Tips for bath time with baby

It’s a bit hard to bathe a newborn. They’re so little and squirmy and what if they slip out of your hands.. oh my!

Lily has been helping me bathe the baby, she is such a great helper and even let him use her special star hooded towel last week because she felt it was warmer than Thom’s baby towel. What a sweet pea.

New York has been bitter cold these past few days and Thom and Lily both have had some dry skin issues.

Here are a few tips about keeping your baby’s skin hydrated throughout the harsh winter months from dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe.

1. baths lukewarm. Test the water before easing your baby into the water.

2.       Limit baths to every other day if your child has very dry skin.  If bath time is part of your evening ritual (which helps everyone get necessary sleep!), just alternate a plain water bath with the use of a gentle cleanser.  I like AVEENO Baby  Wash & Shampoo because it doesn’t irritate even the most sensitive skin.

3.       Moisturize more during the winter.  The best time to moisturize your baby’s skin is within 5 minutes of taking a bath, while the skin is still somewhat damp.  Be sure to reapply a moisturizer throughout the day if your baby’s skin feels rough. AVEENO® Baby® Daily Moisture Lotion is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, so it’s safe to use even in babies who have very sensitive skin or eczema.

4.       Buy a cool mist humidifier for your baby’s room.  Keep it on while your baby sleeps.  Dry heat coming from the radiator or other central heating system can do damage to your baby’s skin.  Cool mist humidifiers add moisture to the air, and they are safe in case baby knocks it over.

Done. Done. and DONE! Thanks Doc!

*I was not paid for this post. I find this information helpful and was sent AVEENO products for purposes of this post* 

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It’s in the way he smiles

This little man smiled at me today… in response to my silly faces and it just melted my cold heart!


Most days when I go through my bag of tricks to coax a smile out of him,  he kinda smiles but I’m never sure. He usually stares at the blank wall or down the corridor and starts smiling… at nothing… Creeeeeepy! (cue ghost sounds now)

20130130-155940.jpgBut today, he full on looked at me.. made eye contact without any of the eyes going criss cross applesauce and SMILED. No teeth and all he smiled…Oh he smiled for days… he smiled a  crooked smile, he smiled a flirty smile, he smiled a ‘i love you, you are my mommy’ smile.

My little sweet man. I hope you always smile through life!

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Everyday is your day off

A year ago someone said to me – “well everyday is your day off”

This was because I was a “WORK FROM HOME” parent. Cuz we have the sweet life ya know.

I work part-time.. sometimes full-time… depends on my clients and most of my work happens when Lily is in school or when she’s asleep.

Now with the baby, I have taken some time off and good thing because… this kid has me awake all the time and I can’t put him down and it feels like I’m trapped by his cuteness all day.

*WARNING* – This is a – I’m throwing myself a pity party – kinda post. Feel free to join.

Unless you physically spend countless hours with a newborn or young child at home with no one to talk to for hours on end… you have no idea of the overwhelming loneliness that settles in.

As wonderful and magical as the little MOTO is, days and days of being home alone with him can start to eat away at your mood. It’s bitter cold in New York, we moved to a new town this summer and I don’t know anyone, I can only wander around the mall so many times before it too becomes weighted with a cloud of loneliness.

I haven’t been able to shake off the statement – “everyday is your day off” It keeps me up at night. Especially because I do work so hard while juggling work and  being at home as much as I can and I practically lost my dance career when we had lily and have created a new career for myself and even that is at risk for extinction because I’m home with a baby.  I can’t help but wonder… is this what  people with no kids think of us Stay/Work at home parents.

Maybe you think that we stay / work from home parents spend our days :

In our PJ’s until 1pmYes we might do that. But you know what… it’s because we can’t even go potty without a kiddo needing something or crying for hours and not able to put them down. And after we have taken care of everyone else with care and thought.. there just is no time left for us. I have to take a shower just to have a moment to myself… and even that gets interrupted by Lily wanting to jump in or complain about something. 

