The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Plus a Giveaway!

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

All hail the Queen! Huzzah! The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

Our whole family headed across the Hudson River to Lyndhurst, NJ for an evening of jousting and cheers and knights and Friday Night Fun! If you haven’t been to The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament… you MUST. This is an amazing experience for kids and adults and one that really transports you into another realm.

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

People do get dressed up when they attend and Thomas was not one to shy away from this. He was John Snow from Game of Thrones in full garb including his Valeryian Steel Sword. The real knights at The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament were impressed.

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

After we were seated for dinner… the fun began! The kids loved that there were no utensils and they could just slurp their soup and eat their chicken with their fingers.

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

We were given flags to cheer on the knights who represented our realm. What fun! The whole evening started off with a grand procession complete with horses and knights, and grand fanfare. There was one Queen who ruled them all! Just like it should be!

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

The food is good and plenty. You will not leave hungry at all. There is a vegetarian option, just make sure you let your server know. The evening begins with the Knights performing feats of bravery and showing off their skills with swords and horseback riding. The whole thing takes a serious tone as one knight suddenly turns on the QUEEN! The other knights are not having this and this is when the action really begins! You never know who is going to win… but this evening… OUR KNIGHT WON!!! woop!

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

The whole show was impressive, nothing that I expected! But as a dancer, one thing that stood out was the fight choreography which was unbelievable! I mean they had Knights jumping off of their horses… while the horses were moving!

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

If you haven’t been to The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, This is NOT TO BE MISSED. It really is a great show and dinner and one that kids will remember for years to come. Thomas wants to go with his friends so they can cheer on the knights. Can you imagine how cute that would be! Maybe we will gather a group together go this summer!

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

But for now, I WANT YOU TO GO! So I’m giving away 4 tickets to The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. Simply enter to win. I’ll pick a winner on Friday, Feb 9th, 2018. Enter below! All you have to do is LIKE my FB Page – and Comment on this post. Good Luck!

*This Contest is Closed*

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Lucky and Me – Giveaway

Lucky and Me GiveawayI am pretty particular about the fabrics the kids wear. These fabrics are touching their skin, their stinky-sweaty bodies and I just worry about how this is effecting their pores, skin, and overall health. We switched to all cotton long time ago, when Lily was around 5 years old and with Thomas we continue to use mostly cotton clothing. This is especially important when it comes to bedtime wear  and underwear.

Lucky and Me - Giveaway

I’m working with Lucky and Me to give away a fab $75 shopping spree to one lucky reader. We recently discovered Lucky and Me and absolutely love it. All products are made from a super soft organic cotton or cotton blend. We have the cotton tees, briefs and boxers and really love the quality. They only get softer when washed! Lucky and Me has both girls and boys underwear in all styles and colors.

Are you ready for a shopping spree?? Let’s do it.

To enter to win – You must follow the rafflecopter link to enter. Contest ends at 12AM on Saturday 9/16.

Leave only ONE comment on this blog post AND swing by my FB page – New York Mom. 

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. We really do love cotton underwear!! and looove this new brand we discovered. Thanks for stopping by and hearing about the brands who sponsor The New York Mom. 

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A Summer Treasure Hunt with Brain Chase ~ Giveaway

*This is a sponsored post with BrainChase and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own, thanks for swinging by and hearing about my sponsors*

With less than 2 months left until school is out for the summer, I have started my summer – camp of mom – planning already.

Lily has a week-long sleep away camp, and another local arts camp she gets involved in, we have our annual trip to Florida, our DC trip and many weekend trips planned all summer long. It’s a busy summer every year and it’s always a challenge to maintain our summer learning schedule.

This summer I have teamed up with Brain Chase and Lily and I are going on a virtual hidden treasure hunt all summer.


A few weeks ago I had shared my excitement about Brain Chase and as we get closer to the start date of June 22, 2015

Lily is giddy with excitement. I am too!


and guess what… We are giving away one complimentary Brain Chase registration, value of $199. 

To enter this contest:  Leave a comment on this post. Contest ends May 18 at midnight! 


