Tween Scene – 6 Must Haves for Tweens

Tween Scene: 6 Must Haves for Tweens

Tweens are a picky crew and you can’t ever seem to keep up with what’s in and what’s out. It always amazes me when tween trends take off… I mean… lets talk about putty! who knew!

These days we have lots of items around the house that my tween has been obsessing over! Parents of tweens everywhere will tell you that putty is the #1 item. We have putty making stations throughout the house and Lily just can’t get enough!

So I’ve put together a list of our faves. It’s hard to find gifts for teens and tweens that are not tech or high ticket items. These are our go to gifts these days. You can find them at specialty stores or online. But I like to shop local… so maybe your downtown gift shops might carry these goodies!  A lot of these items are for fidgety tweens and adults.

Here is my list of Tween Must Haves. This is what’s being obsessed over and trending in the tween space!

  1. The Fidget Cube– We love this cube. each side has things that click, slide, roll and is great as a stress reliever or busy hands.
  2. Thinking Putty – This is the best putty .. hands down. Crazy Arron’s comes in all sorts of amazing themes and our favorites are the Liquid Glass that is totally clear, the Magnetic and the Electric Teal!
  3. Bath Bombs – I just spent $10 on ONE bath bomb from Lush…. but it was divine! Bath Bombs can be found in all price points, we love Lush products and they are natural and smell amazing. The glitter bath bombs are our favorite.
  4. Spinners! Lily has a few of these and again, perfect for calming nerves, anxiety, focus. These are hard to find so if a store near you sells it… grab it up quick!
  5. Lokai Bracelets – These bracelets claim to have mud from the black Sea and water from Mr. Everest. These are colorful bracelets that raise awareness for various causes and ideals. mental illness, balance…etc.
  6. Electro Dough – not sure that this is a tween must have but it’s pretty amazing. The kit encourages you to make your own dough with house hold items and for putty obsessors.. this is great. But once you have made your dough, there are LEDs and buzzers and all sorts of things that connect for circuitry play! Super cool!
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Craft Kits for Tweens and Teens

Craft Kits for Tweens and Teens
It’s almost time to have all your presents neatly wrapped under the tree. Are you done with all your shopping?? We aren’t! Thomas is super easy to shop for. As a newly minted 4-year-old, he loves anything and everything! Dinosaurs, Superheros, trains, trucks and paints.
Lily being a tween is tougher to shop for. As kids get older the choices dwindle down and gifting is a challenge.
I have found a few crafting lines that are perfect for the tween and teen set. They offer really unique craft kits like – foosball table kits or dream catchers and even a DIY speakers kit.
Here is a great list of 6 Craft Kits for Tweens and Teens.

This is a great gift for older kids. When finished this is one fully functioning foosball table!! Super fun!

Ukulele Kit Kid Made Modern
For the music lover in your home, The Ukulele Kit from Kid Made Modern is a MUST. This kit comes with glitter stickers, paint and everything you need to make and decorate your Ukulele.

This dream catcher kit is easy to follow and comes with feathers, beads and the pom poms. This makes for very cool room decor.

Jam out to your music with speakers you made yourself! This kit comes with foldable speakers, paints stickers and basically everything for you to create you jammin boom box!

Journal Kit Kid Made Modern
If you have a tween or teen you know that journaling is total THING! This journal kit includes a 250 page book paints, stickers, glitter tape and more. It’s a one stop journaling shop!

I have been a loyal follower of Handmade Charlotte and not their craft kits are available at Michaels Arts and Crafts. These unique crafts include everything from chandeliers, to framed art.
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Back to School: Backpacks for Tweens

Back To School: Backpacks for Tweens
The kids are in the middle of the hot days of summer and while we here in New York still have over a month and half to go before school starts, most of the country starts in mid August. Lily starts 6th grade, this fall,  and it’s very exciting. Her sense of style is really becoming her own and no longer will I be able to pick out her accessories, clothes and backpacks.
To keep up with your picky tweens awesome personality, I’ve picked a few of our favorite backpacks this season. Everything from the trendy Pokemon to the classic Herchel is here on this list to fit your picky tweens style!
1. Miss Selfridge Holographic Mini Backpack $53 // 2. Accessorize Galazy $59// 3. Realm Divide Backpack $40 VANS // 4. Nintendo Backpack – $40 VANS // 5. Multi Tropical Backpack $34 GO JANE // 6. Herschel Supply Company $100 Nordstrom // 7. Aeropostale $25 // 8. Pokemon $20 HOT TOPIC //
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Back to School Must Haves for Tweens

I know the rest of you have had your kids in school for the past few weeks…but those of us here in the NorthEast still have over a week to go. This year Lily… my sweet 10-year-old fashion opinion generator… has decided to chime in on my Back to School round-up.