We spend our time watching TV all day while sipping on a glass of white wine. – I have watched more television in these past 8 weeks that I ever have in my life and I am OVER IT. I’ve seen every episode of Law and Order and morning news television shows are making me dumber by the second, I’ve read about a dozen books… but there is not much else you can do when you are feeding all the time or rocking a crying babe to sleep. And those parents who are drinking wine in the morning… they need help and it IS because “everyday is their day off

We spend luxurious days at the poolyes, chasing down kids who have to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes or need food or need you to jump in cold pool water just to jump back out, your hair takes a beating from the daily chlorine and your skin color changes 10 shades darker and you can’t keep up with anything and have no time for anything you want to do…like swim a lap! because it IS a pool.

We go to lunch with friends and laugh and tell jokes with cool outfits on and perfect hairyea right…I used to meet Lily’s friends and their moms at a local mall that had a kids play area. A ses pool of germs and who can have a normal conversation with kids around? between the “you better eat all your chicken nuggets’ and ” no you can’t have ice cream and coca cola” or “why didn’t you tell me you had to go potty” there is no time for a normal conversation.

We get to sleep inHA! that’s just insulting.

Even a vacation …is NOT a day off. Who is waking up at the crack of dawn to feed, clean and entertain a little, who can never let their guard down for even a second to relax because god forbid the little gets stolen or falls or gets picked up by a hawk or eats poison or runs across the street without looking both ways or steps on a crack and breaks their mothers back.

I am in SUCH need for conversational stimulation, today – I didn’t speak to anyone from 8:30am – 3:15 PM. Not a soul. And this is not uncommon. It’s incredibly lonely, boring, repetitive and just overall overwhelming being home with a child.

I’m a competitive person. I love to work. I love having a project to complete and i love research and being with people and being stimulated and starting something and finishing it and being creative. I thrive on work and deadlines. And while being home and caring for kids IS work.. it’s the toughest work… i don’t have deadlines… no one will care if the laundry is not done, no one will care if the food did not turn out exactly like the picture on the recipe book. No One is holding me to any standards… except me i guess.

After our busy weekends and having everyone home…Monday’s are the worst. Matt has to work, Lily goes to school and I am staring at a string of days being home with the baby.

Our families are amazing but even they call to just talk to the littles… so that little moment of conversation that I so badly need is lost even with the people closest to me.

So the next time you see a stay at home/ work at home parent please do NOT think that every day is their day off… in reality they never get a day off.

The end… pity party over. Thanks for letting me get that out.

Tomorrow I have a blog event that I’m attending and sooo look forward to just TALKING to people!

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WummelBox – REVIEW

You know all those monthly subscriptions that you can belong to where they send you new makeup every month or new home goods every month… well now there is one just for kids.
WummelBox sends your kids monthly arts and crafts straight to your door… that will inspire your little !


I was invited to attend a launch event in Brooklyn last month for Wummelbox. It was held at the Sugar Shop… a quaint little candy store right in the heart of Cobble Hill. My little candy girl Lilypie was in heaven… I mean… Crafts and Candy.. it’s a win!

Every month you receive a box with 3 projects. It includes everything you need… to create your projects.

.The products are all naturals and the company really tries to stay away from using plastic products. Each craft kit has an indicator which tells you the level of difficulty. Lily needed help on her crafts..and I was only too happy to help out and spend time creating with her.

sample_box_3_1-17130f3fe493ad01495e5f2d92b62106A monthly box of craft showing up for your child!! How fun!

Happy Crafting everyone!

*I was not paid for this post. But did attend a launch event and received a wummelbox for Lily* 

For more info about WUMMELBOX go here—>

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Where two or more are gathered…

I’ve been home A WHOLE LOT lately… on baby duty. Taking care of a baby is a FULL TIME job… it’s no joke… often times it can be incredibly boring and one can easily feel down in the dumps. Actually, who am I kidding… MOST times it is incredibly boring and MOST times I feel down in the dumps.