So come join us!!

Brain Chase is an online real treasure hunt powered by reading, writing, math, and languages. To unlock the adventure, kids are given 4 tasks each week – they have to read, earn energy points, do writing assignments in order to move on and find the big 10,00 prize! If you and your kid do solve the puzzle you will be flown out to the location to dig up your buried treasure. Really! how exciting right.

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Strolling in Style with the Britax Affinity Stroller – Review + {Giveaway}


So as you know narrowing down a stroller for your babe is a pretty daunting task. Don’t fret! I can help! I review strollers and baby gear for a living.. totally my world!


Today we are discussing the Britax Affinity stroller… I have to say that of all the strollers we have in the garage right now.. and that’s about 8 brands… the Britax Affinity is Matt’s favorite. It’s portable, it’s easy to move around, it’s easy to travel with and it’s a smooth ride. Daddy approved you guys!

I was invited to the launch of the Britax Affinity stroller months ago and knew that this was a new fashionable direction for Britax. The Affinity is a higher price point than Britax’s other strollers, putting this in the luxury stroller market, this is noticeable from the first glance. The sleek, clean frame can be customized with 3 different frame colors and 6 color packs to choose. We choose the black frame with the deep blue color pack. I love this look.


We’ve had this stroller all summer and it’s been our go to. We even took it on an airplane to florida. While it is heavier than an umbrella stroller, this was the perfect ride for Thomas. Our long days in florida out and about with our family… roaming the numerous outdoor malls was a bit exhausting for Little Man Thomas! This stroller and its soft padding and generous canopy and suspension wheels all made for a very cozy snooze. Also I have totally folded this stroller up while standing on the steps of the subway, put Thomas on my hip, diaper bag across my body and stroller on my other arm and walked up and down those steps. Totally fine. It’s not lightweight but it’s not heavy by any means.

So let’s get started with this stroller, There is so much to share, I’ll try to make it easy for you!


  • The entire seat is rear or forward facing. Having a rear facing seat option when baby is in those first months is so essential to bonding. Thomas used to just look at me and laugh and smile the entire time I was strolling him around. Even these days, I put his rear facing when I’m trying to get him to nap.IMG_1091
  • Click n Go built-in adapter system works with BRITAX CHAPERONE and B-SAFE infant car seats and bassinet.But a travel system which is sold separately  can be used with most infant car seats.

photo (52)

  • The back tires are air-filled pneumatic tires and the front have an adjustable suspension. So basically a pretty smooth ride.
  • A nice generous storage basket allows for storing whatever you need for the day.
  • The brakes are one of my favorite features. No more scuffing your shoes with this system. Just a tap of the foot either to stop or release the stroller works!
  • The adjustable footrest has been really great to give Thomas a comfy seat with no more dangling legs.


  • The leather-like trim that goes across the handle bar and the bar which goes across the seat is a nice luxury touch which definitely stands out.

photo (50)

  • There is a viewing flap on the canopy. Now I found this to be very small compared to other strollers with canopy flaps. Also the glare off the material is too much most times so you can’t really see your babe.
  • But a mesh zippered opening allows for lots of ventilation and has proven essential to us during our long days at the Bronx Zoo.

photo (51)

  • Did I mention that the canopy is very generous, The babe is totally covered under there.
  • The fancy leather trim like handle bars move up and down and the handle articulates front to back to fit all heights. even shorties like me.
  • A 5 point seat harness, seat recline and roomy seat interior all make it a comfy cozy cocoon for the babe!
  • Also washing the insert is easy peasy!photo (53)

Alright so there ya have it. I like the Britax Affinity. I think it’s a ton of bang for your buck . It has fashion, function, comfort and longevity.

THERE’S MORE… If you are interested in purchasing this stroller I have the BEST deal for you!

Affinity Free Ride Promotion

Britax will be having its biggest promotion of the year Sept. 20-28 with the Affinity Free Ride Event.

o   An Affinity Base Frame (MSRP $599.99) and Affinity Color Pack (MSRP $99.99)

o   Or, an Affinity Stroller Bundle (stroller plus Color Pack) (MSRP $699.99)

And there’s EVEN MORE!! A Giveaway!!

