An Easy Summer Quiche Recipe – #Pyrex100

This post is sponsored by WorldKitchen LLC to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Pyrex. All cooking and opinions are my own. 

We are in the middle of moving, we are out of our current home in three days and are down to the bare minimum. Our furniture was picked up and packed away on Monday and pretty much all the rooms are bare. As with any move, the last few days in a home are a culinary experiment. We are trying to eat up all our frozen foods and pantry items, use up that funky fish paste I bought months again when I was convinced we were going to have a full Korean food diet for a whole month. Yea.. that didn’t work out.

One of my go to’s when making a quick dinner/brunch/lunch is a quiche. Quiches are especially great in the summer. They are so easy to prepare and are a delicious light food for anytime.

It’s also a quick hearty meal that is super easy to make and you can pretty much personalize it with your own combination of ingredients.

My cheesy quiche with extra greens was a hit this week! I also don’t make a crust. Do you crust or not? Here is my super easy summer quiche recipe!

My awesome crustless spinach, cheese, asparagus and onion quiche


  • Chopped Spinach
  • Asparagus tips
  • Parmesan Cheese and other salty yummy cheese. one cup total. I love cheese so i add a lot 😉
  • 5 eggs
  • one onion ( i like extra onions so grab a big huge onion if you need)
  • one cup milk
  • salt and pepper


  • Pre heat your oven to 375 degrees
  • Cook your greens – microwave or lightly saute your asparagus and spinach. Chop up the onion.

  • Make sure to get all the liquid out, I squeeze the water out by hand and using a paper towel.
  • in a separate bowl, mix the milk and cheese, salt and pepper. Taste to make sure it’s well flavored.
  • In your Pyrex pie pan – add the spinach, asparagus and onions and pour the milk and cheese mixture over it. sprinkle with extra cheese… because why not!
  • Place in oven for 45 mins. and DONE!


I’m working with PYREX and WorldKitchen to share the new retro designs Pyrex has introduced this season. I absolutely love these festive polka dots and nostalgic colors.


The Pyrex® 100 Days of Giveaways is sponsored by World Kitchen, LLC. There is no purchase necessary to enter. In order to participate, you must be a legal resident of the fifty United States or the District of Columbia and must be at least 18 years old at the time of entry. Entries will be accepted from March 22, 2015 at 10:00:00 a.m. ET until June 30, 2015 at 9:59:59 a.m. ET.

Disclosure: I have happily partnered with World Kitchen LLC to share the wonderful Pyrex® 100th Anniversary product line. All opinions are my own.

Pyrex® 100th Anniversary Giveaway

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5 Fathers Day gifts That Money Can’t Buy

Happy Fathers Day to all the dapper dad’s out there. And especially to my Mr., who is my rock, my adventurer on this journey called life and most importantly  – the sweetest, nurturing, kind,  and silly dad to these babies of ours… Monkey + Moto + Beast!

Today is Fathers Day and you…me… but you… totally forgot to go buy your awesome dad/baby daddy a Fathers Day Gift.

I’m not one for gifts but rather experiences and the sweet thought that goes behind a gift or activity. The significance of it all. you know.

So you’re procrastinating ways can chill because I have 5 great ways to say HAPPY FATHERS DAY… to your dad or baby daddy! Without a frantic trip to the mall!

  1. Art – Make a painting for dad. Maybe dip the baby’s feet in paint and imprint on canvas or have your child make a canvas piece for papa bear. We have a collection of the sweetest family portraits that Lily has made for Matt over the years. Guinea Pigs, Giant Beast and all.
  2. Hike – Even if this in not your norm, a hike is good for the soul and just lets the conversation flow without any smart-device distractions. We love hikes and long bike ride… always pack a mini picnic for a little refueling halfway through.
  3. Staycation – Plan a staycation for dad, Have the kids help tidy up the house and make a few of dads fave snacky foods, a pint of something artisanal and just spend time being together doing what dad wants to do – cook, watch a movie, watch a game, play charades, board games, puzzles or one of our faves… build legos!
  4. Breakfast in Bed – Yes.. this is not just for moms. Don’t you think Dad would LOOVE a piping hot cup of coffee and a warm breakfast in bed. Yes he would. you should do it!
  5. Coupon Book – These are the best gifts. Get the kids involved to make a coupon book for dad that he can redeem anytime during the year. Make sure these coupons include a few indulgences like massages, sleeping in, favorite dinner and even date night.. wink!

