Halloween DIY at the last minute

Guess which class parent forgot all about the Halloween Party tomorrow and had to come up with little somethings for the class at the last-minute! *procrastinator ME*

Also…Matt went to EMORY university for undergrad and their college mascot was DOOLEY the skeleton.. so here is my ode to Dooley… for 3rd grade!


Lily said, ” mommy, tomorrow is the Halloween party. I want to give my class something”.


So we went digging through our crafting supplies and came up with this cute little card.

I like it. I think it’s sweet for Halloween. Lily said, ” i bet no one has ever seen Halloween cards like these”.

Well… she’s right!

Here’s how you make these:


you need –

A bone Knife
Craft punch of your ghoulish liking
Skeleton Stamp


  1. Cut your paper in little squares
  2. We used the corner punch to make little ghosts on all four corners.
  3. Using our skeleton stamp that we got at Michael’s for $1 last year. we stamped a skeleton – AKA DOOLEY- onto the front of the card.
  4. Lily will sign each card tomorrow.

Emory DOOLEY.jpgHappy Halloween everyone! 




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Hurricane Sandy – One Year Later on Long Beach

Can you believe that just  short year ago we were all cuddled up in the candle light as Hurricane Sandy – the worst storm to hit NY– just tore through our town!


While we were without power for 10 days, those just a few miles south of us…by the beaches were not so lucky. People lost homes and businesses…not to mention pets and loved ones.


imageI was SOOOOOO pregnant at this time last year. About 33 weeks. and I was just praying that I wouldn’t go into labor.

One year later…we headed down to Long Beach to see how things have changed.

Long beach is our beach. After living in NY for 10 years, we are finally near a beach and take full advantage of it. Lily is a water baby… much like myself and Thomas seems to love the waves and the salty sea air.


Long Beach is still recovering, much of boardwalk has been built up but much more needs to be done. The playgrounds on the beach are back and there is no shortage of sea shells and marine life to be found.

This summer there were many whale sightings off of the beaches of Long Beach. Whales you guys!!

We go to the beach all year round. This year we’re going to go see what the beach looks like in the snow..

Does it snow on the beach?

Great to see so many locals on bikes and jogging on the newly built boardwalk. Thomas added to the excitement with crawling all around.


Lily loves looking for crabs and sand fleas and whatever else she can find on the sea-shore. She found a ton of jellyfish, clams, mussels and parts of sand dollars. image






Growing up in Florida, we had multiple hurricanes throughout the season. Some were devastating and some just passed through. Sandy was a strong storm that really disrupted so many lives and communities. While these communities are trying to still rebuild, the beaches seem to have healed.

We have been so fortunate to enjoy these gorgeous sunsets and shells and marine life that Long Island has to offer. Next summer Lily and I are getting on surfboards.

imageThere’s still much work to do to rebuild. But a year later… much healing progress has been made.

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The Great Pumpkin

Happy Fall Yall!!

photo (28)

photo (26)

You know there is something magical about this time of year. The cool crisp air that just bites yet refreshes… the warm chimneys smoking… the sweaters, the cardigans, the boots, the scarfs, the good hair days…. and the food! Oh the food. Fall/ Autumn… is foodie heaven. This is the ABSOLUTE best time for food. All the farmers markets are just stock full of concord grapes and parsnips and cauliflower and pork and … i could go on.

….one more thing… pumpkin pie.

There is nothing like a warm slice of pumpkin pie.

photo (11) photo (23)

This year, we decided to go to a pumpkin farm to pick out our pumpkins.

We headed out to Stakeys Pumpkin Farm out on the North Fork of Long Island… which by the way…if you have not been to the North Fork of Long Island… you should go. It’s gorgeous! There are beaches and vineyards and farms and horses and just pure natural beauty all around!





We’ve always picked out pumpkins from a Pumpkin Patch at our local church so this was a really fun experience. Lily loved this… in addition to everything else, she also wants to be a farmer. So she was very excited about finding and picking her pumpkin and then pulling it off the vine. We also had apple cider and grilled corn on the cob…which is a total fall food!


Thomas… well he could have blended right in with his 95% head and all.

Aunt Becky joined us from Brooklyn. We love Aunt Becky. It was her first time at the Pumpkin Farm as well. It’s really wonderful to have our siblings so close to us. All of our family is in Florida and having Matt’s Sis and my brother up here is just such a gift!



The Farm had this thing where you could carry all the pumpkins you possibly could across the ‘finish line” and you had to pay only $25. So Matt came to the rescue and carried our collection across the line. Lily … was VERY proud of her daddy!


