Lancôme Dream Tone – Bare Selfie

I took a dare… a dare to go bare with Lancome Dream Tone.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Thanks for swinging by and visiting with me and supporting my sponsors!*

That right folks in this era of selfies and photobombs and ever moment being documented… us blogger type try to stay on point because ya nevah know when the photobug snaps a pic.

So going sans makeup… dare to be bare… psha!

But i took the challenge… and here we are… no makeup!

Ok so all jest aside, I dont wear a ton of makeup but I always wear makeup. Concealer is my best friend.

I was sent Lancome Dream Tone to test out for 4 weeks and then share my skin with you. 1.3 OZ retails for $98.

Here’s what:

There are a TON of potions and lotions out here in the beauty world which promise to make you look younger and get rid of wrinkles and fade away dark spots and make you 6 feet tall… you get my drift.

Introducing New DreamTone, 3 barely-tinted serums to visibly correct dark spots, color imperfections and uneven skin tone. This is what it does—>
DreamTone is the next generation of dark spot correction. So powerful, 72% of women dare to bare their skin.
IMMEDIATELY: 74% saw glowing skin*
7 DAYS: 70% noticed a more even skin tone*
4 WEEKS: 69% saw the appearance of dark spots reduced*
8 WEEKS: 78% saw color imperfections reduced* 
Color Correction specific to your skin tone: Imperfections like redness, sallowness and acne marks are visibly reduced.
*All results based on global self-assessments of women of multiple ethnicities in an 8-week study.  72% reflects 8 weeks of use. Customized for all skin tones: fair, medium & dark 

Here’s my review of Lancome Dream Tone.


I picked the MEDIUM dreamtone. It matched my skin color best.

After immediate use… I saw nothing. So it took about 3 days before i noticed that maybe my dark spots were starting to fade a bit. A week of using this morning and night… i totally noticed that my skin was starting to even out. I have patching skin, my cheeks are white while my forehead is pretty dark. This started to look even. This maintained for a few weeks… then all of a sudden this week… VOILA… skin looked great and healthy and shiny in a good way and was pretty even toned.

Now… factors that might have contributed… matt and I started juicing. so we were drinking 3 – 4 16 oz juices a day for about 4 days. I started drinking water a lot more than I had been… like 2 glasses a day… instead of no glasses a day.

Does Lancome Dream Tone work… I think it might. I wonder if the results are different for women with fair skin. us brown-skinned girls sometimes have skin things that don’t even out so easily.

I always used moisturizer on top of my Lancome Dream Tone.

Lancome Dream Tone.jpgSo there ya have it mamas. It’s tough as you age. Your skin changes and suddenly every product that promises youth in some sort of way starts to resonate.

I hope my review helps you in your quest for fresh skin!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Thanks for swinging by and visiting with me and supporting my sponsors! * no filters on the images above.*

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Make Something Monday- Christmas DIY

Happy Monday everyone! What did you create over the weekend?

We have been knee deep in Christmas preparations over here! Grandma and Grandpa arrive today for the Thanksgiving holiday and I have a fab partnership with LOWES this season… put those together and you have one over hyped cleaning, holiday spirited mamabear!

I did find a moment of sanity this weekend to make something. Over the weekends I try to find time to do something creative. It’s healing for me.

With the Christmas season upon us, I decided to make a little miniature holiday scene with the bottom cutting of our christmas tree, some miniature animals from Michaels Arts and Crafts and a few twigs from our yard.

So here we go… my first Holiday DIY of the season.


You need:

  • Pair of Scissors.
  • SuperGlue.
  • A few miniatures – christmas trees, deer and a sleigh.
  • Star bunting/ ribbon.
  • Twigs from your garden.
  • Christmas tree cutting.



I just lined everything up where I wanted it on my tree cutting and superglued it one at a time. and then DONE! These are so easy to make. so very magical and absolutely fulfilled my creative need this weekend.

I can’t wait to make a few more with Lily this season.  You can get the small figures at Michaels Arts and Crafts. They are about $1.99 or $2.99. We might get all fancy next week and make a tiny house. Won’t that be fun!