I have been decorating the house and unpacking from when we moved over the summer. This has given me a wee bit of creative energy… something other than changing diapers, feeding and rocking a crying baby.

While going through the house and getting my decor on… I realized how the material things we have in our house tell a story and make this place a home. A safe haven, a place to grow and a place where Matt and I are raising Lily and Thom and making memories…not just for us but for these littles.

In design. I like groupings. Something about seeing multiples is very interesting visually. I went around our house and captured a few groupings and remembered little stories about each of them.

I hope you enjoy my little anecdotes as much as I have enjoyed reflecting…

the-new-york-momA collection of odds and ends. The silver giraffe was given to us by a spunky old lady who lived a full life that read like a historic tragic story. The clear bottle we found under our 150 year old house we just moved from. wonder if someone was sneaking booze during the prohibition and then hid the bottle in the dirt under the house.

the-new-york-momA collection of dishes. Matt and I were really into square plates when we got married. These were wedding presents from our registry purchased at Pottery Barn… years later, I still love em. And the handmade glass ornaments have orange fish on them. The tea cups accompany matching saucers and purchased at a thrift shop for $20 years ago. Lily uses them for fancy tea parties.

the-new-york-momI looove these crystal candle holders. A wedding gift from our wedding a decade ago. We have used them for many a dinner party.

the-new-york-momOur new kitchen decor. Lily loves these cups… makes me happy looking at them!


Our collection of cookbooks… I especially love to pour through these on cold winter evenings like we have had lately.
photo (7)

Papier Mache Animal Heads… because Lily and I are obsessed. Purchased at Anthropologie. photo (8)

Matt and I accompanied my grandmother to India a few years ago. It was a trip of a lifetime. Matt had never been and I was so very excited to take him to all my childhood places. These papier-mache ornaments were purchased in Mysore… South India. We love these so much that during Christmas they adorn our tree and the rest of the year we display them in large glass jars. photo (9)

…because you can never have too many paint brushes. Art is an everyday activity in our house. Lily comes home from school, vacations, excursions in NYC and goes directly to her art desk to process and center herself. It’s her daily meditation i guess. There’s never a shortage of art supplies in our world.
photo (10)

A collection of goodies made by Lily. I especially love the eye! photo (11)Beautiful glass balls purchased on super clearance at Neiman Marcus fill a clay bowl that was handmade for us by my Sis-In-Law…who is a photographer in Brooklyn. Thanks Becky.


These candles have been with Matt and I for a decade! No joke… every time I look at them I have the best memories. Before Lily came along, Matt and I would light these candles on cold winter evenings and pour ourselves a glass of wine, snuggle up with our giant Newfoundland and watch the snow fall in sheets outside our window. Two summers ago, during Hurricane Irene, My siblings and their spouses came to our house to escape the hurricane and we stayed up all evening and night playing board games…by candle light provided by these very candles. This past fall when Hurricane Sandy hit New York we lost power for 2 weeks and these very candles lit our evenings as we told stories and played card games and assembled legos… the best memories. IMG_5543

Butterflies flutter around Lily’s room. A hanging carousel purchased at pottery Barn Kids. IMG_5544We found these birds in New Orleans last summer. Lily loved them because these are the varieties that visit our garden every year. They now nest in our guest bedroom.


Our latest grouping… elephants in the nursery. We have asked our friends and family who come over to make elephants which we then have hung on the nursery wall. It’s everyone’s own interpretation of an elephant. There are glittered elephants, decoupaged elephants, hand drawn elephants… each full of love. We’re looking forward to adding many more to this collage.

I’m blessed to have these material things that narrate my memories. Where two or more are gathered…. there you will find love.

What groupings do you have in your home? What stories do they tell?

