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One of my many lofty 2014 goals was to make sure I was in my family pictures. I am always the one taking photos and Matt is never really inspired to take pics. We have been through Christmas, New Years, Valentines, Winter months and Easter and guess who is in NONE of the pictures!

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So i’ve decided to take things into my own hands and get in the picture!

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This weekend, we did what we do most evenings when the weather is nice. We went for a stroll. Just a lazy walk through one of our fave neighborhoods in manhattan. We had dinner and just shopped and skipped our way through soho. ( but not broadway in soho because that’s just crazy and the tourists are too much!)

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I asked Matt to take pictures of me and the kids. I really do want to have myself in real pictures with my kids. I have less than a handful of actual pictures of me and the kids which are not selfies!

Matt captured some gorgeous images. and I am really thankful for this. I love seeing Thomas on my hip. I carry him like this all the time but i’ve never seen an image like this. I love seeing Lily dance around us and chase flowers down the street,  and I just love these sweet pics of us doing daily things.

More MOM IN THE PICTURE photos to come. I love thee so!

Are you in your pictures? Get in there mama!


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Family Day with the METS at Citifield – Special Offer

Hey hey so as you know I’m working with the METS baseball team on their METS MOMS panel. We’ve been having a great time going to Sunday games in Citifield. 

The METS wanted me to reach out to my readers…. YOU… and offer you a fab offer for $29 for the game this SUNDAY- APRIL 27.  Tell em I sent ya and let me know if you are going to the game. I would love to meet up!!!

Mets Moms
This is a family pic with Mr. Met from last season… look at how tiny little MOTO was!!!

Sunday, April 27 vs. Miami at 1:10pm
Private Meet & Greet with Mr. Met
at 12 noon in the Mets Cafe

For just $29 package includes:
• One Field Level ticket
• One hot dog and one soft drink
• Receive a Mets lanyard with ticket holder
• Exclusive photo opportunity with Mr. Met
Enter the Mets Cafe behind Section 104-105 beginning at 11:45am

To purchase tickets, please visit 


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Playing Dollies

Lily had taken a hiatus from her dolls but I am happy to report that she’s back at it! I love seeing her play with all her dollies, the childish nature of this hands-on play is something I’m going to miss as she gets older.

I guess it’s just that these days, I’m waiting for 9-year-old Lilypie to turn off the child switch and fully make the transition to … tweendom!

Our Generation Dolls

There are many hormonal glimpses of the tween waiting in the wings. Almost everyday we have meltdowns for no reason and full on cry fests, rolling of the eyes, grunts and psha’s are thrown my way. But at the same time she is still such a kid – with her sweet mannerisms, and stories and long-lasting hugs at night.

Our Generation Dolls

Lily and I used to play dollies all the time and these days it’s an honor to be invited to play with her and be included in her sweet magical world.

Our Generation Dolls

Also… I have Thomas to compete with. He doesn’t seem to wait for an invite. He just waltzes into Lily’s world and makes himself at home and sits right down for the tea party! Lily doesn’t seem to mind at all. She’s an awesome big sis like that!

Does your tween to be still play with dolls. I hope this phase doesn’t run out too soon. I’m not ready for her to grow up!


Lily is playing with the Our Generation dolls which are available at Target. These are 18 inch dolls which come with their each unique outfit and a little story. Their eyes open and close shut and hair is very similar to other much more expensive 18 inch dolls. Lily has a good mix of various brands of 18 inch dolls and can’t tell the difference. Our Generation also carries affordable accessories to go with the dolls.

*I received these dolls for purposes of this review. All opinions are my own*

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Wordless Wednesday

These two! Read about how where we got their gorgeous indian outfits for Easter right —> here. 

Easter Sunday


Easter Sunday

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Easter Sunday – what the kids wore.





This Easter we decided to buy the kids traditional Indian clothes. Thomas is 16 months and doesn’t have any Indian clothes. Lily has gorgeous dresses and salwar kameez’s and ornate skirts from India but has outgrown most of them and it was time to get new ones.


