Blast from my teenage past with NKOTB


*This is a sponsored post* 

Last week my teenage dreams came true as I attended a VIP concert with New Kids on The Block! The concert was hosted by Cottonelle and the Moms Network at the Gramercy Theatre in NYC. Cottonelle is known for their whimsy in campaigns and this one is no different. We were dared to #GoCommando. Woop! While this mama bear doesn’t dare to bare, the point of the campaign is the new rippled textured from Cottonelle… it umm… leaves a better clean.

But enough about your bum… let’s talk about New Kids on the Block you guys! I had a great time and even got a little dance and hug from Joey McIntyre. Yea!

Head over to Cottonelle for all the dirty deets on getting your bums clean!

For a free sample of Cottonelle CleanRipple head to and dare your friends to Go Cottonelle and Go Commando.


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Catching up!

Yikes friends! I’ve been gone too long. the last two weeks have been incredibly busy and so fulfilling. I covered NY Fashion Week and NY Toy Fair and we headed off to Disney World in Florida for a grand trip to celebrate Lily’s Birthday! Such fun!

Things are going onto overdrive here on the bog as well. January and february are typically slow for content but as I’m gearing up for spring and summer and the rest of the year… I have much to share about travel, fashion and daily musings.

I have much catching up to do and have buried myself into my computer for today to barrel forward with emails and deadlines and the sort.

It’s freezing here in NY. My entire lawn is a solid sheet of ice… not snow.. ice. But something about this bitter cold is only going to make spring that much more rewarding.

Here’s to warmer climates ahead!

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New York Toy Fair 2015 trends with Hasbro

Last month I attended the much-anticipated New York Toy Fair here in NYC. This is my favorite show of the year where all the toy companies – big and small display their newest, greatest, latest goodies. I have a few themed recaps coming up but I wanted to share some of my favorite picks from Hasbro. Having two kids… we are IN and I mean totally immersed the toy world. I also work for TTPM – the largest online toy review company. So basically toys ( and baby gear) are my career and world these days. Toy Fair 2015 was an intense 4 days of secret meetings and exclusive previews and embargoed information.. it was exciting and I was thrilled to be included in all the press events and action.

I have a couple of ‘themed’ posts coming up and reviews of my fave toys but wanted to start with HASBRO. Hasbro has some of my favorite brands – My Little Pony and Rebelle… and more. Their swank event was hosted by those fab gals at Litzky PR. Hasbro has lots of exciting toys coming out this year so get your Christmas lists out mama and papa bears! * just scroll or click on each image to get a quick preview of the toy*

Lets start with the GOLDEN Pony!

Stay tuned for reviews of these toys and so much more… Christmas wish lists can begin!


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Valentines Gifts for the Gal you Love.

Valentines day is pretty low-key around here. We make small little cards and things for one another but nothing too extravagant. Sometimes a small little shiny bauble or a sweet-smelling bath is all it really takes to say… i love ya girl! And who said Valentines Day is just for lovers! It’s 2015 after all, so go ahead and gift the favorite gals in your life.

I love these little Valentine gifts which say I love you to your friends, lovers and all the gals in your life. Now go tell someone you love em!

Valentines Gifts for Gals You Love

Michael Kors Gold-Tone Heart Earrings $65 BELK.COM /  I Love You Embroidered Pillow $25 POTTERYBARN.COM / Kate Spade New York Dear Valentine Love Heart Pendant Necklace $58 SAKSFIFTHAVENUE.COM / Lancome Rouge in Love Lip Color – Violet Valentine $29 NEIMANMARCUS.COM / The Kiss Lip Scrub $9.95 LUSHUSA.COM / Faux Rose Heart Wreath $40 PIER1.COM / Kate Spade New York Dear Valentine Gold Bangle  $78 PIPERLIME.GAP.COM / His and Her Crewneck Sweaters $18 ETSY.COM  / Prince Charming Body Wash LUSH $9.95 LUSH.CA

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Family Travel – Woodloch Pines Resort

The-new-york-mom*This is a sponsored post*


The kids have been pretty stir crazy these past few weeks. Snow days are great and all, but when it’s solid sheets of ice outside… that’s not as much fun. It’s been too cold to do anything outside. So I packed everyone up and we headed up to the Poconos for a weekend getaway. We were invited by the MOMs and Vaseline for a weekend at Woodloch Pines Resort.  Woodloch is a quick 2 hour drive from New York City. Lily and Thomas slept the whole way there and back… i enjoyed some time listening to NPR while driving. A luxury I can’t seem to find time for most days.


