Sleep Success!

So 22 days after we started our hybrid Sleep Training with Thomas… success!


Last night I rocked him and sang to him – like I did everynight- and then put him down FULLY AWAKE in his crib. but he stayed down and let me pat him for a few seconds and I left the room with him awake and looking at me…but no crying! a couple minutes later… asleep!


By george…I think we did it!


Deets coming up soon about how we managed our hybrid sleep training! Jonah is happy to just be able to sleep without the stress of a baby crying. He would pace in the hallway or sleep right outside the nursery door… poor Jonah!


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Soccer Sessions with Alex Morgan and Chapstick Lip Tips

Soccer star Alex Morgan lead an afternoon soccer clinic for kids at Chelsea Piers in NYC this month.



As the new face of Chapstick, Alex is part of the new advertising and marketing campaigns for the brand. We were lucky to have this afternoon with her.

Chapstick Alex Morgan DSC_0243

Lily loves soccer and has been playing for a couple years. She played really well all afternoon and was really impressed with Alex… I mean Alex WAS part of the GOLD MEDAL team at the last olympics… Lily’s got bragging rights now!



With these bitter cold temps in New York for the past 30 days, Chapstick has been a lifesaver. I have been an avid Chapstick fan so the Chapstick team didn’t have to sell me on it too much. Lily has her pockets stocked with every flavor of Chapstick!


The latest product from Chapstick is the Hydration Lock. This has been clinically proven to moisturize lips, keeps lips hydrated for full 8 hours, gives lips a fuller and smoother appearance and has antioxidents CoQ10 and VitE which help battle environmental oxidative damage to lips.

Sounds good to me!


With Valentines Day right around the corner… we gotta keep our puckers ready for smooches so Here are 5 Tips for good lip health with Chapstick and Dr. Melanie Grossman


  1. Lips are prone to dehydration so drink plenty of water everyday especially in the colder weather.
  2. Chapstick Hydration Lock hydrates and seals in moisture especially in cold and windy climates.
  3. Use a humidifier at home to combat the dry air which causes dry chapped lips.
  4. Use Chapstick with SPF15 when in the sun to prevent lip aging.
  5. If lips are constantly chapped, cracked, itchy or sore…you might have an infection. go see a dermatologist.
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Gilt + Orbit Baby G3 Stroller

Last night I attended a swank event for GILT in midtown manhattan to celebrate the launch of the new Orbit Baby G3 stroller. Celebrity, Molly Sims was on hand to tell us all about her favorite features of the stroller.


The Orbit Baby G3 stroller is available starting today at 12 pm ET at . GILT members have the option to customize their own stroller by choosing different colors, seats and accessories or to select a full stroller customized by celebrity model, actress, and mom, Molly Sims.


Orbit Baby G3 features include:
  • Unprecedented customization: the mixable G3 product line allows parents to choose from Orbit Baby’s state-of-the-art car seats, stroller seats, bassinets and storage options, as well as a range of colors.
  • Family-flexible: Orbit Baby’s upgradeable system can convert from a single stroller to a double, allows for the addition of Sidekick™ Stroller Boards for a triple solution, has more easy-to-access storage, and can dock all seat options straight from stroller to rocker base.
  • Back-saving convenience: The only travel system that allows you to dock and rotate both your infant and toddler car seat on the same car seat base and stroller base, with the back-saving convenience of Orbit Baby’s patented SmartHub™ technology.
  • Parenting made easier: The G3 features a 60-second car seat installation, a one-handed stroller fold, built-in cup holders, easily adjustable handlebars, and Orbit Baby’s ergonomic dock-and-rotate interface.
  • See the world in 360: The first stroller seat with 3DRotation™, which allows the seat to both rotate and recline in one fluid motion. 
  • Clean, green, and BFR-free: Orbit Baby’s car seats use orbitgreen™ fabrics 100% free of BFRs (Brominated Flame Retardants), and all G3 Orbit Baby seats use fabrics certified clean by Oeko-Tex®, ensuring they are easier on your baby’s skin.*

OB_G3_SunshadeFlower_FullHead on over to GILT to snag one of these for you and your babe!

