10 Awesome Winter Activities For Kids

10 Awesome Winter Activities For Kids

10 Awesome Winter Activities For Kids

This winter is seeming a little bit neverending and we STILL have February to go. It’s so easy to just cuddle up under a blanket, stay in PJ’s all day and watch movies or read books or work on crafting things. Lily is our resident baker and has the house smelling with yummy oveny smells all winter. I’m sharing 10 Awesome Winter Activities For Kids to get you out of the house and exploring!

10 Awesome Winter Activities For Kids

Thomas is into everything – HotWheels, Coloring, Osmo, Science, Building blocks, stickers, glitter. And Jonah loves just being around us. Needless to say… this family of mine loves being home and finding little projects to keep busy!

10 Awesome Winter Activities For Kids

Fortunately, I am not a homebody and need to get out and get things going. So we always have a plan for shaking things up and getting out of the house. Living in the New York City Suburbs, there is no shortage of activities every day and we definitely take full advantage of all the cultural offerings. I mean even the malls around here have arcades, ropes course inside the mall, ice skating…etc.

10 Awesome Winter Activities For Kids

Here is a list of our favorite activities to do when the winter blues get ya good!

  1. How about a winter hike? This is one of our favorite things to do. The lakes and streams are usually frozen and the kids love being able to walk on the ice or look for fish under the water. We also have gorgeous bald eagles on the Hudson River who sit on the icebergs and go fishing. It’s a pretty amazing sight. We hike year round and hiking in the winter is so very drastic that’s it’s exciting to see the changes in nature.
  2. Go to a museum. No matter where you live, I’m sure there is a museum nearby. A train museum, a doll museum or modern art museum. Take the kids. Don’t worry about the “kid friendly” part…art is great for all.
  3. Visit your local library. Libraries are full of programming for all ages and most libraries have vibrant kids corners with tons of activities like crafts, train sets, building blocks and more.
  4. Go rock climbing. The kids love our local indoor rock climbing space. There are endless options and levels for bouldering and climbing. It’s a great workout for the whole family and the perfect way to spend a cold day.
  5. How about an afternoon at the movies? Go for the popcorn and drinks and candy and make it a full afternoon of family bonding fun at your local movie theatre.
  6. Aquariums are also the perfect cold weather activity. Our aquarium has a shark and stingray touch tank which the kids love. There are usually craft activities for kids every day and a cafeteria inside the museum so you never have to leave!
  7. Bundle up the kids and head over to the local park for sledding. This is the perfect way to see neighbors and spend some active time outdoors. Our local park has a shed with a fireplace and we usually bring hot chocolate in a thermos to share.
  8. Host a dinner party! This is our favorite go-to activity in the cold winter months. We invite our friends over for dinner and just settle in for the cold evening and into the night. Fire in the fireplace, kids busy playing, laughter, stories, food, and drink. Perfect.
  9. Outdoor bonfire. Invite your neighbors over and bring out the smores supplies for a creative spur of the moment and a totally unexpected way to spend the cold snowy months. We’ve done this with the kids many times and they absolutely think it’s magical! We don’t stay out too long but just long enough to eat a few smores and enjoy the fire.
  10. Make cookies for your neighborhood. Lily did this a few weeks ago. She made tons of cookies for our neighbors and walked around and dropped them off. Well, actually we ate most of them before they were dropped off so only about two neighbors received the baked goods. Still, though, it’s such a great idea and it gets the kids baking and going outside for a short walk around the block.
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The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Plus a Giveaway!

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

All hail the Queen! Huzzah! The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

Our whole family headed across the Hudson River to Lyndhurst, NJ for an evening of jousting and cheers and knights and Friday Night Fun! If you haven’t been to The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament… you MUST. This is an amazing experience for kids and adults and one that really transports you into another realm.

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

People do get dressed up when they attend and Thomas was not one to shy away from this. He was John Snow from Game of Thrones in full garb including his Valeryian Steel Sword. The real knights at The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament were impressed.

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

After we were seated for dinner… the fun began! The kids loved that there were no utensils and they could just slurp their soup and eat their chicken with their fingers.