Stay tuned! 20131125-002941.jpg

20131125-003311.jpgWhat did you make over the weekend?

It’s so important for us Stay at Home mama’s to be creative. After all the diaper changes, and the meltdowns and the taking care of these littles… this bit of creative time is all my own. and I cherish it oh so much!


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Build A Bear + FAO Schwarz


One of my favorite stores in NYC is FAO Schwarz… and now there is a Build A Bear workshop right in the middle of the store!

My dear friend and inspiring writer Kristen Kill paid a visit to the Build a Bear workshop for a recent media event. Please take a moment to visit her sweet sweet blog over at The New York Perch. 

ribbon cutting

Last Friday, my darling girl and I were able to take a tour and fully experience the grand opening of the Build- A- Bear Workshop inside of the iconic FAO Schwarz toy store here in Manhattan. The ribbon cutting event benefitted the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club and as their chairman shared about his heart for them, the faces of these children, able to walk through the new store and take a special bear home, simply lit up! It doesn’t get much better than seeing a roomful of adult volunteers and parents speak encouragement into children’s lives and share the experience of creating a special bear along side them.

Boys and Girls Club

After the ribbon was cut, it was our turn to see this new store for ourselves! This Build-A- Bear workshop is the first of its kind in digital innovation. Always big on the experience and memories made by guests within the Workshop itself, Build-A-Bear has implemented features throughout the store that bring this brand into a new era of technology, but will feel right at home to kids growing up in the age of the ipad.

The first step is to pick which animal you’d like to take home. Right now, there are heaps of options that celebrate the holidays, from Santa, to Rudolph and Frosty, as well as the traditional bears, bunnies and monkeys.

BB choices

Next, children select a heart and add in all sorts of lovely qualities like, they’d like to embody their new friend. Our monkey happens to be happy, playful and sporty. There was also a station to add in sounds or even recorded messages.

Stuffing the monkey came next and beyond getting to stand along side the magic of this big machine we called “the fluffer,” the staff lead children through a ritual full of hand movements and hugs for their new friends before stitching them up.


Next, another new element in our digital experience: giving our new little monkey a newborn bath! Complete with touch sensitive bubbles and glubbing sounds, this bathtub was pretty cute.

The next step was to give our little a guy a name and print off a birth certificate with all his details to take home (and as my daughter mentioned, to take on flights with us, or use when we apply for his passport!)


Quite possibly the cutest part of the whole experience is still the Build- A-Bear classic: choosing an outfit for your new friend. There are limitless options that reflect your child’s interests and personality, anything from a ballerina, a fireman, or a baseball player.

Our little monkey went home with a knit cap and matching scarf, which  seemed appropriate for the chilly weather that has recently hit New York, and he’s adjusting rather nicely to life in our little family.


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Make Something Monday – Printed Baby Pants

It’s Make Something Monday.. yippee!!

* make Something Monday is something I started a while ago that encourages me… and hopefully you… to get creative and take a moment to MAKE SOMETHING over the weekend. On Monday… I share my creations.*

I have really been meaning to be consistent about this series… but life sometimes knocks me down ya know. So here we go again… this time i mean it!


This weekend I decided to print a pair of Thoms’ sweatpants.  I have a bit of a design crush on arrows and triangles lately and took a shot at creating my own.20131118-223745.jpg

My sweet man…he wears these pants with such confidence. 20131118-223751.jpg

These were SUPER easy to make. It took me about 20 mins. no joke. I freehand drew these triangles on with gold MARTHA STEWART paint. That lady knows her crafting. I am slightly obsessed with her GOLD paint these days. For a quick $2.99 at Michael’s Arts and Crafts you can GOLD everything you see. 20131118-223757.jpg

So how to make these:

You need –

  1. A pair of pants. I bought mine at TARGET for $4 they are kids sweatpants in a size 12 months.
  2. GOLD Martha Stewart multi use paint from Michael’s Arts and Crafts.
  3. A foam brush and a regular soft bristled brush- I framed the triangle with the edge of the foam brush and them filled in with the soft bristle.
  4. Cardboard pieces. i.e.- cereal box.
  5. Creative spirit!