You’ve got the idea… Father’s Day doesn’t have to be about gifting something from a retail store – although that’s nice too – but these 5 suggestions are so special and personal and you cannot buy them anywhere. It’s priceless!

Happy Father’s Day to all you papa bears out there.

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A Father’s Day Story – Bonding with Your Newborn

This post is sponsored by Huggies and Costco as part of an ongoing campaign. Thanks for swinging by and keeping up with our shenanigans while also learning about our  sponsors.

You know how I’m working with Costco and Huggies this year and I’m writing all sorts of fun daily life anecdotes and adventures about this sweet family of mine over at ALPHAMOM. My most recent assignment was themed around Father’s Day. Which by the way is on SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!

I was asked to write about ‘father-son bonding’. Of course bonding with your child is personal to each parent and child but I was immediately reminded of our very first days with Thomas.

We had just brought Thomas home from the hospital. He was just days old and like any newborn… he needed his mama all the time.

These first few months can feel isolating to the parents and I think especially for fathers. I spent all of my time holding Thomas, skin to skin, in a carrier or feeding him. Matt was definitely feeling left out. While Matt was totally hands on and held Thomas all the time and played him music and was right there next to me through everything… he felt like he wasn’t doing something essential to meeting Thomas’ early needs.

He decided that his sure-fire way to get some one on one time with Thomas while also meeting his needs was through diaper changing. and who was I to argue with that!

Diaper jokes aside, this was the sweetest idea. It made complete sense right. Fathers do feel left out those first few months and here Matt had found the perfect way to spend time with Thomas and meet his needs and bond with him from the very first day. Anyone with a newborns will tell you that midnight diaper changing is no fun. But it’s part of the infant stage.

To this day… when there is a treasure hidden in his little MOTO diaper… Matt’s his go to parent!

So what do you say dads! This is a diaper changing bonding revolution!

And Happy Father’s Day to you dapper gents!

We’ve been using Huggies Little Movers Plus that we pick up at Costco. What I love most about Huggies Little Movers are the double grip strips at the waist that not only keep the diaper on his moving busy body .. but also keeps the treasure it holds within!

Swing by Alphamom for the full article.

This post is sponsored by Huggies and Costco as part of an ongoing campaign. Thanks for swinging by and keeping up with our shenanigans while also learning about our  sponsors.

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City Conservatory – Performing Arts Camp for Kids in NYC

In New York City there is certainly no shortage of dance, theatre and music classes for kids. Kids performing arts classes are like Starbucks around here… one on every corner. So how is a parent to choose. With summer here and the kids out of school I vote for a Performing Arts Camp to get those creative juices going all summer long! City  Conservatory  is a performing arts camp for kids in NYC and has a summer program that you don’t want to miss. I know the fab mama  behind this company and she shared her inspiration and some great tips for new entrepreneurs.



I have a BFA in dance and have had a pretty amazing professional dance career. I’ve also spent a significant amount of time teaching at studios, conservatories, high schools and colleges. Basically , I’ve made the rounds and I know what to look for in performing arts schools.

On one of my many dance adventures, I met a Vanessa Hylande. We were actually 9 months pregnant and met during an underwater naked dance photo shoot for a muckty muck famous photographer. I’ve never done a nude dance photo shoot in my life… but 9 months pregnant underwater… can’t beat that!

Vanessa is a dancer for the Metropolitian Opera. This is a coveted gig in the dance world and the best of the best are employed at this very elite company. Recently she started – City Conservatory – a performing arts center for kids. I can’t even begin to sing her praises and express to you how much faith I have in her as an artist, mother and teacher.

Like I mentioned earlier… performing arts classes for kids are all over NYC, how do you choose the one for you? Vanessa and her hand-picked crew, teach artistry and technique and really get to the heart of what the work is. It’s not just steps and 5-6-7-8’s, but rather a process of performance that is taught and encouraged from a young age. She brings her personal Opera performance experience to the classes. I mean if you ARE going to learn pieces from The Magic Flute… why not learn it from someone who was on that very stage for that very production.

