and then one day

your little baby

who would ask to be carried up the stairs to bed

who would jump in every puddle she every saw

who would hold your leg for support – lean way back – and look up at you and say, ” mommy, i love you”

who would hug you with all her might with her tiny hands barely wrapping around even half your waist...

your little baby …

turns eleven.

The New York Mom

Happy Birthday to my sweetest Lily


// shows me compassion

// teaches me forgiveness

// feeds my imagination

// and truly believes that i – her flawed mother – is much more awesome that I ever think.

I thank God for you everyday Lily. every single day  Even at your dragon moments, because it’s within those dragon moments that you are becoming fierce and finding your patience, your strength, and your human limitations. I am honored that I get to be the one who guides you through this life and join in on your adventures.

// To the moon… nothing left! //



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