So guess what! because i think this is a fab stroller… I get to give one away! YOU – the winner will get to pick your choice of frame and insert colors to customize it to fit your whims.


To enter fill out the form below!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
You can also get extra entries by regramming the giveaway image VIA instagram Once a day!  Follow me on Instagram to get the deets. TheNewYorkMom

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American Girl Samantha Doll – Be Forever – Giveaway

The New York MomThe highly anticipated wait is over! American Girl is releasing… from the archives… one of their most popular dolls …Samantha Parkington!  Samantha is one of American Girl’s original dolls and has been in the archives since 2008. She totally sold out the year they announced she was being put away for a bit. So imagine how exciting this release is for fans.

On August 28, American Girl is releasing a newly enhanced historical line called Be Forever.

To celebrate the Be Forever launch American Girl is releasing Samantha Parkington!

Be Forever debuts with 8 characters, each with new historically accurate stories, attire and accessories. Additionally a ” choose your own adventure” style book will accompany these dolls. These books are really great as they take the reader into everyday scenarios from the era pertaining to the doll. Lily has been pouring over these books for days. It’s a win!

The New York Mom

We were sent Samantha last week for review. Lily was over the moon when she realized that she has one of the very FIRST dolls…before they are even available in stores!

We have a very personal connection to Samantha. We lived in a sweet town in Northern Westchester  called Mount Kisco, NY for about 10 years. There in Mount Kisco is where Samantha Parkington’s story is told. The house where the character lives still stands to this day and has always been one of my favorite houses in town.The New York MomLily has always hoped that she would someday get the Samantha Doll and take her to visit ‘ her’ house.

Over the weekend, we did just that. I hope you enjoy these pictures of Samantha’s House as much as we loved visiting. ( people actually live in this house so please don’t go trespassing!)  In the books – Samantha lives in Mount Bedford ,which is exactly where we were! Lily was over the moon. We love the American Girl books because of the history lesson which is snuck in there but to stand in front of the house and really be part of it was pretty special.

The New York Mom

The Be Forever line and Samantha Parkington will be available instores and online on August 28.

Alright so now for the good stuff! We’re giving away a SAMANTHA PARKINGTON doll!! Yes!!!

There are 2 ways to enter:

1- Share this post via FB or Twitter or both with this info: Samantha is back!! Hope to win an American Girl Samantha Doll from @thenewyorkmom #beforever #NYMgiveaway 

2- INSTAGRAM – Head over to Instagram and repost this image and follow thenewyorkmom! You can also find this image on my feed —>  thenewyorkmom

Contest ends – Tuesday September 2nd at Midnight Eastern Time. US only. 

WE HAVE A WINNER!!! VALARIE J YOU WIN! An email is in your FB message folder!  PLease reply back ASAP. Thanks everyone for entering this contest… more coming soon!

The New York Mom


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Say Hi to Summer Thighs with CoolSculpting (Giveaway)

This is a sponsored post for CoolSculpting

Alright girls, here we are… in the thick of it… summer that is. Summertime is here… and you know what that means… SWIMSUITS. The non forgiving piece of garment if ever there was one.

While I am pretty confident in my everyday clothes… a swimsuit opens up a small vault of insecurities. It’s only natural right. I want to get my dancer legs back. You can usually find me doing a few ballet barre combo at any given time during the day. Developpes being my fave – to work those thighs, glutes and abs.

I love my body, I really do. I love that my body produced a child, I love that this body continues to offer a place of comfort and support for my children to nuzzle into. But I do get a quick vanity boost and self-esteem boost when I look good. Those weeks where I go for a run or get a few yoga sessions in and I feel the results in my body really translate into me standing up taller, feeling better and even happier.

We all have our one problem area and mine seem to be my thighs. During my dance days, my things were great, they were my source of strength… they have to be in order to execute those turns and leaps and everything in between. I wish I had my dancer legs back!

Don’t you wish there were an easier way to just sculpt those thighs?

