A sweet treat on a silly ole Thursday

Today Matt picked up Lily from school and made a stop at the donut shop to pick up some sweet treats for all of us… what a wonderful thing for a silly old Thursday!

New York Mom

My day is split in two on the weekdays… from 8:15am-3pm I have a quiet, often times boring day… baby duty, cleaning up, trying to work online or rather create work online, roam the mall for exercise because it’s so dang cold in NY these days and this madness has to stop because my bones and my sanity can’t take the cold and I’m about to freeze for all eternity… i digress.

After Lily comes home… we have the homework, the dinner prep, the dinner, the lull between dinner and bedtime, bedtime routine and then bed!

So I welcomed the sweet donuts this evening… an unexpected little something to get me going for the second half of the day! The sugar has got me so high… I might even do laundry!

I kid I kid! I’m not THAT high!

How do you split up your day… and how about a sweet treat on a silly ole Thursday?

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Antojeria La Popular: Killer Mexican Tapas


On a cold rainy New York evening, Matt, Lily, Thom and I headed over to Antojeria La Popular in NOLITA for an early evening snack. NOLITA = North of Little Italy.


Matt and I are total self-professed foodies. From my years as a Concierge at one of NYC’s most fab boutiques hotels in Soho to our natural love of good food… Matt and I have had our share of fab food finds in NYC… and continue to do so… with the littles in tow.


This Nolita hot spot serves Mexican tostadas and ceviches tapas style plus a dozen takes on Mexican hot chocolate.


An antojito (Spanish pronunciation: [antoˈxito]) is a Mexican street snack designed to satisfy a craving (Spanish: antojo), and translates literally as “little whim”. Many antojitos have become regional icons of Mexican cuisine and can be found in almost every region, although there are a few local variants that are exclusive to a specific place. An antojito does not count as a full meal, but an appetizer, even though portions are large and substantial. Antojitos are frequently consumed on the streets or markets and considered informal cheap food.


Antojeria La Popular is known for its Sangria and Fried Cricket Tostadas which we of course just HAD to try.

Lily loved them. Matt will eat anything. I am up for anything …but when it comes to eating bugs…not my cup of tea!

Just so I could look fearless in front of Lily… and out of curiosity… I ate half of a cricket… AND of course… a wing got stuck between my teeth and that was it for me.

They tasted salty, and crunchy… but good. surprisingly yummy. You should try fried crickets sometime.


We had the tasting menu… food was fresh and flavorful with a wide variety of offerings. I had the white sangria and found it refreshing… though nothing to call home about.

If you head over to Antojeria La Popular I recommend going with friends… sans kids. It’s not that the spot is not kid friendly.. the vibe and menu just does not cater toward that. And besides… you are a being without your kids remember!


Antojeria La Popular is a funky little cozy spot in the heart of Nolita and the tapas are perfect for pre dinner tastings. It’s mexican street food’s gone indoors. The vibe is that of a local spot. As we dined, several groups of diners came in..some sat at the bar and seemed to be regulars. Most ordered the fried crickets and sangria. We felt very comfortable and settled right into our meals and sangria as the rain came down outside.


For more info and to make your reservations go —> HERE

*I was not paid for this post but was invited to dine here for purposes of this review*

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New York International Children’s Film Festival

Guess what time it is!

The 16th Annual New York International Children’s Film Festival (NYICFF) This event  runs from March 1-24th.


 The nation’s largest festival for kids and teens will present four weeks of ground-breaking and thought-provoking new works for ages 3-18, with 100 new films, opening and closing galas, premieres, six short film programs, filmmaker Q&As, filmmaking workshops, A-list jury, audience voting, and the NYICFF Awards Ceremony. NYICFF is an Oscar®–qualifying festival –recipients of NYICFF’s jury prizes are eligible for Oscar® consideration in the Best Animated and Live Action Short Film categories.

Films are shown at locations all throughout New York City – Asia Society and Museum, DGA Theater, Elinor Bunim Munroe Film Center, French Institute Alliance Française, IFC Center, Scholastic Theater, SVA Theatre

Films usually sell out so I recommend purchasing your tickets soon.

For more information visit www.gkids.com or call 212-349-0330

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How about the MET on a Saturday!

It’s been BITTER cold in New York lately and when you have kids who need to be engaged and entertained on the weekends, there’s not much to do outdoors. Fortunately there is no shortage of indoor entertainment in this great state.


We have been doing the museum rounds. One of our favorite things to do.



Last weekend we headed over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and met up with Aunt Becky!




Lily loves museums. We have been taking her to museums since day one. and every year we see her level of appreciation for the exhibits deepen as she’s able to understand in fuller ways the work of the artist or the era of the art.




Her favorite part of the Met are the mummies. It’s always our first stop.




She is fascinated by the history, the process… the mythical qualities… I guess you can call it mythical right. So much mystery behind the mummies.




We like to play i-spy at the museum. Find some of your favorite paintings and have your child find little objects in them. This is a great way to teach kids about art and when they are in that Art History class in college they will thank you for it!



The MET cannot possibly be seen in one day and we love that. It’s our go to place in the winter months… and summer months… all year really!

Next time we’re bringing sketch books so we can work on sketching technique.




There is no shortage of wonder at the Metropolitian Museum of Art. Matt and I both know a thing or two about the arts and I love sharing my knowledge of strange artist behavior with Lily. She of course loves these bits of wacky info and is quick to share her new-found knowledge with whoever is closest to her at the moment.



