IAMS SO GOOD – Food for your doggie

My Tuesday morning included Puppies and coffee… i mean how perfect!

So you know I talk about my sweet BEAST Jonah all the time. He is my baby. Jonah means the world to me and is absolutely a very VERY important part of our family.

IAMS so good

We feed him IAMS dog food.

About a year ago – a fab gal named BEV, the community manager for IAMS- came across my little blog and some pictures of Jonah. She immediately reached out and said things like’ oh my goodness that dog is gorgeous, he is so beautiful, he’s the king of the world”...  you get the idea.

Bev and I have been pals ever since. When the little MOTO was born… IAMS send me the sweetest care package… with dog food and dog toys… all for JONAH. This is one brand who really loves their four-legged people.


SO when they invited me to their launch event in NYC for IAMS SO GOOD… of course I had to go.

IAMS SO GOOD is a new product by IAMS for dogs of all sizes. PAWL GRIFFIN the official IAMS boss dog was on hand to give out sweet doggie kisses and get our Tuesday morning started!


Celebrity chef Art Smith- of Top Chef Masters fame, Chef to OPRAH and Lady Gaga – who by the way has WAAAAAAY too much in common with me- was also part of the launch. He talked about his doggies and cats and how he feeds them IAMS as well. Chef Art Smith and I chatted about the Florida Panhandle… where he has a home.. and also talked about my grandmothers Biryani… was such a delight to meet.




We feed Jonah IAMS Large Breed dog food and and fed our newfoundland Eukanuba Large Breed… which is also an IAMS product. It’s great to have IAMS SO GOOD – at a lower price point – available for the pups!


I met this sweet doggie… and when I showed Lily this pic she said, ” MOM you should have brought him home” Even though we have this giant beast of a doggie at home… Lily is itching to have a tiny little pup. Probably not going to happen. We are SUCH giant dog people.


Our four-legged family members are the best people aren’t they!

Check out IAMS for more info about their dog food.

* This is a sponsored post by She Speaks and IAMS. I was paid for this article. All opinions are my own and we were feeding our doggies IAMS products long before this partnership!*

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Life as seen through my iPhone

Delta Airlines gave Lily, Thom … and Princess Merida… their wings! Isn’t it so very cute that Lily is still into dolls. I love it! oh and notice her St. Bernard t-shirt we bought at Old Navy… thanks Old Navy for making big giant dog shirts! 20130720-022212.jpg

This little man-man does not sleep. Or at least he does not sleep when most babies in the land go nigh nigh. This is him watching True Blood with us and screaming at that blonde lady for being so mean to Jason Stackhouse! Get em Thom! 20130720-022229.jpg

On our flight back from Florida… Chef Roble from the BRAVO reality show of the same name… was a few seats away. At least if we had crashed on a deserted island.. he would cook us some amazing food! 20130720-022241.jpg

We brought some sparklers back to NY. And have been sitting on our front porch and lighting them at night. I love sparklers… reminds me of my childhood growing up in India. 20130720-022310.jpg

We all came down with a SEVERE case of the Summer Cold… and it was brutal. I mean.. sneeze fits so rough that I fell off the couch a few times or would have to brace myself against a wall… even pulled a back muscle while sneezing! Thankfully we are all better and back to the grind.


Week in Pictures. A quick recap.

You know I have this blog as a scrapbook and I smile when I think of these moments and years from now when I’m old and grey sitting on a porch someplace sipping on my mint julep… I’ll look back at all this and think… “your life was pretty schweet little lady”!

Count your blessing everyone. Must take time to count your blessings often.

* little PSA… more for me than you.*

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round and round we go…

There is something really magical about carousels. Lily has always had this pure joy about riding on carousels.

Recently we came across the carousel at Bryant park. It’s small and goes pretty slow.. but they play the most delightful old timey french tunes.

Almost makes you want to grab your honey and go carouseling… in the rain… in a ball gown… with diamonds on… yep. 20130724-192016.jpg

These summer days are a bit tough. each day almost looks the one before. I have both kids ( kinda cool to say ‘ both kids” ) all day and sometimes Matt has evening meetings and the baby isn’t really sleeping at night and I have work deadlines that I have been missing… merp merp. 