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Orogold 24 Karat Gold Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer – Beauty REVIEW

There is nothing that can make a gal feel absolutely exquisite than slapping on some 24 Karat gold on her face.

That’s right girls… I’ve been using this amazing OROGOLD – 24 Karat Multi-Vitamin day Moisturizer for the past month and I gotta say… it’s luxurious.

Not a stitch of makeup and my skin looks fresh. (no filter added to this pic)


Now I do have my mom to thank for my skin but as I age I also need to do my part in maintaining what my mama gave me.

The OROGOLD – 24 Karat Multi-Vitamin day Moisturizer is an extravagant purchase and if your pockets can handle the $178 for 1.7 OZ then I say GO FOR IT!


I have been using this moisturizer in the mornings and have been slathering it on my face and neck and have noticed a difference in my skin… softer, brighter and smoother.

Beauty is only skin deep and my skin is feeling mighty beautiful these days!

What ever am I to do when I run out of my stash!

*I was not paid for this post. I was provided with a sample of the 1.7oz moisturizer for purposes of this review. All opinions are my own and honest*

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Bambinos – Tidy Table Tray + Flexi- Diner – REVIEW

The Tidy Tray peeps sent along this handy-dandy gadget for review and I totally love it.


It’s a portable table that you take anywhere you go… restaurants, grandma’s house,  or just use it at home.

Here’s how it works:

Simply clip the Bambinos – Tidy Table Tray + Flexi- Diner to the side of any table. The clip is really strong so it holds still.

photo (6)

The green tray surface is used for food and even has a cup compartment. I love compartments… adds an element of organization – something that I am lacking thus my fascination for said compartments – but I digress.

photo (5)

After your bambino is done eating a full balanced meal- ahem- simply remove the green tray and you are ready for playtime. Drawing or clay or anything can work on this clear smooth surface.

Bambinos - Tidy Table Tray + Flexi- Diner

Every part of the Bambinos – Tidy Table Tray + Flexi- Diner is washable. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth and it’s good as new. The lightweight-edness of this makes it very easy to transport…like I said.. take it to the restaurant so you don’t have to eat off the yucky tables.

With the all the gazillion kid products out on the market, I hope I can help you find some cool, practical gear to help navigate through these fun times with your babe!

*I was not paid for this post, but was sent a product sample to review. I usually only post reviews of products I like. All opinions are honest and my own* 

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Wordless Wednesday


Our amazing family of FOUR!!!! 


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Dreaming of Sunshine, Sand and Seafood

You guys….it’s FRIGID out here in New York. I’m talking in the 20’s and with wind it’s 5 degrees… FIVE!  My mouth is frozen! it’s that cold. And i REEEEALLY don’t like to wear shoes and socks and these days I have HAD to wear my winter boots and socks because if not my little toesies would just freeze and fall off!

So I thought what better way to warm up my day than remember our summer vacation in FLORIDA’S gorgeous Gulf Coast!


2012-01-03 03.28.22

Oh and P.S. This summer Lily decided that “GIRL” swimsuits are for succckas! and that board shorts and sun tees are the way to go… I have no complaints… hope she keeps this up until she’s 30!


Every Summer Matt. Lily. Jonah and I pack up the car and take a road trip down to Florida.

44786_436159152632_6530024_nWe stop along the way to meet up with friends and check out the sights…it’s an adventurous few days for all of us. I love to just get in the car and drive. Lily loves it too. She says she likes to ” think” while we drive. Matt and I get to talk for hours while Lily sleeps.. I mean with all that goes on in these parts who gets a chance to just talk for hours ya know.


One of Lily’s most memorable things to do each summer is go late night fishing with grandpa… I skip this part… not because I don’t like fishing but because I have heard.. through the grapevine.. that grandpa is VERY particular about his fishing companions and as Lily has reported…” you can’t talk, you can’t even cough or sneeze when you fish with grandpa”. 


Even Jonah Bear had his cousin to hang out with all summer. 