^Fall Family Picture!!! Look at the four of us… just melts this cold heart of mine. I count my blessings everyday! ^20131021-150614.jpg

We found THE BIGGEST PUMPKIN EVER!!!! and sat our little pumpkin right on top of it! Lily has out grown the ” come here lily let me take a picture” phase… so good thing I now have my man-man Thomas! 20131021-150803.jpg

Hope you enjoy these glorious days outside. Fall is truly magical in the Northeast! Happy season everyone!!

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Txt mama txt baby

For you and your texting baby… look no further. Txt mama Txt baby. A short little board book that has mama and baby oogling over each other… via txt.

Oh how ” of the times’ !

Check out timetoplaymag.com for more info about this book!





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Holiday Gift- B Toys Walkness Monster – Review

For that sweet little babe in your life who’s ready to step out into the big brave world…the Walkness Monster from BToys is a really great little helper. The Walkness Monster is a toy walker for babies. Thom loves this. It comes with a handful of dual colored balls which you drop down the shoot and watch them come rolling out at the bottom. The wheels are smooth and the whole toy is really fab. From rounded corners, to the colors and the whole ball rolling down the shoot thing. It’s a pretty awesome walker and I HIGHLY recommend it.


I am a fan of the B Toys brand. When I was contacted to review some of their products for the holidays, I was just all too happy to oblige. It was a great fit since we already have a handful of their toys in the house!

You’ve seen B Toys… it’s in the “specialty” isle of the toy department at Target. The wooden toys, the funky brands… the cool colors… the cool kids of toys hang out in this isle and B Toys is representing!

image Proceeds from sales of all B TOYS goods support the efforts of FREE THE CHILDREN. A worthy cause. Also, all their packaging is eco-friendly and made from recycled gear.




One of the first things that attracted me to this company is the design and color. You are not getting the primary colors that most kid toys are sporting. These are subtle color combinations which give a gentle nod to the little child in your world who is slowly taking over your fine decor with his baby gear! – but iI digress. ( it’s the small things like these that are soooo vital when you  have a small child and seem to be drowning in primary colors! )

Thomas likes to collect things from his playroom and put them in the large basket of the Walkness Monster. It’s really cute as he waddles around the room with his collections.

A holiday Gift list MUST!

* This is a sponsored post. Thanks so much for swinging this here site and supporting my mighty fine sponsors!*

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Holiday Ready Home with LOWES

I’m so excited to announce my new partnership with LOWES for the holidays! I’m giddy over this partnership. Mainly because it means that my holiday decor goes up next week! Jingle Jingle Yall!!!


I know what you are thinking..

you: LOWES! Isn’t that a home improvement store… what are you doing building a house?

me: No I’m not building a house… I’m building a H O M E.

awwww…. see what I did there!

While Lowes does have all the nuts and bolts and MDF and cement bricks to build a house… LOWES also has lots of christmas decor to make your house a H O M E this season. So let’s get this house ready for the holidays. I have a few tips and tricks from some snazzy designers to help you get your DIY!


Lowes had the best holiday party last month in NYC. They worked with some faboosh designers to create the HOLIDAY READY HOME. Each of the rooms was created with DIY and off the shelf items you could find at LOWES. * not all items in these images are found at lowes*

First up – the entrance to the H O M E. created by Design Mom. Look at those boots! And those white wreaths!

Lowe's Deck the Halls and Walls and All

To add a pop of color, paint your front door in a holiday red. We used the color Art District from Valspar Signature’s paint and primer in one. Paint is a simple, economical update that really makes a statement about your entire house. Add bright white lights nestled in bright white garlands to create an instant snowy holiday feel inexpensively. Customizing holiday decor to fit your family’s style can be easy. Start by taking a simple item, like a store-bought pine wreath and tuck metallic paper leaves into the branches for texture. If you don’t have a fireplace, show off your holiday stockings by hanging them along stair railings, or attach them with ribbon to a pretty branch, and hang the branch on a wall over a sofa.

The foyer was done by Little Green Notebook.



Gold and silver hues are so pretty around the holidays. Buy a small tree and do something fun, such as creating an ombre pattern on your tree with glass ornaments painted in matte finish to create a gradient. Other people love looking at your Christmas cards, so decorate tables in your center hall with platters and antiques to display cards you’ve received. You can also string cards with clothespins.

Kitchen by Brit + Co. Check out that CHEERS sign… I’m going to try making one for our home this season!




Infuse a dose of holiday into the kitchen, with pops of red accent pieces or stripe the legs of a red kitchen stool with white painter’s tape for a candy cane theme. Install a new backsplash with glass mosaic, subway or even ceiling tiles or wallpaper to give the kitchen a personalized look. One of our favorite projects is creating a “DIY Light Marquee.” Take cardboard letters, spray paint them gold and poke small holes in for the lights, then weave a strand of bulbs behind the sign to connect all the letters. Display on your countertop or above your cabinets.

