Celebrating This Perfectly Messy Life with Bounty


Life with kids is messy… and Bounty is here to help clean up those little messes.

Life is messy and life with kids is messier. Remember those early days when the little dragons were sweet cherubs sent from the gods up above to enrich your life in ways you could never imagine. Remember how you looked at them and their sweet faces, thinking “you are the best thing ever”. Their gross spit ups or diaper blowouts… disgusting as they were can be described as a cute mess to non kid having friends. When flinging spaghetti across the room was a picture perfect moment, well those moments still happen just not as cute the third, fourth, millionth time….

We only celebrate the first messes. And while parenting is messy… would we ever have it any other way? Not me. I’m perfectly happy with my perfectly messy life.

I’m working with Bounty to talk about the little messes of life. With Bounty Paper Towels, parents can enjoy these moments while the Quicker Picker Upper does the work.


I spent an evening with Mother and Author Kristin Cavalleri and chatted toddler messes. She shared a few of her tips.

Tips for Avoiding Messy Mealtime Madness.

  • Stop Playing Fetch – don’t pick up everything as kids throw them on the floor, clean up at the end of the meal with Bounty Paper Towels.
  • Practice Patience with Utensils – try sticky foods that will be easier to be scooped up by utensils – Oatmeal and yogurt are two faves.
  • Peace of Mind Placemats – Clean up will be so much easier with makeshift placemats made from bounty paper towels
  • Set a Good Example – Eat Healthy and exhibit positive eating habits for the kids.
  • Avoid High Chair Messes – Place a paper towel in your child lap this way all the run away food gets caught in the bounty paper towel and it’s a simple clean up when done eating.
  • Have Them Help You – encourage kids to help clean up so they learn to tidy up early on!

This post is sponsored by Bounty. Thanks for stopping by and checking out The New York Mom and learning a bit more about the sponsors.






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Upgrading Your Family Car with PacifiKids

When our family grew from 3 to 4 we upgraded our car. This is of course a natural progression of things wouldn’t you say. We actually added an SUV to our existing sedan. The ‘tiny car’ sedan as Thomas refers to it has become Matt’s car and the “fancy car”  our SUV has become my car. Upgrading your family car is a big decision there isn’t a shortage of selection on the car market. Do you get a SUV, a minivan, a larger sedan?

I’m working with Chrysler on their new campaign – PACIFI KIDS – to celebrate the launch of the new Chrysler Pacifica. This new car combines super luxury with comfort and of course the most important feature… space. We are a family on the go and never a weekend goes by without a quick road trip to the beach, the Vermont mountains, Boston, D.C. , Canada… the choices are endless when it comes to road trips around here.

Chrysler also takes all the guess-work out of purchasing a car with #Fieldtrips. Field Trips are ultimate test drives that include the entire family and get you excited about your new car purchase. Chrysler’s new campaign PACIFIKIDS puts families in the forefront with a new way of testing the car.

This super cute video basically sums it up

Now through October 26 you can enter to win a Field Trip experience – Fill out your ‘permission slip’ + share you awesome field trip idea + upload a family picture and you are on your way to win your own Field Trip!  But it gets better!! You can enter to win a snazzy new Chrysler Pacifica from Nov 12 – 18. Swing by PACIFIKIDS.COM for all the details.

This post is sponsored by Chrysler. 


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HGTV Blogger Block Party! YOU are invited!


I’m thrilled to partner up with HGTV Magazine to invite YOU to the HGTV Blogger Block Party! I’m SUCH a fan of everything HGTV – all their home reno’s, DIY tips and tricks and house hunting shows. You know we just moved to our new house in the NYC suburbs and HGTV Magazine has been our go to resources for everything house!

So all you Makers, Design Lovers, DIYers… get ready! On August 22nd HGTV Magazine is having their 3rd annual Blogger Block Party and they want YOU to attend and be part of the fun. This all- day event is for you Makers and DIYers to meet your favorite HGTV celebs. There are tons of live demonstrations during the day and interactive participation opps!

