Pregnancy: 38 Weeks

So here we are… the home stretch! 38 weeks you guys!!! I feel great, and still, have a lot of energy. This baby girl is not coming out anytime soon! Here we are Pregnancy: 38 Weeks!!

Thomas has been sick all week. Thankfully it’s just him and the rest of us have steered clear of whatever yucky he has going on. I haven’t left the house since Sunday… except to head to the grocery store for a really quick stop and the Doctor. So I too am totally stir crazy!

I’ve really been meaning to update the blog lately, but this life doesn’t stop. I don’t know how people juggle so much. I am, more often than not, left with a feeling of not accomplishing enough in my day. The dishes are always dirty, the laundry has always piled up, the dog hair is everywhere, and the toys are multiplying every second!

Some symptoms of 38 weeks: I’ve been having serious heartburn. Heartburn that has been keeping me up all night and just making the daily grind uncomfortable. After talking to my facebook nation of mamas and taking their advice, I’ve been feeling much better. So how to help ease pregnancy heartburn? Tums, water, bland food and more water. Stay away from seltzer water ( which is all i’ve been drinking) and no spicy foods… also what I have been craving.  Did you have heartburn during pregnancy?

The kids have been really great lately. Everyone has been pitching in to get the house ready for our new addition. Lily has been especially helpful with helping me sort through hand me down baby clothes and helping sort through all the baby gear we have been getting for reviews from my fave brands.

On that note: look for lots of video reviews on some of my fave products! I have soooo much to share about baby gear since I’ve been an expert in the baby gear industry for about 5 YRS now. side side note: I should make this baby gear expert thing… a thing. Like really do more with getting my info out to the masses. OK, Gameplan! You have to hold me accountable!

My body feels good in this 38 week of pregnancy. I wake up with tons of energy… if I’ve slept. But around 3 pm… forget it. I’m down for the count. 3 pm is also when the kids come home from school so the timing isn’t always ideal. I usually give the kids a snack and then pop in a movie so we can all just rest for an hour. This usually does the trick. Thomas has nicknamed the baby gurlgurl... and it’s sticking!

I’m not eating much these days either. There just doesn’t seem to be any room in the belly. I’ve been noshing on small tiny snacky meals. Fruit, plantain chips, broccoli cravings, and yogurt… all day!

My BabyCenter email for 38 weeks came out this week and they suggested I get massages, take care of myself, have some me time. This is great and all but who is doing this exactly. I have no time to even process and filter my own thoughts most days. It’s a nice idea I guess. Did you make time for pampering during pregnancy? I didn’t really do anything pamperingish with Thomas either. hmmm… missing out.

So baby watch 2018 is officially underway. We’re just sitting around and waiting for this little gurlgurl to come out and say hi!


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