Woodloch was everything we needed to get our winter sillies out. After an extravagant welcome lunch, we suited up for a day of outdoor snow activities. Lily immediately hit the ‘Extreme” snowtube hill. Thomas and I stayed at the bottom of the hill and cheered everyone along.



The-new-york-momNext we went over to the frozen pond for some ice skating. Again, Thomas couldn’t skate but walked on the ice, fell lots of times, tried to catch fish under the frozen ice, screamed out SHARK a few times… you know 2-year-old shenanigans. The pond was large so there was plenty of room for the kids to skate around and play ice hockey.


Dinner was a lot of fun because a whole parade of legendary characters greeted us and roamed through the dining rooms. I mean Elvis and Batman were in the same building folks! The evening was full of resort type entertainment, a concert hall had a magician who made a bird disappear, a show-tunes filled show followed complete with sequins ball gowns and step touch dance choreography. The kids and I went to the arcade and tree forest to go climbing and ride bumper cars.

The-new-york-momOnce we got back to the room, which overlooked the lake, Lily and I stayed up, chatted and sat on our balcony to take in the moonlight reflecting off the frozen lake. We talked and laughed like we were both old souls. A family of deer walked through the snow leaving small footprints and we watched them … silent.

The-new-york-momThis was probably my most memorable moment of the entire trip. This magical relaxed time with my tween who most days wants nothing to do with me.

The-new-york-momThe next day was just as busy with pony rides, arts and crafts, more snow tubing and ice skating, bumper cars… etc.

There is a lot for kids to do at Woodloch. Archery, shooting, ice hockey, race cars, bumper cars, tubing and lots of indoor activities as well. No shortage of activities.

The-new-york-momThe rooms were clean and large. Our room had 2 large rooms – a living room with 2 pull out couches, bedroom with 2 queen beds, 2 bathrooms, deep bathtub, a large closet for storing all your goods and a balcony. A small kitchen area was also included.

It takes a bit of time to get his big bellie into this snow suit… so picture this.. we are out on the frozen lake. bit a walk to anything indoors and he says… ‘ i make a poo poo, it coming out’ !

The staff was incredibly helpful and friendly and I felt that everywhere we went the kids were safe. The staff seemed to remember everyone and was always looking out for the kids. Woodloch is the quintessential family travel destination for family reunions and getaways . I made it a point to give Lily a bit of freedom, so I let her go tubing without me and meet me back at the craft room where Thomas was busy schmoozing on the ladies. Lily did really well with her new-found independence and honestly… it was the vibe of the resort that let me set her free.Of course now she thinks I’m going to set her free on the streets of NYC… so no that’s not going to happen!

The cold 19 degree weather definitely plays a number on your skin… and barreling down those snow tubing hills gave Lily’s face a bit of a Winter Burn. But thankfully this trip was sponsored by Vaseline Brand and we had plenty of goodies to try out during our stay. I’ve been using Vaseline petroleum jelly on my hands but had never used their Intensive Skin Care line. This company has been around for 140 years… and their products certainly helped our wind burned faces.

If you are looking for a quick little getaway this winter, I highly recommend Woodloch Pines Resort. Dreaming of a summer time trip!

The-new-york-mom*This post was sponsored by The Moms Network and Vaseline Brand. We had a fab weekend! All opinions are my own*

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Make Something Monday – Valentine’s Day Glitter Hearts



It’s the season of all things hearts and love and glitter. I have a super fun and easy craft which you can do with kids. It’s an upcycled craft which are the best ones because you can se things from around the home. Lily helped me with this craft so we have a pretty easy version but you can add all sorts of embellishments to this easy to do craft with kids.