A delicious dining room by Curbly.



Set the mood for your holiday feast with a neutral color palate and invite the warmth of fall into the space by painting accent pieces with fall colors such as Valspar’s Desert Travels and Bear Claw hues. A stylish rug, curtain panels, pillows and items from nature can make a room feel cozy and comfortable for holiday gatherings. Create fun, stackable DIY plywood boxes by building wood boxes in a variety of sizes and painting the exterior white and the interior in fall or winter tones for a pop of color.

One of my favorite DIY bloggers P.S. I Made This  designed the ultra cool living room.




Introduce a new warm and inviting paint color on your walls like Valspar’s Perfect Storm to add lasting décor and style long into the New Year. For a fashionable look, add decorative accessories spray painted in metallic colors such as gold and silver. Use wallpaper in different ways to make a statement. Instead of wrapping an entire room, try creating frames made of wallpaper and molding. Don’t be afraid to take risks and do things you don’t normally do. Create a story with the items in your space and personalize for family and friends.

Guest rooms by another one of my faves. Oh Happy Day.





In your guest bedroom, add touches of greenery and lighting fixtures to the wall for reading, simple DIY artwork to help ensure guests feel right at home. Show your creative side with chalkboard-painted walls to greet overnight guests with a personal “Happy Holidays!” message. For an extra dose of cheer, drape decorative red-beaded strands around a mirror or lighting fixtures for a touch of holiday. New light fixtures can give an ordinary bathroom an instant update. For graphic visual interest, install white tile with dark grout.

Oh and then I ate a CRONUT!!!


And I met those handsome lads – the Kitchen Cousins! image

There is a lot going on at LOWES this season and I can’t wait to share some of our holiday decor with you! Jingle Jingle y’all!!

*This is a sponsored post. Thanks for stopping by and supporting my sponsors.*

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A week in pics as seen through my Samsung Galaxy Note3

This week my pics are sponsored by Verizon and the Samsung Galaxy Note3. All pics are taken by the Samsung Galaxy Note3 and are unfiltered.

Thomas has a new hobby… he stands at the front door and heckles all the squirrels eating our pumpkins. He also loves to talk and talk and talk and when someone walks past him on the sidewalk he gets so excited that he wiggles around and almost falls over. image

Lily wanted to do a lil something for Halloween this year. So this is what she got. dead dancing glow in the dark skeleton! Boo! image

The bond between Jonah and Thomas is pretty sweet. Here we have Thomas with one of Lily’s markers and paper as he explains something to Jonah. Jonah – my sweet bear- just sat there and listened to every word. And he doesn’t even speak baby language! image


It’s FALL in New York and let me tell you … it’s GORGEOUS! image

We were hunting wabbits.


Best part about living so close to the beach… we go all the time… even when it’s cold!


We bought a new couch for the family room and Jonah immediately made himself at home. He hogs the couch! image

I finally got around to decorating our front door and the squirrels have eaten through my pumpkins and my yellow mums are dead. So much for ” hardy mums” !


The air is crisp these days, our heater has been turned on, the leaves are falling… and we are all snuggling up and settling into the cold evenings. My favorite time of year!

* Thanks to Verizon and the Samsung Galaxy Note3 for sponsoring this post*

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Top Baby Stores in New York City

One of my readers… like you… asked about where she should shop for her baby on her upcoming trip to NYC.

I am only all too excited to share my TOP BABY SHOPS IN NEW YORK CITY. I also threw in a few places to grab some grub in the neighbourhood.

PICCOLININYC – you have to stop by this über cute, super curated and just the daintiest of kid stores in the Lower East Side. Alex – the gal who owns the shop – has a great eye for whats new and trending in baby and kid decor. Alex also designs and sells THE coolest shirts that you… dear reader… yes you.. MUST get!

Best baby Stores in New York

When in the LES you must eat at PUBLIC and Schillers Liqour House… can’t go wrong with Schillers.

My Brooklyn Baby– another fiercely curated little shop over there on Fulton street in downtown Brooklyn. When you purchase something, kids gets a recycled paper square with wildflower seeds in it which can be planted.  Lily loved it! So quaint! While there… eat at Battersby and get the kale salad… it’s no joke.

Sweet William – Oh Sweet William. This is the SWEEEEETEST store ever! Walking into this store is like walking into a beautiful pinned Pinterest board! This store is so naice… they have it twice in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The goods are all handmade and one of a kind and oh so darling!

Best Baby Stores in New York City

The Manhattan location is on Kenmare street and there is a parking garage that charges only $15 to park all day!!! It’s my secret NYC tip! Also eat at THE CORNER and local tip —> there is a secret bar in the basement. shh don’t tell the tourists!