* I was not compensated for this post nor have I tested the Orbit Baby G3. I have no opinion about the stroller just wanted to share the launch*

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Make Something Monday- fancy clay bead garland


Every monday, I like to share a little something creative I did over the weekend and invite you to do the same. It’s so important to me take some time to do something artistic. and by ‘take some time’ i mean like.. 20 mins even.

We are in the depths of sleeptraining and Lily has a ton of stuff going on at school and Matt’s busy at work and I’m at home and at work and some days you just want to throw some glitter on something ya know!


So this weekend, Lily and I made a clay bead necklace. I love how this project turned out… so much that I’m going to make a few more color combinations. Also, the gold paint from Martha Stewart Crafts is AMAZING. Lily and I have been ‘golding’ everything we see!

Are you ready to learn how to make your own fancy clay bead necklace or garland.

You need:

Clay – we used crayola air dry clay, Paint- any sort of acrylic paint will do, paint brush, toothpicks and threading yarn.

  • Take little pieces of the air dry clay and roll it into balls. Make them all different sizes.
  • Pierce the clay ball with the toothpick. This creates a hole for threading when the clay dries.
  • Let air dry overnight. You can also use clay that needs to go in the oven but I find the air dry to work just as well and its safer for kids.


  • When clay is dry, Paint with your favorite colors.
  • Let paint dry.


  • Take the clay off the toothpick and string it up!
  • DONE!

So easy and so fun. This is a great activity with kids as well as just your gal pals. Lily and I are going to make more garlands and maybe even try new shapes and patterns.

I really do hope you have time in your weekend to make something. I need a creative outlet for my sanity and make it a point to get even 20 mins a weekend… like I said… just throw some glitter on something, it will make you feel better 😉


* This is NOT a sponsored post. I just love to make things and hope you share your DIY ideas with me! *


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Snow Day activity for kids – How to make ice cream out of snow

Hey you guys! It’s a SNOW DAY here in New York and we are loving it soooo very much!

One of Lily’s favorite things is making ice cream from fresh snow. Matt started doing this with her a few years ago and now that she’s older, she does it all by herself.

A couple of tips – when the snow is falling, leave an empty container outside to catch fresh snow. or … we scoop up the snow from the top of our outdoor table. the fresh stuff. DO NOT EAT THE YELLOW SNOW!

This is the perfect snow day activity. You can make a huge batch and freeze it for later.

My sweet Lilypie decided to share her ice cream making tips with you.. dear readers. So here ya go… Lily’s how-to on making snow ice cream!




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Mimish – beanbag and storage in one – REVIEW

Recently I met a fascinating gal – Andrea Soto- while on one of my many outings. She is the creator of MIMISH – the bean bag with storage. ( genius right!)

Since January is National Organization Month, I wanted to share a little fun and colorful way to organize in your home. 



Mimish is a fab new product on the market which combines the laid bag comfort of a bean bag while also allowing for simple storage under the pouf!


Anything from blankets to toys to… small wandering children can be zipped up right inside the bag. ( i kid about the small wandering children.. or do i!)


We’ve used the Mimish storage bag in our play space where it provides comfy seating as well as storage for a few of Thomas and Lily’s stuffed animals. Although… Thomas is much more interested in getting INSIDE the bag. He loves the storage compartment and pretends it’s his own personal boat.


Jonah sometimes tries to crawl inside as well. Silly Jonah.

Mimish Storage Bags come in a whole selection of fun colors. You can also get muted colors to fit your grown up decor. This would be a great gift for a college student to spruce up and help organize their dorm room, for use in a play space like us or even in the TV room… which we do quiet often. This is the perfect movie night accessory!


I also told Andrea and her team that next season they need to come out with a GOLD Mimish!

I mean… perfection right!!

I would love a gold pouf in our nursery!

In the end. we love this beanbag/storage combo… it has totally fit right into our decor and has come in handy for just lounging around. It’s also super easy to clean – completely machine washable. just follow the instructions.

So what do you think… is it a bean bag? is it storage? It’s a MIMISH!!


Check out MIMISH for more info!

*this is a sponsored post. I do like this product and really loved Andrea and her fab energy! I love supporting small businesses… especially small businesses by fierce gals!*

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Master Chef Junior- CASTING CALL in NYC

Calling all culinary kiddies!!!

