By The Seashore

Lily, Thom and I threw caution to the wind and headed to the beach yesterday.


It WAS 50 degrees but the wind was blowing and we were on the water and it was slightly chilly.. like “maybe we shouldn’t have taken the baby out there” chilly. But we did anyway and it was…



I’m a beach baby. I love the water. It calms me. and these days’ Matt’s been super busy and Lily has been home for Spring Break and the baby hasn’t been sleeping… it’s been a lot.


Those waves and the smell of the ocean really calmed me yesterday.

The big trucks were out trying to clean up the damage from Hurricane Sandy and get the beach ready for the summer.


Hurricane Sandy wiped out the boardwalk at Long Beach, NY. There is a HUGE effort underway to get the boardwalk up and running before summer. I hope they succeed. The short time we have lived here, I have really enjoyed the boardwalk and cant wait to stroll about with the little man when it gets warmer.


Lily finds herself at home at the beach as well.


It was too cold to jump into the waves… as tempting as it was. So she happily spent her time carefully selecting and collecting seashells.



She sings while she does this and every once in a while the chill ocean breeze would blow in just the right direction as if to deliver her songs right to me.


She’s a magical being… my Lily. Her sense of wonder and adventure rivals that of the best poets and storytellers.


My Dear Lily ~ Never lose your magic and may you always find your way collecting seashells.


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Baby Bjorn and their latest little model


What happens when you take a bebe to a baby gear event… he becomes the token model of course!

20130328-212822.jpgMomTrends and Baby Bjorn gathered up a handful of NYC parenting bloggers earlier this month to connect with us and share some of their new goodies coming up.

In May2013 Baby Bjorn is launching the Bouncer Balance Soft… as modeled so well by Lil man Thoms! The bouncer is an upgraded version of their original bouncer which was the premier Baby Bjorn product launched in 1961. The Bouncer Balance Soft has softer fabrics and rounded design and just an all around snugglier feel. I love that this bouncer doesn’t have the bells and whistles like music, and toys and auto bounce like most bouncers these days. Sometimes simplicity is key ya know. The Bouncer Balance Soft also folds up nice and neat for storage and is ready to take along for trips to see nana banana.

Next up is the Miracle Carrier. Also modified  from the original, it’s seamless with softer fabrics and designed to support your lower back by an added waist belt for safer baby carrying.

Find out all about the latest products by checking out BABY BJORN.

*I was not paid for this post. I was gifted with a bag of Baby Bjorn goodies* 

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Nine Naturals – Natural products to use during pregnancy and beyond – REVIEW

When I was pregnant I was soooo very careful about what products I used on my skin. The skin, being the largest organ, absorbs everything. And sometimes we forget this. From the clothes we wear to the lotion we slather on … we need to pay attention to what touches our skin… especially when pregnant.

Now that I am nursing the little MOTO I still pay attention to what bath products I use. Shampoos and conditioners and lotions with high toxins all can be so NO BUENO for the little babe in the bellie or nursing.

I also like that the scents ofNine Naturals are very subtle so during those morning sickness days when everything makes you gag… you can handle this.


Nine Naturals formulations are 100% plant-based. No use of Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, Petrochemicals, DEA, Synthetic Fragrances, or Artificial Preservatives. All of the ingredients are pre-screened for health and safety during pregnancy and while nursing.

Nine Naturals uses premium ingredients, which include moroccan argan oil, macadamia seed oil, and cupuaçu butter, nurture hair and skin to keep women radiant through pregnancy and beyond. all of the hair products are pH balanced to be safe for, protect and prolong color-treated hair.

Fo more information visit NINE NATURALS

*I was not paid for this post. Was given a sample for review purposes. All opinions are my own.*

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Vampires over the Weekend

I have a love affair with New York City.

Even though I moved to New York after college a decade ago, I feel like I grew up here. Matt and I got married, I went through a gazillion dance gigs, and even gazillioner auditions, I built my dance company, we had many successes, I met some fascinating people who I am so glad to call friends, I ate at the best restaurants and learned all about AMAZING food and farm to table agriculture, we had Lincoln Duncan our Newfoundland, we had Lily,we lost Lily, we got Lily back,  we lost Lincoln Duncan our Newfoundland, we had Jonah our Saint Bernard, we had Thom.

We lived and we grew up and continue to grow.

I feel as if New York City has held my hand through all of this and even though New York can have a bad rep… us New York peeps know that this city is one that holds you up and keeps you inspired even when the going gets ..not going.

I am such a fan of the band Vampire Weekend and their new song STEP has the best music video. It’s how I see New York… in black and white and as a sweet dear friend who’s walking with you in the rain. There’s always a beautiful nostalgic romance to this city.

I hope you enjoy this gorgeous song and music video as much as I do.

I could get lost in this video.

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Paris is for lovers…

Last year at this time Matt and I were in Paris.



I never got around to sharing my gorgeous pics because I was preggers and was sick all the time and had no motivation for doing much of anything.

480380_4359304421260_1004262478_n306334_4359257540088_2032240586_n 313146_4359326341808_385855106_n

So here are some of my faves.