City Conservatory has a Performing Arts Summer Camp coming up for 3-4 year olds and offers children a half day of dance, music and theater.  Inspired by weekly themes such as The Magic Flute, Swan Lake and Alice in Wonderland, students will learn the fundamentals of ballet based creative movement; the foundations of musicology, ear training and vocal technique inspired by theKodaly method; and theater games that build imagination and confidence.  Through their unique, integrated curriculum, teachers work together across disciplines throughout the day to give each child a broad appreciation and experience in all aspects of the performing arts. You can find these classes in Tribeca and the Upper West Side.

Meet Vanessa Hylande – The fierce mama behind City Conservatory


What was your inspiration to create this program?

I have always been a bit of an anomaly as an artist, having had a career as a classical and contemporary dancer, a classical singer, and also dabbling in theater and film. I also play the piano and guitar and compose, and so I have always thought of myself as a bit of a Renaissance woman living in an age of specialization! I believe in a well-rounded arts education for our children for many reasons, but mainly because I have experienced how wonderfully the art forms support one another. I have tried to pass this on to my children, but in New York City with four kids, I find myself running all over town to get each child to the best of this and the best of that and its exhausting. I asked myself, “Where is the European style conservatory where my children can study everything all in one place at the highest level?” Around the same time, my dance colleague and friend mentioned that she needed more work (don’t we all?), and I had the idea to set up some dance classes for her to teach. Because I know so many parents in the neighborhood, I figured it wouldn’t be too challenging to find students. So, one thing led to another, and when I began reaching out to friends, one of the parents approached me and suggested partnering up in order to build a school at a more serious level than I had initially intended at this point in time. So, my partner and I formed City Conservatory! City Conservatory became the actualization of the dream of an interdisciplinary performing arts school for kids. Elite dance training, elite music education inspired by the Kodaly method, and theater training to sew everything together, from the characters to the literature. I decided that it would be amazing to teach all of these skills in the framework of amazing productions that are being done in the greatest houses in NYC right now. That way the kids can go to see productions and then bring that experience back to the classroom and really feel connected. The Magic Flute at the Met, A Midsummer Nights Dream at New York City Ballet. The list of amazing works that are present in this city goes on and on, and what a wonderful introduction for the little ones! Very young children need to be inspired by what they see and hear, empowered to dream and imagine, and then be given the skills to actualize those dreams. That is the vision of City Conservatory, to empower every child to inspire, image and create.

You have an amazing dance resume. What’s one of your most memorable projects?

The beautiful thing about dancing at the Met Opera was that we were able to work with so many different choreographers, composers and directors. I would have to say that my absolute favorite production was Samson and Delilah. There is a huge dance number where we paint ourselves orange and run and jump like crazy. It is super fun! My next favorite was probably The Magic Flute, because I was able to do so many different things, from the Queen of the Night’s wings to dragons! And I have to mention Turandot, because that Zefirelli set is so beautiful and I did about ten million productions!

How do you balance being a mother and an entrepreneur? What are some challenges that you have to tackle daily?

I think that life + kids taught me over time that it is better to lead your own project as a mom, because so many jobs just don’t have the flexibility that I want as a parent. Although starting a business is extremely hard and requires maximum effort and attention, if my kid’s recital is this afternoon, I can arrange my schedule to accommodate it. I can’t do that when I’m chained to a desk. However, there are challenges that come with that! Its like having another child, like being mom all over again! I’m the one that has to fix problems and work until they are solved. There is no going home at the end of the day and leaving work behind. I go to sleep thinking about it and wake up thinking about it! I am lucky to have a very supportive husband and patient children who tolerate mom when she wont stop talking about work! 🙂

Any advice for new entrepreneurs?

Don’t get overwhelmed, even when you feel like you can’t help it. We all make mistakes and look back and think “if only,” but as long as you learn from your “mistakes,” it’s all a part of the learning curve! I think there are a lot of curve balls and unexpected obstacles when starting a business, and adapting to change is a really important skill! Just keep going and stay focused on the big picture!


City Conservatory Summer Performing Arts Camp is open for registration! 