So off we went to “India Town”.  In the heart of Jackson Heights, Queens… over on Roosevelt Avenue… one can find India – in new york.


Do you know what Carrom Boards are? This was one of our favorite games growing up. This big square board behind Lily is a Carrom Board. One of these days I would love to buy her one and teach her how to play. DSC_0167

I remember the first time my grandmother visited and we all went for some biryani and curry and jelabi’s. She stood in the middle of the street and said… this is just like India. Lily loves going to ” india town”. She loves hearing my stories from my childhood that always come up when I see a toy or book or smell something which reminds me of my childhood.




The grocery stores are overflowing with produce, the gold stores are gorgeous and proud and the clothing is one of a kind and just like I remember. Lots of gold embroidery, lots of stitching, and just stunning. The clothing stores are fullied to the brim with festive colors, gorgeous silks and intricate patterns. The shop keepers are only too eager to help you and pull out every gorgeous outfit they have just in the hope you pick one. There are no duplicates and you never know what the selection will be that day.


Of course when we go to Jackson Heights we have to make a stop at one of the many colorful sweet shops. Lily … like my mom… loves indian sweets.  I love watching her pick her favorites from the colorful selection in front of her. She takes her time and tries to decide which color would taste best and carefully makes her selections. Always picking the biggest on of the batch.



Lily had lots of gorgeous dresses to pick from which made the decision for her dress that much harder. But in the end we picked a classic red and green with gold embellishment ghagra choli. She has room to grow into it which is great because she looked stunning on Easter Sunday and I just can’t wait for her to wear that dress again.

Thomas looked like a prince. It was a beautiful purple silk with gold and silver embroidered work.

The end result was more than I could have expected. Look at this sweetness. My mom and grandmother were very excited about these Easter outfits!


I love that we are so close all these amazing cultural spots and love that Lily and Thomas get to experience a small part of Indian Culture… all the way here in NY!



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Make Something Monday – Eco Crafts with Alex Toys

I have a weekly series called : Make Something Monday. ( it’s been sorta neglected lately).

The purposes of the series is to encourage Lily and I and also YOU… dear reader… to get crafty over the weekends and share your projects with us!

This week we wanted to share a craft kit we received for review.

Lily and I have been enjoying our Eco Craft Kit from Alex Toys. So with tomorrow being Earth Day, we thought this would be a fitting craft kit to share with you.


Lily and I love our crafts and there is never a shortage of glitter or glue or paint in this house. We usually don’t work with craft kits but rather just make up stuff as we go along. However, this was a fun kit to work with and if you don’t want to follow directions …like us… then that’s totally fine because there are all sorts of templates and cut-outs you can work with to come up with your own concoctions.

DSC_0320 DSC_0322

The Eco Craft kit offers direction for  20 projects  and all the materials are made from recycled products and soy based inks. Lily was really excited to see all the goodies when she opened the kit. Her creative little brain was just full of ideas.


This kit does have a ton of accessories, wooden spatula, button, stickers, ribbons and so much more. Lily  made a spoon lady and a flower pot. The directions are easy to follow but there is a slight learning curve only because the directions are only in illustrations.


The ECO CRAFTS kit is approximately $20. Lily gives it all thumbs up!

*I was not paid for this. I did receive products for purposes of this review. All opinions are my own. *

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on this thursday 6 years ago

new york mom

While Maundy Thursday is significant for us Christians, it holds an especially important meaning to this little family of mine… in this corner of the world.

6 years ago on Maundy Thursday – during the week of – Easter Sunday, Matt and I received a phone call from our attorney in Florida who said, ‘”now I don’t know what sort of miracle happened but the adoption is a go. how quickly can you get to Florida”

I was on a flight a couple of days later. and 2 weeks after that, Lily came home to New York to be with us forever.

You see we had tried to adopt Lily a few years prior to that when she was 18 months, but it had fallen through unexpectedly. We fought for her to come back with all our resources – financial, emotional, mental… and we thought all was lost. 2 years later – we were still fighting to get her back. So when lily was 3.5 yrs old …to get this amazing phone call was nothing short of an Easter miracle.