Goat Milk NYC – so I have been OBSESSED with GoatmilkNYC clothes for a year now and recently they opened a location on 12th street. I swung by this week and it’s really fascinating. the decor, the clothes… it’s sorta like an art gallery but with baby stuff. So awesome!

Babesta – This is a Tribeca staple. with two massive stores catty corner from each other… this is your ABSOLUTE one stop show for all things baby.strollers, car seats, high chairs, clothes, books, music, arts… i could go on. It’s well curated with all the ‘specialty’ toys and items.

Best  Baby Stores in New York City

Go to the The Odeon in Tribeca … but go for the graveyard shift… all the tipsy celebs are there 😉 !

Also swing by GIGGLE and AREA KIDS, there are lots of locations and it’s worth the stop!

So there ya go. My little ole list of the best baby stores in New York City. I love these stores and I hope you have a chance to swing by and pick up some fab goodies for your littles!

I also have wonderful places to shop online.. so if you are an online baby store please contact me so I can check it out and include you in my next post. 

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Gotta #LoveThisCity with #MC

I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric community.  I have been compensated to share my experience with you by Collective Bias and their client, MasterCard.  

I Love New York.

I love this city.

I love NYC.

I have a love for New York City. This is no secret.

So when I was asked to be part of this campaign with MasterCard about why I love New York City… I had to say YES!

photo (5)

Last week on a gorgeous sunny fall day, I found myself sitting on a bench at the Union Square park. Under the trees that create this canopy from the tall grey buildings around you,  Union Square Park sort of folds its leafy arms around us bench sitters.

There I sat… feeling  low about not dancing these days and trying to find some sort of creative outlet for my daily or weekly life.

Across the path from me sat an older woman with her 3 dogs and every kid who walked by would kneel down and pet the fluffly tail waggers.   A bench away sat another feeding the over fed pigeons in the park, a person asleep on another bench stirred and settled, kids came by whizzing along on their scooters, moms strolled by chatting and laughing with babies asleep in their strollers, two lovers canoodled, and the squirrels just bobbed and weaved through the benches looking for little tasty scraps to hoard for the winter.

All the while little golden leaves rained on us as the sunlight played a game of peek a boo through the swaying branches. There I sat, frozen in this moment listening to Phillip Phillips piping in through my headphones and soaked in this ‘ happening’ around me.

photo (8)

I moved to New York a little over 10 years ago. and it’s been nothing short of memorable.  I moved here to start my dance career right after I graduated from College. New York has been great for my dance career and in those 10 years I’ve gotten married and have become a parent.

photo (7)

New York City has a way of embracing you… with the millions of people on this island, somehow I feel like i’m part of this small community. And i love that about NYC.

While I’m not dancing these days… life around me in New York City is and I LOVE that this city allows me to be a part of this daily dance.

Check out more stories about why so many of us #LoveThisCity –> http://mstr.cd/16MbYjK

I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric community.  I have been compensated to share my experience with you by Collective Bias and their client, MasterCard.  

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Oh Martha Stewart!

Alright… enough with the Martha Hates Bloggers thing.

Well first of all… this should not be news… am i right. ( you knew this already)

I watched the interview… she TOTALLY has a point.

I’m Team Martha on this one.

watch the video here…before reading any further , she talks about blogger at the 1:44 mark —> http://www.bloomberg.com/video/martha-stewart-speaks-out-bloggers-are-not-experts-ERw6xWfeSCKd~bRGzSsHxQ.html

I NEVER ever ever try out any of those yummy shiny Pinterest food recipes because i DO NOT KNOW THE SOURCE! and that’s exactly what she is saying – she could have maybe said it in a gentler way..but whatever she’s Martha Stewart she did time in the clink ya know… she’s gangsta now!

Some bloggers don’t test the recipes at all and if they do they fudge the results for the better and all Martha Stewart is saying is that in an editorial mag or online mag or trusted blogger.. .you know what to expect because their team has tested the recipe. Also blogging can very easily be a popularity contest and if you play at it… then you win. and when you win, your opinion is gold for your followers… i get it Martha!

So please stop with the shock and gasp and all that.

I don’t read most of the blogging nonsense out there because all of a sudden everyone is an expert on everything. I mean you eat one tuna tartare and all of a sudden you have deemed yourself a foodie. You PIN a few home decor pins and have titled yourself a ” home decor expert”. I get it Martha!

and… if you watched more of the interview… Martha Stewart absolutely started the whole ” lifestyle” category!

I respect bloggers, I love the blogging community but like any job, career, community, idea, DIY.. whatever – you have to filter through and find the legit ones. That’s it.

I mean I was introduced to the Today Show’s Ann Curry as ” the mom expert” just a few months ago. What!

Team Martha!

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