June 22 – July 31 (1-6 weeks)
Monday – Friday
9:00am – 12:00pm
$500 / week

Sign up for 1-6 weeks:


Tribeca – Modern Martial Arts – 78 Reade Street

Upper West Side – 80th and Broadway

City Conservatory is having a big sale on their summer camp up to 50% off. So sing up today!!! 

Swing by for all the deets.

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Skylanders Superchargers Exclusive with Momtrends

Skylanders SuperChargers Key Art.jpg.thumb.319.319.1433332136000

Calling all Skylanders fan. There is a new line that’s coming out in September – Skylander Superchargers.

Skylanders-SuperChargers_Storm-Blade-1The fab gals from Momtrends held a swank lunch last week to announce the big launch of Skylander Superchargers. Complete with a crafty DIY project, yummy grub and great chatter,  this lunch was a ton of fun while getting a first hand sneak peek of the new world of Skylanders Superchargers. I have to admit I don’t now much about Skylanders, but Lily and Matt love playing the game. The Superchargers have lots of new features and interactive updates that are sure to get the two of them… and fans of Skylanders excited.

Skylanders is introducing new game pieces – Vehicles!  Air and Water vehicles to take your game play from sea to air and everywhere in between.

Skylanders is also introducing gameplay similar to car racing – this is new for the brand. Another impressive feature is the multiple tracks of game play that are layered on top of one another throughout the game. There are over 300 toys and every single one is playable. 20 new characters are being introduced and only these new characters can be supercharged. Also… Skylanders can be played on an iPad! Did you know that!


There are really cool graphic details in the game itself allowing kids to have high-octane action adventure in the video game. The gameplay experience is rich and story driven and includes adventures on foot and in vehicles, combat, puzzles, games and activities all in a visually stunning screen environment.



Players can pair a SuperCharger Skylander with its signature vehicle to create a SuperCharged combination, unlocking an exclusive mod that revs up the performance of both the vehicle and character. Not only are the vehicles playable in the game, but also many feature moving parts, making them fun to play with outside of the game. Additionally, Skylanders SuperChargers supports all 300+ Skylanders toys from previous games, enabling all Skylanders characters to pilot land, sea or sky-based vehicles.


Skylanders comes out Sept 20 right in time for the Holiday Gifting Season. So stay tuned for more updates!

* This post was sponsored by MomTrends and Skylanders. All opinions are my own. *

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Adventure Learning with Brain Chase

We are just days away from the last day of school and Lily has her 9 day countdown going. She’s had a great year and if 4th grade was any indication of what’s to come… then 5th grade is going start off running full speed from the very first day. To avoid a lag in summer learning for Lily, I’ve teamed up with Brain Chase. What Brain Chase offers kids is an adventure while learning academics. a bona fide adventure that has clues and tasks online – which are solved through Math and Science and Reading –  to find the golden treasure at the end. Yes there is a treasure and kids do get to travel to the location of the treasure to dig it up themselves. I’ve shared my excitement for this summer educational program and hope you join in!

Brain Chase

What really stood out to me about Brain Chase is:

It’s Flexible – It’s the summer. We know. Things get off schedule. Cousins visit, there are lazy beach days and everything in between. This 5 week program asks kids to commit to 5 hours of learning a week. But if you do fall behind… no worries. you can always catch up.

Supplemental Summer Activity – If you have summer camps lined up or soccer workshops or surf camp.. like Lily has coming up… she can balance her outdoor activities with healthy indoor screentime. Brain Chase offers exciting and engaging tasks while learning… making this a positive online experience. Screen time is fun while also educational.

Brain Chase in the national spotlight. The New York Times published a great article on Brain Chase and the value of summer learning but specifically the excitement and unique twists this program offers.

Brain Chase officially starts on June 22 and Lily is over the moon!! Swing by BRAIN CHASE to register!!

This post is sponsored by Brain Chase and The Motherhood. Thanks for swinging by and learning about my sponsors. 

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Custom Art for Kids Rooms with Yellow Oak Tree

Yellow Oak Tree

Finding the right artwork for any room is no easy task. I like to have original works, unique prints, pieces that have a story. When Matt and I were first married we decided that all the artwork in our home will always be original and have a meaning. So no store-bought pieces can ever be found on these walls.

