5 Weeks Until Christmas and 5 Toys You Need Now!


We have a little over 5 weeks before Jolly Old Saint Nicholas is going to come sliding down the chimney to drop off lots of toys for your kids! I’ve come across some really fantastic toys for this season that will appeal to kids of all ages and maybe even adults… can you say… LEGO DISNEY CASTLE! It’s stunning!

These are few of the favorites that are Thomas and Lily approved. As you know, most if not all of these toys have been tested by me and my crew… AKA Thomas and Lily… and usually Jonah gets a hold of something  and after clawing it out of his jaw… we write about it.

Disney Castle LEGO

Disney Castle Playset – LEGO – $349.00 I don’t know about the kids, but I WANT THIS. The Disney Castle play set has 4080 pieces and builds an amazingly detailed Disney Castle. This is a MUST for Disney Fans. Get it while you can… it’s selling quick!

Torch Blazin Dragon

Torch My Blazin Dragon – Hasbro $65 It’s not the Game of Thrones Khaleesi Dragons… but it’ll do for the kids. This dragon blinks and breathes fire and even “toasts’ marshmallows! Also a hot item this season… so grab it!

Thomas and Friends Mini Playset

Thomas and Friends Minis Twist and Turn Stunt Set $20  This entire line in on my Thomas’s wish list. He can’t get enough of these minis. They twist and turn and spiral back up. Thomas and Friends Minis Playset also have a whole new DC Superheros line… Thomas as Batman… believe it!


Sky Viper Hover Racer $99.99 This hover craft is #1 on Lily’s list. It’s tough to find toys for kids as they get older so I was super excited to discover the Sky Viper. It’s a great, sturdy quality, that can handle rough play and a giant dog going after it!


Love2Learn Elmo HASBRO $59.99 – Just when you think you have outgrown the Elmo stage… they reel you back in. This is the new 2016 version that is bluetooth compatible. Imagine Thomas’ surprise when Elmo said his name! There is soooo much this new version of Elmo does that I could write a whole piece on it. It helps with learning alphabet, numbers, colors, silly phrases and songs… so much more! PJ Masks Headquarters Playset

PJ Masks Headquarters Playset – $69.99 Thomas is WISHING for this playset. We can’t find it anywhere!! PJ Masks – which is NOT TJ MAXX –  I thought he was saying this all along… anyway PJ MASKS is Thomas’ favorite show and if you have a toddler/preschooler then you know what I am talking about. This Headquarters Playset is all he wants and it’s sold out practically everywhere. It’s such a fun toy that has spinning parts a slide and whatever else magic that Thomas is into. No really though… if you have a PJ MASKS fan… this HAS to be under your tree. Along with every PJ MASKS toy made!

There is so much. SO PLEASE keep stopping by. I want to have short gift guides this year so as not to overwhelm anyone. We have DIY guides, Craft, indie… all sorts of guides coming up and soooo many toys!

One more thing… from my soapbox… PLEASE try to shop local… I know that some small toy shops don’t carry these toys ( but some might). If you do shop online, please link your shopping spending to a charity many places like Amazon and Target allow you to do that.

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Dear Hillary Clinton

This is a quote by John Wesley... Hillary Clinton, the devout Methodist that she is... uses this as her inspired mission.
This is a quote by John Wesley… Hillary Clinton, the devout Methodist that she is… uses this as her inspired mission.

Dear Hillary Clinton,


I FAILED YOU. I did not voice my political opinion early enough for fear of social stigma. I did not work tirelessly for you and for us – For my kids.

I let you down.

I owe you my future.

Regardless of what the political electoral outcome… YOU –  Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton – are MY leader.

You are my inspiration, my guide, and you are my voice.

You have started a movement and I am in. You have broken the ceiling Hillary… the ceiling has been shattered… because us girls have a new voice, we have the OK to ask for what we want, to expect more, to be more and not ever stand for bad behavior and shitty ideas. You lifted us up and you are going to keep on being the voice for us.

Hillary, you ARE my president, you ARE my leader… you are my future.

I mourned today… like the rest of the nation, because please remember… YOU WON. Y O U WON!! But electoral votes cramped that style.

Thank you for this voice, thank you for this fearless voice, thank you for inspiring my 11YO, for putting the fire in her change-making belly!

YOU are ALIVE in us all… just you watch… we are going to look ‘them’ in the eye and say… here we are, now what! Love is going to win. We are going to win.

Hillary, I let you down – I should have shouted your name from the rooftops.

But here I am… we are moving forward.

As our Methodist faith says – “Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, in all the ways you can, as long as ever you can.”

You, Hillary Clinton are MY FUTURE… we are not done.

“Democracy DEMANDS our participation” Hillary Clinton #ImSTILLwithHER



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