Lucky and Me – Giveaway

Lucky and Me GiveawayI am pretty particular about the fabrics the kids wear. These fabrics are touching their skin, their stinky-sweaty bodies and I just worry about how this is effecting their pores, skin, and overall health. We switched to all cotton long time ago, when Lily was around 5 years old and with Thomas we continue to use mostly cotton clothing. This is especially important when it comes to bedtime wear  and underwear.

Lucky and Me - Giveaway

I’m working with Lucky and Me to give away a fab $75 shopping spree to one lucky reader. We recently discovered Lucky and Me and absolutely love it. All products are made from a super soft organic cotton or cotton blend. We have the cotton tees, briefs and boxers and really love the quality. They only get softer when washed! Lucky and Me has both girls and boys underwear in all styles and colors.

Are you ready for a shopping spree?? Let’s do it.

To enter to win – You must follow the rafflecopter link to enter. Contest ends at 12AM on Saturday 9/16.

Leave only ONE comment on this blog post AND swing by my FB page – New York Mom. 

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. We really do love cotton underwear!! and looove this new brand we discovered. Thanks for stopping by and hearing about the brands who sponsor The New York Mom. 

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Off to Middle School

Lily is off to Middle School. My goodness. How did the years flash by so fast!? I don’t even feel old enough to have a middle schooler!

If you haven’t listened to This American Life on NPR you should… and you definitely should listen to the episode on Middle School. It will put the fear into you for sure!! Good LAWD! What are we getting into ourselves into!

The New York Mom

This morning we woke up at 6AM to catch the 6:50AM bus to school. Last year her school bus picked up at 9AM right in front of our house! So we are in for a ch-ch-change! 

On the walk up the hill…


I went to school up the hill both ways in the snow with now shoes at 6AM … 

that- up the hill…

on the walk up the hill to the bus stop, we tip toed on the shiny dew drops on the grass and shrubs, enjoyed the early bunny rabbits hoping around and the slow peeking of the sun as it woke the earth. Neither Lily nor I are moving people but we did enjoy our short walk up to the bus stop. I think this will be a nice morning ritual.

Hug your babies everyone… hug them tight. They grow up really really fast! I’m not ready for middle school.

SOOOOO we are back to the schedule of things. Lunches, breakfasts, and dreaded Math!



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Best Tips to Fight Germs with Lysol #LysolGermSchool

I headed back to school last month with Lysol. Germ School to be exact. I got schooled you guys! All parents can attest to this – the kids head back to school and within days… days… the whole family is sneezing and sniffling and germing up the entire house. So Lysol decided to school us on how to tackle those pesky germs.

Photo Credit: Will Star
Photo Credit: Will Star

The morning started off with a pop quiz. Takes me back… high panic sets in… did you do the reading, what will they quiz us on? Not to worry, ( unlike my high school days), I aced it. I know a thing or two about germs… having these dragons circling me all the time!


What I did fail however was the hand wash test. To do this, a residue was placed in the palm of our hand and we had to rub it in. Then we were asked to go wash our hands. Me, being the smarty pants that I am… totally did the whole “ sing the alphabet while washing your hands‘ thing. All smug… I was ready to take the test. FAIL! Under the black light you could see that while I did get the residue out of my hands and fingers and back of the hands… it was all over the very edge of my wrist. The wrist! of course… wash your wrists!

Photo Credit: Will Star
\\ these are not my hands \\ Photo Credit: Will Star

The morning was great with a wonderful group of blogging friends, our hosts Audrey [@momgenerations]  and Vera [@verasweeney] were delightful and fun as always and the information was something every parent can use.  [ and that hair! I need to up my hair game]

Photo Credit: Will Star
Photo Credit: Will Star

Alright so what did I learn:


…but seriously…

How are Germs Spread? What are the most common ways that kids and adults get germs?

  • Airborne – sneezing, coughing, even talking.
  • Vector Born – carried by mosquitos and rats.
  • Direct Contact- shaking hands.
  • Indirect Contact – contaminated surfaces. Get your  LYSOL out folks… wipe down those airplane seats/tray tables, train windows that my son likes to LICK, grocery carts… get to wiping with LYSOL.
  • Contaminated Food and Water.

Kids are gross, we know that. But did you know that kids touch and retouch MORE THAN 300 surfaces in 30 minutes.

@AmyOztan and I are up to no kinda good!!!

So, what’s the best thing you can do to prevent a cold and flu?

  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow.
  • Get healthy – diet  and exercise.
  • Wipe down and disinfect your common surfaces often.
  • and please stay home or keep your kids home when you are sick.

Simple right?  Just making sure to wash your hands and staying hydrated and healthy makes a huge difference.

With school back in session,  LYSOL has a new partnership with Box Tops for Education. This means that everytime you get your  LYSOL, you can turn in that pink Box Top to your school to help support the programming at your child’s school.

Photo Credit: Will Star

I’m have been a LYSOL user way before this campaign. My mom uses  LYSOL and passed down her germ fighting ways down to me. The  LYSOL Wipes are my favorite. We use them in bathrooms, kitchens, kids play room, wipe down beach toys, pool toys, and anything we can wipe down. I also take a travel pack with me when I travel. So I know this stuff is good, but did you know –  LYSOL Wipes kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria including flu virus ( H1N1), Staph( MRSA), Salmonella, E-Coli, Norovirus,  and Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1.

Happy Back to School everyone… stay healthy this season!

*this post is sponsored by Lysol*

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Back to School: Backpacks for Tweens

Back To School: Backpacks for Tweens
The kids are in the middle of the hot days of summer and while we here in New York still have over a month and half to go before school starts, most of the country starts in mid August. Lily starts 6th grade, this fall,  and it’s very exciting. Her sense of style is really becoming her own and no longer will I be able to pick out her accessories, clothes and backpacks.
To keep up with your picky tweens awesome personality, I’ve picked a few of our favorite backpacks this season. Everything from the trendy Pokemon to the classic Herchel is here on this list to fit your picky tweens style!
1. Miss Selfridge Holographic Mini Backpack $53 // 2. Accessorize Galazy $59// 3. Realm Divide Backpack $40 VANS // 4. Nintendo Backpack – $40 VANS // 5. Multi Tropical Backpack $34 GO JANE // 6. Herschel Supply Company $100 Nordstrom // 7. Aeropostale $25 // 8. Pokemon $20 HOT TOPIC //
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