We love that show Master Chef Junior and Lily has been working on her cooking skills to maybe be on the show one day. This little mini foodie of mine is pretty awesome and has been cooking up her own funky concoctions since she was about 6!

While she’s not ready this year, I did want to pass along some info that the good people over at Master Chef Junior shared with me.

>>>>> Also I’m REALLLY hoping that Lily or I get to be asked to judge one of the episodes… putting it out the universe… it would  be cool! *Ahem major hint to the PR group… dropping hints here* <<<<<

CASTING for the show this SATURDAY in NYC.

Here is all the info.

WHO: MasterChef Junior is a culinary competition series returning for its second season featuring talented kids between the ages of eight and 13 who love to cook.
WHAT: MasterChef Junior is on a nationwide search for talented kids between the ages of 8 – 13 (as of March 10, 2014) who love to cook, from all types of backgrounds, and with a range of cooking styles to audition for the FOX show. The winner will receive a large cash prize and the revered title of MasterChef Junior!
WHERE: SHERATON HOTEL, 811 7th Avenue, New York, New York 10019
WHEN: Saturday, January 18 (10am-6pm)
For more information on MasterChef Junior casting, visit
So if you have a mini chef at your house… enter!!! we would love to see them in this amazing fun show! and good luck!!
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the highs and the lows

Parenting highs are really high and parenting lows are really low.

// be warned… this is another weepy sappy rant//

It’s been a tough few weeks over here. We started sleep training right when we got back from our holidays. Every night has hosted a symphony of cries coming from the nursery. It’s emotionally taxing. Somehow amidst all this hullabaloo of coming back from vaca, lily going back to school, Matt busy with work… I got lost.
Remember my grandiose, lofty goals, dreaming big speech I gave myself at the beginning of the year? Well folks. Nada. Nothing. Not a thing has moved on that list. Not that I haven’t tried… ok actually I haven’t tried. I just plain have not had a moment to even TRY to start!

Sleep deprivation is not fun. I stay up with Thomas at night since I’m home most days. Then the following day I’m exhausted and cranky and irritated and am still in bed with a sleeping babe until 10am! <sometimes later>

Last night Thomas cried until 2:30am! I finally gave in and brought him to bed so I could sleep. And today my day ended up being a wash and lily came home from school and was such a dragon that the last-minute date that Matt and I had scheduled had to be cancelled because Lily was just too much and I was too much … it’s too much.

It gets you down you know. Days like these have the tendency to cover you up from the rest of the world, it casts this cloak of doldrums on your senses and whole spirit and prevents you from seeing the light. It’s a pretty crappy feeling.

My friend told me today…and it’s the best advice I’ve received in a long time.

After I went through my whole – nobody likes me, nobody loves me, i’m going out to eat worms bit… she said.

“get up, get dressed and show up. Show Up to Your Life” – no matter what you are feeling, get dressed in the morning and leave the house even if for a little bit.

So that’s what I’m going to do. No more staying in the house with the babe on cold grey New York winter days, everyday I’m going to make it a point to get out of this house and show up to my life! Even if it’s to Target for daily meditation.

We are on Day 6 of sleep training and it’s getting much better. There is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel… a small light… i see it!

…oh and also, I’m not giving up on my lofty, grandiose, big dreams and goals for this year.  My step one is coming.

…and also I’m writing this as my sweet babe cries in the nursery down the hallway. we had the sweetest evening kissing and laughing and Lily read us stories… and then I left him in the nursery to sleep/cry/wail/sleep/scream/he needs him mommmy/sleep.

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Sleep Training Woes: day 2

Day two of sleep training with Thomas.

sleep Training

Last night he slept from 10:30pm – 7am! win!!!

Then took a nap from 9am – 10:30am.

He napped again from 2:30 – 4pm . I need to push this nap up earlier I think. Just that our Mommy and Me Yoga goes from 11:30-12:30 and messes with our schedule.

Tonight… his cries were SCREAMs! Like shrill screams!

We gave him a bath, soothing music, rocked him.. all of it. and I put him in his crib and he started crying which then turned to screams. holding his breath kinda screams.