You do:

  1. Wash your pants ONCE before printing. Make sure it also goes through the dryer.
  2. Place a piece of cardboard – maybe a cereal box from the recycling bin- between the two layers of each pant leg. This keeps the paint from bleeding to the back of the pants.
  3. Get your paint… get your brush… and go create!
  4. Make sure your get clean lines when working on geometric designs… nothing like messy lines to mess up your creation.
  5. After the paint is dry, i like to toss the pants by themselves in the dryer for about 10 mins. This helps set the color.
  6. I also like to wash the pants with like colors… or some old towels once… to make sure the paint is set.

20131118-223814.jpgSo there ya go. I hope to get a little fancy with my Make Something Mondays. I desperately need a creative outlet and this…dear reader… this will have to do for these busy diaper changing, no sleep, dealing with an 8YO going on 16 … days.

So, what did you make!

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MUST HAVE trends for fall from BODEN

Every once in a while I get pitched by a company that I’m unfamiliar with and then through the course our collaboration… I end falling in love with their styles !

One such company… BODEN.


Boden makes really great quality clothing for the whole family. I love their dresses and coats and pants… i could go one.  But you should go take a look and find out for yourself.

It’s classic british fashions with a “new” vibe.


I’ve practically been living in these green khaki pants  ( pictured). The waist is not super low and just high enough to hold in some of my post baby belly nice and snug.

There’s a light stretch to them and this makes it great for a full day of work or play in NYC.



The pants – the color, the fit- the skinny- are the perfect pants for fall. It’s a MUST HAVE fall fashion find!  It goes with everything and can be dressed up or down with a simple switcharoo of a jacket. I wore this to a thing at Lily’s school with a tweed blazer and then switched out a leather jacket for dinner with my gal pals. Perfect! Throw on some ankle boots or pumps to go from casual to cocktail!

There is a special winter coat I have my eye on that just calls to me every time I browse their site!

BODEN has some fab deals going on right now… so get your goods now!

This ends TODAY click here —> 22% off + free shipping: Sunday, 10th November to Thursday, 14th November Keycode DABG

Starting TOMORROW click here—> 15% off + free shipping: Friday, 15th November to Sunday, 17th November Keycode N006

* This is a Sponsored post by Boden. I was given a stipend to go shopping! As always – opinions are my own and thanks a ton for stopping by and reading along and supporting my sponsors! *
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Finding the Mother Funny in the daily with Nickmom

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and its client.

Nick Moms

I was asked to write about the whacked out things that happen to us parents sometimes.This is a project for Nickelodeon and Nick Mom. Have you visited their site… it’s mother funny!

Things you never thought you find yourself doing or saying sometimes becomes a very normal part of your daily routine. Things like … washing your poop covered hands after wiping your wriggly child’s bum, wiping the poop off the wall after changing the diaper of said wriggly child, wiping the poop off the dog… yes the innocent bystander dog… after said diaper change of said baby. this happens often.

Or how about when you have dressed up and brushed your hair and even put on some uncomfortable shoes so you can look snazzy for a fun evening dinner with friends  and there while chatting with friends over cocktails while holding your babe… you smell something rancid and feel something… smushy… only to find out that a massive. epic. poop explosion just happened while no one was looking and has now stained and stunk up your entire get up.

Why did you even try?

The things that come out of my mouth these days are things that never in a million years I thought I  would ever say…

but now that I’m a parent… it’s totally normal!

Also… apparently my whole life revolves around poop.

1. Do you go big poop or small poop?

2.Was it a billy goat poop or big chunk?

3. Please keep your clothes on in the car because people who drive SUV’s can see everything back there.

4. Don’t lick the floor, don’t lick the floor… DONT LICK THE FLOOR!!

5. Can I just have one moment of peace… in the bathroom… so I can wipe!

6. Let’s not lock the baby in the closet.

7. wipe. flush. wash your hands. x 100 ( even add a chant and dance to it!)

8. Don’t pick your nose and bum with the same finger.

9.  ( we pull over on the side of the road to pee)

Me: This is camping.

Lily: but I’m going potty on the side of the road.