Yellow Oak Tree

I recently met up with Nuala Mellett  – a New York City mama, artist and entrepreneur. Nuala paints one of a kind pieces to hang in your child’s nursery.  I absolutely fell in love with her NYC series and Thomas has loved having these pieces hanging in his room next to his reading nook.

Yellow Oak Tree

I’s so important to support artists and small businesses, so I thought I would introduce you all to Nuala and her company – Yellow Oak Tree. She’s pretty awesome and can create original commissioned pieces for your child’s room. This way there will be a personal connection to the art work hanging in the galleries of your home. Necessity is the mother of invention. Have you heard that phrase before? And Nuala’s company stemmed from a need for original artwork for her daughter’s room. I had a quick Q&A with this artsy mama and she’s sharing some tips for new entrepreneurs and also a little story about herself.   
Yellow Oak Tree

How did you start the company? What was your ah-ha moment?

I studied history of art in university and then worked in non-profit art organizations and commercial galleries since then, but the big change over to painting full time came after I had my daughter in 2014. I wanted some personal art to hang in her nursery so I painted something for her wall. I was so inspired by my little girl, I couldn’t stop painting different pieces of art for her! And then I started painting for my friend’s kids too and they liked them. I had always loved to paint but never considered doing it as a business venture. I buy lots of gorgeous things on Etsy so I decided to start selling my art through their website, and then I started selling to toy stores and children’s boutiques in the City.

Where do you find inspiration?

My biggest inspiration comes from my daughter. I paint art that I would like to hang in her room and lots of my inspiration comes from my personal experiences. Early on I painted a watercolor painting with the first words I ever said to her and since then I’ve made similar ones for people with a phrase that means a lot to them and their little one. The first custom name painting I painted was for my daughter, and I painted my first Empire State painting as my husband and I went up to their viewing deck to open our baby’s gender reveal envelope when I was pregnant. Since then, my New York paintings have expanded to include the Chrysler building and New York skylines in lots of different colors! Living in the City I’m so inspired by New York; taxis, fire engines, cop cars, they all make it into my art!

The pieces are hand painted. How long did it take you to make one painting? 

It depends on the painting. I think the custom name paintings take the longest, but because I have to leave them to dry for a day in-between layers I’ve never actually timed myself over a few days to see how long I spend on each one. It also depends on the painting, as with all handmade things, some just happen really easy and others take much longer to feel happy with.

How do you balance life, work, parenting?

It is a balancing act, for sure! I’m a stay-at-home mom, so I have to be flexible. I try to get some work done while my daughter is napping, or after she goes to bed at night, though I prefer to paint in the daylight. My husband loves to hang out with her on weekends and I get some time then, which is great. But there’s no denying it, some weeks it’s tough to find the time. I’m the same as everyone else, sometimes there’s just a lot going on in my life, that’s why I have a two week window for all orders, usually I’m able to keep well within that time frame but sometimes I’m really glad of it!

Whats your advice for budding entrepreneurs?

The best advice I can probably give an entrepreneur starting out is to make sure you’re following your passion. There will be lots of late nights, awkward deadlines and setbacks and if you don’t genuinely love what you’re trying to set up then it’ll be way harder than it should be! Apart from that, the best advice I could give is to be disciplined. The easiest way for me to do this is to set myself some weekly/monthly goals. They can be small goals, actually it’s probably better if they are small at the start, that way you get a sense of achievement. Setting up some social media presence, getting your first client/sale, getting some wholesale orders, experimenting with search engine optimization, taking great photos of your products, all of these goals are reachable and your success or failure isn’t measured in monetary gains alone.

What’s coming up with you and your business?

There are so many wonderful things coming up. I’m really excited to be working on some interesting wholesale orders that should see my art being available in lots more children’s boutiques around NYC by the end of the summer. I’ll also be expanding my online store with lots of new paintings that will be available soon and I’m developing my range of greeting cards too, which is so fun! So lots of great things coming up, as well as a summer in NYC with my little girl and my husband, which will be amazing!

Yellow Oak Tree

Nuala Mellett studied history of art at Trinity College Dublin and set up Yellow Oak Tree after her daughter was born in 2014. Inspired to paint personalized art works for her daughter’s nursery she left her career in the contemporary art world and followed her passion to paint art for children’s nurseries, bedrooms and playrooms. Originally from Ireland, she lives in NYC with her husband, Richard, and their daughter, Chloe.