Lily picked out some religious Mother Mary statues for Nana. She said Nana would be so happy to get something so beautiful and old.


Aunt Becky took some pics of the four of us. the FOUR! I STILL can’t believe that we are a family of 4! so cool!



There is also a fab cafe on one of the floors of the museum and they used to have Jazz on certain evenings. Matt and I did this during our “pre-kids” era. I used to go to the met to find inspiration for dance pieces I was working on… or just decompress. Nothing like strolling through those gorgeous rooms with priceless art to soothe the soul.

Spring is right around the corner right…. i mean the groundhog did see its shadow or didn’t… not sure what means what. I can’t wait to go play outside and go hiking and ride my bike..until then…we have the MET! 

If you are looking for things to do with kids in NYC then the MET is one of your MUSTS!

More info here —> Metropolitan Museum of Art

* I was not paid for this post. just sharing my travel and weekend adventures*

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Are you flourishing?

This week I was asked… ARE YOU FLOURISHING?

What a mind-boggling question!

I mean who says, are you flourishing? The usual is… How are you? How goes it? How now brown cow? You doing ok? You feeling alright? Everything going good these days? Sup?… but… are you flourishing?


So, am I flourishing?

Yes. I can honestly, fully and with every inch of my being say.. YES. I am flourishing. I am flourishing in a way that I have not in years!

photo (4)

I am blessed beyond …beyondsome… with riches in my life. Riches in family, in friends and in love.

I AM flourishing. I’m gaining a sense of self on the daily.  From the simplest of ways – learning to cook… to the complex – patience.

photo (1)

I am owning my ‘stay at home” ness. My “in pj’s until 2pm” ness. My “no social life” ness. and my “no sleep till Brooklyn” ness.

photo (3)

I do…however.. wish I were dancing. But I know I am EXACTLY where I need to be in this time and space in life. And I am OWNING this!

photo (2)

And thanks for asking.

So now I ask you… are YOU flourishing?

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Few of my favorite things – Weekly round up

Lots of fun things to keep you smiling and thinking this weekend.

  1. The BEST ever time waster.. ever ever ever!!! You can thank me by sending me massages! Check out —> INCREDIBOX
  2.  From back in the day.. a little hip hop for yer soul..courtesy of one very dapper Jimmy Fallon and Dance Machine Justin Timberlake.
  3. My college friend Jessica Wilt is a SUPER arts advocate and she wrote this gorgeous and truthful article about her teaching experience. Take a minute to read it. It will surely bring a salty tear to your eye. – Why we teach “those people”
  4. I made this really cool thing and it came out EXACTLY like it was supposed to. If you know me… i usually lose interest in projects and never finish what I start. But this one I rocked! Dino Jewelry Holder
  5. Read this article about “hipsters’ moving to suburbia -Westchester County (where I JUST moved from) and then read THIS rebuttal. Word!

Have a great weekend everyone! Lily and I are off to the ballet this weekend! Oh fun!

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Obsessed with these!

Wooden Legos!

How gorgeous are these!

Wooden legos

So the deal is you can’t get them in the US but can purchase them for $32 for 50 pieces online… the international shipping fees are kinda steep so I need to find someone in Japan to bring these back for me!

Here is the site for the Legos… I don’t understand a word of it…http://www.iichi.com/listing/item/62572

But then found this article on a really cool design blog—> Jeanie Jeanie that explained everything further.

Anyone heading to Japan and want to pick these up for me!!!

Wooden Legos people! Love it!

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Make Something Monday – DIY- Dinosaur Jewelry Holder

I know it’s not Monday… but I really want to keep my Make Something Monday’s going and hopefully this will give me the push to be consistent.

So over the weekend… and through the week… I made the coolest jewelry holder EVER!

It’s super easy and the end result is amazing!

So give it a try. Here we go:

Step One: Gather up your supplies:


*note* – I initially wanted to wallpaper the wooden base but decided mid-project to add some color. Switched it up. *

  • Dinosaurs from DollarTree
  • A wooden board – craft store- premade although you could cut one yourself.
  • Paint – I choose Gold Spray paint for the plastic dinos and a teal paint for the base.
  • Glue – I use E6000..it’s the best! But really toxic- there is a giant warning on the tube- but it’s REEEAALLLY good. Just keep away from kids and air the room out after.
  • Knife – To cut the dinos in half.
  • Brush – to brush on the glue

Step 2: Cut the dinos in half..right on the seam. I used a small pairing knife. use a sawing motion when cutting the seam.



Step 3: Spray paint your dinos any color you want. Spray paint works best..it’s even and sticks to plastic really well. I did this outside in the snow (actually I made Matt do it. It’s waaaay too cold in NY these days)


Step 4: Paint the wooden base any color you want.


Step 5: Wait for paint to dry.

Step 6: Use your E6000 glue to glue your dino heads to the board. I used a measuring tape to measure my dinos and get them evenly spaced out.


Step 7: Hang some jewels on it and you are done!


Voila!!! Happy Making everyone!!! I am making a few of these for my friends and their kids and one for my sis who is a big kid!
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Wordless Wednesday

Can I just spend a whole day just doing this…

Saint Bernard

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New York Baby Must-Have

Super cute NYC themed plush toys for that wee lil bebe in NY! I need to get one for the little man and one for Lily! She’s picked the yellow cab!


I’m diggin the Brooklyn Brownstone!

New York Baby

Check out OEUF for all the goodness!

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