New York In The Snow


New York In The SnowUs New Yorker’s like to complain about everything. Yet we also love everything!

In the winter – it’s too cold, my face is freeing, my teeth are frozen, i can’t open my eyes – they are frozen. I hate winter.

In summer – it’s too dayum hot. It’s so smelly in the subway in this heat, I have no air conditioning in my house and it’s too hot to cook.

In the Fall – The rain is so gross, Don’t jump in leaf piles because you might land on a drug needle, People need to rake these leave,

In the Spring – oh it’s too beautiful, too much beauty to take, I’m not worthy…


But you get the idea.

Always complaining about the seasons…yet we LOOOOOVE the seasons.

I love all the seasons that New York has to offer…but sometimes or most times this cold is too much. We haven’t even gotten through the first week of January and it’s 6 degrees outside tonight. That’s like negative 15 with a wind chill. It’s bittah cold! We still have the rest of January – February and March to go! New York In The Snow

All that complaining aside…

We had our first snow day yesterday and it was amazing. The northern parts of New York have had many many snow days but us over her down south … this was our first official snow day. And it was beautiful. This was Thomas’s first snow experience. He was but a wee little lad last winter so has no real memory of snow. Thomas loved the snow and tried to build a snowman but the snow wasn’t sticky enough.

New York In The SnowJonah – our alpine rescue beast – has been woken up by this winter wonderland and was in desperate need of rescuing someone. Look how happy he looks!

New York In The SnowThe winter months are sorta depressing especially when you have a toddler. We’ve been stuck inside the house for the past few days and totally bored. I need to sing this kid up for some sort of ‘ run like crazy for a few hours’ class!

Happy Winter all!

New York In The Snow




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Tween Style File – Back to School Shopping with Tanger Outlets

* This post is sponsored by Tanger Outlets. *

It’s Back To School shopping time everyone! I love shopping with Lily. She has such an amazing sense of style and personality and it’s such a treat to see her evolving through what she wears. This Back to School season, I’m working with Tanger Outlets to share our amazing… and i mean AH – Ma-Zing back to school finds.


Back to School


Lily is heading into the 4th grade. *Gasp* 4th grade is big time. She is really coming into her own and has a pretty strong opinion on what she wants to wear and what is ‘ babyish”. Along with these new found opinions and getting older come a raised price point for clothes. This is where shopping at Tanger Outlets is a win!

Tanger Outlets … as you can expect… has tons of name brand stores all with deals and sales and even regular priced items for a steal!

We love to shop at – JCrew/Crewcuts, RUUMkids, Gap, Old Navy and our secret obsession which has the best deals… SAKS Off 5th!

Lily picked up amazing pieces which will get her through fall, winter and spring! It’s a win!

Our Closest Tanger Outlet is in DeerPark and on August 16th… Bridgit Mendler of Disney’s Good Luck Charlie will be performing LIVE! We loooove Good Luck Charlie and we especially looooove Bridgit mendler!

It’s a free concert and it’s going to be awesome!! ( lily said that) . This is going to be a ton of fun with a Kids Style event going on and music and tons of fun activities. I hope you can make it to Tanger Outlets Deerpark, NY on August 16th! Lily is over the moon about attending!


Happy Back To School Shopping everyone! Hope you swing by your nearest TANGER OUTLETS!  make to share your finds with me!!

Back_to_School_Style* This post is sponsored by Tanger Outlets. All opinions are my own. Thanks for swinging by and hearing about my sponsors! * 


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Wordless Wednesday


Here’s to Summertime New York Sunsets!


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A New York Sunset to Welcome us Home

Every year we head down to Florida to spend time with our parents. It’s 2 weeks of love and food, cousins and did I say food! This year our trip was layered with lots of friends and life and seeing people decades later.

more on all this later. I have to process it all.

it was great!

New York Mom

As we drove into NY this gorgeous summer evening… we were welcomed with the most fiery sunset. Now… I just love the bayous and beaches of Florida… but nothing compares to these New York Summer Sunsets!

I’m glad to be back. The kids are glad to be back. Lily settled right into her routine, Thomas re-discovered all his toys and was really happy to see his Choo Choo’s . and my sweet Jonah Bear has been a big hairy lovebug this evening.

Go hug your families… i wish I lived closer to mine!



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Our beach days





One of the perks of moving out to the burbs in Long Island is being so very close to the beaches. We are a quick 30 mins from midtown Manhattan and a quick drive out to the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean. Our beach of choice – Long Beach/Atlantic Beach.

IMG_1846  IMG_1857  IMG_1868

We’ve been enjoying these beaches all to ourselves this spring and after this Memorial Day Weekend, it’s going to be packed with summer beach goers. I do hope they care for our beach like we do. We’ve enjoyed endless hours of strolling on the beach, collecting seashells, jogging on the boardwalk and just being by the ocean.