The lineup is pretty exciting with appearances  by HGTV Magazine editor in chief Sara Peterson, Emily Henderson, John & Sherry Petersik of Young House Love, Genevieve Gorder, and Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte!   Event Address: 404 10th Avenue, New York City Event Date & Time: August 22, 2016 at 12:00 pm – 8 pm Make sure to RSVP!!!

Here is YOUR personal invite… from me to you! Hope to can make it on August 22!!


Thank you to HGTV Magazine for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own. #ad

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Celebrating with Breyers

This post brought to you by Breyers Ice Cream. The content and opinions expressed below are that of The New York Mom.

The New York Mom

What better way to celebrate the last day of school than a bowl of ice cream! And that’s just what we did last week. After Lily’s moving up ceremony from 5th grade we headed over to Madison Square Park for some ice cream and fun with the popular ice cream brand,  Breyers! Madison Square Park is one of my favorite parks in NYC. It’s not full of tourists, you have Shake Shack right there, Fishes Eddy’s across the street, benches that wind throughout the park and no shortage of people watching.


  The New York Mom     

Breyers is celebrating 150 years of ice cream goodness and we were invited to partner with the brand and help celebrate. I’m not an adventurous ice cream eater so I stuck with the classic Vanilla which was good because Breyers Natural Vanilla is America’s #1 Vanilla Ice cream. You can taste the fresh cream, milk and sugar.

 The New York MomThe New York Mom

To celebrate the 150th birthday, Breyers introduced a new ice cream variety. Aptly named – Breyers Ice Cream cake. This was the kids favorite because it features Breyers Chocolate Ice Cream and loads of chocolatey crunchies, sandwiched between Breyers Natural Vanilla Ice Cream

The New York Mom

The event in Madison Square Park was packed with celebs and ice cream lovers lined up to walk through the massive Ice Cream Container to learn about Breyers and how the ice cream is made. The line for ice cream, walking through the mini museum and photo opp was wrapped all the way around the park. People wanted some cold ice cream on a hot summers day!

A bowl of creamy vanilla bean ice cream is a staple in this house. That vanilla ice cream with the flecks of bean, late nights sitting at the kitchen counter catching up on the day or summertime family reunions with lots of soft ice cream melting slowly by the potluck outdoor BBQ party. There is a bit of nostalgia included with Vanilla Ice Cream don’t you think?

Lily and Thomas have discovered root beer floats. Summer classic right! Simply add a couple scoops of Breyers vanilla ice cream into a tall cup, pour some root beer to cover the ice cream. Add a straw and done! So yum. Make sure the root beer is caffeine free… we made that mistake once and had bouncing kids all over the house. Not a good look.

You can find Breyers Ice Cream at your local grocery store.

Breyers Ice Cream

 Breyers only uses milk and cream from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones* *Suppliers of other ingredients such as cookies, candies and; sauces may not be able to make this pledge. The FDA states that no significant difference has been shown between dairy derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST treated. The vanilla that goes into Breyers products is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified,and comes from sustainable vanilla farms in Madagascar.



Visit Sponsors Site

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He Named Me Malala – A Review From a Parental Perspective #withMalala


Lily’s 5th grade class read about Malala this year. She was inspired and would come home and tell us all about this modern-day hero. So when I was approached to be a media partner for the upcoming documentary – He Named Me Malala – airing on the NatGeo Channel on MONDAY February 29 at 8:00pm EST,   I had to jump onboard.

He Named Me Malala is a powerful documentary about Malala Yousafzai. Malala is the youngest person ever to win a Nobel Peace Prize and she has proven to be this generations, hero in a very unconventional way. Unlike the heroes we see on the big screen – you know muscles, brawn, skin-tight outfits, capes, and magical transforming power, Malala’s strength and power lie in her words.

At the age of 11, living in Pakistan, she decided to start a blog. Yes… a blog. A blog where she talked about the Taliban regime and her support for girls to be educated. She gained fans and was shot down in public 3 times on a bus and left for dead.

