But Jon Snow

It could be worse…but right now… it’s pretty tough.

but before I get into it. Jon Snow is // probably // most likely // rumor has it // but someone got pictures //… coming back to Game of Thrones. I’ll even take him as a white walker!

SO. basically i have checked out of my professional obligations… except for a couple of priorities. My writing assignments have taken a back seat to trying to desperately navigate the daily schedule of life in a hotel room.

The natives get restless every second and if I don’t have us out and about engaged in something they sense the fear in my blood and attack.

That’s really how it is raising kids anyway… but just times a gazillion when in a cramped space in temporary conditions.

all that said – the kids are LOOOVING our summer madness adventure. so i guess i shouldn’t complain


apparently JON SNOW is coming back to Game of Thrones because a sneaky fan photographed him on a flight to Belfast, Ireland where GOT is being filmed.  Also spotted on that very same flight were other cast members… not a coincidence. SO as long as Jon Snow is still alive… I can still keep these natives under control.

But just to throw some comedy for effect – this evening at 11:30 PM the room next to us checked in with a dog. Not a cool giant breed like our beast but rather a tiny yippy yappy thing that has NOT YET STOPPED BARKING! it’s now 12:15 AM. The kids think this is awesome and hilarious and Jonah has been snorting and grunting for the past half hour.

So there.

Did I mention Matt is out-of-town this week –

my face has broken out in a heat rash –

and i am in a chlorine pool every single day…

Yes… that too.


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oh mondays

It’s monday. and a few weeks ago I had decided that instead of drowning in the agony of the monday blahs, i am going to embrace mondays and treat them like a new beginning.

The New York Mom

So here we are. Monday.

I see you giving me the side eye monday

especially because Matt is out-of-town for 3 days and I am all alone in a hotel room with the kids and the beast and have to find ways to stay busy and keep them all entertained ever single moment of the day.

I see you trying to take me down monday.

But you will not win lady. (yes i think monday is a lady who plays silly mind games with us all).

My little army of friends have swooped down to take me out to dinner, brings bottles of wine by the hotel room at 10am, facilitate my laundry situation and offer up liquid lunches. So you see lady monday. We got this… you can stay where you are… i’m moving on to tuesday!

Update: we had to switch hotels unexpectedly because our last hotel was gross and unprofessional and our walls and floors were shaking from the wedding events they frequently have. 5.5 weeks until closing… i see the light! 

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Life: While We Wait

We are only on day 5 of staying in a hotel while we wait for the closing of our house. It’s been a challenge trying to keep up with my writing assignments, dealing with hotel wi-fi, and keeping Thomas occupied while living in one room. Matt’s gone all day to work and Lily has been in DC with her grandmother and cousin for a summer adventure. It’s been me, Thomas and Jonah all day trying to stay busy to keep from going crazy!

I wake up fairly early to get a head start on emails and work and then by the time Thomas wakes up 6AM… it’s go time. Matt is out by 8am and we are left… staring at the whole empty day ahead of us.

IMG_7165.JPGThomas thinks it’s SUCH a treat to wake up every morning and walk down the hill to the Lobby of our hotel, grab our orange juice and fresh waffles, sit outside on the balcony for breakfast and talk about our day ahead! This usually entails big plans to catch a bear or shark or dinosaur and ways for him to collect money to buy some Hot Wheels toy he has his eye on. 

We’ve been going to the charming town of Coldspring a lot. This little town, along the Hudson Valley has been one of my favorite getaways for years and now we get to hang out there practically everyday, lunching at the Foundry Cafe, getting to know the locals, and just wander as if we belong there.

Thomas has had no trouble making friends at the park and loves the quaint Tots Park right in the middle of town. We head back to the hotel for an afternoon nap which is quite the challenge because Thomas is unfamiliar with the space and just wants to run around. After a nap we take Jonah on a quick hike and then spend endless hours waddling in the swimming holes we have discovered or collecting sticks and rocks.

Matt comes home in the evening and my whole body does a happy dance!! Yes relief! Human contact… human conversation!

We have been treating ourselves to dinners out at our favorite Northern Westchester restaurants. Thankfully there is no shortage of REALLY amazing grub up here.

It’s hard chasing around a toddler all day in a hotel environment. We’re not home so there is no such thing as letting him play while I get work done or any sort of break. He sees me in the same room as him and immediately wants to play… all the time!  Keeping up with this little wrecking ball MOTO is engagement every. second. of. every. moment. Non stop.

This week Thomas kept me on my toes by : Falling into a thorn-bush, eating a roasted green chili at dinner, stepping into a snake hole, throwing Cheerios all over the hotel room, spilling orange juice all over his car seat, throwing sticks at me, throwing rocks at me, taking off his diaper and running through the lobby … the list goes on. He’s being 2. He’s doing his job… and I just have to keep up! Honestly if I can make it through every day with all his limbs in tact… i feel pretty good.

