the roasting time.


Be careful before you peel your chestnuts, they are very hot. Don’t wait for them to cool too much though. I find it easier to peel the shells while they are hot.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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