Back to school fashion with Paul Frank

Julius the monkey and the whole gang over at Paul Frank are ready to send you back to school in total style y’all!

20130627-235842.jpgFrom t-shirts to lunch boxes and shoes… The Paul Frank line is available at select department stores.

Paul Frank20130628-000102.jpg

20130628-000244.jpgThis collection is whimsical and colorful with some cute glittery details to boot!



There’s even a whole baby line that is irresistible! I need to get my hands on that!

photo (5)

photo (4)20130628-000624.jpg

My favorite piece from the collection is this old school track jacket. and it’s YELLOW!!!! 20130628-000723.jpgCheck for the PAUL FRANK line at select department stores this summer. WE are fans of that monkey and his band of hooligans!

Happy Summer everyone!

*I was sent review samples for purposes of this post* 



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Catch up!

I’ve been crazy busy in a good way lately. Back to work in social media marketing, Lily is out of school for the summer. We leave on vaca in 4 days. So much!
It’s important for me to – stay in the moment- and be mindful of time spent with these kidlets of mine.
Yesterday we spent the afternoon swinging “up to the sky”.
My heart aches when I realize that this might be the last summer where my lily pie is still a baby! She still has little kid isms and I know any day now the switch will go off and she’ll be a tween… Fa realz!


I have Hundreds of emails to respond to… But all that can wait… In out playing… I’ll catch up later.

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Brooklyn Brooklyn Take Me In

In another life I’ll come back and live in Brooklyn.


I practically live in Brooklyn. Ever since moving to NY 10 years ago, I’ve danced, rehearsed, worked, socialized, noshed, shopped and spent endless hours strolling about Brooklyn.

20130618-233321.jpgWilliamsburg is my hood, Bushwick is where I made lots of art, Greenpoint is where we discovered amazing kids music on long summer days, Fort Greene is where we took Lily to dance class, Park Slope is where I rehearsed for years, RedHook is where we IKEA and go to those specialty indie foodie spots, DUMBO I knew you back when, Bay Ridge and South Brooklyn with your gorgeous mansions where I have spent many a day filming a commercial or TV show.


Ah Brooklyn. You and your foodie scene can take me in anytime you want.

Even the hipster boys wearing girls skinny jeans can be overlooked for the pure energy and creative spirit this borough has to offer.



I spend many a weekday in Brooklyn these days. Many lazy strolling days are spent just exploring and eating and shopping our way through this fun borough.


There is always a celebrity spotting of some cast member from HBO’s GIRLS or a Game Of Thrones cast member or maybe a wandering vampire from True Blood… Oh how about that time I saw Sufjan Stephens walking RIGHT next to me and I did everything I could from not jumping on him and saying… Thankyou for your most amazing music Sufjan Stephens and your CHICAGO is one of the most amazing pieces of music evah!!

20130618-232919.jpgThe thrift stores, the indie jewelry shops and my most recent discovery … the coolest… like COOLEST baby stores ever… all live nice and happy in their indie state in Brooklyn.

There is this kids store that sells new and gently used kids gear in Williamsburg. Ugh… I almost don’t want to tell you about it because then you will go and get all the good stuff and none with be left for me. But I like to share ya heard!


So go to the FLYING SQUIRREL in Williamsburg. The best stuff you guys. I go at least once a month and always come away with some sort of kiddie must-have find.

There’s also Sweet William… in the same neighborhood.

20130618-232752.jpgGosh I wish I could bring myself to pay those high prices for baby clothes and toys but my social responsibility scale does not allow me to. The prices are steep but the gear is SUPER cute. One of a kind and very very VERY indie. Stop by for sure!

Have you been to the Bedford Cheese Shop? You SHOULD! A whole store full of picked goodies and cheese and jams and jellies… it’s a hipster General Store of sorts.

Bedford Cheese Shop

Ah Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in…
Are you aware the shape I’m in?
My hands they shake, my head it spins.
Ah Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in.
– Avett Brothers. 
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Mets Fathers Day Tickets!