Of course as expected, bedtime is a total joke! He hasn’t been going to bed until 11pm-ish. and when i wake up at 4am to get work done… this does not give me a big window for anything.

The New York MomNext week we are heading to our friends house for a few hours and sit in a real kitchen and eat a meal and do laundry. Simple luxuries that you take for granted everyday.

I’m not complaining really. I guess I am… but I’m just venting really. I know people have it much worse than us and I am so blessed that we can afford to stay in a great place while we wait to move into our awesome new home. I know there are single parents out there who have it MUCH worse and there IS no escape. At least this is temporary… I get it. I get it all. I am very thankful for our life and I know that we will look back on this whole experience and think it was SUCH an adventure. I know i know. But it doesn’t negate how tough it is and how completely anxious I feel right now.

As always this online space is a journal of sorts and good and not so good I try to keep it real… it’s the daily dailies of our life!


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moving update


can we chat like old friends? because right now… i need to chat like friends. i don;t want you to judge me or weigh in on my #firstworldproblems . i just want you to listen and say – hey girl, you got this. and make sure to wear some fab lipstick while you do it up!

so here goes.

you know we are moving to Westchester County … like right now! or trying to at least. 

we have been happily drowning in the love, care, and safety-net of our family in Florida for the past few weeks –  while holding our breath about the status of our home we are buying here in New York. yes, we are in contract. sorta. yes, we love the house and neighborhood but there is soooo much that can go wrong before the actual closing date.

which by the way… might be august 31 … or… *weep* … later.

so today we arrived back in NY and checked into a hotel for the entire rest of the month of July. we have a few family trips in August already planned so our august living status is up in the air.

you guys… i am freaking out and every being of my bones wants to just cry. matt and I are bleeding money… bleeeeeeeding money right now. Home inspector fees, attorney fees ( you must have an attorney in the state of NY when buying a house), moving, closing costs and staying at a hotel that meets our needs +  the needs of 2 active kids all summer… it’s a lot.

our move is different because we are out of our old home… done. chapter closed. but our new place is not signed, sealed, and delivered just yet. so we are in total limbo! but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s called… september! you come chat with me in september and it’s going to be all roses and champagne!

i have been just overwhelmed with the support from our friends with emails, texts, and calls. our friends have generously offered their spaces, their laundry services, dinners or just chats. and these moments have been my saving grace.

staying in a hotel with a toddler, a tween, a giant dog, matt’s work schedule, my freelance hustle… during the summer… while keeping the kids engaged and not stressed… is STRESSFUL!!

lily starts 5th grade in the fall and is a bucket of nerves about her new school. and i’m sure it doesn’t help that we are living in a hotel for the whole summer with no space and no release and no personal corner to call her own.

i’m in all sorts of sappy feelings with this move. i can’t explain it.

more on where we are staying and what we are up to this summer coming up. because documenting this whole summer and all the adventures to be had will be part of my routine and focus and sanity!

thanks for chatting… most times this blog is the perfect way to release the anxiety that accompanies life… and parenting.

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Jurassic World Toys from Hasbro


I am thrilled to be part of the #PlayLikeHasbro campaign and am excited to share our favorite toys with your throughout the year! Jurassic World Toys from Hasbro


This summer’s big hit Jurassic World is in theatres now and we looooved this action packed film. Of course Thomas wasn’t able to see this dinosaur movie, but he did love all the toys sent to us from Hasbro!

While choo choo’s are still his everyday obsession, dinosaurs are a close second. And if you have a dinosaur riding a choo choo.. then forget it. His. Mind. Is. Blown!

These Jurassic World toys from Hasbro, have provided much-needed entertainment during these past few weeks of moving. We love the Playskool Heros line from Hasbro that make ‘big kid’ style toys… for little hands.

Here are a few of our fave Jurassic World themed toys from the extensive line that Hasbro has to offer!

  1. Jurassic World Chomping Tyrannosaurus Rex Action Figure $20 – Oh No! The T-Rex is going to chomp down on it’s prey! Push a button to get the real deal chomp action! 
  2. Playskool Heroes Jurassic World Dino Tracker Helicopter $20 – This DinoTracker is scanning the island to find all the runaway dinos. Squeeze the trigger to have the propeller spin for take off! 
  3. Jurassic World Velociraptor Claws $20 – These Velociraptor Claws are a must for any self-respecting Dino wannabe. Whether you are clawing your way out of your habitat or just scratching your back, these come in handy. 
  4. Jurassic World Chomping Velociraptor Head $20 – A hand puppet like none other, this Chomping Dino head is going to take a big bite out of you! This hand puppet is the perfect size for little hands to maneuver. 
  5. Jurassic World Hero Mashers Tyrannosaurus Rex Figure $20 – You can create your own wacky hybrid of a dino with the dino mashers! 
  6. Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex $30 – Tilt the dino forward to hear some chomping and crunching munching noises. He’s going to eat up everything in his path! 
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