Lovers bridge.376677_4359241099677_691836895_n


Shenanigans at the Sacre Coeur… One of my many favorite spots in Paris. Yes my preggers self climbed all the way to the top! 394765_4359269140378_581425573_n 422299_4359287700842_1365389600_n

Being pregnant while in Paris is not good if you like to eat I do. I didn’t want to take any chances and so passed up on some amazing treats…like this escargot. Matt ate for me and I enjoyed vicariously through him. But then again people are pregnant in Paris all the time and eat escargot and yummy unpasteurized cheeses right?483351_4359326101802_1663297653_n

I was about 18-20 weeks pregnant and remember feeling the first ‘flutters’. I thought I was having a bit of an anxiety attack. But looked it up online and yep.. the first baby movements in ma bellie! In Paris! 483266_4359271500437_251666112_n

I loved looking back through these pics and reliving our week in Paris. Ah Paris… such romance and beauty and history. I can’t wait to go back again… when I’m not preggers.


I’ve been to Paris before…on tour for dance… but this was the first time with Matt. So romantic and just wonderful. Maybe when the littles are big and have their own lives Matt and I will go live in this gorgeous city for a few months.

More pics to come soon with a recap of our entire trip, where we stayed, what we ate…biking through Versailles…the works.


Today as the rain is falling outside my window, I’m going to pretend I’m in Paris… because rain in Paris is much more romantic than rain in the New York burbs!

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Sleepless nights and jellie bellies

I’m pretty convinced that Thom has started teething or “gumming” or a growth spurt in his mouth or something because between the extra amounts of drool that compete with Jonah’s slobber and the restless nights and the chomping on everything in sight… he’s been a bit of an eatie monster lately.


He hasn’t slept through the night for 2 nights now. he gives us about 4 hours each night, which I know is good but he’s been clocking in a good 7 -8 hours for the past few weeks. He won’t let me put him down so I have him strapped onto one of the many body harness things I have and we just walk around and jam out to some old skool hip hop while toning my arms and working on some plies!


This no sleeping business is making me one grumpy mom. Being home with a newborn is tough on the ole noggin. Not much going on in the conversation department and the repetition of cleaning and changing diapers can play mind tricks on ya.


But then I look at this jellie bellie and that smile and it’s all erased.

This time is going to go by so fast.  This little guy is 15 weeks already. I mean 15 weeks ago we were all anxiously waiting to see what was going to come out… and as Lily says, ” I’m so glad he is the one who came out”. { but when she’s mad at him for crying and disturbing her sweet slumber… she is quick to say, ” i wish he was not the one who came out”. }


Well Thom my little man-man…I’m glad you’re the one who came out too!

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Bath and Body Works – Fresh Picked- REVIEW

Spring’s bounty has arrived at Bath and Body Works and even though the rain and snow are falling outside my window right now… these delicious scents have me in the mindset for spring!

Everybody loves spring!

The Fresh Picked collection from Bath and Body Works features mouth-watering strawberries, sweet peaches, juicy tangerines… doesn’t this just make you want to throw on a flouncy dress and go running through a field of daisies with your picnic basket to sit by the river side under a weeping willow and nosh with your love.

Yes. yes it does.

The yummy scents of my strawberry pickins are certainly adding to my cheery day on this rainy New York Tuesday.

bath and body works

Bath and Body Works Freshly Picked line includes  candles and soaps , anti-bacterial cleaners, lotions and potions… OH MY!

Find your Freshly Picked goodies at your nearest Bath and Body Works.

*I was not paid for this post but was sent a package of goodies for purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.*

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Balloons on Park Ave

Lily and I found balloons just hanging about in the middle of Park Avenue in New York City. We had just left Alice’s Tea Cup on the Upper East Side and as we were crossing Park Ave… Balloons!


What a magical thing!

I mean… who finds balloons in the middle of New York City just lying around. The “Adventure Girls” that’s who!

Balloons are probably one of THE most awesome -est things for a kid. Balloons, stickers and candy!


We danced with them and took pictures and then left them for someone else to find and delight in!


Hope you have a great weekend with little magical adventures.

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A whole lotta this going on

I don’t look forward to Mondays.

Our weekends are just such fun with everyone being home and sometimes we see my bro and my sis and my siblings-in-laws who live nearby…

… fun times.

And then Monday comes around and Lily heads off to school and Matt’s off to work…
Just me and the little man man. It can get pretty boring and lonely pretty quick.

And then I go though my pics and find this…


20130312-160536.jpg 20130312-160510.jpg

And I realize that these days are flying by waaaay too fast and my Mondays are not going last much longer.

Hold the littles tight everyone because these moments will escape you soon.

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Art Happenings

Walking through the streets of New York City is inspiring and wakes the sleeping artistic beast..if you will.

Over the weekend as we strolled around Greenwich Village Lily decided to create her own happening.

She sat in every chair she saw for 4 blocks.

I love this idea… and as I was going through these pics i realized that she sat at some pretty iconic NYC Greenwich Village chairs.

I love repetition in design and in choreography. So here is a little motif and development for your monday.



sitting outside the Little Marc Jacobs store on Bank St.
sitting outside Murray’s Cheese Shop. possibly the best cheese shop in all of NYC.



This whole series was all Lily’s idea. I did not prompt her. …my little artist!

I encourage you to see the art possibilities around you. Maybe a little motif and development of your own as you are out and about.

Have an artful week everyone!

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