Glad you asked guuurl!

Social Asset 2_Concept 2_B

I’m working with COOLSCULPTING and their Say Hi to Summer Thighs giveaway! Find them on Facebook!

YOU can enter to win two CoolSculpting thigh treatments and a $500 shopping spree! (Total value of grand prize Is $2000)

* I have not used CoolSculpting and cannot give you a review on how it works. But this giveaway is pretty good if you are interested in CoolSculpting*

CoolSculpting is the only non-surgical, non-invasive body contouring treatment that freezes and eliminates fat from your body. There are no needles, no special diets, no supplements and no downtime. Developed by Harvard scientists, CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared, safe and proven effective. 

This is a non-surgical way to get your thighs ready to bare this summer!

Check out this gallery of photos to see results after using Cool Sculpting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With a customized treatment plan developed by an authorized CoolSculpting provider, patients can achieve dramatic results with this non-surgical procedure. During the CoolSculpting procedure, a non-invasive applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling to the treatment area to specifically target underlying fat, leaving surface skin and other surrounding tissue unaffected. When fat cells are exposed to extreme cold, a process of natural removal is triggered, which gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. The result is a noticeable and measurable reduction of fat in the treated area. Every patient is unique, which is why ZELTIQ® recommends a customized treatment plan as part of the initial consultation. 

The CoolSculpting procedure is not intended as a weight loss program for overweight individuals. The best candidates are people near their ideal body weight with stubborn fat that have not responded to diet and exercise.

YOU can enter to win two CoolSculpting thigh treatments and a $500 shopping spree! (Total value of grand prize Is $2000)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is a sponsored post for CoolSculpting

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Family Day with the METS at Citifield – Special Offer

Hey hey so as you know I’m working with the METS baseball team on their METS MOMS panel. We’ve been having a great time going to Sunday games in Citifield. 

The METS wanted me to reach out to my readers…. YOU… and offer you a fab offer for $29 for the game this SUNDAY- APRIL 27.  Tell em I sent ya and let me know if you are going to the game. I would love to meet up!!!

Mets Moms
This is a family pic with Mr. Met from last season… look at how tiny little MOTO was!!!

Sunday, April 27 vs. Miami at 1:10pm
Private Meet & Greet with Mr. Met
at 12 noon in the Mets Cafe

For just $29 package includes:
• One Field Level ticket
• One hot dog and one soft drink
• Receive a Mets lanyard with ticket holder
• Exclusive photo opportunity with Mr. Met
Enter the Mets Cafe behind Section 104-105 beginning at 11:45am

To purchase tickets, please visit 


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Family Pajama Night with The Company Store

Jingle Jingle Yall!

I am thrilled about this holiday season. Did you know that most stores are playing christmas music already!!! I mean… hearing Frosty the Snowman on a random Tuesday can certainly add a pep to your step ya know! 

This year… among many wonderful things we have coming up… we all get to lounge around in matching PJ’s!


Haven’t you wanted to do this? I ALWAYS have and here we are… exactly as I imagined.

DSC_0532 DSC_0537

Tis the season everyone – these cold winter nights, the fireplaces in the neighbourhood, the smell of apple cider… all of this calls for MATCHING FAMILY PJ’s! and lots of snuggles!

This year we are celebrating Thomas’s FIRST christmas… well sort of. Last year he was such a wee man… only 20 days old it kinda doesn’t count right!


So this year, we’re going all out. Even Jonah! I get giddy just thinking about how quaint our Christmas morning is going to be … all of us in our matching PJ’S! !!  it’s the little things … that really add up to become the big things don’t ya think.


I have much to be thankful for this year. My family is healthy, happy and inspires me everyday.

I have teamed up with THE COMPANY STORE and Ronald McDonald House Charities®  to gift one of my readers with a set of family PJ’s …even the doggie!! ( up to 6 pairs).