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

We were given flags to cheer on the knights who represented our realm. What fun! The whole evening started off with a grand procession complete with horses and knights, and grand fanfare. There was one Queen who ruled them all! Just like it should be!

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

The food is good and plenty. You will not leave hungry at all. There is a vegetarian option, just make sure you let your server know. The evening begins with the Knights performing feats of bravery and showing off their skills with swords and horseback riding. The whole thing takes a serious tone as one knight suddenly turns on the QUEEN! The other knights are not having this and this is when the action really begins! You never know who is going to win… but this evening… OUR KNIGHT WON!!! woop!

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

The whole show was impressive, nothing that I expected! But as a dancer, one thing that stood out was the fight choreography which was unbelievable! I mean they had Knights jumping off of their horses… while the horses were moving!

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

If you haven’t been to The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, This is NOT TO BE MISSED. It really is a great show and dinner and one that kids will remember for years to come. Thomas wants to go with his friends so they can cheer on the knights. Can you imagine how cute that would be! Maybe we will gather a group together go this summer!

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

But for now, I WANT YOU TO GO! So I’m giving away 4 tickets to The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. Simply enter to win. I’ll pick a winner on Friday, Feb 9th, 2018. Enter below! All you have to do is LIKE my FB Page – and Comment on this post. Good Luck!

*This Contest is Closed*

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Best Places for Apple Picking Near New York City

It’s Fall Y’all! Fall is quite possibly THE most beautiful season in the Northeast. Sure we love our summers but the fall with the leaves, and the chill in the air and the apple cider and the cinnamon donuts and the craft fairs and … the silence you have in the home when the kids are back in school! You can see how this is easily my favorite season. To kick off the season, I’m excited to share the Best Places for Apple Picking Near New York City.

Every year we go apple picking several times a season. Living in Northern Westchester, there is no shortage of apple picking orchards all around us. Thomas and I love to go on the weekdays when it’s quite and take our time through the trees, picking the best apples. We make apple pies, apple crumbles, apple juice and simply eat everything we pick pretty fast.

Best Apple Picking In New York

There are lots of lists about the best places to go  so I’m narrowing down mine to a few faves. I have lots of tips and tricks to make your apple picking experience instagram worthy and a memorable fall activity.


  1. Plan ahead. Traffic can get pretty intense. Come early in the morning or late in the afternoon for ideal crowd control that 10am time slot is the most coveted which makes the traffic and the orchard insane.
  2. Bring CASH money! Most farms have tons for the kids to do. Hay rides, corn maze, pumpkin toss and of course provisions for the adults – beer, hard cider, and wine is usually served too. There are farm stands with pies, local honey and donuts. So come prepared with some cash!
  3. If you can swing it, go on a weekday. The weekends at most farms within an hour driving distance from NYC can get crazy with lines for everything from hayrides, beer, cider, donuts and even the orchards are overcrowded. Many times the farms will run out of food and booze after you have spent 30 mins in line.
  4. Wear comfy shoes…I know you are all about that instagram feed… but heels in an orchard are just silly. Get your Hunter boots on, some skinny jeans, a cute plaid top, fall hat and done! Comfy and cute.
  5. Call the farm before you to go to see what the apple situation is. Last season there was a shortage and by mid October there was nothing left.
  6. If you know your apples, call the farm to see which varieties are growing right now. To me, an apple is an apple so as long as they are on a tree and tasty, we are good.
  7. Most of these farms have ‘harvest festivals’. Call or swing by their websites to get the info. Most, if not all of these, are run by local families so calling is always better than website info.

Best Apple Picking In New York

Our Favorite Apple Picking Farms:

Westchester County – This is the county that sits directly above Manhattan… it’s the “other” borough. There are a few farms down county but I live in Northern Westchester and these are about a quick 10 minute drive for us.

FISHKILL FARMSFishkill Farm Road, Hopewell JCT, NY 12533 (845) 897-4377

This is our absolute favorite farm!!  We gather up some friends and head up multiple times a year for all the berry picking, apple picking and even just walks around the farm. There are animals, a farm stand and much more.

OUTHOUSE ORCHARDS 139 Hardscrabble Road, Croton Falls (914) 277-3188

This farm is about an hour north of NYC and gets really really REALLLLLY busy on the weekends. They have a ton of activities for all ages with long lines for everything. It’s very popular with “city folk” because of the proximity. On weekdays it’s a great. no crowds but also no activities.