He Named Me Malala tells this story and has real-time accounts of what happened, what has happened since, and gives the viewer not only the full play-by-play of Malala’s powerful story but also takes us into her culture and family.

I’m not going to go into a full review of the film, because you can read all about it all over the web. However, I would like to give you a parents perspective and whether or not you should watch this film with your child.  *Note: I said WITH your child. It’s a tough one to have a kid watch alone. 

Lily is 11. She’s in 5th grade. She has read the book and knows the story. She had lots of questions about the shooting and grasping the concept that girls are denied educational rights over boys. She had questions while reading the book and we answered them the best we could.

The film. The film is different. It’s visual and there are a lot of images that are tough to take in for young kids. The content is serious with visuals of the blood on the bus, her face after being shot, and imagery of local life in poverty ridden areas of Pakistan.

There are a few moments of emotional relief like the beautiful relationship she has with her father who, contradictory to the stereotype of Pakistani men, supports and fuels Malala’s women’s right’s movement, and another moment when Malala is caught looking at pictures of David Beckham online. I mean… who can blame her right. But overall, this film is intense. Especially for kids who have not been exposed to any context or real life experience similar to the Pakistani terrain, culture, and imagery in this context and storyline.

He Named Me Malala is a PG-13 film. And this is an appropriate rating. If your child is watching PG-13 movies already, then you should watch this because this film with its ( very few) graphic visuals and true change-makers- story that’s happening right now. At least this film has a better message than other PG-13 flicks where zombies are eating people or snakes have invading a plane or even 6 o’clock the news.


This said, it is an important documentary that should be watched by kids in Middle and High School. The mature content will resonate and may even work as a call to action for some kids.

He Named Me Malala is an important documentary and PARENTS… you …WE… should watch it. To know the truth and to know what’s happening and to know that our children will be inspired by this strong change-maker.

What does the name MALALA mean? We learn from the film that – Malala’s father – who is a significant part of inspiring his daughter to fight for what she believes in,  named his first born -fueled with power from the beginning. Malala is named after the Pastun Joan of Arc of sorts –  Malalai of Maiwand,  who fought and gave her own life while she  encouraged Afghan soldiers to stand up against British colonialists.

He Named Me Malala will be shown commercial free on the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC channel on Monday February 29 at 8:00pm ET/7:00pm CT.

Another way to support this amazing story and cause is to tweet #withMalala! Between now and 3/10 and 21st Century Fox will donate $1 to the Malala Fund for every tweet tagged #withMalala. It’s never been easier to support the Fund and girls’ education globally. Tell all your friends to get on board too!

Please tweet this message —>  @thenewyorkmom & I are standing #withMalala Please RT this message to have @21CF donate $1 to @Malalafund 4 supporting girls right to edu! 

*Thanks for swinging by and supporting this powerful story!  You guys are awesome!*

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Milestones and Daily Adventures at Costco

This is a Sponsored Post. As always thanks for swinging by and catching up on our shenanigans and learning about our sponsors. 


I’m thrilled to announce my collaboration on a cool social media campaign with Costco+Huggies and Alphamom. Here is the first of many little stories i’m sharing! * To read the full article please head over to ALPHAMOM.com *



There are many milestones in a baby’s life but none as significant as the first steps.

Thomas took his first steps around 11months. I remember the moment perfectly. We were in Shelter Island for a weekend getaway and after a full day of exploring, hikes and bike rides we finally settled in for the night. Matt and I were putting a puzzle together as Lily was playing with Thomas in the same room. And then we heard,’ Look mom, dad, Thomas is walking”. And just like that, Lily was calling to him and there he was… taking his first steps… toward his sister.

And just like that we had a walker ready to go explore the great big world ahead of him.

