Skylanders Superchargers Exclusive with Momtrends

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Calling all Skylanders fan. There is a new line that’s coming out in September – Skylander Superchargers.

Skylanders-SuperChargers_Storm-Blade-1The fab gals from Momtrends held a swank lunch last week to announce the big launch of Skylander Superchargers. Complete with a crafty DIY project, yummy grub and great chatter,  this lunch was a ton of fun while getting a first hand sneak peek of the new world of Skylanders Superchargers. I have to admit I don’t now much about Skylanders, but Lily and Matt love playing the game. The Superchargers have lots of new features and interactive updates that are sure to get the two of them… and fans of Skylanders excited.

Skylanders is introducing new game pieces – Vehicles!  Air and Water vehicles to take your game play from sea to air and everywhere in between.

Skylanders is also introducing gameplay similar to car racing – this is new for the brand. Another impressive feature is the multiple tracks of game play that are layered on top of one another throughout the game. There are over 300 toys and every single one is playable. 20 new characters are being introduced and only these new characters can be supercharged. Also… Skylanders can be played on an iPad! Did you know that!


There are really cool graphic details in the game itself allowing kids to have high-octane action adventure in the video game. The gameplay experience is rich and story driven and includes adventures on foot and in vehicles, combat, puzzles, games and activities all in a visually stunning screen environment.



Players can pair a SuperCharger Skylander with its signature vehicle to create a SuperCharged combination, unlocking an exclusive mod that revs up the performance of both the vehicle and character. Not only are the vehicles playable in the game, but also many feature moving parts, making them fun to play with outside of the game. Additionally, Skylanders SuperChargers supports all 300+ Skylanders toys from previous games, enabling all Skylanders characters to pilot land, sea or sky-based vehicles.


Skylanders comes out Sept 20 right in time for the Holiday Gifting Season. So stay tuned for more updates!

* This post was sponsored by MomTrends and Skylanders. All opinions are my own. *

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Nintendo Splatoon event recap in NYC

Nintendo Splatoon

In an effort to get more tech/gaming content here, I’ve enlisted the help of a friend who lives and breathes this stuff. So when Nintendo had a series of releases this past month… I knew exactly who to send in my stead. Meet JACK! I hope to have Jack cover lots of gaming goodness over here on this site!

——————– | contributor – Jack Placidi |——————–

It seems like Nintendo is stepping up its games this summer and “Splatoon” is one that we’re keeping our eyes on. We got to test out the gameplay for it and we think it’s going to be a hit with kids this summer.

Nintendo SplatoonIt’s a 3rd person shooter where you take control of a half human/half squid creature armed with a paint water gun. The single player mode has you jumping around from stage to stage defeating octopus monsters, but the multiplayer mode is where this game seems to shine.

Nintendo SplatoonIn multiplayer, up to 8 players can join in a game and in teams of 4, try to coat the the level in more of their color ink than the opposing team. There was quite a lot shown at the event, including amiibos.

Nintendo SplatoonAmiibos are mini statues that can be used in certain Nintendo Wii U and 3DS games to unlock in-game content (aside from just looking awesome). These Splatoon inspired ones will be able to unlock extra stages and costumes within the game depending on which one you get. They’ll be sold separately with the launch of the game.

Nintendo SplatoonAlong with playing the game, we also had a great time sampling “ink filled” cupcakes, getting faces and arms painted with @faceartbymelissa, and shooting some paint filled water blasters to mark some blank canvases.

Nintendo Splatoon

IMG_3376“Splatoon” was released on May 28th, 2015 for Wii U. Expect a review coming soon!

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