The Fat Lady Has Not Sung

The New York Mom

* lots of spelling errors and random around-the-bush type of thoughts ahead! Read with a soft heart* 

you know what they say….

it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

well folks… the fat lady… whoever she is… has not sung.

our closing date has been moved to maybe september 4th.
or later

this is heartbreaking since we have been sooooo patiently awaiting this freaking closing of the house and now because of an unknown glitch in the sellers documents …. we have to wait longer.

* recap* – we are moving to the burbs. Matt has a new awesome gig. We had to buy a house in 6weeks and have been living like nomads since June 28! … and go* 

At this point, i am a hotel living pro… we are all hotel living pros.

I’m getting used to the midnight crash bedtimes, the hotel breakfasts, the air, the housekeeping, the eating at restaurants every single meal, the bleeding of my wallet and the over chlorine pools.

Lily starts school on wednesday… while we are still in a hotel… and this makes my heartbreak.

I really wanted and expected to be in our own new home when she started 5th grade.

What I really feel like doing is stomping my feet and screaming and yelling. but i’m over it. I need a hug, I need everyone to say… this sucks.. this is kinda normal in the new york market when you don;t have family you can move in with and you HAD to find a home in 6 weeks before moving out of your home! DAYUM!

We have maybe gotten into a rhythm this hotel living thing and our summer has been nothing but adventures and new places and amazing food and indulgences we normally wouldn’t engage in. So no complaints.

right? not really.

i feel bad for Lily… she’s nervous and she’s starting a new school and a new town and a new everything. But she’s amazing and strong… and it’s an adventure. we keep reminding her of that.

Hey you know what’s awesome… our friends.

This whole experience has taught us the value of friendship and reminded us of those amazing wonderful people we will be growing old with. just think… porch swingin, mint julip sippin, late night chattin, old folks commune livin…

// To lenore for being my constant amazing pillar of support, humor, art, dance, laundry and love.

To my sister and brother-in-law for constantly checking in on us and reminding us of the awesome life that awaits us when we do move in.

To Carrie for the playdates and looooong hikes with 2 slooow toddlers.

To Sharon for the mad love. the food, the wine, the gifts…i mean love love love love… unconditional.

To Leigh for the pool party to say – welcome to the hood!

To Anna for volunteering to take the kids AND the dog… you can have them ( some days)

To Lara for the invite to PA…

Kathy for offering to open up her home

To our parents for … well everything. do i even need to mention them!

We feel semi normal thanks to the support of our friends. //

I totally am aware that we are OK and it is all going to be OK and we are “moving to a freaking coveted part of the burbs for christs sake” … as commented on a previous post. ( thanks for that stern reminder in a meanie face tone)

Yes I get it… but my struggles and battles are mine and I am going through it. don’t negate this.

We have to function, with Matt’s demanding full-time job , My many freelance gigs and many many coveted projects and press trips i’ve have to turn down, my potential tarnished reputation professionally, juggling a 2.5 YO MOTO who does not ever stop moving, a 10YO who is starting a new school, new town, new everything.. while also trying to figure out how to be 10!

It’s my struggle.

I thank my friends, family and YOU…. dear reader… for being a constant. The best part about this blog is sharing my daily grind and getting the gift of advice and support from unexpected spaces. I thank you for that.

ok so back to the moving date… september 4th… at the earliest. Cross all yer fingahs and toes!


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Back to School Must Haves for Tweens

I know the rest of you have had your kids in school for the past few weeks…but those of us here in the NorthEast still have over a week to go. This year Lily… my sweet 10-year-old fashion opinion generator… has decided to chime in on my Back to School round-up.

As Lily is getting older, I have loved seeing an evolution in her style. Some day’s she relaxed, other times she fancy, and she certainly has an eye for spotting trends.  Lily isn’t really a follower of fashion she sorta blazes her own trail! ( says the proud mom)  A little fashion blogger in the making!

It’s important to let your child experiment with what they are wearing, it’s their way of figuring out who they are, what they like and what makes them feel comfortable. These items on our list have  all been hand-picked by… my tween fashionista …Lily. We all know 10-year-old – 5th graders are the pickiest of all sooooo for your Back to School shopping… I give you Lily’s personal // must – have // list! Back to School2015