So much like this carousel… sans the charming french tunes… we are going round and round in circles these days.

How is your summer? How do you find a release from the round-and-round- we-go grind?

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Baby Style File – Oscar De La Renta

Oscar De la Renta… yes the brand with the gorgeous gowns and all .. also has a children’s line!

Did ya know!

Since everyone has been so excited about the royal baby across the pond, I figured I would share some of my favorite Oscar De La Renta pieces for my prince over here!

Rompers… I love rompers. Really I do. There’s so classic and northwesty! I’m mad about this madras plaid!

Madres Romper and Little Boys Shirts -- $105
Madres Romper and Little Boys Shirts — $105

And this sailor romper. All I need is a matching dress for Lily and a something for Jonah Beast and we would have the cutest New Englandy summer portrait!

   Boys Sailor Romper -- $117
Boys Sailor Romper — $117

Now picture these outfits with a little white sock and a pair of baby shoes… so cute!

Find out more about the kids line at OSCAR DE LA RENTA 

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The Art of the Brick at Discovery Times Square

Hey all you LEGO fanatics… and even non lego fanatics…. Listen up!

This is impressive folks! The LEGO artist  Nathan Sawaya uses over 1 MILLION legos to create some amazing pieces of work!

Art of the brick

THE ART OF THE BRICK, an exhibition by artist Nathan Sawaya, is a critically acclaimed collection of intriguing and inspiring works of art made exclusively from one of the most recognizable toys in the world — LEGO® bricks. The Discovery Times Square exhibit will be the world’s biggest and most elaborate display of LEGO® art ever and will feature brand-new, never-before-seen pieces by Sawaya. Don’t miss the show named ‘One of CNN’s Ten Global Must-See Exhibitions.’


“I want to have the broadest impact possible to inspire people to change the way they view the world and the way they think about art,” said Sawaya. “What better way to do that than in the heart of New York City, at the crossroads of the world – Times Square.”

“This will be my largest showing of artwork to date and I’ve got some very exciting surprises in store for New York, of course, being it’s my hometown, Discovery Times Square is known for bringing epic collections of unique and immersive exhibits to New York so to be able to have my collection of sculptures exhibited here has profound meaning to me.” 


Guests will have the opportunity to get an up-close and in-person view of the iconic, pop culture fan favorite, Yellow, a life-size sculpture of a man ripping his chest open with thousands of sunshine yellow LEGO® bricks cascading from the cavity. In addition, visitors will be able to walk under a 20-foot-long T-Rex dinosaur skeleton made out of bricks and come face-to-face with a giant LEGO® skull.

THE ART OF THE BRICK® is the first major museum exhibition to use LEGO® bricks as the sole art medium. Sawaya transforms them into tremendous and thought-provoking sculptures, elevating the toy to the realm of art. Sawaya’s ability to transform this common toy into something meaningful, his devotion to spatial perfection and the way he conceptualizes action, enables him to elevate what almost every child has played with into the status of contemporary art.

THE ART OF THE BRICK® at Discovery Times Square runs until January 5, 2014. 

DTS is located at 226 West 44th Street (between Broadway and 8th Avenue)  Visit http://www.discoverytsx.com/exhibitions/art-of-the-brick, call 866.9.TSXNYC (866-987-9692) or visit the Discovery Times Square box office.

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7 months

This little man-man of mine turned 7 months the first week of July.

He is hitting some milestones like a major league baseball .. mile stone hitter ( whatever that made no sense but you get the idea).20130720-022522.jpg

Well first he’s a little eaty monster… everything in sight goes right into his mouth. Toys, food, arms, side of my head… I guess his foodie habits are starting early.

He can pull himself up to standing anyplace… and we lowered his crib because one morning, I innocently put him in his crib after changing his diaper and walked out of the room to wash my face for all of 30 seconds and walked back in to see him STANDING in his crib, holding on to the rail and smiling his “look mom, look mom, look mom” smile.

My heart totally skipped a beat because his little head is actually in the 85% of heads and is quite large and heavy and all it would take is for him to look down from the side of his crib and his big heavy head would take him off the edge!

