An American Girl Summer

This post is Sponsored by American Girl
* We are sooo thrilled to partner with American Girl for a whole summer of fun with this iconic brand!*
American Girl Summer
Lily’s summer break started today and I am totally one of those parents who just love having the kids’ home for the summer.
While we do have a couple week-long camps planned, I also schedule Camp Of Mom throughout the summer. This is where we come up with our own great adventures. We usually have days at the Metropolitan Museum, Bronx Zoo, beach, bike rides through the Rockefeller Preserve in Westchester County, splash parks on the Upper West Side and other such activities. But one of Lily’s most favorite summertime treat is a trip to the American Girl Store in NYC.

New York Mom

New York Mom

Most of us are familiar with the American Girl Dolls. These are gorgeous 18-inch dolls that each comes with a history about their era and life. Lily has the Rebecca and Caroline dolls. Both came with a book about their story in New York. We lived in Mount Kisco, NY until recently. Mount Kisco is where the original Samantha doll was created. The author of the American Girl books lived there and created her first American Girl Character – Samantha. The house is still standing and Lily used to love to go visit and be part of these books… in real life.
I truly love the American Girl brand. These dolls offer up such a tangible form of creative play and also include such rich historical references. Kids who have these dolls really fall in love with their character dolls and I’ve absolutely loved watching Lily pour over the books and soak in every bit of the stories.
New York Mom
Last summer my brother – Lily’s Uncle- took Lily to the American Girl Store in NYC for an afternoon of tea and petit fours and a salon appointment for both of her dolls. This was SUCH an extravagant treat. Lily still talks about this experience and cannot wait to go back again this summer.
The tea is really quite charming. If you don’t have an American Girl doll then you can ‘borrow’ one to sit with you during your tea. Lily brought both of her dolls and the staff brought out high chairs for them so they could join us. Then came the pink lemonade, and then the tea and biscuits and petit fours… it was really sweet and Lily left feeling so special! We of course dressed up for the fancy event, which added to the whole experience.
So whether you are visiting NYC, passing through for the summer or live here, I definitely recommend a visit to the American Girl Store.
New York Mom
They have other events like cooking classes, a hair salon and sometimes a DIY workshop. These visits are always educational and so magical for Lily.  And project – Camp of Mom – starts next week!
Happy Summer everyone!
This post is sponsored by American Girl.


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off to work

It’s been a busy few weeks over here. With every week that passes I am diving more and more into work and while this is truly rewarding for maintaining my sanity I do miss these kiddies of mine and love being home with them when I am. SO it’s been a win. But like all things… once you dip your toe into the pond… everything gets sucked in quickly. <that’s a metaphor right. Did i make that up.. i probably got it wrong. But you know what I mean>

New York City

I love the rhythm of work, i love having deadlines, i love being part of something where people need my input or my work to move forward in a very tangible way. I’m still a stay at home mom, and I am home most days…Being home with kids is WORK i know this. But when I’m out in an office or having a client meeting… being out in the world is a different sort of work which feeds my brain.

There are lots of fun things going on at one of my gigs – We’re launching a whole BABY wing to the website and I’m working on it with the team over at TTPM and it’s awesome. I’ve also been able to connect with old friends from my pre baby days and that’s been great for my soul.

Today, I spent the day home with Thomas and Lily and juggled emails and 2 conference calls while rocking a babe and folding laundry. A month ago this scenario – was happening- but I would not have seen any sort of fierceness in it. But today… I felt fierce and felt like I did it... I juggled the laundry, the million meals in a day, the baby, nap time, and tamed the 9YO hormonal dragon – while also tackling 2 conference calls and a whole slew of emails. and this post!

My mind is happier when I work outside the home and it’s good for the moral around here!




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Pop – Up secret flash dinner this saturday!

Listen up people! Ready for one of this summers MUST DO events? Then keep reading. Remember last years All white pop up dinner which was at that secret Bryant Park location and 4000 people attended and it all fancy and the most coveted foodie event of the season.