As Lily is getting older, I have loved seeing an evolution in her style. Some day’s she relaxed, other times she fancy, and she certainly has an eye for spotting trends.  Lily isn’t really a follower of fashion she sorta blazes her own trail! ( says the proud mom)  A little fashion blogger in the making!

It’s important to let your child experiment with what they are wearing, it’s their way of figuring out who they are, what they like and what makes them feel comfortable. These items on our list have  all been hand-picked by… my tween fashionista …Lily. We all know 10-year-old – 5th graders are the pickiest of all sooooo for your Back to School shopping… I give you Lily’s personal // must – have // list! Back to School2015

  1. Whether it’s picture day, no gym day or the first day of school, a casual dress is a staple . Dress this up with fancy shoes or some fall boots and a jean jacket for multiple looks throughout the year.  $58JCREW.COM 
  2. A simple yet total statement piece top coat goes from fall to winter to spring and even an evening at the movies with friends. This one from Appaman stands out in the crowd as a total classic.  $99APPAMAN.COM  
  3. Ok I am soooo glad Lily picked this color because it’s my absolute favorite. Kanken Bags have a cult following and if you don’t have one… GET THEE ONE NAO! Kanken – Kanken Backpacks – Fjallraven $75FJALLRAVEN.US 
  4. Basically we covet every sort of bauble from CrewCuts… and while we are at it… the Jcrew jewels line too. This pink elephant adds a pop of color and whimsy to any outfit.  $19JCREW.COM
  5. 5th grade begins a whole new world of wonder so we thought it would a great time to start a – line or thought a day – sort of journal. Low commitment but a nice memory of the year.  $17TARGET.COM
  6. Planet Box makes all sorts of compartment boxes and we want them all. But we only have one and love it. These are a bit pricey but you only need one. The stainless steel is easy to clean, rejects bacteria and is eco-friendly. $75 PLANETBOX.COM
  7. Another stainless steel item. The Kid Kanteens are mini version of the KleanKantees which there is no shortage in this home. Even the little MOTO has a baby Kanteen milk bottle. KLEANKANTEEN.COM
  8. We love our BOGS! We really do. These shoes are classic, fashionable without sacrificing one ounce of practicality. These boots are waterproof and are good for fall, winter and spring.  $95BOGSFOOTWEAR.COM
  9. Have you seen Charm It Charms bracelets and necklaces? We love these and gave the bracelets out as birthday party favors for lily’s 8th birthday. These charm bracelets have tons of charms with every theme possible and the pops of colors and kitschy factor are perfection! Love to Travel Gift Set $27 SHOPCHARM-IT.COM

Happy school year everyone!

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The New York Mom Holiday Gift Guides 2014 ~ coming soon



Tis the season for gift giving and I am super excited to announce the FIRST ever official real- deal Holiday Gift Guide from The New York Mom.

How exciting you guys!

I have tons of tips and suggestions and ideas and all sorts of fun goodies coming up for the next few weeks. Gifts for kids, for moms, for dads, techy gifts, foodie gifts, gifts for young, gifts for old… i got you covered!

Soooo keep it where ya got it!

Happy gifting y’all!!

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Tween Style File with French Toast school uniforms

French Toast Uniforms French Toast Uniforms

French Toast Uniforms

For back to school season, we have teamed up with French Toast to bring you school uniforms. Lily doesn’t wear school uniforms but we kinda loved these pieces from French Toast anyway. The skirt and shirt are both tailored with a few details to add a bit of personality. French Toast is also very affordable without sacrificing any style or quality points.

Swing by FRENCH TOAST to grab some gear for this school year.

Happy Back to School everyone!

* This post is sponsored by French Toast. All opinions are my own* 

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Tween Style File – H&M

The New York Mom

This week’s Tween Style File is brought to you by H&M. We loooove H&M. The clothes are really fun and on trend without that massive price tag. Whether it’s Thomas or Lily- Never a trip to H&M happens without a purchase.

The New York Mom

The New York Mom

The New York Mom

The New York Mom

Lily is wearing – A cotton print dress $.4.95, Jean Jacket from Forever21 for $20, Faux Birks from Old Navy $14.


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Dinner and a Broadway show with my fave gal – American Girl Summer

*This post is sponsored by American Girl*

Recently Lily and I had a date! I treated her to a broadway show and dinner at the American Girl Cafe in NYC. We went to see Aladdin on Broadway and then waltzed over to 5th avenue to the American Girl Store to have a fancy schmancy dinner. What A Treat!!!