Swing by YELLOW OAK TREE for a peek at Nuala’s great work.

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Weekend Hike to Caumsett State Park



One of my favorite things to do is go for a ling hike. For birthdays, mothers day… any occasion … a hike is my go to activity. There is no shortage of hiking in the New York tri state area and on Saturday we headed over to Caumsett State Park for a full day of hiking. So if you are looking for places to hike in New York with kids … try Caumsett State Park! 

Caumsett is gorgeous, If you haven’t been you should go, just for the sheer change of scenery every mile. You have large rolling meadows, deep jungle paths, beaches, cliffs and even secret gardens.

Lily and Thomas share this love of the outdoors with me and in all honesty if you have a kid, a hike is the perfect place to go, You can just let them go run around and explore in nature.

We walked over to the beaches of Caumsett which is really the Long Island Sound and Lily was thrilled to collect indian rocks all along the shore. Thomas loved throwing rocks into the water and just running free ‘ in his feet’ as he says.

You can also bike Caumsett and maybe next time we will do that because our whole excursions took about 3 hours. but such fun!

 Caumsett offers fishing, camping, horse back riding and all sorts of outdoorsy activities. We paid $8 for our park entry fee, although you could get a yearly permit if you go often. There is a -Wilderness Survival Class- for adults only.. I wonder if they just drop you off in the middle of the state park and come pick you up in the morning… if you survived! Lily would looove this!! 



I’m so glad the weather has finally warmed up here in New York. Today felt like summer after the few days of winter style weather we have had! Happy Hiking everyone! go outside!

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Top Picks from The Biggest Baby Shower NYC

The New York Mom

The New York Mom

The Biggest Baby Shower hosted by the Big City Moms was held in Manhattan last week and I was there to cover it for and get the scoop on all of the latest news, brands and products for new parents and parents to be.

The New York MomAfter a taste-testing (ahem) of a few handmade marshmallows, a little touch up from the GlamSquad and a quick massage to loosen up ,I hand-picked a few of my favorite Parenting Must-Haves. From strollers to gift sets and even original art for your nursery, I think I’ve covered it all.

Here are my top picks from the Big City Moms – Biggest Baby Shower. 

I also did a round-up of my fave strollers at the event so if you are in the market for a fab stroller.. check out this video!



As always feel free to drop me a note if I can help with your baby gear needs! and also swing by where you will always find me dishing all kinds of goodness about baby gear!

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Nintendo Splatoon event recap in NYC

Nintendo Splatoon

In an effort to get more tech/gaming content here, I’ve enlisted the help of a friend who lives and breathes this stuff. So when Nintendo had a series of releases this past month… I knew exactly who to send in my stead. Meet JACK! I hope to have Jack cover lots of gaming goodness over here on this site!

——————– | contributor – Jack Placidi |——————–

It seems like Nintendo is stepping up its games this summer and “Splatoon” is one that we’re keeping our eyes on. We got to test out the gameplay for it and we think it’s going to be a hit with kids this summer.

Nintendo SplatoonIt’s a 3rd person shooter where you take control of a half human/half squid creature armed with a paint water gun. The single player mode has you jumping around from stage to stage defeating octopus monsters, but the multiplayer mode is where this game seems to shine.

Nintendo SplatoonIn multiplayer, up to 8 players can join in a game and in teams of 4, try to coat the the level in more of their color ink than the opposing team. There was quite a lot shown at the event, including amiibos.

Nintendo SplatoonAmiibos are mini statues that can be used in certain Nintendo Wii U and 3DS games to unlock in-game content (aside from just looking awesome). These Splatoon inspired ones will be able to unlock extra stages and costumes within the game depending on which one you get. They’ll be sold separately with the launch of the game.

Nintendo SplatoonAlong with playing the game, we also had a great time sampling “ink filled” cupcakes, getting faces and arms painted with @faceartbymelissa, and shooting some paint filled water blasters to mark some blank canvases.

Nintendo Splatoon

IMG_3376“Splatoon” was released on May 28th, 2015 for Wii U. Expect a review coming soon!

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