Lily has blessed us with an abundance of love and laughter, joy, adventure and passion for everything in life.  I don’t talk much about her adoption since she is growing up and I’m trying to phase her stories out of this blog space of mine. Because as she grows she owns her stories. But this day… this thursday is so very important in this family. Because this Thursday gave this family its legs.

The years where we lost Lily were the darkest I have ever experienced but Matt and I made it through.  Our story is a tough one. But in the end we were blessed beyond anything we could have expected.

I hope you all have an amazing easter season. I hope you can truly take a moment to enjoy the blessings in your life. and go hug those blessing really tight!


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Tween and Baby Style File with The Children’s Place

Easter is this Sunday and The Children’s Place has lots of cute springy dresses and bowties for the littles. So if you are looking for Easter fashion for kids… look no further.




We were invited to a Spring Shop Day at The Children’s Place where I picked out a few cute items for Lily and Thomas. Their stores are stocked with florals and glitter for girls, while the boys section has cargo pants and dressy suits all in time for spring. I do recommend  you head over quick because The Children’s Place tends to have frequent sales and most of their spring stuff is already on sale to make way for bathing suits and everything summer.


We’ve been shopping at The Children’s Place for years. I used to do a huge summer haul with skirts and tank tops and shorts and swimsuits for Lily every year before our annual trip to Florida. Now with Thomas, we have been able to find the cutest bowties and 3 piece suits and hats to fit this dapper gent!

CHildren's Place

Happy spring everyone… and get to The Children’s Place quick…like I said they are kinda sale-happy over there so get the goods while they last!

:|| Lily is wearing ||: The Children’s Place dress, Zara Boots, and a headband she made herself with an Alex Toys kit.

:|| Thomas is wearing ||: The Children’s Place Shirt +Shorts +Bowtie – H&M Suspenders, Rumm Kids Shoes.

* TNYM ( the new york mom)  was not paid for this post but was invited to a media shop to pick up items for review and purposes of this post* 


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Sick and Sick

We’ve all been sick with the Super Stomach Bug for the past 2 weeks. Lily had it first all last week and then I went down on Sunday and 4 days later… I’m JUST now feeling human… still sick… but I left the bed today and made dinner and cleaned the kitchen all with a gurgling stomach.
memo: take it slow.

Lily has been amazing this week. It’s her spring break… and what a way to spend it right! Matt took the kids to the Bronx Zoo on Monday and it was so packed that after waiting 1.5 hrs just to get into the parking lot they finally left and went to the queens zoo.

Lily made me breakfast – toast and butter this morning. For lunch she woke me up with a kale salad, toast and grapes. Since Thomas has been sick and sleeping next to me all day – she brought him strawberries and cereal. What a sweet little nurse.

Jonah of course is just all too happy to have someone to sleep with all day.

I’m catching up on all my gazillion emails tonight. So please be patient with me and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

I hope you don’t get this bug… it’s a bad one! fingers crossed that day 5 is the last!

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Baby Gear – Britax Affinity Stroller

There is a new stroller on the market which keeps the fashion forward mamas … well forwardly fashionable! Introducing the Britax Affinity.

Britax Affinity Stroller

In Early March, Britax launched their new AFFINITY stroller which has moved this line up to the   LUXURY stroller market. ( mainly because of price point which comes in at approx $699.) Blending fashion, function and fab design, the affinity is available in 18 colors and can be customized to fit your needs.


While there are a handful of fab colors like cactus green and blue sky, my favorite feature is the Click N Go system which allows you to attach a bassinet or infant carseat without needing any additional adapters. You can also customize the color of your stroller frame and pick from white, black and silver.

I have not reviewed this stroller so I can’t give you the play by play. But if you are in the stroller shopping market you might want to check out the Britax Affinity.

Hostess with the mostess… Vera Sweeny. one half of Getting Gorgeous.

Thanks to that fab duo at Getting Gorgeous – Audrey and Vera- for including me this launch.

* TheNewYorkMom was not paid for this post. Just wanted to share the news *

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