The Company Store and Ronald McDonald House Charities® will be donating thousands of family pajamas to Ronald  McDonald Houses in an effort to make the holiday season more memorable (and comfortable) for families facing a serious medical crisis. We believe that when a child is hospitalized the love and support of family is as powerful as the  strongest medicine prescribed. National Family Pajama Night is a time for families everywhere to share hugs, kisses and  lots of love.


I do personally like The Company Store, we have towels and sheets from them from years before. If you stop by this blog or follow my INSTAGRAM feed, you know that our sweet Jonah Bear is very much part of this family. So when I realized that The Company Store has matching PJ’s for Jonah… we just HAD to jump on this collaboration. Jonah is a Saint Bernard, a giant breed, and we usually don’t dress him up but Christmas is different and this year he too gets his own set of doggie sleepwear. He doesn’t seem to mind. As long as we are paying him attention … and not the baby… he will let us even clip his nails!


So here ya go.. this is what you need to do:

  1. Leave me a comment on this post about something you love about the holiday season.
  2. Post a pic of you and your sweet fam… or members of your fam… on INSTAGRAM and tag #PJNIGHT #JingleJingleYall and make sure to tag @thenewyorkmom
  3. Mention on Twittah – Tis the season for family #pjNight and you can win a set of matching PJ’s with @thenewyorkmom @thecompanystore @rmhnewyork #JingleJingleyall

CONTEST ENDS Monday, NOVEMBER 29 MIDNIGHT!!! The more times you enter… the more chances of winning! 

CONTEST CLOSED!!!!! WINNER Winner Chicken Dinner!! STACYANZICK !! woop! 

Happy November + December you guys. I wish you nothing but the best magic this time of year brings!

* This is a sponsored post. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and supporting my sponsors – The Company Store and Ronald McDonald House*

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Discovery Times Square – SHIPWRECK Pirates and Treasure- GIVEAWAY

Lily and I kicked off our summer vacation with an adventure!

A pirate adventure matey!! arrrrgh!

I worked with the fab Beth Feldman of Beyond PR to help organize a blogger/media promo event at Discovery Times Square in NYC to promote their latest exhibit. So I invited some of my fave NYC bloggers to come hangout with their kidlets for a fun afternoon of piracy on the high seas! {or in times square}

We headed over to Discovery Times Square to check out SHIPWRECK – Pirates & Treasure – an interactive, multi media exhibit with more than 500 artifacts from deep-sea ocean expeditions from all over the world.


Lily had a chance to hold REAL pirates gold that was found in a shipwreck off the coast of Key West.


You will also encounter some of the notorious pirates that terrorized the seas including Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Barbary Corsairs, Privateers and Buccaneers.

This little Lilypie of mine has a thing for adventure and stories. And this pirate exhibit had it all. The exhibit is incredibly interactive with lots of things for the kids to do and touch and learn about.

One of Lily’s favorite parts was the Hurricane Simulator.

20130702-212534.jpgWinds get up to 75MPH in there! After coming out of the chamber Lily decided that she wants to chase hurricanes because they might just lead you to shipwrecks where there is pirate gold to be found.


She was impressed with the pirate skeletons… and again this too sparked her creative story telling and I got to hear lots of pirate skeleton tales on the way back home.


Adventure awaits at Discover Times Square everyone!

One of the exhibit’s most coveted highlights is the wreck of the SS Republic, a Civil War-era side-wheel steamship which sank to the bottom of the ocean in 1865 due to a ferocious storm. The Republic, yielding over 51,000 silver and gold coins and 14,000 artifacts, was discovered by Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. 1,700 feet below the surface of the Atlantic in 2003 and now provides visitors with a detailed look at life in America in the late 19th century.


The SHIPWRECK – pirates and treasure exhibit is really inspiring and sure to engage and spark some fun adventure in young minds.

So guess what! I have 15 tickets to give away to YOU… yes YOU… to go check out the exhibit yourself!

I’m going to pick a handful of readers to win a few tickets each so you and your kidlets can go be pirates for a day!

To Enter:

Leave me a comment on this post with one of your favorite pirate themed jokes and I’ll pick a few of my faves! Deal! 


What’s a pirates favorite subject? —> arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt.

* you laughed*

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