Well that time is here and I have an exclusive invite for you… dear reader. So won’t you join me and Matt this Saturday at a fab secret pop up dinner… all white of course!

6 LeDinerSF246 PopUp_LA065 prospectparkalliance-combined

Last year “Diner en Blanc” made news for their 4000 person pop-up dinner held at a secret location in Bryant Park. Diner en Blanc has been held in several countries and is a French inspired dinner party, HandMade-Events pop-ups has been sold out in cities such as San Francisco, Miami, the Twin Cities and Los Angeles and tends to draw in a diverse group of socialites, celebrities, foodies and young professionals. This summer… the elegant, hip, PopUp flash dinner that will gather thousands in Brooklyn dressed all in white. Enjoy a fun evening in Brooklyn with food, wine, table decorating, music and more all to benefit the Prospect Park Alliance.


This pop up is raising funds for the Prospect Park Alliance so I hope you can make it out on Saturday! get you tickets here!! and please let me know if you are going I would looove to meet up!


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and so it begins…





A boy in Lily’s class has been making her drawings and giving her rings and things. and everything has hearts on it. lots of hearts.

and so it begins… my mama-bear-spidey-senses are not loving this phase one bit!

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Tween Style File – Bohemian Mix

The New York Mom   The New York Mom The New York Mom

Lily gets out of school for the summer next week and It’s so crazy!!! I love having her home for the summer even though she’s a bit of a dragon some days. It’s been gorgeous in New York lately. Somedays we are hot and sweaty and most days there is still a bit of a chill in the air. While we are not ready for summer attire yet, Lily found her own mix on what to wear. She loves these little booties from Target and wears them with everything. We are hoping to gather ourselves and post a few outfits featuring these booties. Hopefully we can get it together before she outgrows these shoes.

< Lily is wearing – Dress from RUUM KIDS, Shoes from Target. Attitude… all her! >



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Just like dad

Daddy & Co

With Fathers Day coming up, i want to share a cute little something you could pick up for papabear.

Daddy&Co is a fun company which is looking out for all of daddy’s…in the fun clothing department. The tees are super cute and come in lots of designs for daddy and baby girl or boy and are available in all sorts of sizes. I love the bike theme and how Thomas has a scooter and Matt has the bike. CUUTE!

Wouldn’t this make a super cute Fathers Day Gift!

You can get yours at DADDY&CO



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Babies at the Bronx Zoo



Hey you guys… get thee to the Bronx Zoo as fast as you can. There are babies at the Bronx Zoo. Lots of them. Ah spring… the flowers, the rain and the babies! There are lion cubs, gorillas babies, giraffe babies… so much more!


My sister and Brother in Law were visiting last week and Lily wanted to take them to one of her favorite places… the Bronx Zoo.




When Lily was younger we used to go to the zoo about 2 or 3 times a week. No joke. We lived close enough and had our yearly family membership so it was perfect. Plus the children’s zoo was AH-MAZIng! I say “was” because it’s currently under renovation and will be open this summer.




Matt’s mom gifted us with the Premium Family Membership this year. It’s pretty awesome. The premium membership covers parking, unlimited monorails, bug carousel, butterfly garden, tram, Congo Gorilla Forest…pretty much everything except the Dinosaur Safari and Camel Rides. It’s really worth it to get the membership – you are supporting the Zoo and by the time you pay for one trip and the bug carousel and butterfly garden and monorail…etc , you’ve already paid a good chunk toward the membership fee.


Ok , i’m stepping off my soap box. By the way…. this is not a sponsored post. I just love the zoo!

One of the reasons I particularly love the Bronx Zoo is their open areas for the animals. Also most of the zoo is covered by a shading of trees so you are pretty much always in the shade which is great when you have little kids who overheat.

So the babies… There are Lion Cubs who are SOOOO cute to watch as they chomp on eat other and roll around. Strolling over to their mama once in a while for a nuzzle and kiss. Ah so cute!



