Back to School with The Kissing Hand

Thomas started a new school today and now that he’s 3 he goes to the ‘preschool’ program. The monkey is most nervous and anxious for him and read him – the kissing hand – tonight. It’s the same book we read to her before the first day of school every year! It’s a great book for calming those back to school anxieties.


The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn, is a book about Chester the Raccoon who is nervous about his first day of school. Him mama plants a kiss in the palm of his hand and says, ‘ overtime you get sad put your palm against your cheek and think mommy loves you, mommy loves you.”

It’s the sweetest and before Thomas headed off to school this morning… Lily gave him a sweet kissing hand reminder.

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A Summer Treasure Hunt with Brain Chase ~ Giveaway

*This is a sponsored post with BrainChase and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own, thanks for swinging by and hearing about my sponsors*

With less than 2 months left until school is out for the summer, I have started my summer – camp of mom – planning already.

Lily has a week-long sleep away camp, and another local arts camp she gets involved in, we have our annual trip to Florida, our DC trip and many weekend trips planned all summer long. It’s a busy summer every year and it’s always a challenge to maintain our summer learning schedule.

This summer I have teamed up with Brain Chase and Lily and I are going on a virtual hidden treasure hunt all summer.


A few weeks ago I had shared my excitement about Brain Chase and as we get closer to the start date of June 22, 2015

Lily is giddy with excitement. I am too!


and guess what… We are giving away one complimentary Brain Chase registration, value of $199. 

To enter this contest:  Leave a comment on this post. Contest ends May 18 at midnight! 


So come join us!!

Brain Chase is an online real treasure hunt powered by reading, writing, math, and languages. To unlock the adventure, kids are given 4 tasks each week – they have to read, earn energy points, do writing assignments in order to move on and find the big 10,00 prize! If you and your kid do solve the puzzle you will be flown out to the location to dig up your buried treasure. Really! how exciting right.

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The New York Mom Holiday Gift Guides 2014 ~ coming soon



Tis the season for gift giving and I am super excited to announce the FIRST ever official real- deal Holiday Gift Guide from The New York Mom.

How exciting you guys!

I have tons of tips and suggestions and ideas and all sorts of fun goodies coming up for the next few weeks. Gifts for kids, for moms, for dads, techy gifts, foodie gifts, gifts for young, gifts for old… i got you covered!

Soooo keep it where ya got it!

Happy gifting y’all!!

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High Tea with Julie Andrews and the Very Fairy Princess

Recently I was invited to high tea with Julie Andrews. Let me repeat that… high tea with JULIE ANDREWS!

-i’m going to let that sink in-

Julie Andrews is such a part of my childhood, her films truly transported you to far off lands where song and dance and suspense and dancing penguins were all part of the everyday routine.

Julie Andrews is also a New York Times Best Selling author and has been penning children’s books for over 40 years. The tea I was invited to was for the release of her latest book – The Very Fairy Princess – Graduation Girl. The Very Fairy Princess is a children’s book series Ms. Andrews has written with her daughter ,Emma Walton Hamilton. There are several books in the series and this one follows the lead character – Geraldine – as she celebrates the end of school. While taking down her art work and cleaning out her cubby and saying goodbye to her dear teacher Mrs. Pim, Geraldine starts to get nervous about the new teacher next year.

The Very Fair PrincessThe very fairy princess

Julie Andrews described the character of Geraldine as Eloise meets Hilary Clinton. How fitting! Geraldine’s character is inspired by Julie Andrews granddaughter Hope age 10. Julie Andrews and her daughter Emma,  who co-authored the book, wanted to created a series which empowered girls. Even though Geraldine is wearing pink and tutus she has an inner sparkle and strength which comes through the stories.

Geraldine is much like my own Lilypie. Scrapped knees, rescuing frogs – who don’t really need to be rescued and climbing trees and singing to the fairies. Lily is very much this girl who wears tutus and frilly things while climbing trees and walking through mud puddles. My kinda girl! Lily and I have loved reading this whole series. I think Lily really finds points which relate to her. Anxiety about a new teacher, end of school year, making friends …etc.

So what’s coming up? I have to super scoop and it’s sooo good!

The next book in the series has a Halloween Theme and guess… just guess what Geraldine and her friend dress up as.

Geraldine is LADY MARY and her best friend is LADY CYBIL …from downtown abbey!! I mean how brilliant!

There is also a doodle book and ” i can read” books in the works.

Julie Andrews and her daughter Emma have such a special bond. She had some advice for parents to create strong bonds with their kids.

  • Read to your children often
  • Write stories together
  • Go on endless adventures in the garden and make up stories
  • Spend time with your kids… the dishes can wait.

I absolutely loved meeting Julie Andrews she was such a gem and I was really fortunate to be at this very small gathering of media.

Group Photo (1)

The Very Fairy Princess – Graduation Girl is available in stores right now. 

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6 Favorite Valentines Day Books for Kids.

This Valentines Day how about gifting the kiddies with some literary goodness.

I wanted to share a few of our favorite Valentines Day books for the littles.

Lily’s been reading to Thomas since day one and it’s been a nightly ritual which is just too sweet for words. Thomas now picks up a book and just babbles at the words as if he’s reading. So great! get em started young i say!

This valentines… when you sneak in the candy and chocolates… how about a book or two for that pint sized sweet heart in your world!

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