HARVEST MOON FARM AND ORCHARD 130 Hardscrabble Road, North Salem (914) 485-1210 

Harvest Moon is down the road from Outhouse. Same vibe. Super busy with gorgeous rolling hills and amazing views of the orchards. Check their website for evening live music and firepits.

WILKENS FRUIT AND FIR FARM1335 White Hill Road, Yorktown Heights (914) 245-5111 

This is a smaller farm but also popular with the NYC crowd. There is always lots to do with a farm stand for lots of yummy fall treats.

Apple Picking in N

Take a Drive! 

While the places I mentioned earlier in this post are about an hour’s drive north of Manhattan. I HIGHLY recommend going even further up past Westchester County. This gives you a serious dose of the gorgeous scenery that the Hudson Valley holds and the crowds are not nearly as nutty as the farms closer to the city. These two are our faves and if you go on a Saturday, often times there are local craft fairs and antique markets.

KELDER’S FARM5755 Rt 209 Kerhonkson, NY 12446 (845) 626-7137

There is a giant gnome that’s kinda silly fun and there is SOOO much to do for the kids. Goats, ducks, candied apples… and more.

BARTON ORCHARDS63 Apple Tree Ln Poughquag, NY 12570

Another favorite. Gorgeous drive, lots to do and when the leaves are turning it is spectacular. Check their schedule for the Hot Air Balloon fest!

Our family loves to go toward HUDSON, NY and explore some of the smaller farms there. Take a drive up to Red Hook and Rhinebeck and stop at any of the farms along the way.

Happy Fall Y’all!!

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Protect Like a Mother -Weekend Art Exhibit with Lysol


Protect Like A Mother

Something happens to us humans when we become parents. There is a fierce protective Instinct that triggers anytime we sense something amiss. There have been many times that I have found a surge of energy, strength and anger that races through my body in order to save my child from harm. That instinct kicks in and you step it up to PROTECT LIKE A MOTHER!

Protect Like A Mother

Protect Like A Mother

The protective instinct is a universal truth of motherhood – in the animal kingdom and in our own. Different species demonstrate amazing feats to protect their young…including human mothers.

Protect Like A Mother

Lysol, the cleaning brand, has an amazing exhibit in Brooklyn today and tomorrow ONLY, that is all about this very theme. It’s called PROTECT LIKE A MOTHER and it’s a stunning visual installation under the Brooklyn Bridge that shows images and sculptures of mama animals caring for their young.

Protect Like A MotherI’m working with Lysol to celebrate a mother’s natural protective instinct, honoring that a mother’s first priority is always the safety of her children – whether she is a bear, a monkey, or a person!

An important way that human moms protect their families is by preventing the spread of harmful germs in the home. With two dragons and a giant beast, our home is all too familiar to germs. Now the weather is warm, the kids are always in and out of the house, snacking with their unwashed hands. With the weather being so crazy here in New York, lately, we have had our fair shares of coughs, colds, ear infections and other sickies! Our LYSOL products have been working overtime for sure!

No one protects loved ones quite like mom and no one protects families like Lysol, a leader in germ kill for 100+ years, which offers products that kill 99.9% of germs to help moms protect their kids from passing germs and getting sick. 

I hope you swing by Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, for a special Lysol exhibit celebrating the greatest guardians of all: mothers. The exhibit will give a look at the most incredible and fierce moms on the planet! The exhibit is open Saturday, May 20 and Sunday May 21. For more information visit  Lysol.com/ProtectLikeaMother.

This post is sponsored by Lysol. All images and ideas are my own. Thanks for stopping by and learning a bit about our sponsors here at New York Mom! 

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A S.T.E.A.M. Play Space at The Westchester Mall

The long-awaited play space at the Westchester Mall has finally opened! and just in time for the winter months.

Thomas and I headed to the mall to run a few errands and pick up a christmas suit for him and lo and behold… the play space was open! This is part of the new Connect and Play – tech lounge and play center that really brings the classic mall play space into the tech world. There are comfy couches and charging stations all around and the play space is nothing short of an interactive science and art center!