The Gorillas are amazing. The babies look exactly like what MOTO looked like when he was little. It’s so sweet to watch their interactions. One does hold their breath the entire time because watching these massive Gorillas handle these super fragile babies is pretty breathtaking. After all… it is the wild and what if… but the mama gorillas were just so caring for the babes and the playful babes were nuzzled in snug into their moms bodies.



DSC_0136 DSC_0185 DSC_0186

The lanky awkward Giraffes are born 6 feet tall. What! and the gestation lasts about 450 days. Who knew!

DSC_0056 DSC_0057

The Monorail is one of our favorite attractions. It takes you through all this gorgeous lush green with Elephants, Rhinos and Tigers and so many more animals to spot. Hard to believe this bit of adventure exists in the BX!




The Bug Carousel is also a must. Lily has probably ridden every single one of these bugs!



A stop at the Butterfly garden is pretty awesome. Last weekend we saw a ton of butterflies and also lots of them waiting to come out of their cocoons.



My favorite experience at the Bronx Zoo is all of our interactions with the peacocks. I mean let’s not forget we are in the BX now so these peacocks have no fear! And i mean none. They will walk right up to you and ask for food!







DSC_0051     DSC_0005


I hope you find a way to head to the zoo soon. Before all the babies grow up… kids these days!

We love our afternoons at the zoo and can’t wait to head back again… probably this week!



* we used the Joovy TooFold to stroll Thomas around the zoo. It’s a pretty amazing summer time adventure stroller. Visit JOOVY for more info.  Look for a review coming soon! *

This post was NOT sponsored. I just love the zoo and you should go! 


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A music filled home

The New York Mom The New York Mom Music is always playing in our house. Matt wakes up before the rest of us and every morning I walk downstairs toward the kitchen to the sound of classical music and the smell of coffee. It’s pretty perfect!  Lily sings all the time – when she is in timeout, when she is looking for fairies in the backyard, in the shower… all the time. She also plays the trumpet in the school band and rocks it as one of only 2 girls playing the trumpet. The new York Mom Thomas has picked up on this as well. He can be found singing his own variations of what Lily has taught him, banging on pots and pans or dancing to the music playing in the house. We have dance parties and fall asleep to music. Music education is a huge part of our lives but music is our mood setter, it’s our lifeline really. The New York Mom - Schoenhut Piano Company   The New York Mom   The New York Mom Schoenhut Piano Company The New York Mom Schoenhut Piano Company     The New York Mom Schoenhut Piano Company Lily and Thomas have a piano and harp from the  Schoenhut Piano Company. These classic toys have fit right into this home and I cannot tell you how priceless it is to see Thomas make his way over to the piano and start singing and playing at any given moment. Lily gets lost in her harp and you can see the beautiful sound take her away to some far off land. Schoenhut was established in 1872 which makes this a 142 year old company. Their wooden pianos are really such a classic nostalgic nod to childhood. We have absolutely loved having our piano and harp around the house. The creativity that it encourages is simply rich! Schoenhut Toy Pianos are also part of the professional music scene – One of my favorite minimalist composers John Cage actually created ” Suite for toy piano” in 1948 on a Schoenhut Toy Piano. Legendary! These musical instruments are pretty amazing but these are not meant for learning the craft… although the piano does come with a booklet with various songs and a color coded key place card strip which helps kids follow the colors in the booklet to learn the keys. So there is a pretty high learning value just not sure a piano purist would agree with me 😉 We’re re doing Thomas’ room right now. And I cannot wait to find a place for this red baby grand in his room. Jonah loves his afternoon concertos by Thomas. The two of them keep each other company as Thomas plucks away on his piano and Jonah is every by his side… asleep. The New York Mom Schoenhut Piano Company

And guess what… you… my dear reader are in luck!! Schoenhut is having a pretty fab giveaway right now!

