The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze




One of the most popular fall events here in the tri state is the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze up in Westchester County. This is an annual sold out event where tickets sell out within days for the 28 days of the Blaze.



This year Verizon gifted us with tickets and we were thrilled. For the 10 years the Blaze has been blazing… we have never gotten our act together to attend. Before I tell you more…  i want to take a moment to brag. The Blaze was started by my friend Michael Natiello who is also the creative director.  This man is a genius I tell ya. not only that.. he’s got some mad pumpkin skills!



The Great Jack O Lantern Blaze is a walking event where spectators walk through a whole garden of amazing themes made entirely out of pumpkins… and lights… you need lights to light the pumpkins. Although there were a pretty substantial amount of pumpkins with real candles and fire and all of it. It’s incredibly impressive and you almost forget that these structures like dinosaurs, and bridges and snakes and witches are created out of carved pumpkins. IMG_2528.JPG

The Blaze celebrates 10 years this year! Happy Birthday!



The Blaze boasts over 10,000 live pumpkins.. and who know how many craft pumpkins. Michael and his team start working on the non live carving in june and everyday during the blaze there is a team of 15 – 20 people who are replacing the rotted ones.


While there were just waaay too many scenes to capture, I did want to share a few of my faves. I looooved the Sleepy Hollow bridge with the carvings of Washington Irving and his characters.

IMG_2520.JPGLily loved the fairies… yep fairies and pixies galore!

All these images were taken with my trusty iphone5s – which is my life line. * This post is sponsored by Verizon* 







I don’t know if there are any tickets left to the Blaze but if there are… snatch em up! And thanks to our sponsor VERIZON for this fab experience. I have been a Verizon customer for a decade! and the service has never let me down. The New York Mom


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