This Play space is not like other mall play spaces. It’s almost like a mini children’s museum with a full S.T.E.A.M. focus. There are 4 primary activity centers featuring – art, engineering, music, and a tile table. A STEAM jr, space for babies and toddlers is blocked off to keep the crawlers and early walkers contained and safe.

Thomas and I were there on a weekday morning and it was really quiet and clean. I am curious to see what this space will look when it’s used. While I felt that the space was pretty cool with the STEAM focus, Thomas wanted to just run around and there really isn’t any space to just run. Additionally the Tile Table is pretty small and there were 3 kids at the table when we were there and that was at capacity, the digital art easels filled up too and Thomas had to wait for his turn but it took some of the play out of the experience. I know my toddler and he wants to tumble and run and there isn’t much for that. But there is a lot of interesting interactive play and he loved the engineering corner.

Thomas and I are looking forward to spending some time at this play space this winter. Bonus for me… there is an Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Potterbarn, Apple Store, Sur La Table and so much more at the Westchester!

The fancy new food court is slated to open Aril2017… I can’t wait! Seems like this is a new concept for mall food courts and play spaces. I’m looking forward to seeing all the changes.

The Westchester Mall is in White Plains, NY and a quick train ride or drive north of Manhattan.

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Apple Picking with Kids

Apple Picking The-New-York-Mom

Living in New York means that every season gets a grand hurrah! and Fall – being my favorite season, gets lots of hurrahs! Apple Picking is one of our favorite fall festivities. The smell of the crisp air, the walk through the orchards, apples eaten along the pick, apple cider, cinnamon donuts… I could go on forever. Apple picking with kids has it’s set of challenges as does basically doing anything with kids. Here is my tried and true list of do’s and don’t of apple picking with kids from my years of schlepping my kids up and down orchards up here in New York.

HUGE TIP – Some of the orchards have already run out of apples so please call before you head up. We are fortunate to live in the middle of orchards so we go all the time on weekdays with no crowds. 

Apple picking on the weekends is for those of you who like to live on the edge. We go to some of the orchards that are about an hour north of Manhattan. The weekends are insane. There is no charm in over crowded apple picking orchards. You have to stand in lines for everything and sometimes after standing in that line for 30 minutes you STILL don’t get your Cinnamon Donut! Then you have to walk forever to get to your car to then sit in traffic inching forward as your kids scream because … remember… no cinnamon donut! Go during the week if you can.

Apple Picking The-New-York-Mom

Take the kids apple picking when they are off on ‘school days‘. It’s not as crowded and you will certainly dodge the ‘Instagram Selfie’ crowd.

Dress – don’t wear heels when apple picking! I can’t believe I have to tell you this… you would be surprised at how many gals show up in heels!  You know this is dirt and mud and orchard land right. You are walking up hills and picking apples! Skip the heels. Wear your fall boots, skinnies, a sweater and a hat. Rock!

Apple Picking The-New-York-Mom

Bring water, it can get hot up in the orchards so bring water. The orchards are usually a bit of a walk from the car so a backpack with a snack and water is best.

Some orchards have evening music so check in advance and time your trip accordingly.

I wear sunscreen year round and so do the kids. So add that to your backpack.

Apple Picking The-New-York-Mom

A little provision for you and your honey. Go ahead – fill that water bottle with a little something special. Sit up at the top of  your apple orchard taking in the scenery and sip away. Because those drink lines are super long and not worth the wait.

MUST go on a hayride. So fun. And definitely do the corn mazes!!!

Poision Ivy likes to go all around apple trees. We haven’t had an issue but some orchards might overlook this and forget to take the poison ivy out. Be on the look out for three shiny leaves! Apple Picking The-New-York-Mom

Eat the apples from the tree. I know you paid for your bag of apples but what’s apple picking without munching on one red delicious fruit while picking.

Head up north to the Hudson Valley – Beacon, Coldspring, Hudson, Rhinebeck … all amazing towns with gorgeous views and not half the crowds. The time you will spend sitting in your car in traffic will be put to great use driving through the Hudson Valley on twisted roads with falling leaves while taking in some of the best scenery that New York State has to offer.

There ya have it. A bonafide tried and true guide to apple picking this season. Have fun!