So lowered was the crib bed! 20130720-022544.jpg

He also gets Lily’s attention by screaming really loudly and we bought a little high chair for him which he seems to love and sits on his high chair and talks and talks and TALKS all the time.

Lily translates… she IS the baby whisperer you know. She tells us all kinds of things that Thom is saying…like, “ewww this quinoa fruit mush is gross mom”.20130720-022610.jpg

I’ve noticed that he’s becoming more of a mama’s boy. No matter what’s going on… he’s got his one little eye on me. This makes it hard for my daily shenanigans… like taking a shower or trying to chill out after a long day. 20130720-022628.jpg

Thom is a happy lad. His laughs are cute and his whole jelly belly shakes… like jelly… when he laughs. He’s also super ticklish… and gives us the best squeals when we tickle his little tummy.

He makes this ‘kissing’ sound with his lips.. it’s the sweetest sound. we think it’s because he has 2 little itty bitty teeth trying to grow.


Oh my goodness! I can’t believe it’s been 7 months since he made his debut in this great big wide world. Oh Thom… you have so much to discover and I know just the sweetpea who’s going to hold your hand through it all. Your sis is one awesome gal!

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Being sick, feeling better and non stop talking

We got back from vacation last friday and were all sick! All last week we had what has been described as the ” summer cold”. Not fun. With sneeze fits that had me falling off couches and freaking out Jonah I was really looking forward to getting over this whole sick business.


Here we go… a week later… feeling much better. We still have sniffles and a few coughs… but much better.

So what to do this week?

Lily has gotten into a phase of talking non-stop for hours! Like HOURS. She has not stopped talking since friday! And she wants you to pay attention to her when she talks because she gives you pop quizzes and will  get really upset if you can’t answer her questions correctly.

This is just exhausting! At home she follows me around telling me all kinds of things and asking lots of hypothetical, ” what If” questions.

” what if they didn’t send a monkey up to space first. Who would they send? a man or woman? but what if the woman had babies? would they come back? what if you go to a restaurant and they did not serve food but it was only a cheese restaurant? ( actually sounds like a dream) What if you sell your shoes for $5 but you paid only $3 for them? “

For any parent who has a child going through this phase… which by the way lasts a few years – remember last summer when she talked the entire 5 hour roadtrip!… here’s to you! Because it’s only a matter of time before these kiddies will do the exact opposite and NOT talk to you at all. I hope that we skip that stage!

Happy Summer all… after taking a blog hiatus for a few weeks – vacation, being sick, enjoying summer… I’m back to our regularly scheduled story telling!

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New York Palace – a suite fit for a queen!

New york IS for New Yorkers.

I love that we can live here in the New York Metro and have the best of the suburbs and the best of the city.

Recently I worked with Beth Feldman/ RoleMommy to host an event at the New York Palace in Manhattan. This luxurious hotel spared no luxury and with all the royal buzz these days… I have to say I felt a bit royal myself for a hot minute!20130720-021730.jpg

High above Manhattan sits The Royal Suite at the New York Palace which boasts French period décor, from the King Louis XV to the Napoleon eras, a master bedroom with 2 guest chambers, marble floors, gorgeous silks, and high-tech details throughout. This 3600 square foot suite  drips with opulence and state of the art amenities.


A stunning marble foyer welcomes you to the suite. Notice the gold details… I mean come on… FAAAANCy!


Down the hallway the Master Suite calls to you with it’s tempting luxurious silks that are draped all over the windows and beds.


This Master suite is something else you guys!

I’m thinking this is a stay-ca-tion for an anniversary celebration or maybe a bridal suite… or maybe a – Mama needs a weekend off… sorta trip!

Trying to justify staying at the PALACE over here!


One half of the master Suite is this luxurious bed while the other half of the suite is a seating area with a work desk and all the comforts of home. (if your home is dripping in gold!)


There are 2 guest chambers in the suite, one with two beds and the other with one king bed. 20130720-021921.jpg

I have a thing about bathrooms and kitchens. Details in these two places sort of define a home I think. The bathrooms at the Palace were nothing short of stunning.