Me: yea… it’s called camping. Make sure you tell Grammy that.

10. If you suck a stranger’s blood you will definitely get germs for the rest of your life.

11.—> you can’t do stranger danger to mommy just because you don’t want to go to bed!


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It’s My Birthday

It’s my birthday today!

It’s the first year that I’m mamabear to 2 of the most darling kiddies.


Lily made me the sweetest gift package this morning – a collection of handmade bunting, rainbowloom bracelets and extra rubber bands, and two cards that said “you are the nicest mommy”.

the best!20131113-113936.jpg

I’m nicely nestled into my 30’s now… but my spirit and body feel like I’m still 25!

Hope this stays throughout my days.

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Family Pajama Night with The Company Store

Jingle Jingle Yall!

I am thrilled about this holiday season. Did you know that most stores are playing christmas music already!!! I mean… hearing Frosty the Snowman on a random Tuesday can certainly add a pep to your step ya know! 

This year… among many wonderful things we have coming up… we all get to lounge around in matching PJ’s!


Haven’t you wanted to do this? I ALWAYS have and here we are… exactly as I imagined.

DSC_0532 DSC_0537

Tis the season everyone – these cold winter nights, the fireplaces in the neighbourhood, the smell of apple cider… all of this calls for MATCHING FAMILY PJ’s! and lots of snuggles!

This year we are celebrating Thomas’s FIRST christmas… well sort of. Last year he was such a wee man… only 20 days old it kinda doesn’t count right!


So this year, we’re going all out. Even Jonah! I get giddy just thinking about how quaint our Christmas morning is going to be … all of us in our matching PJ’S! !!  it’s the little things … that really add up to become the big things don’t ya think.


I have much to be thankful for this year. My family is healthy, happy and inspires me everyday.

I have teamed up with THE COMPANY STORE and Ronald McDonald House Charities®  to gift one of my readers with a set of family PJ’s …even the doggie!! ( up to 6 pairs).

The Company Store and Ronald McDonald House Charities® will be donating thousands of family pajamas to Ronald  McDonald Houses in an effort to make the holiday season more memorable (and comfortable) for families facing a serious medical crisis. We believe that when a child is hospitalized the love and support of family is as powerful as the  strongest medicine prescribed. National Family Pajama Night is a time for families everywhere to share hugs, kisses and  lots of love.


I do personally like The Company Store, we have towels and sheets from them from years before. If you stop by this blog or follow my INSTAGRAM feed, you know that our sweet Jonah Bear is very much part of this family. So when I realized that The Company Store has matching PJ’s for Jonah… we just HAD to jump on this collaboration. Jonah is a Saint Bernard, a giant breed, and we usually don’t dress him up but Christmas is different and this year he too gets his own set of doggie sleepwear. He doesn’t seem to mind. As long as we are paying him attention … and not the baby… he will let us even clip his nails!


So here ya go.. this is what you need to do:

  1. Leave me a comment on this post about something you love about the holiday season.
  2. Post a pic of you and your sweet fam… or members of your fam… on INSTAGRAM and tag #PJNIGHT #JingleJingleYall and make sure to tag @thenewyorkmom
  3. Mention on Twittah – Tis the season for family #pjNight and you can win a set of matching PJ’s with @thenewyorkmom @thecompanystore @rmhnewyork #JingleJingleyall

CONTEST ENDS Monday, NOVEMBER 29 MIDNIGHT!!! The more times you enter… the more chances of winning! 

CONTEST CLOSED!!!!! WINNER Winner Chicken Dinner!! STACYANZICK !! woop! 

Happy November + December you guys. I wish you nothing but the best magic this time of year brings!

* This is a sponsored post. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and supporting my sponsors – The Company Store and Ronald McDonald House*

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Potty Training for the new techy generation

Not that my sweet little poo-poo baby Thom is anywhere near potty training…but look what I found!

You know I review baby gear every single day… here on my blog and also at

In my many baby gear adventures… this little something caught my eye!

I have no words.

N o

w o r d s

it’s kinda brilliant and wrong… all at the same time.


The ipotty – $34.99 available at most baby stores and online.

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