I love being home with Thomas during these first years and he is my sidekick and my constant companion on our weekly shopping trips to the grocery store or Costco. Shopping at Costco is always an adventure. He notices the seasonal offerings – today he was really excited about the surfboards, and the blow up pools, and of course all the food sampling throughout the store. Thomas’ favorite stop is the flower wall, as he calls it. He likes to stop and smell the flowers and we usually leave with a sweet bouquet for his sister.


We also pick up Thomas’s essentials… diapers!

I don’t know about you but we go through a pretty steady stream of diapers around these parts and that certainly lightens the wallet quick. In the month of May you can visit any Costco Wholesale or Costco.com to save $6 on the New! Huggies® Little Snugglers Plus Diapers or New! Huggies® Little Movers Plus Diapers AND $5 on Huggies Natural Care® Plus Wipes. This offer is valid May 7 – 31. See your Costco Savings Book for details.

* To read the full article please head over to ALPHAMOM.com *


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A Summer Treasure Hunt with Brain Chase ~ Giveaway

*This is a sponsored post with BrainChase and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own, thanks for swinging by and hearing about my sponsors*

With less than 2 months left until school is out for the summer, I have started my summer – camp of mom – planning already.

Lily has a week-long sleep away camp, and another local arts camp she gets involved in, we have our annual trip to Florida, our DC trip and many weekend trips planned all summer long. It’s a busy summer every year and it’s always a challenge to maintain our summer learning schedule.

This summer I have teamed up with Brain Chase and Lily and I are going on a virtual hidden treasure hunt all summer.


A few weeks ago I had shared my excitement about Brain Chase and as we get closer to the start date of June 22, 2015

Lily is giddy with excitement. I am too!


and guess what… We are giving away one complimentary Brain Chase registration, value of $199. 

To enter this contest:  Leave a comment on this post. Contest ends May 18 at midnight! 


So come join us!!

Brain Chase is an online real treasure hunt powered by reading, writing, math, and languages. To unlock the adventure, kids are given 4 tasks each week – they have to read, earn energy points, do writing assignments in order to move on and find the big 10,00 prize! If you and your kid do solve the puzzle you will be flown out to the location to dig up your buried treasure. Really! how exciting right.

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5 Must-Have items for your Diaper Bag

I am surrounded by pregnant and new mamas in my world right now and because I work in the baby gear, trend, news space… i have been busy writing a ton of articles about baby stuff. This article was originally published at TTPMbaby and I wanted to share it with my mama friends. Head over to TTPMbaby for all your baby gear reviews and tips… from me!

A diaper bag is an absolute must when you have a baby in tow. You could always just toss your baby essentials into a large tote, but a diaper bag will give you the proper compartments, cleaning options and accessories you absolutely need for baby.But don’t’ go overboard! While you might think you need to pack everything, including the kitchen sink, into your bag, this isn’t the case. I have the absolute musts to prepare you for a full day out with your babe. Whether it’s a diaper blow out, feeding time or just playtime, these essentials will have you covered. Kitchen sink on the other hand… that’s optional.


Check out the top 5 essential items  you need for your diaper bag by heading over to TTPMbaby. 


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Musical Petting Zoo with the Westchester Philharmonic

Let me tell you about the WESTCHESTER PHILHARMONIC. 

I have been a part of their world for the past decade and you know what… the NY Tri State area has a gen.. right here!  Lets not forget that famed conductor Itzhak Perlman was in residence here!

The Westchester Philharmonic has tons of programs geared toward the family and this – SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY – they have an especially fun event for the littles.

A petting zoo… a musical petting zoo if you will. Kids will be able to explore and learn about violins, trumpets, drums and more.

Westchester Philharmonic Westchester Philharmonic

What I love about the programming of the Westchester Philharmonc is that they don’t water down the program too much, for the kids. On Saturday the Philharmonic is offering Mozart’s – Overture to the Magic Flute among other selections.

“It isn’t a children’s concert, it’s a full-fledged symphonic program,” noted Executive & Artistic Director Joshua Worby. “The difference is that Maestro Sperling will provide some insights  to help educate and open the ears and minds of young people.”