I gave in at about 5 mins and picked him up to soothe him and let him fall asleep in my arms . Again… scream cries… let this go one for about 5 minutes again. When I picked him up this time he was shaking… like trauma shaking! As a mom.. this is the worst thing. Your child is shaking and crying because he’s traumatized and you – can- but won’t soothe him. It’s the worst!

I sent Matt upstairs to put him back to sleep while I drank wine and ate chips!

Thomas fell asleep in  his ‘baby crack swing’ AKA – fisher price snuggle bunny swing. ( yes he’s getting big for it. yes his feet are almost dragging on the floor. but it works)

So there ya have it. We didn’t give in all the way… part of the way.

Hopefully tomorrow will be much better. I hope.

I am taking all your tips and advice and support and using this to find a happy medium for our sleep training. The person who has it the worst is Lily. She can’t understand this at all. her sweet 8 year old heart can’t understand why her Mom is not comforting the baby!


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Sleep Training Heartbreak

i’ve been functioning on no sleep for over a month! yes we were on vaca with our family recently and yes I did sleep in.. until about 9ish most days… but that’s nothing to help me make up my 3 – 4 hours of somewhat restful sleep in a 24 hour period… for about 40 ish days!

sleep training.jpg

let me tell you what no sleep does to you. you get really irritated at every single person around you. you wake up exhausted every single morning. you start to get irrationally jealous of your friends who are single and have no kids because they can sleep in the middle of the afternoon on any given saturday. you don’t eat. or you eat too want to burst into tears at any given moment. your internal monologue is dark and gloomy.  all your hopes and dreams for the new year get squashed because all you want is ONE restful night of sleep.

so what to do.

i’m giving this whole – taboo- sleep training thing a go… again.

so all my crunchy, die hard, attachment parenting, co sleeping friends… i’m sorry. i  feed my child formula and now we are going to let him cry it out because mama is going insane and needs to just sleep. please don’t judge.

Sleep training did not work the last time I tried it because Lily takes it pretty hard and it’s bad enough that one kid is crying, I can’t handle 2!

so right now… on take 2… i am sitting in the room typing this while this sweet MOTO of mine cries his heart out in his crib while staring at me in the dark (with night light) the whole time.

It’s a sad sight. ugh!

– ok so I let him cry for about 5 mins – i was in the room – music was playing- night light on- door closed. the Beast tried to break down the door and I can hear Lily pacing in the hallway. this sucks!

– i finally gave in and rocked him to sleep. he was out in a few mins.must be all that crying. gave us about 30 mins of sleep and is back screaming in his crib. Lily is taking this the worst, she can’t understand why we are allowing him to cry. I keep telling her, ” he’s not hurt, nothing bad is happening, it’s all part of teaching him to sleep”. not sure I believe what I’m saying.

– now he’s holding his breath and crying. this is painful in a ‘moms are not supposed to make their kids cry‘ kinda way. I don’t think i can stand it. but we have to right. I mean my sanity is on the brink of collapsing over here. I can’t have a single conversation with Matt without either wanting to break down or get into a silly fight. And today when I was invited to join a book club I almost burst into tears and wanted to scream… BOOK CLUB.. you think I have time for a book club… you think i have time to read!

– Matt finally went upstairs to the nursery to rock MOTO back to sleep. it’s tough emotionally but I also feel for Lily who is really saddened and confused by this and also Jonah who is so uneasy. Neither of them will even look at me.

Thomas naps 3 times a day – wakes at 6am -naps at 9am- naps at 12:30- naps at 4:30 until about 5:30. All his naps are about 30-45 mins unless I hold him in my arms and then it’s like.. 2 hours. and I nap too. (sometimes- most times I stay awake holding him and worrying about all my deadlines and my lofty goals)


tomorrow I’m going to change his nap times and see how that affects us with sleeping.

of course I take to facebook and twitter to vent about my sleep issues and immediately received a ton of support. So thanks to all of you who are holding my hand through this. I really take your advice because YOU have done it successfully with your kids. I cannot tell you how much this online community of mine has stepped in to advice me on these milestones. Thank you and please think of me when you are drool sleeping under your down comforters. (guilt trip is free)

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