Hey Everyone…

The METS are offering my readers a special ticket for Father’s Day… and a T-SHirt for papabear! Just $35! mets_logo_blue_orange

This special offer includes:

A Limited edition Amazin’ Dad T-shirt for Dad, presented by Modell’s Sporting Goods


Left Field Reserved Ticket (regularly priced at $80)


*I’m part of the METS Blogger program*

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Summer Surprise Fund

You know I have this crazy obsession with things with horns… Yep I do.
So how in the world could I pass up this funky Unicorn piggy bank when I saw it at Target – during my daily meditation.
And it was only $7.48 . So I brought him home with me to serve a very special purpose.

New York Mom

This summer we are going to collect all our loose change in our Unicorn Piggy Bank and at the very end of summer, we’ll count out our collection and find something fun to do with it. Maybe an overnight stay at a fun hotel, an ice cream treat, new pair of shoes for mommy ( i can wish).

Last time we did this, Lily dropped half of what we collected in the church offering one Sunday. I was a proud mama. She’s a giver. And i love it!

Lily has already started dreaming up some end of summer surprises… a safari, a trip to india… we’re not dropping gold nuggets in this piggy bank now… so maybe her end of summer plans need to get a reality check.

I think having a Summer Surprise Fund is a great thing to snap you out of the “it’s the end of summer” doldrums. Summer time is a fun time in this house. We have friends to see and family to celebrate with, we have food to eat and road trips to go adventuring on. This summer will be our first by the gorgeous beaches of Long Island… so get ready for some surfing and sand castling stories coming your way!

DO you have a Summer Surprise Fund? Maybe you should start one! Even if it’s enough collected for a lazy summer ice cream night… it’s such fun!

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Stokke Xplory – Stroller Review

Between my many gigs… I’ve been testing out baby gear for a handful of outlets including here on my blog.

Strollers have been one of my favorites to play around with.


A stroller is like a car… the style, design, functionality, safety… all says something about  you.  You want it to perform, be functional…and having the “cool” factor always helps!

We’ve been using the Stokke Xplory as our primary stroller since Thom was born. So let me dish the deets about quiet possibly the coolest stroller on the block these days.

Stokke Explory

Hands down, the Stokke Xplory is one luxurious truly fashionable stroller. The Stokke brand is known for their sleek Scandinavian design. This is minimalist at it’s best. We have been stopped every single time we are out and about with this stroller and it surely elicits it’s fair share of glances and stares and ooh and aahs.


So if you are stroller shopping.. let me share my Stokke Xplory experience with you. Pay attention… this might be helpful.



  • The stroller runs like a dream, very VERY easy to maneuver on the bumpy streets of NYC as well as the burbs. Totally smooth ride.
  • Adjustable Seat Depth – This is SUPER important. This feature accommodates the  smallest little babes and can be adjusted as they grow. Thom was a wee little man of 5 pounds when he was born and this fit him nice and snug and secure. These days  his 19pound 6 Month self is still in here snuggled up! Simply remove the insert when baby gets bigger.
  • The handle bar raises and lowers to accommodate your height… Lily loooves this feature because the stroller pretty much becomes mini for her to push Thom around in. She has full control since everything shrinks down to fit her.
  • The seat also lowers and raises. So your child can be higher up away from the dirt and nasty city puddles yet when you are meeting your gal pals at a cafe you can lower the seat so your child can see you while you nosh.
  • The seat has 5 seating positions: 3 positions facing the parents when baby is young so you can interact with your babe as you stroll & 2 facing forward to explore the wide world!
  • The seat is padded for added comfort. Thom seems to nuzzle right up and sleep when we go out and about.
  • Multifunctional Hood with ventilation. 3 levels of shade.
  • Swivel wheels make it REALLY easy to move around small spaces… like charming cafes in SOHO.
  • The fabric is water repellant.
  • I like the weight of the stroller… feels very sturdy and secure when I take Thom on our subway adventures.
  • ONE HANDED strolling. I can’t tell you how often I stroll about with a cup of coffee or holding Lily’s Hand… and this stroller couldn’t be easier to maneuver. You can even steer it with a finger… it’s that agile.
  • The wheels are not air-filled but soft material and don’t puncture.