Let’s see how many ladies we can fit in a tub! 20130720-021937.jpg

The evening was such a success with some of our favorite New York bloggers,  media stars, editors and celebrities.

Here is the fab Beth Feldman of ROLEMOMMY and lil ole me… looking all rough.. because we were fighting a severe ‘summer cold’ back home and i drugged up to hang these fab gals! ( aaa ccc hhh ooo)


The evening was full of yummy food, fashion and lots of chattering gals. 20130720-021813.jpg

The Suites at the New York Place are newly renovated with the absolute best of luxury and some of the most stunning views in all of Manhattan.

Whether it’s a getaway with your honey, or a family reunion stay, or a girls night in, or a wedding shower… i highly recommend checking out the New York Palace for some fancy memory making events.

It’s fit for a queen… like you!

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Back from Florida

We’re back from our annual trek down south to Florida. Every Summer we take a vacation to visit our families and spend lots of time eating home cooked meals, swimming in bayous, riding in boats, late night fishing and lots of time laughing with our parents.


This was Thom’s first Florida visit. It was also his baptism. My sweet man.

This summer all our siblings and spouses and kids from both sides of the family were able to make it to Florida for the baptism. Such a special day for all of us.


Lily – my beach baby. Loved every second of the vacation. She never had a bedtime and woke up whenever her body … or cousins woke her up. I tried really REEAAALLLYYY hard not to be such a “helicopter parent” this summer. I think I did OK. There were a few moments when I had to give myself a pep talk and say… ” let her deal with this on her own” or ” she’s not going to drown or get eaten by an Alligator out in the middle of the bayou as she falls off her skis”… I just took a deep breath and looked away.

Thankfully no gators in the bayou ate Lily or Thom for that matter!


Thom took to the beach like… sand to the … well beach.

His little toes wriggled in the sand trying to process this funky feeling. The beach was pretty calm one evening so I took him into the water … in the waves and he loved it! A few feet from us, we saw a family of Dolphins swimming around. The tourists thought they were sharks… but my local sense knew… dolphins. Also, they probably thought I was crazy hanging out in the water with a 7month old… so close to sharks – which were actually Dolphins. 20130715-151424.jpg

Lily has a knack for finding her jungle creatures everywhere she goes. And this little fella – Spotty- was a sweet friend who she met one afternoon. She petted Spotty, sang him a sweet song as she does and fed him some grass.


As we have come to expect… Summers in Florida have their own share of thunderstorms, tornadoes, waterspouts and wacky rainy weather. This summer was no exception. We have quite a few days where we stayed in and watched the rain… only running out on the boat to go skiing or tubing for the 30 mins or so that the rain let up. 20130715-151606.jpg

Thom had to wear his life jacket on the boat. He was not a fan. He kinda sat like this the whole time and stared at me… like… what. do. you. have. me. in. this. time. woman.! 20130715-151623.jpg

There is no shortage of shopping malls in florida… and with shopping malls come… splash playgrounds! 20130715-151702.jpg

This never gets old does it. Lily loves a good splash ground! 20130715-151733.jpg

My sis-in-law has two gorgeous GIANT Great Danes… they make our Jonah beast look like a little medium-sized dog! 20130715-151827.jpg

SInce both of our families live in the same town… we are constantly bouncing from house to house. When we stopped over to visit my mom and g-ma… Thom got his first dose of “life with girls”. DRESS UP! 20130715-151912.jpg

These two. Lily kept an eye on Thom the entire vacation. Even though she was out skiing or tubing or catching fish at the beach… she always came back to give Thom sweet kisses. Such a great bond… I hope it continues when the teen years hit! 20130715-151952.jpgThis is just round 1 of my summer vaca coverage… more coming up about food in the Florida Panhandle!

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Greetings from Florida

We’ve been in the Florida panhandle – gulf coast- for the past week and are sticking around longer!

I’m late on all my emails and bloggity posts and have airy if checked out from online shenanigans. Florida makes you relax and I need to unplug sometimes.



Happy summaahh!!! Hope you get to jump in bayous and beaches and go searching for dolphins all day!

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