You can win your own Schoenhut by simply posting a musical themed photo to Instagram including #SummerofMusic and their Instagram handle @SchoenhutPiano! Visit their blog for details

Wordpress featured photo sized

I do hope you visit the Schoenhut Piano Company to see all their musical offerings for kids and maybe even gift one of these to your own little ones!

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18 Months

The_New_York_Mom The_New_York_Mom  The_New_York_Mom

The_New_York_Mom The_New_York_Mom

Thomas turned 18 months yesterday. Can you believe this! I feel like just yesterday I was sharing our pregnancy news with anyone who would listen and now we have an 18 month old.

He certainly owns his 18 month status. This MOTO of mine is running at full speed, he jumps and leaves the ground, he talks all the time and every now and then we catch a word that makes sense and he eats every bit of food in sight.

He’s getting longer – not rounder which is making his gundu baby status go away. No more chubby thighs but that round baby belly is still there. Not going away for a while which makes me happy.

The baby tantrums have started. Right now they are really cute. He throws a fit and then sqauts on the floor sometimes he head buts the floor or tries to bite the floor. he often times bites Lily for no reason. Not because he’s angry or anything. for example… he walks past lily and runs to her for a hug and a kiss and then sneaks in a quick bite and runs away. it’s a game. he doesn’t bite me…just lily.

Lily doesn’t seem to mind… I think it’s their special bond.

Thomas kisses all the time. He just walks up and kisses me or Lily, Matt and Jonah. He now climbs on top of Jonah and tries to ride him like a horse. Sweet Jonah bear just sits there and takes it. Thomas loves his Daddy. And lately he’s started pretending to get a boo boo and wrinkles up his face and says – Ouuuch ooouuccch daaiiiee. He loves shoes…. all sorts of shoes and will notice your shoes first when he meets you… shoes and then he will ask you for food. There isn’t a food he doesn’t love which is great for us… except he doesn’t stop eating. Last week we were picnicing at the park and he walked around and asked all the other picnickers for food, while eating food in his mouth already!

Oh I could go on with all the little things – which are big things- that this sweet little man-man of mine does. These babies, they grow up way too fast. I have so enjoyed these 18 months. I have loved feeding him and laying next to him for lazy afternoon naps, I have loved watching him grow and feel so blessed to be able to stay home with him and watch every single little milestone. It’s sad you know… kids hit these ages when you as a parent look at them and say… you will never do any of those things again and you will never be that little. 18 months is one age and then the next big one is 3 yrs and then 5 and then 8 and then…

Alright… i’m off to spend the rest of the day playing choo choos and eating!

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Make Something Monday with Lowes

You guys… it’s time to get those pots planted for the summer months. I love having gorgeous overflowing flowers on my front porch. Don’t  you. I mean nothing says – welcome to my green thumb home- quite like blooming flowers!

I sooo don’t have a green thumb but gosh darn it I try!

This year LOWES sent along a sweet DIY kit to snazz up your potted plants!


Lily and I loved painting this funky design. We taped up the terra cotta pot with painters tape and created a fun design and then painted it all sorts of ways and peeled it to see what the outcome was. And we love it!

It’s such an easy project to do with  your kids or just by yourself for a moment of sanity! < because us mamabear’s need some alone crafting time to get our bearings right>

Here’s a quick DIY to paint your pots!

1. Gather your gear –  a terra cotta pot, Valspar Paint, Martha Stewart Liquid Gold Paint, Painters Tape, Scissors, brushes.


2. Using the Painters Tape, tape out your designs. I love just coming up with hap- hazzard designs. You never know what  you will end up with.


3. Start Painting. You can keep some sort of theme or patterns or maybe just go rogue and paint whatever you want!


4. Leave the paint to dry and then peel off the blue painters tape… the best part!

IMG_1728 IMG_1729

5. Plant some greens! And you are done!


How easy and how fun right! we love painting just about everything so look for more paint projects this summer!

< The New York Mom received all materials from LOWES for purposes of this Make Something Monday project>


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