HGTV Blogger Block Party! YOU are invited!


I’m thrilled to partner up with HGTV Magazine to invite YOU to the HGTV Blogger Block Party! I’m SUCH a fan of everything HGTV – all their home reno’s, DIY tips and tricks and house hunting shows. You know we just moved to our new house in the NYC suburbs and HGTV Magazine has been our go to resources for everything house!

So all you Makers, Design Lovers, DIYers… get ready! On August 22nd HGTV Magazine is having their 3rd annual Blogger Block Party and they want YOU to attend and be part of the fun. This all- day event is for you Makers and DIYers to meet your favorite HGTV celebs. There are tons of live demonstrations during the day and interactive participation opps!

The lineup is pretty exciting with appearances  by HGTV Magazine editor in chief Sara Peterson, Emily Henderson, John & Sherry Petersik of Young House Love, Genevieve Gorder, and Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte!   Event Address: 404 10th Avenue, New York City Event Date & Time: August 22, 2016 at 12:00 pm – 8 pm Make sure to RSVP!!!

Here is YOUR personal invite… from me to you! Hope to can make it on August 22!!

Thank you to HGTV Magazine for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own. #ad

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Improving Your Home with Angie’s List


As any new homeowner will tell you… the list of “projects’ around the house is never ending. Since moving to our new house, 6 months ago, up here in the suburbs of New York City, Matt and I have a running list of things we need to work on around the property. Everything from our kitchen remodel, basement wall paint, sprucing up of the laundry area, a veggie garden and even a new façade for the front of the house sits on this list patiently awaiting to get done.

Moving to a new community and not knowing anyone, we have been depending on recommendations from local parenting groups and neighbors. Our lawn person was a recommendation and has worked out really nicely, our oil company was a recommendation, babysitter, preschools, doctors and even the all-important drycleaner was recommended by a neighbor.

While these are everyday needs and things have worked out well for us, something like the kitchen remodel requires some background info and much more insight.


This is where Angie’s List comes in. I recently attended an event hosted by Angie’s List in NYC and sat down with Angie… yes THE Angie of Angie’s List and in between chatting about food and tweens… I got the scoop on what Angie’s List is up to these days.

First of all – Angie’s List is now FREE to join!

Angie’s List is a list of recommendations for pretty much everything! For example – our kitchen remodel.  I can choose a contractor off Angie’s List – I get reviews and details on the type of the work this person does, how efficient, helpful and quality of their work. I choose the contractor that fits my needs. But wait… there’s more, with the new Silver and Gold Angie’s List membership tiers, I will be GUARANTEED a job well done. So if something goes wrong… Angie’s List will fix it for me. Can you believe that!  It’s pretty amazing when you think about the intensity of a kitchen remodel – floors, cabinets, electric, plumbing… and the work is guaranteed.


Angie’s List has lots of new changes and these have all come about from customer feedback. The most exciting new addition is the membership tiers. Angie’s List has three tiers of memberships –

  • GREEN: free-of-charge access to companies in more than 700 service categories; nationwide access to more than 10 million verified consumer reviews; and monthly digital form of the company’s magazine. Benefits planned to be added to the Green membership tier this year include a project pricing guide, project scheduling and project financing.
  • SILVER: includes all green features plus fair price guarantee and service quality guarantee, exclusive discounts, chat and email customer support, a bimonthly print version of the magazine for $24.99 a year.
  • GOLD: includes all green and silver features plus complaint resolution process, customer support via phone and access to exclusive eCommerce savings for $99.99 a year. Benefits planned to be added to the Gold tier in the future include handy chat, a home emergency service line and instant hiring.

Be sure Visit for more information. #AngieHeartsHome

*This post is sponsored by Angie’s List. All opinions are my own* 

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Home Renovation – Kitchen Inspiration

We bought a house… in an amazing neighborhood… but it’s kinda old… and needs some updates. So i’m gonna put my – wanna be HGTV host – hat on (actually would be a dream of mine to be a HGTV host) and start tearing down some walls and painting some ceilings and talking about pipes and plumbing, screws and drill bits and even go salvage some barnyard wood! I hope to have a series of posts about our renovation as we get started and get going. First up on our Home Renovation – Kitchen Inspiration.

Home Reno Here We Go!

While some projects need a contractor like the kitchen and tearing down a wall in the basement and potentially a deck expansion… there are lots of little projects throughout the house that I am looking forward to tackling myself.

I have soooooo many questions for you all. So please would you chime in and add your expertise!

The biggest and most expensive project is our kitchen. We want to tear the wall down and make it an open concept kitchen with white cabinets, subway tile backsplash and white and grey quartz, granite, or marble. Trying to weigh all the pros and cons. Probably not marble since it chips and stains easily. I know that white kitchens are on trend right now but I’ve always loved white kitchens. There is a great spot in New York City in the LES called Schillers Liqour Bar. It used to be a staple for us back in the day. You feel like you’ve stepped into a Parisian cafe when you walk in there. I’ve always been inspired by their decor and hope to get this kitchen reflecting some of that style.

I’ve been pinning like crazy… of course… and have found no shortage of all white/subway tile/grey and white granite counter tops. yeesh! but still it’s going to be my white kitchen!

Image via - Cup Of Joe
Image via – Cup Of Joe

I’m loving the open shelving but is it practical? Do you have open shelving? does it get cluttered? do you have to dust often? do things fall on your head when you grab for stuff? tell me please!

Image Via: Decoholic
Image Via: Decoholic

And then i want to know if we should do a butcher block island. Have you done this? I love the look of a massive butcher block top island with seating on one side. Is this hard to clean? your thoughts?

Image via - Lonny Magazine
Image via – Lonny Magazine

This layout is basically what our kitchen will end up looking like. minus the gorgeous windows because we have double door going out to the deck. I love it. don’t you. I don’t like the pendant lights in this design and I think we want something a bit more simple and almost farmhousey… we’ll see.

So excited! Do you have any tips, ideas, nightmare kitchen reno stories to share? Let’s chat!

Image via - Home Bunch
Image via – Home Bunch
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