IMG_7183 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetWe caught the train into Manhattan, wearing matching clothes of course! Lily noticed that we matched right away and didn’t seem to mind at all. She said SHE looked like a colleger because she was wearing what I was. ( i am waaay older than a colleger so it was an awesome compliment).

We walked from Penn Station to the Aladdin theatre in Times Square and she loved the hustle and bustle of the big city. Since we live in NY we don’t go to midtown… always downtown, so being with the crowds of tourisits and crazy characters coming after you is always exciting for Lily.


Aladdin was magical, awesome, fun , funny and a true treat for the visual sense. A review of the show is coming up in a separate post. Go see live theatre. There is truly nothing like it. Your senses, your mind, your body… your creative spark are all restored when you see live theatre.

IMG_7224 IMG_7236

Lily loooved Aladdin. She loved the flying carpet, she loved the genie, she loves the glitter costumes. All of it. I loved seeing the look on her face – totally engaged, engrossed in the moment – during the ENTIRE 2hour show!

After the show we had an hour to kill so we did a little bit of shopping before dinner. Shopping is a must when you are on 5th ave on a date with your fave gal.

Dinner at the American Girl Cafe is magical. The kids … and parents… are made to feel so very special. When you walk into the cafe, you are personally greeted by a friendly staff member who then escorts you to your table. If you have a doll, a high chair for the doll is provided. If you don’t have your doll with you, you can borrow any one of the american girl dolls or bitty babies. An appetizer, pink lemonade, yummy entree and fancy dessert all come out like clock work. Never missing a beat. Lily was certainly the star, the staff make the kids feel like they are the most important and special people in the room. The whole experience is a MUST if you have an American Girl fan.

Our adventure was through the American Girl Summer activities which American Girl Stores offer in all major cities. We picked Aladdin and Dinner and hope to go back for the Ballet and Dinner.  These packages are priced very reasonably considering the value and are a really great deal even if you aren’t part of the American Girl world. Read about our HARBOR CRUISE with American Girl. 


Summer is not yet over, so you can certainly get in on these fab deals.

As for me… My date with my sweet Lily was absolutely magical!

 * This post is sponsored by American Girl. All opinions are my own. Thanks a ton for swinging by and hearing about my sponsors* 


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Summer Don’t End!

The New York MomWe have 3 weeks before school starts again and this sweet pea of mine is heading off to the 4th grade. I love having her home for the summer. We schedule a blend of sleep away camp and family get aways with day trips and endless craft projects and I miss that when she is in school. This summer was our first with Thomas being active and running around and it was very different. He kept both of us on our toes with his ninja escaping methods but we caught him every time. Lily is such a gem with him. He asks her for candy all the time or asks her to ‘please’ turn on the choo-choo on the tv or computer. And there have been endless sing-alongs to “let it go”.

I’ve loved every single moment.

Summer don’t end!


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Tween Style File – Back to School Shopping with Tanger Outlets

* This post is sponsored by Tanger Outlets. *

It’s Back To School shopping time everyone! I love shopping with Lily. She has such an amazing sense of style and personality and it’s such a treat to see her evolving through what she wears. This Back to School season, I’m working with Tanger Outlets to share our amazing… and i mean AH – Ma-Zing back to school finds.


Back to School


Lily is heading into the 4th grade. *Gasp* 4th grade is big time. She is really coming into her own and has a pretty strong opinion on what she wants to wear and what is ‘ babyish”. Along with these new found opinions and getting older come a raised price point for clothes. This is where shopping at Tanger Outlets is a win!

Tanger Outlets … as you can expect… has tons of name brand stores all with deals and sales and even regular priced items for a steal!

We love to shop at – JCrew/Crewcuts, RUUMkids, Gap, Old Navy and our secret obsession which has the best deals… SAKS Off 5th!

Lily picked up amazing pieces which will get her through fall, winter and spring! It’s a win!

Our Closest Tanger Outlet is in DeerPark and on August 16th… Bridgit Mendler of Disney’s Good Luck Charlie will be performing LIVE! We loooove Good Luck Charlie and we especially looooove Bridgit mendler!

It’s a free concert and it’s going to be awesome!! ( lily said that) . This is going to be a ton of fun with a Kids Style event going on and music and tons of fun activities. I hope you can make it to Tanger Outlets Deerpark, NY on August 16th! Lily is over the moon about attending!


Happy Back To School Shopping everyone! Hope you swing by your nearest TANGER OUTLETS!  make to share your finds with me!!

Back_to_School_Style* This post is sponsored by Tanger Outlets. All opinions are my own. Thanks for swinging by and hearing about my sponsors! * 


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