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An Easter Brunch Cruise Around Manhattan

Hornblower The New York Mom

We did something a bit out of the box for easter this year and it was the best thing ever! We went on a cruise around New York City. No matter what time of the year this is a great activity for kids in New York City or just a bucket list item for anyone visiting New York City.

Hornblower The New York Mom

Our family is spread out throughout the country with the main fort being in Florida where our parents and grandparents live. My sister-in-law lives in Brooklyn which can feel like a different state sometimes! Matt usually cooks a great big feast for Easter brunch and we spend the whole day flying kites and riding bikes and planting flowers. This year we didn’t have any family visit us for Easter so Matt and I decided to take an Easter brunch cruise around New York City. Let me just start by saying, this was the BEST IDEA EVER! If you have young kids, an easter cruise with Hornblower Cruises is pretty perfect.

Hornblower The New York Mom
The obvious… no cleaning, cooking, wrangling of children nothing… just show up, have a great time, dance, eat and take in the most incredible views. After church we headed over for our Brunch. It was a quick drive down the west side highway and on Sunday’s there is hardly any traffic.

Hornblower The New York Mom

Upon arriving we were greeted by the Easter Bunny… this was a dancing, skipping, very happy Easter Bunny. Thomas was over the moon. He could not believe that we were about to get on  big boat with THE Easter Bunny.

Our table was set with everything we needed including a chilled bottle of champagne!

Hornblower The New York Mom

Hornblower The New York Mom

The food buffet was great – with a variety of food for everyone. Meats, fish, veggies, pasta, carving station, kid friendly food. A massive dessert table with a chocolate fountain seemed to be the hit. After eating, we headed up to the top of the boat to take in the views. Stunning. If you have never been on a cruise around Manhattan you are missing out. It’s romantic, it’s beautiful and you’ll never have access to these views unless you are in the water.

Hornblower The New York Mom


Hornblower The New York Mom

New York CityNew York CityBut wait there is so much more… a live jazz band was playing the entire 2 hours and the floor was packed with little kids and adults dancing! And then…

and then…

Hornblower The New York Mom
The EASTER BUNNY! After the cutest easter egg hunt – on the boat – the Easter Bunny came around and said hi to all the kids and adults and danced and took pictures and had the best time.

Hornblower The New York Mom
The Hornblower stops right in front of the Statue of Liberty for about 15 minutes and the views of this and the photo opps are amazing we didn’t make it out in time because the EggHunt had just ended and the kids were busy counting the loot. Priorities ya know!

Hornblower The New York Mom

Hornblower The New York Mom

Hornblower The New York Mom

Overall, this was a great experience. We would absolutely do this again… even with family visiting. The kids loved it, Matt and I didn’t have to worry about anything and the kids both napped on our  45 minute drive back home.

The staff on the Hornblower was the sweetest and catered to the kids and played along with the Bunny. The Bunny by the way was the real deal… and we snapped the best picture for easter!

Hornblower The New York Mom

Hornblower Cruises operate all year-long and I HIGHLY recommend their cruises for visitors this summer. What an amazing way to end your trip to New York – a dinner or brunch cruise around the greatest city in the world with dancing and champs and great food. It’s such a great time! They also have private charters and all sorts of bundles. Swing by HORNBLOWER CRUISE for more.

*This post is sponsored by Hornblower Cruises. All opinions are mine, we really had a great time* 

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My Top Picks from The New York Baby Show

New York Baby Show

The annual New York Baby Show was held last weekend in NYC. This 2-day baby expo offers products, seminars and services for expecting and new parents. Everything from doulas to doctors, photographers, stroller companies and organic baby products are showcased for 2 full days. Navigating the world of baby gear is daunting and often time parents end up with too much gear and not enough space. The New York Baby Show had expert tips from all corners of the baby advice world to help parents  be informed about the latest products on the market and make decisions to fit them and their new babes!

The Bump New York Baby Show

While walking the floor and meeting the companies and brands was fun and all, my fave part was getting glamed up in the Momtrends Lounge with Nicole and her team. The Momtrends Lounge offered complimentary babysitting and the ever awesome Glam Squad. Nails, hair, makeup… all done by the fab team from The Glam Squad.


