Halloween Costume Ideas with TTPM


Halloween is just a day away and if you STILL haven’t fond a costume… not to worry. There are still tons available at all the big box stores like target and Party City!

The kids came to work – at TTPM – with me last month to review and model Halloween costumes. Lily loved it! She is a total natural when it comes to the camera. Since we did not have a boy model her age, she worked on both the boy and girl costumes. Her faves were Kylo Ren from the upcoming Star Wars movie. But i loved how she rocked a hip- pop in the Captain America costume! Well hey!

Warning… tons of super cute pics ahead! 

ummm… the little MOTO… interrupting a Star Wars video shoot. psha! 

Thomas had his moment in front of the camera and did not disappoint. From poo poo diapers to fighting with everyone and even trying to take a nap while being filmed… he was a one MOTO wrecking machine all day!   

You should swing by TTPM.com for all the costume ideas you could ever need!

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Fall Weekend in Westchester

My sister and brother-in-law came to visit us for the weekend. I love when my sister visits, she is my comfort food. well not like chomp chomp food…but comfort “food for the soul” kinda food. The kids love having their Dita and Bart around and at any given moment they just throw themselves across the room for a wrestle match! Jonah included. The kids get dental checkups  from the cutest dentist in Seattle!

Fall in Northern Westchester is glorious this year. Every morning we awake to crisp air, leaves bursting with every color of fall and busy little squirrels collecting their provisions for the winter months.

We finally got the invisible fence up and Jonah has enjoyed laps and laps and laps around the yard. Our Halloween skeleton has had for her place in the yard and we are semi unpacked.

“here lies Sally Mae – she gave out loans til the end of her days” ! 

The local town Halloween Parade was this past weekend and Thomas was thrilled to participate in his first ever parade. He totally hammed it up in his – Periwinkle – costume. Lily was a skeleton flapper which I thought was pretty original.

We’ve really been enjoying a slower pace of life. Everything we need and want to do is right outside out front door. The kids have no shortage of bike riding partners or playmates at any given moment and these fall evenings are full of walks around the neighborhood and collecting acorns and making friends.

The fireplace has been lit a few times already and it’s been a pretty magical glimpse into the winter months when we can just nestle our achy bodies in front of the warm hearth.

Happy Fall Y’all!

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Weekly Promises

Weekly Promises I make weekly promises to myself to help me fine tune and navigate this life of mine. There is so much that I want to do and sometimes it can all seem overwhelming if looked at in one great big “thought cloud”. So I break down my wants and wishes and hopes to quick 5 day routines. This way I can add more good habits each week while keeping the ones from the week before. I call them – Weekly Promises. The start of a week is a great ‘refresh’ button and I for one love a good clean slate! Looking at the bigger picture, I sometimes feel so very isolated in my own space, keeping this family train on its tracks and just making sure we are all functioning as we should. Forgetting the bigger, greater world around us. These weekly promises are helping me think and act and react to my living space and those around me while also being mindful of the moments in immediate time.

This week I’ve promised to:

  • Cook root vegetables : It’s the fall season and some roasted turnips, squash, carrots sounds delish!
  • Overlook small things. I am super guilty of letting small things get to me. This week I wont complain about the empty toilet paper roll, the towel thrown in the middle of the hallway, the dishes in the sink.
  • Be kind. I tell lily all the time… you don’t have to be nice… but you always have to be kind. This was especially hard when she was being bullied in school. But us adults need reminders to be kind everyday. To grocery store employee checking you out, to the neighbor who complains about your leaf pile, or even just your family. Be kind.
  • Call a friend. In this era of texting and FB being the official form of communication a phone call is valuable beyond measure and a snail mail note… that’s just awesome!
  • Patience. This is a really tough one for me. I have a short patience fuse and this fuse always goes off with my family. So patience… breathe, relax, slow down, patience.
  • Being Mindful – how many times are we rocking the baby to sleep while checking email on the phone or trying to chat with the kids while finishing up just one more email. I am very guilty of all this. In order to help me be mindful, i have to be prepared and plan ahead. Waking up early to catch up on work or emails or whatever moment I need before the day begins is the key to living in a mindful space.
  • Go to bed before 1am. This is tough one since I usually have a really long list of stuff to accomplish after the kids go to bed. Also this promise is on my list every week!

That’s it. Small steps that add up to big changes. Some of these are ongoing because they just don’t make a fix-all for patience.

Do you make weekly promises to yourself? Whats on your weekly list?


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5 things you – grown adults – need to stop saying and doing right NAO

you are an adult… unless you are a kid. but most people reading my site are grown adults – paying bills – contributing to society – community leaders – parents –  and all around valuable humans who inspire and teach and are role models to little humans around them.

so why in the seven kingdoms ( i miss you jon snow) are you saying and doing things that are saved for teens and tweens in their angst stages. Come on grown ups… it’s our turn right now… it’s our turn up here. Lets pull this together!

*full disclosure*

I‘m sick today and that means my whole world has just shut down. Don’t you hate that. My overactive brain and body have been FORCED to shut down and i am utterly bored laying in bed with my sweet beast on my legs. And when i am stir crazy, i spend endless time on crackbook…like you … and thus this post! This post is sponsored by my utter boredom!

