Sick and Sick

We’ve all been sick with the Super Stomach Bug for the past 2 weeks. Lily had it first all last week and then I went down on Sunday and 4 days later… I’m JUST now feeling human… still sick… but I left the bed today and made dinner and cleaned the kitchen all with a gurgling stomach.
memo: take it slow.

Lily has been amazing this week. It’s her spring break… and what a way to spend it right! Matt took the kids to the Bronx Zoo on Monday and it was so packed that after waiting 1.5 hrs just to get into the parking lot they finally left and went to the queens zoo.

Lily made me breakfast – toast and butter this morning. For lunch she woke me up with a kale salad, toast and grapes. Since Thomas has been sick and sleeping next to me all day – she brought him strawberries and cereal. What a sweet little nurse.

Jonah of course is just all too happy to have someone to sleep with all day.

I’m catching up on all my gazillion emails tonight. So please be patient with me and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

I hope you don’t get this bug… it’s a bad one! fingers crossed that day 5 is the last!

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