I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite picks from the New York Baby show – the latest and greatest on the market!

Check out this great video that I did with TTPM for my full coverage of the New York Baby Show.

One of my favorites and most overlooked Baby Must Have items is a camera. Let me talk you through my reasoning… most parents have a smart phone – like me- and use this for taking photos all the time. When Thomas was born, I upgraded my old camera to a fancy DSLR… why… to take better pictures of my sweet babe. Brilliant idea… a lot of parents do this. For some parents, this is the time they ever even buy a great camera. Canon was at the New York Baby Show sharing tips on how to take fab photos of your babe with one of my favorite photogs – Karilyn Sanders Photography. 

Canon The New York Baby Show

Canon has a whole range of cameras that have wifi capability, filters for your pics and low light capability so those sleeping baby pictures come out perfect without waking up your babe.


New York Baby Show Canon

The fanciest of stroller at the expo was not even at the booth… it was this German stroller that this fancy man was pushing his babe in. Lovezzzz! The New York Baby Show

There is SOOO much that overwhelms parents in the baby gear world.. so feel free to drop me an email if you ever need some tips! newyorkmom1 {at} gmail dot com


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15 Tips When Talking to Kids About Online Safety

Lets talk about internet safety for elementary aged kids. Internet safety is the new “stranger danger,” and in today’s online social climate parents can’t avoid the reality of this social connection any longer. Kids are savvy these days and navigating apps, you tube channels, vine videos, instagram, snapchat and search engines all comes second nature to kids as young as 7 years old. Parents… don’t be afraid. We must embrace this social culture with our kids and not ignore it, be afraid of it or dismiss it. Learn it! Engage with your child via social networks.  We just have to make sure we talk to our kids about being safe online and using their better judgement even as early as age 5.

Recently I stood in front of a room full of parents and gave a talk onTalking to Kids About Online Safety . This was specifically for the under 13 year old age group.( Because you know it’s illegal for a kid under 13 to have a social account right! See COPPA laws below.)I hope you find these tips helpful.


Talking to Kids About Online Safety

|| Talking to Kids About Online Safety ||

  1. Talk to your kids about internet safety OFTEN. Make sure they know to tell a parent when they feel uncomfortable with something they see online. Online safety is the new Stranger Danger.
  2. Always know your child’s passwords and accounts to everything they are doing. Children under 13 should not have social network accounts according to COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). It is illegal for kids to have social accounts like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, so do not allow your child to have a FB, Snapchat, Instagram,VIne accounts. If your child does have a social account, make sure it is private and you, the parent, MUST friend them on all their social accounts. If this is an issue, take away their account. It’s illegal anyway.
  3. Frequently check the ‘history’ of the computer and smart phone/device your child is using. ( don’t know how to do this, drop me an email)
  4. If using apple products – log in via icloud on all your Apple devices – iPhone, itouch, ipad, and computers. This enables you to see the photos and videos your child is taking from their device.
  5. Keep the computer in a public space with the screen facing out – not a wall – kids should not have computers in their rooms.
  6. Monitor phone activity often. You are the parent and can take the phone away if you feel the child is hiding something from you or involved in something inappropriate.
  7. Teach your child the value and power of photographs and video. Do not allow friends to photograph or video them in embarrassing situations.Do not allow older siblings to photograph or video younger siblings in embarrassing situations.
  8. Snaphcat – the most popular tween/teen social outlet. While it claims images are immediately deleted… screen shots are never erased.
  9. Never share passwords with friends.
  10. Safety features on your phone, also privacy/safety settings have to be set on YouTube.com and Google.com. Which means turning safety features on your smart phone or device is NOT enough. You have to go to Youtube.com – scroll to the bottom of the page and select the safety features through that page. Same for Google, bing… etc.
  11. Limit screen time and if needed unplug your Wi-Fi.
  12. Parents MUST stay on top of online trends and news. Know how to use your computer, navigate FB, Instagram, vine, snapchat..etc
  13. Don’t be afraid to be that parent. Communicate your online usage expectations to the sitter or care givers.
  14. Do not let your child take their tablet or smart phone to bed. Phone stays on the dining table through the night, they can get it when the wake up.
  15. Be sure to enable all child safety programs and use passwords on your internet devices.