We don’t really go to the beach when the sun is high and usually head over around 5pm and stay through sunset. The boardwalk at Long Beach is always a treat. There are volley ball tournaments, bikers, runners, music, food trucks… so much that happens on that boardwalk. But I love the quiet months. I love when it’s just us and the waves. I love when there are no footprints on the sand. The beach is my place of calm. You know when you go someplace and every fiber in our body just relaxes. The ocean does that to me. We spend endless hours flying our kites and playing in the sand. I don’t even have to get into the water… i just love the energy of the water. I guess for 3 months… we can share our beaches with the world.



IMG_1898 (1)

Evenings on Long Beach are pretty special – the surfers are out catching waves, the fisherman have their lines out and sometimes they catch a shark and Lily loves to touch their rough skin, and the locals comes out to enjoy the quiet sunsets. These two babes of mine have inherited my love for the ocean and it’s been rewarding to see both of them get energized from the salty air.




Happy Summer everyone… if you find yourself on the gorgeous beaches of Long Island, drop me a note!



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Mothers Day on Mothers Day

We decided to  stop by the Bronx Zoo on a whim and got caught in the torrential rain – while we were on the wild asia monorail – which is outdoors and uncovered, so we couldn’t really escape. Lily was getting dumped on since all the water would pile up above her seat and then every time the monorail took a turn, it would just dump on her! But it was such fun. When was the last time you were caught in the rain. Thomas found the whole situation totally entertaining. once the ride was over, it was still pouring down rain, and we ran to the nearest shelter which really didn’t help much. So we stood there for an additional 15 minutes… soaking wet!

photo (34)

Earlier that day we spent the morning strolling under the gorgeous cherry blossoms on the Hudson River, a decadent brunch at one of my favorite restaurants in Westchester, we bought Lily a new bike and finally around 7pm we made it home… soaked and happy and loved. There were flowers and drawings and notes and phone calls with our moms… it was an awesome weekend.

I love being a mother. Just watching these kids grow everyday. Doing new things, pretend crying just to get a hug from me (  which I would give them hugs all day everyday but sometimes a pretend cry hug seems to be what they need), kissing boo boos and slaying dragons all part of a day’s work.

There are days when I feel like the whole world is crashing down on my head, the kitchen is a disaster, the laundry is overflowing, the poopy diapers have taken over the nursery and the 9 YO hormones have defeated me…. and the kids are too much to take and if I could JUST make it to bedtime then all will be well.

But then there are glorious moments when we all get caught in the rain and instead of the world crashing down we hike up out skirts and dance in the rain. This family of mine… what a blessing!

A few pictures from our weekend!

New York Mom
Lily took this picture of Thomas while he was scaling the big kid playground.
new york mom
Me capturing Lily taking Thomas picture. Thomas has also decided that toddler playgrounds are for suckas and he will only play on the big kid playgrounds. And YES he totally scales this structure with no help from anyone! 17 months!
new york mom
and we always find ourselves at the beach.
Bronx Zoo
our favorite entrance to the Bronx Zoo… it’s so old timey looking!

New York Mom

new york mom
the waves were no joke and kept getting splashed with frigid ocean water…but no complaints!
new york mom
ricotta cheesecake from the Cookery!

While writing this post … i just realized that I didn’t get ONE SINGLE picture with both of my children! Not even on Mothers Day!!! AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!



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On ice

Lily has been fascinated with Gracie Gold – the US figure skater who just competed in the Sochi Olympics.


It’s still cold in NY and the ice skating and skiing spots are still very. much .open! (when is spring coming!)

So on a cold stir crazy saturday afternoon we headed over to our local ice skating rink to get some of our stir crazies out. Lily picked the tan ice skates because they looked professional. Her outfit… well that’s just her daily look.

I have to admit… i don’t like the cold and all these cold weather outdoor activities don’t do anything for me. It’s just too cold and too uncomfortable and I spend all my time chasing a baby around who face plants in the snow every 5 steps. Maybe next year I’ll learn how to ice skate so I can see what the fun is all about. Because of dancing, I never skated. I was always afraid I would twist an ankle or a knee or anything that would stand in the way of getting gigs. buuuuut since no dancing is happening these days… iceskating here i come – next year.

ice skating

We found this super warm snow suit for Thomas at Nordstrom Rack for a great price. It’s Boden Baby. Ever since working with BODEN last season, i have been sorta obsessed with their clothes and always find a great selection at Nordstrom. ( not an ad)


Thomas was such a rollie pollie in his snow suit. I don’t know how he ever stayed upright in all that insulation.

ice skating

Thomas also liked eating the snow and since his hands were nice and snug in his mittens… there was only one way to eat the ice! as long as it’s not yellow snow! new york mom

I predict we have 2 more weeks of this cold weather and then all will be nice and warm and sun shiny and spring like!! fingers crossed.



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Hurricane Sandy – One Year Later on Long Beach

Can you believe that just  short year ago we were all cuddled up in the candle light as Hurricane Sandy – the worst storm to hit NY– just tore through our town!


While we were without power for 10 days, those just a few miles south of us…by the beaches were not so lucky. People lost homes and businesses…not to mention pets and loved ones.


imageI was SOOOOOO pregnant at this time last year. About 33 weeks. and I was just praying that I wouldn’t go into labor.