You will need:

  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Thread
  • Pencil
  • Brush
  • Cardboard – cereal box works.
  1. Draw out your hearts. make sure they are big because you have to hole punch it in a second.
  2. Cover the entire surface with glue. Any glue with do, you don’t have to use ModPodge.
  3. Next cover the entire area with glitter. Make sure you have a piece of paper under the glitter to catch the falling glittery wonderness.
  4. Hole punch right in the center of the heart.
  5. Thread the string through. I like to do this loop threading so the heart stays facing front when you wear it.


Now gift your glitter heart to your loves!





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5 Must-Have items for your Diaper Bag

I am surrounded by pregnant and new mamas in my world right now and because I work in the baby gear, trend, news space… i have been busy writing a ton of articles about baby stuff. This article was originally published at TTPMbaby and I wanted to share it with my mama friends. Head over to TTPMbaby for all your baby gear reviews and tips… from me!

A diaper bag is an absolute must when you have a baby in tow. You could always just toss your baby essentials into a large tote, but a diaper bag will give you the proper compartments, cleaning options and accessories you absolutely need for baby.But don’t’ go overboard! While you might think you need to pack everything, including the kitchen sink, into your bag, this isn’t the case. I have the absolute musts to prepare you for a full day out with your babe. Whether it’s a diaper blow out, feeding time or just playtime, these essentials will have you covered. Kitchen sink on the other hand… that’s optional.


Check out the top 5 essential items  you need for your diaper bag by heading over to TTPMbaby. 


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She’s T E N




(null)This sweet angel of mine turned 10 today.

It’s been an amazing day which reflected the strength, love and umbrella of our loving family and friends who nurture us daily.

Grandpa called Lily from Singapore and told her all about the monkeys swinging on the trees. She could not stop talking about travelling to Singapore one day. My mom called her to sing and pray and just love on her. My Grandmother called and skpyed to give Lily her blessings and promised her lots of presents which are on their way. At choir rehearsal the director led the entire choir in a birthday song just for her.

The day went on like this. Lily is loved.

Our big gift to Lily is a grand trip to Disney World in 2 weeks. While we did tell her about the trip this morning… she didn’t know that our family is joining us there. So as the day went by, and the phone kept ringing, she was thrilled as she heard about the additions to our trip. I loved listening in on these exchanges.

I was hoping to write something a bit more poignant but it’s pretty emotional when your child turns 10. It’s significant… and not in a cute kindergarten graduation kinda way.

Happy Birthday Lily Pie. I love you to the moon

… and back

... nothing left.



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Musical Petting Zoo with the Westchester Philharmonic

Let me tell you about the WESTCHESTER PHILHARMONIC. 

I have been a part of their world for the past decade and you know what… the NY Tri State area has a gen.. right here!  Lets not forget that famed conductor Itzhak Perlman was in residence here!

The Westchester Philharmonic has tons of programs geared toward the family and this – SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY – they have an especially fun event for the littles.

A petting zoo… a musical petting zoo if you will. Kids will be able to explore and learn about violins, trumpets, drums and more.

Westchester Philharmonic Westchester Philharmonic

What I love about the programming of the Westchester Philharmonc is that they don’t water down the program too much, for the kids. On Saturday the Philharmonic is offering Mozart’s – Overture to the Magic Flute among other selections.

“It isn’t a children’s concert, it’s a full-fledged symphonic program,” noted Executive & Artistic Director Joshua Worby. “The difference is that Maestro Sperling will provide some insights  to help educate and open the ears and minds of young people.”

I’d like to brag for a quick second and tell you that my 9-YO can identify Mozarts Magic Flute in a hot second… arts education for the win!

“Petting Zoo’ starts at 2pm and the concert starts at 3pm.  A pre-concert discussion with Maestro Sperling and Anne-Marie McDermott takes place inside the concert hall simultaneously at 2pm. Single tickets for ages 17 and under are free with a paid adult ticket. College student/group discounts are also available.

To purchase tickets and for additional information call the Westchester Philharmonic Box Office at (914) 682-3707 ext. 10 or visit

Please let them know that TheNewYorkMom sent ya! 

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