|| Resources ||

COPPA – http://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/complying-coppa-frequently-asked-questions#General Questions

COMMON SENSE MEDIA – https://www.commonsensemedia.org/privacy-and-internet-safety


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Family Travel – Woodloch Pines Resort

The-new-york-mom*This is a sponsored post*


The kids have been pretty stir crazy these past few weeks. Snow days are great and all, but when it’s solid sheets of ice outside… that’s not as much fun. It’s been too cold to do anything outside. So I packed everyone up and we headed up to the Poconos for a weekend getaway. We were invited by the MOMs and Vaseline for a weekend at Woodloch Pines Resort.  Woodloch is a quick 2 hour drive from New York City. Lily and Thomas slept the whole way there and back… i enjoyed some time listening to NPR while driving. A luxury I can’t seem to find time for most days.


Woodloch was everything we needed to get our winter sillies out. After an extravagant welcome lunch, we suited up for a day of outdoor snow activities. Lily immediately hit the ‘Extreme” snowtube hill. Thomas and I stayed at the bottom of the hill and cheered everyone along.



The-new-york-momNext we went over to the frozen pond for some ice skating. Again, Thomas couldn’t skate but walked on the ice, fell lots of times, tried to catch fish under the frozen ice, screamed out SHARK a few times… you know 2-year-old shenanigans. The pond was large so there was plenty of room for the kids to skate around and play ice hockey.


Dinner was a lot of fun because a whole parade of legendary characters greeted us and roamed through the dining rooms. I mean Elvis and Batman were in the same building folks! The evening was full of resort type entertainment, a concert hall had a magician who made a bird disappear, a show-tunes filled show followed complete with sequins ball gowns and step touch dance choreography. The kids and I went to the arcade and tree forest to go climbing and ride bumper cars.

The-new-york-momOnce we got back to the room, which overlooked the lake, Lily and I stayed up, chatted and sat on our balcony to take in the moonlight reflecting off the frozen lake. We talked and laughed like we were both old souls. A family of deer walked through the snow leaving small footprints and we watched them … silent.

The-new-york-momThis was probably my most memorable moment of the entire trip. This magical relaxed time with my tween who most days wants nothing to do with me.

The-new-york-momThe next day was just as busy with pony rides, arts and crafts, more snow tubing and ice skating, bumper cars… etc.

There is a lot for kids to do at Woodloch. Archery, shooting, ice hockey, race cars, bumper cars, tubing and lots of indoor activities as well. No shortage of activities.

The-new-york-momThe rooms were clean and large. Our room had 2 large rooms – a living room with 2 pull out couches, bedroom with 2 queen beds, 2 bathrooms, deep bathtub, a large closet for storing all your goods and a balcony. A small kitchen area was also included.

It takes a bit of time to get his big bellie into this snow suit… so picture this.. we are out on the frozen lake. bit a walk to anything indoors and he says… ‘ i make a poo poo, it coming out’ !

The staff was incredibly helpful and friendly and I felt that everywhere we went the kids were safe. The staff seemed to remember everyone and was always looking out for the kids. Woodloch is the quintessential family travel destination for family reunions and getaways . I made it a point to give Lily a bit of freedom, so I let her go tubing without me and meet me back at the craft room where Thomas was busy schmoozing on the ladies. Lily did really well with her new-found independence and honestly… it was the vibe of the resort that let me set her free.Of course now she thinks I’m going to set her free on the streets of NYC… so no that’s not going to happen!

The cold 19 degree weather definitely plays a number on your skin… and barreling down those snow tubing hills gave Lily’s face a bit of a Winter Burn. But thankfully this trip was sponsored by Vaseline Brand and we had plenty of goodies to try out during our stay. I’ve been using Vaseline petroleum jelly on my hands but had never used their Intensive Skin Care line. This company has been around for 140 years… and their products certainly helped our wind burned faces.

If you are looking for a quick little getaway this winter, I highly recommend Woodloch Pines Resort. Dreaming of a summer time trip!

The-new-york-mom*This post was sponsored by The Moms Network and Vaseline Brand. We had a fab weekend! All opinions are my own*

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