Back From Summer! 

We are back in business after a full summer of sunshine and salty sea air!

Our whole family just returned from an amazing few weeks in Florida. The white sugar sand, fresh seafood, time with family, chasing dolphins, late night fishing and endless sunsets.  Summer was busy over here.

The New York Mom

It’s almost been a year since we moved to our new house. We STILL haven’t unpacked. OMG how is that even possible!!! This month of September I’m hoping to tackle the whole unpacking and purging situation.

I also took some much-needed time to re-evaluate this blog, revisit some old ideas and come up with a few new things.  I’m adding video, getting back to my DIY roots and just committing to be a lot more consistent.

The New York Mom

Lily starts middle school next week… MIDDLE SCHOOL. did you hear that? How did we become parents of a middle schooler! and no.. she is STILL not allowing us to post any pictures of her… except once in a rare while.

Welp… life marches on right. I always take the beginning of the school year as a FRESH START for me as well. We are all back on schedules, everyone has a place to be and things to do and sometimes it’s THAT much more easier when you have a structured schedule.

also.. fall season! It’s my absolute favorite!


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HGTV Blogger Block Party! YOU are invited!


I’m thrilled to partner up with HGTV Magazine to invite YOU to the HGTV Blogger Block Party! I’m SUCH a fan of everything HGTV – all their home reno’s, DIY tips and tricks and house hunting shows. You know we just moved to our new house in the NYC suburbs and HGTV Magazine has been our go to resources for everything house!

So all you Makers, Design Lovers, DIYers… get ready! On August 22nd HGTV Magazine is having their 3rd annual Blogger Block Party and they want YOU to attend and be part of the fun. This all- day event is for you Makers and DIYers to meet your favorite HGTV celebs. There are tons of live demonstrations during the day and interactive participation opps!

The lineup is pretty exciting with appearances  by HGTV Magazine editor in chief Sara Peterson, Emily Henderson, John & Sherry Petersik of Young House Love, Genevieve Gorder, and Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte!   Event Address: 404 10th Avenue, New York City Event Date & Time: August 22, 2016 at 12:00 pm – 8 pm Make sure to RSVP!!!

Here is YOUR personal invite… from me to you! Hope to can make it on August 22!!

Thank you to HGTV Magazine for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own. #ad

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Beach Days – How To Build a Palaylia

My kids come with the wildest ideas on what to call their creative creations. We spent a week on Shelter Island last month and played in the water and sand every single day. Thomas started building ‘Palaylias’. These are ornate sand dunes surrounded by a deep moat with water fed directly from the waves.

I don’t know how he decided on the name, expect one day when Matt joined us on our Palaylia building project… Thomas proudly declared – You want to build a Palaylia.

and so it was… Palaylia. Pronounced : Pa – lay- lia. sound it out!

Thomas loved playing on the beach. He does remember his beach days from last summer but this year, he is now 3, it’s such a different experience. He also has no fear at all and at any given moment he’s neck-deep in the water…waves and all.

At this point I KNOW you are curious and want to build a Palaylia of your very own. Being the DIY diva that I am … not… I will teach you the secrets of the Palaylia.

How to Build a Palaylia:

  • Pick your spot right at the tide line. The waves should wash into your Palaylia moat.
  • Dig up lots of sand to make a massive sand mound.
  • Make sure your sand mound is half wet and half dry sand.
  • Dig a moat all around your sand mound.
  • Collect seashells. Lots of them.
  • Place seashells all over the sand mound. Try to cover ever single sand space.
  • Find a feather or drift wood to place on the very top of your sand mound.
  • Walk in circles around the sand mound backwards chanting the lyrics to Cake by the Ocean. (optional)
  • Step away and watch the waves come into your Palaylia.

E N J O Y !

We are heading off to Florida in about a week… more beaches and more Palaylias.

*Thomas made this word up. Please don’t take it for your marketing gain without credit!*

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