Water Sking – She got up on the FIRST try! Woop!

2012-01-02 20.21.17Our families live in the Florida Panhandle and every summer we indulge in all the goodness of this region of the country.

45639_436158867632_1384742_nFood, watersports, beaches, shopping, family and adventure! If you haven’t been to the EMERALD COAST… you are missing out my friend … you are missing out!




So to warm all of us up this bitter cold week in New York… here are some pics from our summer spent swimming in bayous, chasing after dolphins, eating lots of yummy seafood and of course loving on our families.





Here are my tips when visiting the Panhandle of Florida – Seaside,San Destin, Destin, Fort Walton Beach specifically.

552086_4422488680827_7051659_n (1)


  • AJ’s – their lunch specials are yummmmmmm. Get the fried Oyster Po-Boy and hush puppies. The scallops are great too.
  • Goat Feathers – One of our favoritespots on scenic HWY 30A- you MUST get the ‘goatfeather” – A scallop wrapped in a shrimp wrapped in bacon… sooo goood…We had these at our wedding. Matt and I go to GoatFeathers everytime we go to Florida.
  • The Red Bar – in picturesque Grayton Beach. Go for the music at night… some amazing music and a quiet possibly the most interesting scene in the area.
  • The Boathouse Oyster Bar – in Destin. THE BEST!!! They call it a secret…but really I hope it stays that way. We have been going here forever and it has never changed through the years! This place is home grown, local food and favor and the best seafood in the area. Don’t expect white table cloths… this is a local spot. Get the oysters and a beer and you are set! Watch out for those Herron on the docks!
  • Kinfolk BBQ– Matt’s “off the beaten path” recommendation. In Fort Walton Beach. Great BBQ. you can smell this while driving anywhere within a 5 mile radius… and it makes you hungry.

Other things to do:

  • Go to CRAB ISLAND. You will NOT regret it! ( but dont go on the weekend because it’s a hot mess. go when the tourists are not there)
  • The Silver Sands Outlets are great for fab shopping.
  • Get your HOT DONUTS NOW! Living in NY… I miss my Krispy Kreme Hot Donuts Now! So I get my fix when I’m in Florida for the summers. But ONLY get them when the HOT DONUTS NOW sign is on ya heard!
  • Take a drive our east on Scenic HWY 30A. Stop at quaint towns like Watercolor, Seaside, Grayton beach, Rosemary Beach and ALYS Beach which is really impressive!

What are your fave spots in Florida’s Panhandle? We are heading there this summer and I’d love to check them out!


Ah Florida you are calling my name!!! I’ll see you this summer!

Warm thoughts party people… summer is right around the corner.

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My Favorite Coffee Date

With so much focus on the baby lately, I wanted to create a few things just for Lily and me. So we can have our own time together and start little traditions and rituals.

Our little town has the cutest coffee shop and the owner of this coffee shop has started an initiative to get more business to our town and create a community vibe and all those fab community building concepts. And i totally support that.

So Lily and I have been heading over to the coffee shop after school on occasion to have a late afternoon coffee, tea or orange juice and a pastry as we settle in to do our homework. She does her math and english as I check in on emails.

We chat and catch up on the day. She checks out all the college kids and some high school kids doing their homework and comments on the scene. We talk about  at school and what goes on in the playground. – Which BTW if I ever run into this Winston kid he better watch out! 


These moments are precious and I hold them so very dear to my heart. Lily is turning 8 in a few weeks and sometimes I do get the eye roll and a “oh mom -sigh, eye roll, talk to the hand, OMG you are embarrassing me” look. So the moments when she talks to me as if I am one of her friends is like GOLD…pure Dubai style GOLD I tell ya!

In the coming weeks we have a movie night, baking night, night at the museum and are planning a great big hike in the spring to one of our most favorite spots in the Hudson Valley. I can’t wait!

Do you have specials things you do with your kids? How has this changed or stayed the same as they grow up?

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