I’d like to brag for a quick second and tell you that my 9-YO can identify Mozarts Magic Flute in a hot second… arts education for the win!

“Petting Zoo’ starts at 2pm and the concert starts at 3pm.  A pre-concert discussion with Maestro Sperling and Anne-Marie McDermott takes place inside the concert hall simultaneously at 2pm. Single tickets for ages 17 and under are free with a paid adult ticket. College student/group discounts are also available.

To purchase tickets and for additional information call the Westchester Philharmonic Box Office at (914) 682-3707 ext. 10 or visit www.westchesterphil.org.

Please let them know that TheNewYorkMom sent ya! 

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Jumping into Fall with Bogs Footwear + Giveaway!

The New York Mom * This post is sponsored by BOGS Footwear. Stick around until the end for a fab giveaway* 

Bogs Footwear
SHOES: BOGSfootwear – JEGGINGS: Joes Jeans – WHITE TEE: Target – PLAID: Madewell – HAIR: Hotmess!

The New York Mom

The New York Mom

Fall is here y’all! October has to be my most favorite month of the entire year! The leaves are turning, the air has a cool crispness to it, pumpkins are out on porches, apple cider, pumpkin pie.. boots! Boots and scarfs and sweaters oh my! I love fall.

Over the weekend we headed up the Hudson Valley to pick apples, drink cider, eat donuts and just take in the gorgeous sunny day!

The New York Mom

We always head up to Outhouse Orchards or Harvest Moon. And this year it was sorta disappointing. No apples to be picked, the lines for the cider and donuts was so long that we skipped it and the whole farm was a total mess of jumpy castles and consumerism. So we skipped the farmstand and all the madness and just headed up to the orchards to play. ( some of these photos are from a pumpkin patch we visited to find our perfect pumpkin!)The New York Mom

Lily and her monkey ways…climbed every single tree she saw.. which being in an orchard… she climbed a ton of trees. Thomas would just walk under the apple trees and pick up apples which had fallen and take a bite out of them. He also played in the dirt and collected lots of stones. Which is one his #1 pastimes these days. Lily used to be a “stone hunter” one upon a time so it only makes sense that her younger brother has taken up the family collection! The New York Mom  The New York Mom The New York Mom

Fall just wakes me up. I guess every changing of the season is a new birth is sorts and that newness is not lost on me. I love Fall though. I love the smell, the lazy days, the hot drinks. We leave our windows open all season and bundle up late into the night with our hot toddy’s while watching some BBC show. The BBC shows are good for the fall season as well. *just a tip*

The New York Mom

I’m thrilled to tell you about my latest collaboration with BogsFootwear. The kids and I have been outfitted with pieces from their fall line up and we love them. The kid shoes have bright colors for that childhood whimsy, classic colors are included as well for dapper dudes like Thomas. The women’s shoes are a mix of fashion and function and SUCH a better option than clunky goloshes. So babies, toddler, tweens, teens. women and men can all find what they need at BOGS.

The Bogs fall boots are water repellant and snow proof. That’s pretty awesome because they are not clunky like other boots and hug the foot just right so you won’t slip and slide in the snow with your socks and boots on. But mainly… the sleep lines. I have the pearl tall boots which are waterproof leather… yep you read that right! and love these tan jems!

The New York Mom

We have loved our BOGS so very much that I am offering one lucky reader a $100 giftcard toward a pair of shoes. Go check em out… and get your winter boots asap!

How to enter do one or all. You can enter once a day! Use #NYMGiveawayBOGS

  • Leave a comment on this post.
  • Head over to Instagram and regram the contest image and follow other steps.
  • Repost this post on your social outlets saying – Win a $100 giftcard for BOGS Footwear from TheNewYorkMom.com #NYMGiveawayBOGS
  • Contest ends – October 15, midnight eastern time. US only.  CONTEST OVER!

Congrats to Kristi – from twitter!!

*This post is sponsored by BOGS FOOTWEAR*  

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