One year later…we headed down to Long Beach to see how things have changed.

Long beach is our beach. After living in NY for 10 years, we are finally near a beach and take full advantage of it. Lily is a water baby… much like myself and Thomas seems to love the waves and the salty sea air.


Long Beach is still recovering, much of boardwalk has been built up but much more needs to be done. The playgrounds on the beach are back and there is no shortage of sea shells and marine life to be found.

This summer there were many whale sightings off of the beaches of Long Beach. Whales you guys!!

We go to the beach all year round. This year we’re going to go see what the beach looks like in the snow..

Does it snow on the beach?

Great to see so many locals on bikes and jogging on the newly built boardwalk. Thomas added to the excitement with crawling all around.


Lily loves looking for crabs and sand fleas and whatever else she can find on the sea-shore. She found a ton of jellyfish, clams, mussels and parts of sand dollars. image






Growing up in Florida, we had multiple hurricanes throughout the season. Some were devastating and some just passed through. Sandy was a strong storm that really disrupted so many lives and communities. While these communities are trying to still rebuild, the beaches seem to have healed.

We have been so fortunate to enjoy these gorgeous sunsets and shells and marine life that Long Island has to offer. Next summer Lily and I are getting on surfboards.

imageThere’s still much work to do to rebuild. But a year later… much healing progress has been made.

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The Great Pumpkin

Happy Fall Yall!!

photo (28)

photo (26)

You know there is something magical about this time of year. The cool crisp air that just bites yet refreshes… the warm chimneys smoking… the sweaters, the cardigans, the boots, the scarfs, the good hair days…. and the food! Oh the food. Fall/ Autumn… is foodie heaven. This is the ABSOLUTE best time for food. All the farmers markets are just stock full of concord grapes and parsnips and cauliflower and pork and … i could go on.

….one more thing… pumpkin pie.

There is nothing like a warm slice of pumpkin pie.

photo (11) photo (23)

This year, we decided to go to a pumpkin farm to pick out our pumpkins.

We headed out to Stakeys Pumpkin Farm out on the North Fork of Long Island… which by the way…if you have not been to the North Fork of Long Island… you should go. It’s gorgeous! There are beaches and vineyards and farms and horses and just pure natural beauty all around!





We’ve always picked out pumpkins from a Pumpkin Patch at our local church so this was a really fun experience. Lily loved this… in addition to everything else, she also wants to be a farmer. So she was very excited about finding and picking her pumpkin and then pulling it off the vine. We also had apple cider and grilled corn on the cob…which is a total fall food!


Thomas… well he could have blended right in with his 95% head and all.

Aunt Becky joined us from Brooklyn. We love Aunt Becky. It was her first time at the Pumpkin Farm as well. It’s really wonderful to have our siblings so close to us. All of our family is in Florida and having Matt’s Sis and my brother up here is just such a gift!



The Farm had this thing where you could carry all the pumpkins you possibly could across the ‘finish line” and you had to pay only $25. So Matt came to the rescue and carried our collection across the line. Lily … was VERY proud of her daddy!


^Fall Family Picture!!! Look at the four of us… just melts this cold heart of mine. I count my blessings everyday! ^20131021-150614.jpg

We found THE BIGGEST PUMPKIN EVER!!!! and sat our little pumpkin right on top of it! Lily has out grown the ” come here lily let me take a picture” phase… so good thing I now have my man-man Thomas! 20131021-150803.jpg

Hope you enjoy these glorious days outside. Fall is truly magical in the Northeast! Happy season everyone!!

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A week in pics as seen through my Samsung Galaxy Note3

This week my pics are sponsored by Verizon and the Samsung Galaxy Note3. All pics are taken by the Samsung Galaxy Note3 and are unfiltered.

Thomas has a new hobby… he stands at the front door and heckles all the squirrels eating our pumpkins. He also loves to talk and talk and talk and when someone walks past him on the sidewalk he gets so excited that he wiggles around and almost falls over. image

Lily wanted to do a lil something for Halloween this year. So this is what she got. dead dancing glow in the dark skeleton! Boo! image

The bond between Jonah and Thomas is pretty sweet. Here we have Thomas with one of Lily’s markers and paper as he explains something to Jonah. Jonah – my sweet bear- just sat there and listened to every word. And he doesn’t even speak baby language! image


It’s FALL in New York and let me tell you … it’s GORGEOUS! image

We were hunting wabbits.


Best part about living so close to the beach… we go all the time… even when it’s cold!


We bought a new couch for the family room and Jonah immediately made himself at home. He hogs the couch! image

I finally got around to decorating our front door and the squirrels have eaten through my pumpkins and my yellow mums are dead. So much for ” hardy mums” !


The air is crisp these days, our heater has been turned on, the leaves are falling… and we are all snuggling up and settling into the cold evenings. My favorite time of year!

* Thanks to Verizon and the Samsung Galaxy Note3 for sponsoring this post*

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