Stokke Explory


  • Folding the stroller is not the most convenient since it comes apart in two pieces. BUT.. it’s not difficult at all and we have gone all over New York with this stroller. BUT getting it in and out of a cab can be a bit of a hassle… since it folds in two parts. We have a Volvo… known for trunk space. The Xplory when folded up, takes up almost the entire trunk. So shopping bags and things don’t have much space.
  • No storage space… there is no traditional ” basket” that most strollers have. But I’m not one for over stuffed strollers. I’m a simple lines kinda gal and keep the clutter to a minimum. The Xplory does however come with a zipped up bag that matches the color of your stroller. This bag is compact yet stores a TON of stuff all zipped up and sleek.


Overall, the Stokke Xplory is a good stroller that functions really nicely. My favorite feature is the raising seat,  this way Thom and I get to chit chat on our strolls in the park also when we are out and about on the train or subway, he is close to me and facing me and this makes me feel safer.

DSC_0049Again, If you are looking for a stroller with an over stuffed bottom row basket.. this might not be for you. Or maybe it will just inspire you to declutter. The Stokke Xplory has kept up with my lifestyle and certainly fits my design esthetic.


Make sure you visit STOKKE to find out more about this stroller and their other products!

* I was sent a Stokke Xplory for purposes of this review*

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First Food – The Mighty Banana

Guess who’s eating solid foods y’all!

This is so cute. I cannot even begin to express how absolutely amazing it is to experience your babe tasting bananas and avocado and sweet potato.


After much research and speaking to my doctor, We went with the mighty BANANA as the first food. So exciting! 20130612-092705.jpg

Lily did the honors and fed Thomas his first meal. We cut the banana in half and mashed it up with a fork right in the bowl and used a small silicon baby spoon to feed him little bits at a time.

This little man-man has an appetite! Let me tell you. He ate that half a banana in the blink of an eye! 20130612-092722.jpg

Some schools of thought say to start the kid out with veggies and bland foods just so you don’t train their taste buds to get used to sweeter foods like fruit. But we were just so excited and really wanted to feed him.20130612-092741.jpg

Since the first feed earlier this week we have created more of a schedule.

We’ve been doing oatmeal mixed with banana in the AM and Avocado in the afternoon. He loves it! 20130612-092813.jpgLittle Thom is growing up so fast and my Lilypie is really starting to own her ‘big sis’ role.

Thom, when you look back on these images one day… remember one thing. Your sis guards you like a HAWK… a HAWK. she has one eye on you at ALL times and loves to the moon! You lucky little man !

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MUST-HAVE baby gear on GILT

Hey you guys.. some of my most fave baby gear items are on sale at GILT.

Do you know GILT… It’s the best site for all the latest greatest goodies for you and your littles and your mister and your home … and so much more.

The good stuff SELLS OUT really fast so get thee to GILT NAO!



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Googaro – Monthly Baby Products In Your Mail Box and GIVEAWAY

This baby gear stuff is addictive you guys!  I am LOVING discovering new products for Thom.

We are pretty conscious of what type of products we use on Thom and Lily. I keep most things – toys, clothes, food..etc organic, pure of radicals and harmful ingredients…etc

So when Googaro approached me for a sponsored post… I had to say yes!

Googaro is a monthly subscription that delivers a handful of really great eco-friendly, BPA free and organic baby related products right to your doorstep! The box delivered reflects the age of your child… up to 3 years.


What a fun way to get new products in the mail. This would make a really fantastic gift for a mom to be or a mom with a baby. You can gift a Googaro box in 2-3 or 6 month packages.


I loved getting my Googaro in the mail and Lily loved the cute stuff inside. Sunscreen.. right in time for summer! How thoughtful!

We received:

  • A cotton terry cloth hooded towel and washcloth from JJ Cole Collections – so plush!
  • A set of 4 cute magnet clips from Sugar Booger – Love the cute matrioskas.
  • Organic Puffs– baby cereal… Lily loves these!
  • Eco Crayon rocks from ECO KIDs- also one of our fave products. We have their paints.
  • Sunscreen for babies from Episencial – right in time for our weekly beach days!
  • Clean Well All Natural hand sanitizer. – good to have … always!

You can find out more by visiting their site —> GOOGARO 

Googaro is also giving away a box to one of my readers! Simply check out the link below to enter. Contest closes JUNE.14.2013.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* This post is sponsored by Googaro. While I was paid for this post, all opinions are my own. As always thanks for reading my blog and supporting my sponsors!*

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