We Don’t Take Naps!

Mama’s I need your afternoon napping tips!

Thomas has been sleeping like a champ at night. it’s pretty impressive how he just tucks in right at 8pm every night.. and it only took  22 days of sleep training.

We totally won in the overnight sleep department!


Afternoon Naps… no so much.

Also, Thomas likes to snuggle with Jonah and just roll around or talk to him and poor Jonah Bear… just wants to sleep. What’s a dog to do! Our afternoon naps have been hit or miss. Unless I chase Thomas around the house all morning… he’s not going to take a nap and then in the evening.. it’s a fight to keep him up until 8pm so he doesn’t sleep early and wake up at 4am!

He does wake up at 5am which Jonah does not approve of. Thomas wants to play on the bed or roll on top of Jonah and Jonah just wants to catch some zzz’s but doesn’t want to miss the action so he stays with us and endures the no sleep nonsense!


Do yo have any tips you can share? How did you get your babe to take their afternoon nap? Because I neeed this MOTO to sleep in the afternoon so I can have just a couple hours to clean, laundry, dishes, eat… you know! 20140221-000942.jpg

*Thomas is wearing –> 1. H&M kids, 2.Childrens Place top + Carters Kids Bottoms 3. Gap baby Pants  + PACT onesie.* Jonah goes nude 😉 *

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  1. My only suggestion is to put him in his crib/pen at the same time, for the same amount of time, every day. Give him some safe toys and books to play with and don’t worry about the sleep so much as the down time. That way you can get stuff done and he has some sort of rest. (And so does Jonah!).

  2. I use to give my daughter lunch while we watch one of her fav cartoons or heard easy listening music. Then after lunch I would clean her up and settle her down with her fav toy and blanket, leave the radio on and walk away. Nap time only works if kids have a set routine so if you don’t have one you may want to start. They have to learn to whine down there can’t be too much going on or their little minds won’t be able to relax. 🙂