5 things you need to stop saying right NAO: { like maybe even in 2001}

  1. On Fleek. no just stop this. what does this mean even. my goodness. save this for the yungones ok. let them have their word back. don’t say this in public. nothing you do is EVER on fleek!
  2. Leggings are NOT pants. Peter Pan was knocking on your window last night {and every night since you started wearing leggings as pants} and he wants his look back! but when I am checking out at the grocery store and your no-pant wearing bum is staring at me… gross. they are leggings… not pants. take them right back to the second star on the left … and straight on to morn!
  3. Facebook is NOT trying to steal your pictures! Stop posting things on your Facebook wall without reading and researching everything. don’t you teach this to your little humans… learn the facts before you jump to conclusions. your FB pictures are already public, it’s a public forum. if you don’t want people to steal your pictures then … just. don’t. post. them. WHAT! yes no one needs to know what a perfect life you have and then steal those pictures for themselves. 
  4. FB statuses where you announce to the world that you “cleaned out”  your friends list. and I made the cut! (yea?) this is kinda rude no? i mean how many fake friends did you have anyway that you had to do a ‘clean out’. also you are a grown up… this sort of thing is for the kiddies save the high school dramz for the high-schoolers.
  5. Posting awful war images or abused animal and tragic human pictures. what are you doing here? are you saying ‘look, so sad’. yes it’s totally sad, its heart breaking, it’s unbearable. we are all online and responsible humans who have access to the news. we know this already! what are you doing about it? why are you posting this –  while you are watching dancing with the stars and bored during commercial breaks. here’s what… unless you are actually on the front-lines fighting the good fight and have started an organization to actively help… then no… stop it. you are feeding your online need for ‘likes’ and commentary at the expense of real animals and humans who are going through something very real….that you are not doing anything about. commercial is over.

Alright. that’s it. now go put on some pants!

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MOST WANTED Toys for Holiday 2015

That’s right folks! Tis the Season for gifting. This year let’s avoid getting into a brawl with the other last-minute parental shoppers – over that hot toy that you child just MUST HAVE under the tree. I’ve got you covered with all the top toys, the hottest trends, the new stuff, the specialty stuff and all of it! We start this massive gifting coverage this season with one of my most favorite events in NYC every year! TTPM Holiday Showcase.  

full disclosure, i work for this company and personally review toys and baby gear. TTPM has their finger on the pulse of the toy space. Also this is not a sponsored post. Just sharing the gifting knowledge. 

The most anticipated toy showcase in NYC took place last week in Chelsea. TTPM hosted their Fall Toy Showcase for a select group of national media. The ‘most wanted’ toy list was released and some of my favorite brands and toys made the cut.

I’ve been covering toy trends for a few years and I think that this years the toy industry has hit it out of the park. The toys are smarter, better, gender neutral. The market isn’t saturated with dolls whose proportions are completely ridiculous and tech seems to be prominent but not in a – sit on the couch and play- sort of way. The TTPM Holiday Showcase had an entire ” boutique” toy section for the specialty toys. What a brilliant idea. I love speciality toys, The wooden toys, the creative DIY kits, the eco friendly toys. I love the specialty market and it was really great to see them in the showcase this year. Something for every gift list!

Thomas was my little assistant for the day and immediately took to all his favorite finds.

Lionel Trains had the classic christmas tree set up with one of their trains circling and Thomas loved this. Lionel Trains are a great brand and make quality, detailed trains for collectors and toddler. We love this brand and have an older set that we use under our tree. 

Thomas’s latest obsession has been Hot Wheels. Anything and everything Hotwheels. So imagine his excitement when he saw this huge and very impressive HotWheels garage. It holds a ridiculous number of hotwheels with all the curving racing action we expect from Hotwheels playsets. 

Don’t look behind you Thomas!

The Go Go Smart Wheels display from VTech was probably his favorite… well beside the choo choos. The PR person was so sweet with Thomas and showed him all the features. Thomas at 2 Years Old, took the remote and without so much as a prompt started making it work. He is so in tune with technology but mainly because toy companies are making it easy for little kids to handle remote controls and tech toys. 

We spent some time oohing and aaahing over the KidTrax ride on toys. Thomas was asked to drive the fire truck around the showroom…we declined eeks! . And probably saved a few lives in the process!   The DinoTrux themed toys were really cool. with lots of moving parts and changing parts and well they are dinosaurs and trucks all in one. It’s a little MOTO dream come true!

There was so much to cover at the TTPM Holiday Showcase. Thomas worked up an appetite and then circled the lunch tables until it was time to eat. Whew… all in a days work.

Here is the TTPM 2015 MOST WANTED LIST. I agree with all of these choices!


          TOYS FOR BIG KIDS: 

There ya have it!!

Also look for more The New York Mom Holiday Gift Guides coming up on the blog. I have this massive coverage planned because I know how challenging it is to navigate the world of toys. Good news is that this is a great year for innovative toys, DIY kits, toddler toys… all of it. Even the tweens and teens have a great selection this year!

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