Weekend Vibes: A day at the Dia:Beacon

Art is a healing medium and i’ve been pretty stressed, as have most of you, within this current social climate. I have been feeling hopeless, helpless and just angry. So we’ve been getting out and roaming the lands, and taking day trips all over the Hudson Valley.

One of our favorite museums in New York is the Dia: Beacon. The Dia:Beacon is north of Manhattan, in the Hudson Valley in the town of Beacon. The museum is housed in a space that used to be the Nabisco box printing factory. This museum features large-scale installations and interactive site specifics.

I used to go to this museum before kids and these days, we just take the kids with us. All the installations are large and take up an entire gallery space, there are no borders or limits to experiencing this museum.

It’s important to expose children to all styles of art. I especially love the Dia because the presentation of these pieces is like none other. You are not looking at a painting on the wall or a classic sculpture. These are art installations that you interact with, you enter into and you add to the artful perspective. Thomas immediately caught on to Fred Sandback’s – Untitled (construction) series. In this minimalist piece, that takes up multiple rooms, Sandback outlines the vertical space with yarn to create a space. Thomas upon seeing this immediately said, ” it looks like there is something there… but there is nothing there, look I can walk right through it”. 

Lily loved the works of Dan Flavin, His light sculptures were throughout the museum and she loved the playful nature of the light and how it appears to change color the more you look at it.

On the weekends there are kids programs and my kids love getting lost in all the supplies and creating whatever inspires them. Lily made Thomas a dress out of the materials and Thomas was only too happy to get her undivided attention for that long.

My favorite has always been the massive Richard Serra sculptures. We loved dancing amidst them and walking through the winding spaces. The Merce Cunningham Dance Company did a dance site-specific at the Dia a few years ago and it was quite stunning.

The Dia is such a gem up here in the Hudson Valley. It’s a quick train ride up the Metro North from NYC and once here, the town of Beacon is full of small shops and restaurants. It’s one of our favorite weekend getaways.

The Dia has locations in NYC as well. Swing by their site to get all the info.

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