  1. Whether it’s picture day, no gym day or the first day of school, a casual dress is a staple . Dress this up with fancy shoes or some fall boots and a jean jacket for multiple looks throughout the year.  $58JCREW.COM 
  2. A simple yet total statement piece top coat goes from fall to winter to spring and even an evening at the movies with friends. This one from Appaman stands out in the crowd as a total classic.  $99APPAMAN.COM  
  3. Ok I am soooo glad Lily picked this color because it’s my absolute favorite. Kanken Bags have a cult following and if you don’t have one… GET THEE ONE NAO! Kanken – Kanken Backpacks – Fjallraven $75FJALLRAVEN.US 
  4. Basically we covet every sort of bauble from CrewCuts… and while we are at it… the Jcrew jewels line too. This pink elephant adds a pop of color and whimsy to any outfit.  $19JCREW.COM
  5. 5th grade begins a whole new world of wonder so we thought it would a great time to start a – line or thought a day – sort of journal. Low commitment but a nice memory of the year.  $17TARGET.COM
  6. Planet Box makes all sorts of compartment boxes and we want them all. But we only have one and love it. These are a bit pricey but you only need one. The stainless steel is easy to clean, rejects bacteria and is eco-friendly. $75 PLANETBOX.COM
  7. Another stainless steel item. The Kid Kanteens are mini version of the KleanKantees which there is no shortage in this home. Even the little MOTO has a baby Kanteen milk bottle. KLEANKANTEEN.COM
  8. We love our BOGS! We really do. These shoes are classic, fashionable without sacrificing one ounce of practicality. These boots are waterproof and are good for fall, winter and spring.  $95BOGSFOOTWEAR.COM
  9. Have you seen Charm It Charms bracelets and necklaces? We love these and gave the bracelets out as birthday party favors for lily’s 8th birthday. These charm bracelets have tons of charms with every theme possible and the pops of colors and kitschy factor are perfection! Love to Travel Gift Set $27 SHOPCHARM-IT.COM

Happy school year everyone!

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The New York MOm

The New York Mom

We are STILL in a hotel and counting down the days until August 31.


I had this whole post written about how stressed I am and how … get this… even though our hotel room is bigger than most NYC apartments.. it’s still JUST NOT ENOUGH! so silly right! Stop complaining me thinks!

and then i checked my FB stream. Good ole crackbook… putting things into perspective… sometimes.

and I came across the Humans Of New York feed.

If you are not following this AMAZING movement….i’ll call Brandon and his photos and stories a movement…because he’s creating SUCH change in the world.

You should FOLLOW this now.

Humans Of New York has been in Pakistan for the past few weeks and he’s been profiling people all over the country. The stories are heartbreaking, beautiful and painful. These people are facing difficulties I can NEVER imagine.


i grew up in India and I have first hand seen these struggles in that country. It’s real.

and here I am… complaining about having the luxury of a luxurious hotel room, fancy dinners, playdates, and every luxury for my kids while we await the closing of a gorgeous home in a very coveted suburb of NYC.


I am thankful for my blessings.

But please follow HUMANS OF NEW YORK. It’s my daily dose of humility, life, love, prayer and all of it!


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still going

It’s been a while. I know. but honestly i just haven’t been able to muster up the energy or the inspiration to write anything or do anything.

What’s great about blogging is the warm community it creates and it’s been really touching to get emails and messages from you… ma readers… asking if all is well.. due to the lack of writing here on this ole blog. As you know we are moving to Northern Westchester.


All is well. really it is. We have some wild hotel stories that were just classic.

One night we had a fire drill in the middle of the night and the Volunteer Fire Department didn’t know how to open the hinged door nor did they know the pass code to access the room with the control box. My handy Volunteer Fire Department experience came in handy and I helped them unhinge the doors and gave them the code to the control room.

Another night, a drunk driver hit the light pole outside the hotel which caused a blackout for the whole day.

Then there was the time when some trendy band moved into the room next to us and we had crying teens, tour buses and lots of security activity going on all over the place. Exciting.

How about the fancy brides in their wedding gowns or the crying toddler flower girls throwing fits in their fancy dresses. We’ve enjoyed our stay at our hotel.

This week we are in ShelterIsland. Our annual weekly getaway. It’s such a secret retreat. Not really a secret i guess but while everyone is trying to keep up with the madness of the Hamptons… Shelter Island hosts the cool kids.

Our closing is August 31. SO we are almost at the finish line. While overall we try to see the adventure of it all, it’s been a struggle for me. we have been spending money like crazy and that stresses me out to no end. We have also been on permanent vacation which can get old really quickly. I am such a busy body and love being busy and doing things all the time. But these days, all i crave is a lazy day in my home with cooking in the kitchen ( yes i said cooking in the kitchen, that’s how dire it is), kids running around, Jonah sprawled across the floor and Matt tinkering at something somewhere. I just want a lazy day.

When you are living in a hotel lazy days are not possible. Well the kids were sick for 2 days last week so it forced me to stay indoors for over 48 hours. Which almost put me over the edge.

We’ve been watching too much Disney Channel – which is just awful and we never watch Disney anyway ( yes i am probably Disney blacklisted for saying this… but whatever) but it’s the only kid friendly channel at the hotel room….. i could bore you with my complaints.

But the good stuff you guys… the good stuff is that this family of mine is solid. Like totally solid. we actually LIKE being in close quarters for long periods of time. Matt and I feel like kids somedays … on this silly adventure doing silly things with our sillier kids. I am blessed. and the biggest things… in this economy… we can afford this displacement. This in itself is a blessing!

Our friends are great and are always up to joining us on our adventures, inviting us over to do laundry and a tall glass of red. Which by the way… have you heard about Wash.Fold.Go. laundry . You guys… i dropped off a TON of laundry at this place and they washed it, fluffed it, folded it and neatly hung it up and packaged it up for me. all for $40! what!!! I might be missing a toddler flower swimsuit here and there but whatever… i might never do laundry every again!

4 weeks to house closing… ya hear me!

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